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Sacred Land (Alexandre)

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#1Go D. Drakkon 

Sacred Land (Alexandre) Empty Fri Jul 21, 2023 10:14 am

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon and Alexandre were working on Luluhawa island. They were doing a bunch of shady stuff here, but it was something he didn’t mind. It was fun and interesting and things were hopefully going to get chaotic around here.

The next day, after partying, Drakkon found another job to take. It would seem like one of the islanders wanted to chat with some outsiders. He figured this would be interesting and be good content. He would hear her out and he figured Alexandre wouldn’t mind coming with.

The Dragon Slayer would head to Kahu Rock, and there they would be with the Shaman of the island. He wasn’t sure what that meant, but he was going to find out.

They would make it to the location where they would meet with the Shaman. There they would see a beautiful young woman hanging around a certain location as if she was waiting for someone to show up. He would approach her as if he wanted to sleep with the woman if given the chance.

“Are you the client for a quest about some outsiders causing trouble?” He asked her as he waited to see what she would say.

She would look at Drakkon and Alexandre surprised with their appearance.

“Ah, yes, I’m Shaman Iolana and I have something only outsiders can do.” She said as she would explain everything that was going on within her people’s sacred lands and why they couldn’t act upon it themselves.

Drakkon was intrigued because it meant that he would get to fight, and also see Alexandre fight as well.



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Alexandre was at the tavern, enjoying a good few drinks of his own. He was surprised Drakkon managed to find him. Looks like he had a quest in mind again. Hopefully not for Herman anymore. But curiously enough he would go with him and see what this was all about

So the Frost Dragon Slayer would head over to Kahu Rock, and there they would meet with the quist giver who was actually Shaman of the island. Alexandre could see Drakkon was confused by what that meant, so he just kinda said to him that it means a leader figure or a spiritual figure.

They would eventually make it to their location where they would meet with the Shaman face to face. And they would see a beautiful young woman hanging around a certain location as if she was waiting for someone to show up. He did not expect the Shaman to be a lady. He expected some old fart. But this was a pleasant surprise. At least the quest giver was pleasant on the eyes. And it seemed Drakkon felt the same as he would approach her as if he wanted to sleep with her if given the chance. Granted Alexandre saw her as eye candy rather than someone to conquer and bed. He doubts he can ever find love again. And Lust well, it didnt feel right. Not anymore. No woman was like his wife no matter what physical beauty they pack.

Anywho Drakkon spoke and the woman introduced herself and explained the situation. Alexandre asked was lethal force allowed, but she said that she prefers no bloodshed. Which was to be expected, but it didnt hurt to ask.
Right so they're essentially bouncers. They gotta rough up some people and drive them away from the land


#3Go D. Drakkon 

Sacred Land (Alexandre) Empty Fri Jul 21, 2023 11:04 am

Go D. Drakkon

Now that they had gotten the information about what they had to do, they were on their way. They were going into this sacred land and kicking ass. They preferred not to kill, and he was fine with that. He wanted to see chaos on their face, and the fear of them running away to tell their friends to stay away would be amazing. Who knows there might be people coming when they felt like their lives might be in danger.

Drakkon would make his way to their destination as she had pointed that out. He figured he would know who was an outsider when they kind of looked like them and not like the islander.

“We get to fight, this should be interesting if I say so myself. I never asked what kind of magic do you possess?” Drakkon asked?

He used his nose to find Alexandre a lot, and on top of that, he felt like he smells that of a dragon coming from this man. It always made him hungry like he wanted to eat the magic that came from Alexandre.

He looked around waiting for Alexandre to answer him, and he would soon smell a bunch of people off in the distance. He would point in a specific direction as he would look over to Alexandre.

“I think they are that way.” He directed Alexandre, so they could be on their way and start their job.



Sacred Land (Alexandre) Empty Fri Jul 21, 2023 11:34 am

Well they knew what they had to do and they now knew where it was. So the duo would go there to deal with the intruders. Along the way Drakkon asked what kind of magic does Alexandre used. And the older man answered "Dragon Slaying Magic" though he would see if he would use it. He was also content with using his weapon. Although he would see what the situation makes him do. He has to adapt and control

The minstrelli looked soon towards the people at the distance. He may have been older and rusty in many ways. But his nose knows. Still as keen as before.
"Yes I think so too" he replied as he was in the loop. Further showing the man was a fellow dragon slayer as he was also able to catch the scent that Drakkon was getting and able to make the same conclusions as him


#5Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon would smile when he heard that he had dragon-slaying magic. His grin was too much to handle as if he had landed on a jackpot. This was great, dragon-slaying magic, it was something he wanted more than anything to find others like him. He had a sense of urge and it was to devour their abilities

“Interesting you too? I guess we’re alike then. I guess you used your nose to point them out. It’s what I did and it’s why I always find you.” He said to Alexandre.

It was then that he would start walking over in the direction that they had confirmed. There he would see a bunch of guys messing around with a part of the land they were around. At the moment his Dragon Slayer power was non-existent and it was because he needed the power of Dragon Slayers for him to become stronger. Still, he would use his other powers instead within this.

“This is going to be fun and quick I think.” He would unsheathe his blade as he used Yamato on his left hand.

He moved over to the men as he looked serious and ready to take them out. They would look over to Drakkon as they noticed him approaching them. They would turn around and they would look at him as they could tell he wasn’t from here.

“What are you doing here? We got here first, so do you think you can find some other land to take over?” He asked Drakkon.

They saw his katana and it was then that they knew this guy wouldn’t back down. Still, before a bunch of them could do anything, Drakkon would swing one time, and after that one time, a furry of slashes would appear at them, and he would take a large number of these guys out. The ones that barely escaped were surprised, angry, and nervous about who this guy was.



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He doesnt know why, but he had this sinking feeling when Drakkon grinned. Maybe he should after this find a way back to the guild. He figures they were at this island long enough. He would listen to Drakkon who sort of had this childlike glee that he met a fellow dragon slayer, explaining he used his nose to find him. Granted the first few times was easy as he kept to himself and was mostly at the inn when they were not questing. It could have became a habbit where he didnt even need to use his nose. But today he was at the tavern and yet he was found. So the nose did come in handy to Drakkon.
What element?" he asked the fellow dragon slayer. He wondered who had the stronger element or did theirs compliment eachother. Basically he wanted to see how their magic was compared to the other

The two would see the people messing with the sacred holy grounds. Alexandre drew forth his weapon, which was his broken sword that he used as a dagger, because the blade was now that length. He had no qualms hurting these men if it meant they stay away. Drakkon thought this would be quick. Alexandre would concur.

One of them said that they came here first and asked if they could find some other land to occupy. Alexandre didnt stop in his march and just as the guy finished talking, he got stabbed in the thigh. He made sure the wound was painful, but nowhere lethal.
Again this was something he wasnt used to. Now he had to think of nonlethal spots.
But from the looks of things, these people were weak. They were not for his magic. It would be a waste of magical energy if he did that. And a pistol was a waste on them as well. His bladde was enough to deal with them. To injure them and scare them away.
Despite his age, he was still decently swift and agile. Like he was nowhere near his prime, but he still got it.
As he was dealing with these interlopers, here and there he'd check on Drakkon to see how he was dealing with them. And he learned the man used a katana as a weapon. How joyan of him. Either way, he was sure this would be over quickly


#7Go D. Drakkon 

Sacred Land (Alexandre) Empty Sun Jul 23, 2023 7:58 am

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon had dropped the men that were in front of him with his attack. They didn’t think he was that powerful., and neither did Drakkon. His katana was what had the power, and he couldn’t wield it at its full strength. He figured it would take a long time for that to happen, but he would use it anyways. He looked over to Alexandre and it would seem like he was doing well for himself.

That was good and he didn’t have to worry about him. He would see that a few of them had surrounded them and he would shake his head. They were a nuisance and he decided to knock them down. He made sure he didn’t kill them due to the Shaman asking them not to. Still, he would cut up the area around him and they would all fall to the ground in an instant. He would sheath his blade as he looked over to Alexandre and approached him.

“My element? I can say I don’t have an element, but I guess it would be close to arcane for now?” He answered him a question like matter.

He would walk off back to the Shaman as he saw the people they had beaten down had regained consciousness and away. With the lesson hopefully learn, they would make their way to the Shaman, report to her, and get paid.  




Sacred Land (Alexandre) Empty Mon Jul 24, 2023 2:28 pm

The two were able to drive away the tresspassers with ease. They would be cut up and bruised, but alive. And thats what matters to the shaman. As they finished their little quest, Drakkon would reply to his earlier question "Arcane eh? Interesting" he never met another dragon slayer and wondered how one came to be. It'd be neat if there was a dragon involved, but somehow he doubted that.

Anywho, the two would make their way to the shaman to get their rewards. Once they reported to her, she was satisfied for their job well done and sent them on their way with their rewards. Alexandre would go back to the inn to count the reward and the total money he aquired. He was glad he was getting a nice sum of it. But in all his work and highwayman greed, he wasnt sure where to spend it on. He would love to do something with it. But drinking it away seemed like a waste. He thought about using it maybe in his late wifes honour and maybe check up on their or rather her old home. And maybe use the other half to get some better gear so he can work better. He will figure it out. For now he would rest for his next job


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