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One's True Test Of Faith.(Open/Social.)

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One's True Test Of Faith.(Open/Social.) - Page 3 Empty Fri Nov 10, 2023 2:36 pm

A few things seemed to catch Elise's attention with in this moment. Over all she might refuse one of the idea for one reason."I view it dangerous to any general person who happens to be travelling with in the wood that she might attack them if she is anything like what we deal with."Which maybe she was just thinking to in depth with it Elise did not explore super far into the wood of the north unless she needed too."Kaito might be an option, is he able to handle this woman's out bursts?" It was not much but to think if it was possible if that woman managed to recover as she needed too if it was possible.

But she would hold on to the cult part and this vex woman."Maybe, just maybe. I would have to meet this Vex woman."Now however Emil just set up Vex to the sight of the one who hunted these things normally. But Elise did not pull out her note book to record it most likely it was damaged from being in the water and she wanted to wait to see what she could recover from it."Tell me about this vex woman, I am curious about her and this cult."This was a risky question to answer.

But Emil was not exactly off the hook. She would casually walk by Emil but stopped for a moment and flicked his nose, she was not gentle about it at all."Staring through my clothing, you lack class and respect don't you?"Elise most likely thought of it that way because he started looking thus she thought of it as she thought of her as a mere object to leer at, rather then the better intentions he had done. But Elise was most likely not use to these things. Emil was witnessing Elise go through a fair amount of changes she had not fully adjusted it all yet.


One's True Test Of Faith.(Open/Social.) - Page 3 Empty Sun Nov 12, 2023 3:35 am

Emil listened to the woman speak and he wondered if the woman that they saved might not find peace in the nature of the forest if she is allowed as well as being able to help people in a sleepy little village might do wonders for her once she is recovered as death is a normal thing but the chances of her running into a giant monster in the forest as tint as Paradise Dawn often went into those forests so the monsters mostly stayed away from the forest and more toward the mountains of the area unless they were Vampires as most of the monsters in the forest were leaf eaters.

Hearing her speak about Kaito being able to control the woman's outbursts? He knows his brother has taken down many evils and that was something that was not new to this world as he was not one that wishes to be tried you could say. Emil thinks that his brother would be able to handle and help the woman that they had spoke of but he was not fully sure of that. Then the topic moved to Vex and Emil only really knew the basics about Vex as the woman was and did her own thing and he doubted that she had really needed the Eternal Nightmare guild but had only used it to grow her power. "Well she is around 5'5 or 5'6 I think in height, she is a wood elf, I believe she is from Minstrel like you are... She follows a goddess named I believe it is Tutrix which she has formed a cult in this country to follow and she mostly works out of the west of Fiore. Yuurei seems to not see her as a threat."

Emil went to look at Elise and bam it happened she had flicked his nose and he can tell that she was not doing it as a joke around thing as she didn't do it gently. "I didn't stare Elise I saw it when I had started to help you by putting the towel and then the blanket over you to help heat your body and help your core one not get to much more damaged. Not like I was doing it to be a creep. The lacking class and respect is something I am often told as I don't fit a mold they try to shove me in and because I am often wildly and unapologetically me." Emil leaned back against the mast and he slid down it as it seemed he had now displeased the woman he was traveling with.

The Exceed tugged on the hunter woman's hand and handed her the letter and the glasses that she had lost and he smiled at her. "Please give him a bit of a break okay? He looks like a thick wall but II know he isn't a creep that would just be peeping at you on purpose." After handing it off to her he headed back in side as  the night air was starting to get nippy.


One's True Test Of Faith.(Open/Social.) - Page 3 Empty Wed Nov 15, 2023 7:58 am

It seemed saying that Elise smiled in the some manner this was foreshadowing. Maybe Emil would pick up on it maybe anyone else would pick up on it as well but it was there."Maybe I will go talk to her then,Something might be arranged...be interesting to learn of this cult."Elise had plan now and she was not going to go into full detail. But she wanted to go talk to Vex. After all there was a cult she did not know about and she needed to learn about it now one way or another Vex was going to get a visit by Elise.

As for what else he said Elise seemed to look at him in his eyes as if he was judging him about it. Seriously judging him. It seemed to get."I suppose....you can be taught manners."Elise said almost like she was not harshly judging him but almost like her normal way of thinking was still there.

Alas she would seemingly try and settle down."Fine, I will try and settle down. Elise seemed a bit more settled about it now."She had to keep in mind Elise had her problems going on at this time and she was trying to adjust her life to different things. If anything taking it out slightly on Emil was wrong. So she would let out a sigh like she was annoyed. But not at Emil but at her self and she would start walking towards going back towards where the room was.


One's True Test Of Faith.(Open/Social.) - Page 3 Empty Fri Nov 17, 2023 2:42 am

Emil thinking that this is settled had followed her back toward the room as he wanted to make sure that she would be okay and on his way he heard that the other woman had finally settled down and is being a bit more cooperative but she was still scared of them. Emil wonders what had happened as that woman seemed to have been hurt pretty bad as well as the debris of a ship but Emil also noticed a lack of bodies in the water, had she floated a different way from the others of the ship or had something in the water eaten the other bodies that had been in the water. Emil was staying ready in case of a creature attack but her was also following Elise till they got back to the room and he stopped and waited outside of the room so if she wanted to change or if she wanted to get out of her wet clothes and into bed he was not there being a peeping tom and get a flying kick for his trouble. "Elise just let me know when you are ready for me to enter okay?"


One's True Test Of Faith.(Open/Social.) - Page 3 Empty Sun Nov 19, 2023 8:47 am

It seemed knocking was not that horrible Elise just opened the door right away. She was merely brushing her hair making sure it was not going to have knots with in while it was still wet, she had to gloves off while she did."I suppose brushing my hair isn't anything too scandalous." How that was taken was up to Emil, Elise did not change her tone of voice at all but intended it entirely of a joke. Just as covered in sass and sarcasm but at least she did not seem to mind him being here.

But Elise seemed over all did not seem overly that horrible of a mood. She was going to be grumpy in some manner but at this point it was just how Elise was, She was always grumpy. Just how grumpy was the question."Where do you think they will house her on the boat?"Elise did ask as a serious question for most likely the sake of the insane woman. She was more worried about her well being at this time while they thought about it.


One's True Test Of Faith.(Open/Social.) - Page 3 Empty Mon Nov 20, 2023 3:03 am

Emil was not sure what he would see here or anything when she had just opened the door and made a joking statement to him."I figured you would be wanting to change out of your damp clothes into dry ones is why I said that..." He is unsure if she hadn't thought of that or if she trusted him enough not to peep if she did change while he was in the room with her.

He entered the room and he took a seat when he heard her ask him the question about where they might house the woman that had been fighting with her just before and Emil rubbed his chin and he thought about it and he then spoke the best answer that he could think up. "Well I guess that depends on her behavior, if she turns around normal and acts well probably a normal room with light guarding. If she cracks again and acts up they might keep her tied down under heavy guarding and medical watch." He wasn't fully sure of this being true but he would hope that they treat her like a person if she acts like a person as he feels that they had gotten through to the woman that she was safe but really only time would tell.


One's True Test Of Faith.(Open/Social.) - Page 3 Empty Wed Nov 22, 2023 5:37 pm

Emil did have a point, Then Elise pointed this out."Do I look like I have a bag of clothing with me?"Elise said she didn't see a bag of clothing. pretty sure he didn't either. In fact Elise really only just remember changing outfits and not bringing any other outfits at this time. Poor planning but she was just dealing with it. Over all seemingly not worried about it to start with."I will be fine unless i start sneezing later."Elise seemed to just wanna to deal with her own actions.

As for the other matter they where talking about."For now it seems she will be settled and with out worry."Elise said not really thinking about much else, She was not slowly tying back her hair to keep it some what styled It seemed at least, Then pulled out a smoke and got right back to her habit.


One's True Test Of Faith.(Open/Social.) - Page 3 Empty Thu Nov 23, 2023 1:51 pm

Emil pointed at the wardrobe that was in the corner of the room. "You could probably find something in there, might not fit to your new style but it will be dry, or you can wear a one of my spare shirts or clothes, but I think they will be a bit big on you. I can either walk out of the room while you change or I can look at the wall over here. Just after you change put your wet clothes on the warmer so they will be dry by the time we hit land so you can change back and not be seen by anyone else in it." In the wardrobe is maid like outfits. Emil figures that she is not going to like that but he figures that she is an adult and will probably suck it up as she knows how important it is to stay dry and warm.

He had sat up and already started turning to face the wall as he was still a gentlemen and he was not looking to make Elise feel uncomfortable even if the rumors call him brash and senseless that doesn't mean that he actually is that way. He wonders what she will pick or if she will just pick to tell him off for even telling her that she is limited to those two options and might make her own third one.


One's True Test Of Faith.(Open/Social.) - Page 3 Empty Sat Nov 25, 2023 5:03 pm

Elise did not seem mad, his heart was in the right place and she was not upset by this. She was just grumpy as her typical self so over all this was just her normal at this point. Elise simply just took the overly large shirt and almost seemed content to deal with it."I will make do with something." Elise said because she had an idea she took that overly large shirt, as well as parts of the mad outfit that was not the dress or what was considered the main outfit. Even just before leaving the room just merely placing it on the table.

She would wearing all of the stuff that would be normally accompanied the maids outfit, just with Emil's shirt over it all. Almost like she was just making the best of both things in front of her. But she then left the room.

She would use it as a reason to go fine this woman she had gotten into a fight with before and to talk to her, she would then fine the most private place she could before returning and placing all of the still mostly wet clothing out to dry. Then she would settle into the room again."It seemed the woman settled down, she is just over all still shaken massively."Elise continued some kind of conversation that was not just about the normal things between them.


One's True Test Of Faith.(Open/Social.) - Page 3 Empty Sun Nov 26, 2023 7:13 am

Emil had to blush himself a little when the woman had been wearing his shirt as that was a surprise he figured she would just scold him and accuse him of trying to trick her or court her but she hadn't she had seemed to have just gone with it and didn't really fight him on it. When she was gone he had went and was watching out the window at the waters again and he really wondered if something was out there and what had truly happened to that woman and if she was a victim of kidnapping or someone trying to human sacrifice her to some kind of monster and it back fired and they all died instead of her.

When she returned he looked to her and he heard her talk about seeing the other woman and he guessed he had to ask of what she had learned from the visit to the woman. "Did she tell you anything like what had really happened? I think I also would be a fair bit shaken if I nearly died and then was fished up by strangers."


One's True Test Of Faith.(Open/Social.) - Page 3 Empty Tue Nov 28, 2023 4:50 pm

It was a good question but Elise did not have much for him to consider."Best way to consider her is calm and tuned out of the world around her."Elise said knowing most likely at any moment she could snap. But Elise and that woman did have a understanding when it came to some things when they where in that room for one moment and they did not even have a conversation. Elise just made sure this woman was not staring at her but considered the room she was in as a safe spot to change quickly.

But one of the final things she would mention."Unless some one know what language she speaks, We can not get much out of her."That is what she noted after all that woman did not speak fiorian, It was Caelum but Elise had not heard Caelum at that time.

But Emil had a chance if anything to go talk to her if he wanted too."If you can figure out what language she speaks maybe you can figure out what she is saying...But I can't figure out how to speak to her."Elise then walked over to where she was sleeping normally. It was still a long trip"For now I have done what I can." Since she did not know over all anything else to do she simply seemed to lay where she was.



One's True Test Of Faith.(Open/Social.) - Page 3 Empty Tue Nov 28, 2023 8:26 pm

Emil wondered what the woman spoke cause he knows Kaito seemed to know a lot of languages and he was not sure if Kaito might know but maybe he could call his brother into talk to her as she seemed like she was nice enough besides the blows she was trading with Elise. Emil now wonders what Elise will do once she reads the letter but for now Emil will not worry about it as there was something that else that was bugging him as the thing that ruined her ship and nearly got her killed was it in these waters or had this woman's body got caught up in a current and dragged her to where they currently are.

Emil knows that he needs to stop racking his brain as he was not going to find reason in his thoughts as they were a bit scrambled from his lack of sleep and all the other things that were on his mind and he gets in bed and sleeps as he was ready to die.

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