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One's True Test Of Faith.(Open/Social.)

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One's True Test Of Faith.(Open/Social.) Empty Tue Aug 22, 2023 7:59 pm

Of all place to find her. To find Elise in Minstrel was out of place for her anyone who picked up on Elise's habits and how her mind was. Minstrel was the last likely place to find her. Whatever reason she was here it had to be important.

Whatever it may be it was a heavy emotional task for her at the time. Her already pale skin seemingly had line of sleepless nights upon it, Over all Elise was only here because some thing was mentally eating away from her.

And her only means of solving this dilemma. Thus she was in Minstrel but she had not gotten far from a few area she might be known to linger in. But she was in Cabernet Village, typically evening had the time day the sun just going down.

Elise was leaning against a tree not too far away from a church, a tree would have to look twice at just to be sure was there, not until you really check for the smell of cigarette smoke, but the sound of whetstone being used against a blade of sort. Like Elise was doing something to prepare and be ready and this was either the starting of it or the final ending part.


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Emil had come to this country as he had heard that Elise was headed this way and he wanted to make sure that she was not planning to do something she will regret as she was to him a close friend and a team mate. So if she was going astray he had to go after her to pull her back from the brink of losing herself to something that would consume her in a totally different way than the vice she had already had. The bad part was Emil had never been in this country before she he hadn't the brightest ideas of where to look besides churches cause he wondered if maybe he had just misjudged her coming back her as she might be looking for some closer or to regain something she felt she had lost so he in his infinite wisdom was going to chase after her.

He was pointed to a bunch of different places on his questions of nuns around the area and he was found with dead end after dead end till when he was passing a tree he caught the sight of a puff of smoke that was only right in the very corner of his eye. He knows Elise was not the only woman that he knew that smoked but she liked to stay obscured from the view of passers by and it was at a place and an angle one might not even look if no sign was there of someone hiding from sight. He walked over to the tree and walked around the tree to where the smoke had come from and he hears a sound like someone sharpening something. "Elise is that you? It is me Emil your guild mate." His voice was low and soft so not to draw others attention to the tree or the woman that might be hiding behind it.


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With the continual casual puff of smoke. Elise almost seem to ignore him. But she was still sharpening her new sword. A much smaller and easier to use sword. The traction of sword and stone bit out a spark. She would mutter to herself. Not shockingly Elise sounded grumpy and unhappy. But for what Emil knew Elise had been unhappy for a while and she was still letting that emotion linger."Why are you here?"She didn't try to fool anyone into speaking just Minstrel because no one else understood. Fiorian was a secondary language here, But a lot of people still stuck to minstrel."There are not any hidden dark guilds here, I cleared out any monsters that wher major threats a while a go."Elise then stopped sharpening her sword for a moment.

Even then she was more confused about one thing. Why did he keep telling her who he was? did he assume she would forget?"I know very well who you are. I do not have the memory of a simpleton."Elise's words where never light as always. It was most likely why people never really seemed to enjoy being around her if they managed to catch her out and about."As much as at times I wish to forget things, It is not that easy to do when your job requires you to remember details."Then in repeat simple fashion she flicked away what she was smoking because there was nothing left but a butt of it. Then lit up a new out quickly.

Elise was not going to him what she was doing here, IT would ruin her plans and she did not want it ruined at this time she was so close to achieving them and she did not want something to just snuff it."Now do you need something, I am about to start something.."


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Emil smiled at her when she asked why he was here and he simply answered. "I am here because you are here and I came to make sure you don't do something that will taint yourself." He was sure that was not going to go over well that he had been following her here but he was sure that she would probably not make it that big of a deal as he was here for a good cause. He hears her say that she remembers his name, his smile got bigger when she said that to him.

"Yeah our job does mean we need to remember details but it also requires us to watch each others backs and help if they are in trouble and help them. You can count on me Elise if you feel something and the burden gets too heavy I will be there to help you lift the weight of that rock" He gently put his hand out to her still with his big brutish smile on his face. He meant what he said and if she asked it of him he would help her do what ever she needed him to do to help her feel better.

"I ask you to stop what ever you're planning here as I feel it is not something you should be doing. Come back with me to the guild and lets talk about it and see if we can solve this issue with out you tainting yourself and doing something that you will regret and hurt your soul." Emil's tone was no longer joking and light and his smile had seemed to have faded from his face and how he looked that he would stop her if he had to, even if he knows that he is probably no match for her and he will get beaten he would do everything that he could to stop her from making a mistake that she can't take back and that she can't recover from after. He was not going to back down and if she remembers who he is then she knows that she will not get him to stand down on this.


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So he was following her? Elise had to wonder how she did not track she was being following was she that off of her game? was she that focused on why she came here that she was not paying attention to the things around. Thus Elise in her grump state had to ask."And how....did you know I was going to be here?"Did the crew that she came over with sell her out? She did not take Patches or Jai for the type too that to her, but she barely knew the sure she had to. Unless there was kind of trade or deal Emil struck to get that information from them.

And she had to wonder now over all needing to ask. "Better yet, how long have you been following me?"Eise sounded a bit annoyed now, But Elise was always in some manner annoyed. But Elise was over all it seemed it was Elise over all was just getting more annoyed because some one was nosing into her business."You don't see me following you around and trying to stop you from doing things."Elise said as an example. In her continuing annoyed stated she seemed to be actually going through cigarettes quicker then most people see her smoke normally. It was almost like this might be stressing Elise out a bit more then most things.

In a manner of how she seemed Elise was going to deal with it. It was a kind of gamble most would not assume anyone would ever say to Emil. He was serious but Elise was equally as serious when she said this."Oh what are you going to do to stop me?"Elise did not seem to be raising her weapon at him. It seems at least it was a bluff check in some manner. Elise was not sure what to expect but she was still going to say it. While the final inhale from the her smoking habit slowly flowed out of her mouth while she stared Emil right in the eyes.


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He looked at her as she had begun questioning him and he let her get the questions out so he could answer them in order. "First questions answer, I had seen you acting like you weren't head in the game and so I had followed you and I found out where the ship was charted for. Question Two answer, I have been following semi-behind you for as long as you had taken off. Your statement to you not following me around to stop me from doing things, I think if you saw me taking a path you knew was wrong for me to take you would stop me in your own way. As for your last question, I will do anything in my power to stop you, rather I have to fight you, get on one knee and ask you to share your life with me, I could hug you, the list is endless. Please stop what ever you are planning and come back with me."

Emil put his gauntlet covered hand out to her as if he is expecting her to shake his hand, Emil is not really expecting her to take his hand. He thinks she is probably going to pick the fight him choice as he can can kind of feel her strong way to do what ever it was that she had planned the feeling was best described as icy and very cold and uncaring and Emil would for sure probably have to break through this to help her to get over this hump and see the light that she might deny exists but is right there for her to claim if she had the will to crush this want to see her plan through and cause Emil to have to face off against her to try and get her to come back to her senses and see that he is not her enemy but the best friend that she had probably made in the guild so far. Even if he was useless for the most part and a pain in the ass, he was still some what likable.


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It was different, it was bold it was oddly comforting to her. It was feeling. These feelings where something that she did not expect to see or over all hear from people, but these where things people kept hinting where going to happen that rather take Elise at her face value some one would. She wanted to ask him why he care? why this was important to anyone Elise was merely just an lost drifting soul who did not know where to go or what to do.

These moment you think Elise almost would just consider lashing out, She merely if anything let out a sigh. She seemed to be willing to yield."Fine."Elise said she did in fact turn around and walk away. Emil won her bluff she was not going to do anything hurt anyone. In anyway now after all her entirely goal was to protect other people from other world deities, monsters and other powers. Not what she was about to do here. Then she merely took the nun hood off her head and dropped it on the ground."Meet me back here tomorrow...we will return to Fiore."Maybe it all made sense to her now, maybe it clicked that Elise needed to change her life and this was the spark."If it helps...we'll travel in the day time." A rare thing mentioned was that. But maybe it was the sign people needed."It is the only time I will travel in the day time.."Elise sounded defeated, but she was for now needed to do a few other things. Elise would be a new perosn when they met back up again, She was changing a few things up.

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Emil was surprised that the woman had yielded to him, maybe she did like him after all or she just figured he was going to be too much of a pain in her ass to just leave him win for now and better hide that she was going to try again, but for some reason Emil didn't feel that was what she had felt. He looked at her dropping her habit and he was confused by this. "Oh so you will allow me to travel with you? And we can travel at any time you would like, I figured you were more a woman that would like to travel under the stars and let their gentle glow coat you." He smiled at her but he figured she was making a change and he was going to support her in this task.

"Then day time travel it is, is there anything you would like me to do while I wait to meet you tomorrow?" He figured he should ask her if there was anything that she would like for him to do or gain for her while he was here with her, or even if she would want him to accompany her to do what ever it was that she was wanting to do and split up a bit later.


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Just because she dropped the nun hood did not meant Elise was dropping any other habits, She was still going to smoke and drink nothing was going to stop her from this."I might be, But the only people I trust to bring me across the seas work at day....Jai is more of you work her way and nothing else."Elise mentioned as she was preparing to walk away for the moment. It revealed how she got here with out most people noticing.

But she didn't need anything else from him, He had defused Elise because logically he was correct she was about to do somethings horrible."Prepare for a very sleepy Elise for the trip. I am going to be on night watch and only will be running on nap."He wanted her to go back. Well she was but she was going to do this her way.

But the time would pass and they would meet here just as she told him too, But Elise did not put the nun get up back on. She look fairly normal in her own fashion. With sunglasses in it's place saying nothing to him even with her change into less faith based clothing, Elise then just kind of nodded and started walking. Not shocking she was always smoking a cigarette. They would start walking to the docks.


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"Well if you get too tired on the trip, you can lean on me and I will protect you while you rest." Emil was fully serious in what he had said as he wanted her to feel she can trust him to have her back if she needed to sleep on the trip home and that he would make sure not to let her down. He watched her go her way and then he went his and he found a nice place to sleep for the night so that he can be up to guard her during the day like he said he would.

He walked to the meeting point that the woman had told him to be at to meet her and when he saw her his jaw dropped a little and he spoke. "You look amazing Elise." The man followed right behind her as he didn't want to get left behind by her as he wanted to travel with her and very muchly make sure to keep her safe on their way home.


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Elise was not one who over all handles compliments well. But she was not raised to handle praise, Thus Elise was not the type to enjoy praising remarks about her looks or anything else. There was that stare like she was not expecting it and almost like it was the wrong thing to tell her."Don't lie to me like that."That was almost in some manner to take it as a warning. Elise in some manner could have had a few boundaries just been cross annoying her was most likely not going to help the matter anymore.

Elise had just given up being a nun out of no where because she wanted to try and learn what all she could be."Talking with Jai about transporting us back to Fiore is going to be annoying. She always wants something."Elise mentioned while they walked, her smoking habit didn't slow down it was about the same as it was even if the hood was still on. But she did put the glasses over her face, almost like she was not use to sunlight now days."Whatever you do, don't let on you will agree to anything she wants you to do."Elise had plain that was it.


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Emil fully took what she said as a warning not to push his luck he wanted to argue that he wasn't lying and that he actually liked how she looked and the change was a good looking one. Emile in the end held his tongue as he had just stopped her from doing something that she would regret he was not going to push his luck and end up getting her to murder him in their place.

He looked at her as she said about dealing with a ship captain and how much of a pain in the ass it would be for her and he then hears her say that he better not let on that he would give or do anything that gave away that he would do anything for this captain to take them on to travel. "I don't think I even have anything that she would want or need, unless she was after me to sire her a child." He said that without an ounce of common sense as he was more or less joking that he had nothing of value to off the captain so he was going to just follow her lead.


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Well if anything Elise would not try and fight this man for thinking about such a thing right away.If anything that is typical minstrel behaviour or even at times seemingly male behaviour she had noticed. But he seemed to go along with it so she was not too upset with it. Even between her staring at him while he spoke that behind sunglasses and smoking. Elise seemed completely if anything able to blankly stare at him while he said that.

But since she knew this person better."I do not recommend that."She would said. For the moment she would be nice about it at least for the moment."Plus she would not try to be a mother either."Normally it was wrong to assume something of some one."Most likely abandon the child too."But that is what Elise would say about her.

But she would just point out."Jai also has never been interested in that kind of stuff, So even if that's your first thought. Trying to bend over every woman you meet isn't going to solve your problems."Elise said while they where talking, there was not much time left until they where at the meeting spot.

Then she would say."Don't let your lewd and sinful desires be your first thoughts here."It was nice she could have said a lot worst of things.


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He nodded along to what she was saying till she threw out the accusation that he wants to bend over every woman he sees.  "I don't like that you assume I want to just bend over every woman thinking it will solve my problems. I have children to think of so if I am taking any woman to bed I am not doing it lightly. Like if I were to say I want to be with you, it is because I see the inner beauty you have, you are hard working and a lot of the time you are left unthanked and avoided by most. You also would make a stricter mother and would make sure they didn't skip their training as you don't show it but you are very caring. Having people to come home to and love, a warm meal instead of rations and a tall glass of what ever cheaper alcohol perked your fancy. I did think about you as well as a prospect for asking to help me, but now is not the time to be asking and burdening your mind while you are trying to set your self out straight."

Emil is not sure why he had to admit that and he figures once they are home side she will probably now avoid him like the plague, but he guess that he just wanted to expel the thoughts that she had of him being some kind of man whore that only wants to get laid without any thoughts of the things that would come after it as he was only pleasure seeking. Right now in his life he was seeking a partner that he knows that he can rely on and that will be okay with his children and that can love him as he loves them. He would keep following her knowing that the woman probably had a time that was close to now for the ship to come in as this would most likely be the busy times at the docks so no one is going to lift an eyebrow about them going onto the ship to head back to Fiore as they would just be two more faces in a near endless ocean of people that were coming and going for the the port. He just hopes after his little outburst that Elise was not just going to leave him behind.


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Brave moment but Elise did not seem phased or even express any kind of emotion to that statement only because she is use to these kind of mention of how it was always more to it in some manner. One always had to be bold and say thing for the betterment of their own feelings. But with using this free moment before she went to talk to Jai to have another smoke. The problem here is still how Elise lack emotional express or knowing her own emotion about things in life. Lowering the lenses of her sunglasses for a moment she simply said."Yet being a proclaimed family man, The first thing you consider of value if the act of producing them. Not anything else that could be work related or monetary."Elise said in return almost like in some manner she felt like it was a bit. Disappointing to her to have to point that out.

Did Elise have a problem, did it work how she thought? over all in the end of it she was not sure but then flick away the cigarette that still had some it's content left before reaching the butt of it.It could also be still some of Elise's values of a nun still existing with in her while she still had it in her mind."Stay here, I will be back in a few minutes."Elise seemed gone to do this alone. Whatever it was it would not be too long.

There was casual speaking at louder volumes from a woman seemingly talking to some one about making a deal and transporting things over a boat. In which Elise's accented fiorian could still be heard talking about it.There was talks of Elise taking night watch, Or having to play a song or two, Or even arm wrestling as a means of payment. Most part Elise said no to all of them. Elise was treating this as business. Nothing else if she wanted payment she would pay in jewel. There was a loud laugh over all. When it came down to it. They both seemed to be sticking to their figurtive guns.

Then Jai threw a high ball of a price. Elise would start talking her down. The very end of their conversation. Some how ended up with the words."I would rather you punch me in the face before i fully take that deal."Elise annoyed already. Did exactly that punched this captain right in the face. She was not gentle about it. But no one else moved, Elise then dropped her payment offer and walked away saying she would return shortly to set sail.

Then she would come back to Emil pull out another cigarette, not even pay mind she was lighting it up. Looked at Emil and simply said."We have a few hours now."Elise deals where something else to witness.


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Emil stood there and looked at the woman as she said that to him. Emil smiled and he rubbed the back of his head. "I am sorry, I shouldn't have joked about that. I could of just said I would would help bare your load and be a deck hand or something for the trip." Emil was a bit amazed at how hard she can be on him and she seems more like she is caring about him and his mind set. When the woman told him to wait he stood still and he watched her go and he was not sure if he liked her like that or not but he had admitted that he had thought of her as a potential wife. He knows that she probably has no interest in being that for him.

Emil can hear a distant vocal argument and Emil wonders what is going on before he hears the very familiar sound of a punch connecting and someone landing on their ass. Emil wonders if Jai had stuck Elise and he was nearly tempted to go and see if that was what had happened. Emil then witnessed Elise returning to him and telling him that they had a few hours before they were to be living. "Do you get sea sick or anything? If not would you like to go get something to eat and drink with me?"


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It was a good thing to ask, But Elise being over all still use to travelling often did not really get effected all that much."We should eat and drink something. Jai would consider holding that on us if she feels like she needs to get back at me for what i did." Elise seemed already to be planning. But if anything this showed how prepared she kept herself. Or how well known Jai was in some manner. After all she did just punched a person in the face after offering them work, odd thing to witness.

For now they would leave this area while Jai prepared."We will go to a place Jai knows where to look for the people who normally wait to depart."It was not the spot where she just punched them but a more casual dinning spot.

Elise would sit outside, she already seemed over all not use to being awake at this point time and she would seemingly think over things to drink or eat, then something she would do was simply put her bag on the place they sat at."Let me know what you want to know what's on the menu, I know what i want."As she wanted and casually sit.

Some one would walk over to Elise 20 minutes later and walk over to them, you could tell they almost looked like they would have been a part of Jai's crew."Ahoi!"Elise merely staring blankly while waiting to hear what would be said. Whatever Emil was doing at this point was not important to Elise because most likely people of Jai's akin don't normally seek out people unless they need something, Or something happen.

"Captain skipped what you paid for to hunt the Kraken."
With that mention there was a very annoyed sigh from Elise. Thinking she just lost money for nothing. until it was put back on the table."I don't have a wish to die that way..."Then they left. Waving good bye it was some kind to code they must follow for these oddities to happen. But Elise simply took her money back and went back to pondering things.


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He followed right behind the woman who he was surprised took him up on the offer to go and eat together which seemed that she trusted him maybe or that she was finally okay with him being around her. "Croissants, Minstrel cruller donuts, Minstrel toast roll up, and hot chocolate please." He was not sure if the woman would really be okay with that but some morning sugar and spice never hurt anyone right? He waits to see what happens and he wonders how they taste as he doesn't think he has really ever have any Minstrel foods before but he was hoping that they were good and he needed to make sure that he ate though.

He hears the other man say something and coming toward them and he wondered what was going on and when it was over he looked over to Elise hoping that she would enlighten him to what had just happened and if this was a bad thing or if he needed to go and get anything as Elise's mood seemed to have soured a bit.


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Elise merely stared upon what happen, taking her bag of jewel back and not thinking much else of it at this time, if needed she would explain later but she would just merely mutter to herself loud enough for some one to hear her in Fiorian."The fool is chasing pride over paid work."Elise sounded disappointed by this situation. But it just meant she could most likely find some one safer it would just cost a bit more."Oh well just means we find some one else."Elise then she merely would find some one to go order the thing he wanted and the things she wanted.

Then she would explain most likely what happen to make sure he knew."We need to find another way back to Fiore, Jai skipped out on our deal to go handle something personal."Elise said just so he knew at this point but Elise seemed not bother by it. Jai was just the lowest cost at this time and nothing else."After we are done here, we will have to find other ships going to fiore and see if we can deal with them from there."Seemed pretty simple to explain, having to hope they all weren't already done their matters and gone.


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Emil looked at Elise and he smiled. "I figured after what happened she might be a bit less than willing to work with you, I am fine with it, do you want to share a room on a boat or do you want your own room? cheaper if we room together." He didn't seem to be phased as he didn't worry about it and when the food comes he was eating like he hadn't eaten in days going on a week. The food was really good and seemed like they were a more just here kind of taste and he wondered what the woman had gotten as he had just pretty muchly started to stuff his face as soon as his food hit the table so he thinks that Elise probably now thinks that he is some kind of over eating monster or something as he had seemed to have taken very little time to have gotten through it all but he had been very hungry. "I think we will have a decent trip home."


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Elise merely gave Emil a glance, not anything horrible or anything. More of the look of some one who knew what the person said might have been right to say that but still did not want to say he was right."Next time she could talk terms fairly, Then I won't have to punch her in the jaw."Elise said then she casually continue smoking. Then she would continue with mentioning only because she had dealings with Jai before."She doesn't like fair deals anyway, only deals that benefit her. The money wasn't enough so I figured she needed some help seeing the benefit."Elise was suggesting that punching some one in the jaw as hard as she could was helpful. That was most likely over all not was she was entirely suggesting, but just the closest thing Elise could mark as humour which was an odd manner to think of.

At least Elise was a planner in some manner with this situation happening she just said."Means we have more money to offer some one else."Elise mentioned as these parts where coming together now. One was out of the way.Elise did not really seem to touch the things she wanted when the things for the order would come. Seemingly Elise was in thought still. Most likely who she was going to ask to bring them back to Fiore since she was over all flitering her options at the this time or she was spacing one or the two.


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Emil simply reached across and tapped her hand to try and free her from her thoughts. "You should eat and stop worrying, I will go and book us a room on a ship. You get the bed I get the floor, I know some people as well, I was just letting you take the lead cause I know you are more use to taking the lead and being your own boss." The man finished his food and he stood up wiping his mouth. He looked at her with a thumbs up and a smile then he headed off toward the port and docks by himself as he knew where to get them a ride home from this country as it was the same way that he had gotten here. Two women in maids clothes greet him and ask if he will be returning with them and he nodded and asked that they ready up a room as he was going to have someone coming with them. They agreed that they could take on another rider.

Emil then headed back to the place he had left Elise so he could let her know that he had gotten them a ride.


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Emil was planning the right way but Elise saw on flaw right away even if he wanted her to go eat and sleep because she was normally awake during the evening hours. She let out an annoyed sigh and simply said."Wait you forgot something."Elise mentioned about it. Elise staring at him in the eyes stopping him. She would most likely settle down shortly but they had to remember that where in minstrel and people here where different in some manner they seemed nice in their own way. But in equal part people in Minstrel would not take him seriously because at times they would most likely not really pay attention to him speaking fiorian or because Elise was picky he would get in a fight.

But she would bring that up."What if they don't speak Fiorian?"Elise mentioned that to make a point to him."What is your plan then?"It seemed she was covering ground at least but she was refusing to go sleep and eat something. so she was not being too much of a pain.


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Emil stopped and looked at her and he smiles. "They know how to speak all languages besides I think Encaian. They are how I got here and they are nice people so no need to worry. My plan is to get you and I back to the main land comfortably and so you can sleep and not have to be on guard of the ship." He walked back to her and he gently patted her shoulder, he might look like just a simple idiot but he has resources at his disposal that he didn't use often but he still had them as they were freed demi-human slaves that served his father but after his father left them for dead and Kaito found them and helped them and informed Emil about them he had them also help serve him as that was really the only lives they knew so he was making sure that he helped them.

Emil once again took off to go and get the ship ready for them to leave as soon as they can and he hopes that Elise will be able to sleep and not get worried that he will do something stupid while she was asleep. Though he felt the woman was starting to trust him more and he hoped that their relationship can grow from here.


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Elise seemed to kind of just deal with this and move on with it, since well over all it seemed like a better plan then anything Elise could have came up with at this point."Fine."She might just need to settle, Keeping in mind Elise was not normally up in the day so she was most likely even more grumpy then normally she would be. She just merely let him be to see what would happen. It was one less thing to think about.

At least for while he was gone it would give Elise a chance to settle down, if that was even possible. It was a hard balance for her. But something was better then nothing. Was this entirely possible? yes until it was all settled Elise was staying awake. Just smoke more and more but at least she did not move. So there was one benefit to this.

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