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A small loan. (Kaito)

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A small loan. (Kaito) Empty Sat Aug 19, 2023 12:29 pm

The man having been told that he can get a small loan from a strange masked man if he asked had sent Ryuuji here and he walked up to the beach house that had been on the invite and he knocked waiting for the person inside to answer but instead the door had opened at him knocking and he looked around. "Hey it is Ryuuji, I am here about that loan you offered...?" He felt like he was going to get jumped or something here it was eerie and felt like their was a aura here that made him feel weaker and slightly on edge.

He walked and took a seat and he looked around this place seemed to have far more space to it than what the beach house would have allowed so now he really thinks that he is in a trap of some kind as this all wasn't adding up and this tip might have been a bad tip and he needs to make it back on time or his wife is going to murder him for making her wait as he hadn't told her why he was going to be a little late today.


A small loan. (Kaito) Empty Sat Aug 19, 2023 1:43 pm


Kaito seemed to appear from what looked like thin air and Kaito smirked at the man, even feeling his aura the man still took a seat, this loan must mean a lot to the man as he didn't seem to care about the danger he might have felt. "Seems that this loan will be actually very useful to you, so you got it no questions Mr Ryuuji. If you do need help My name is Kaito." Kaito pulls out the bag that has 1.5 million in it and he handed it to the man that looked like at looking at him their may have been fear but he was hiding it, Kaito is now very interested to see where this is all going to go as this man looks like he might be fun to watch.

The man gives the man in front of him some extra gifts of snacks and drinks that he can take with him so there wouldn't be any issues going forward or at least he hopes. About the man trying to use him for more jewels later. Kaito moved his hand and once again disappeared once more and the other man will be in an empty beach house in the same chair that he had been in, while in the dragon slayers personal domain.


A small loan. (Kaito) Empty Tue Aug 22, 2023 3:50 am

The man blinks not moving for a few minutes as he looks around and sees that the place he was has now fully changed and is empty and now he is wondering if he just got a loan from a ghost and that these jewels might not just  be cursed but they were still in his hand and he was not sure that he would be telling his wife about this one as there was something very unsettling about what had just happened and he stands from the chair which then vanished and he walked backwards to the door and he opened it keeping his eyes behind him as he was not going to risk getting jumped by a ghost or if demons or something else was about to summon up out of the ground and follow him.

Ryuuji once the door was opened he ran out back onto the beach and was not going to tell anyone what he saw as that was creepy and far to much to even want to explain plus it would probably look bad for him to say that he went for a loan anyways as his wife might think that he was unreliable or something. (Exit)

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