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The Threat Remains (Tamas and Jikan)

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#1Tamás Horvath 

The Threat Remains (Tamas and Jikan) Empty Sat Jul 08, 2023 4:07 am

Tamás Horvath
Despite war being his thing and his love of battle and violence and strength. He wasnt feeling this one. He did not want to be here. But he felt like he was dragged along or maybe some stupid part of him wanted to somewhat be close to Lumikki to make sure she was fine. He didnt even know why he felt that way. She was an adult woman who can stand on her own two legs, can fight and is part of a guild. She just happens to be small, she's not a kid. He doesnt have to baby her. He sighed and wish he could just beat himself up for even being a bit sentimental. Maybe she's getting to him. Maybe after this they should kinda.... not hang out.

But that was a story for another day. He needed to focus on his stupid task. There were several duties. The spies who would go beyond enemy lines, stealth and do their tasks.

The healers, which are self explanitory on their category in what their task was.

The blacksmiths who help craft weapons and armour, hand them down to the samurai soldiers. Or even train them

And lastly the strategist who prepares the communicators and makes sure the Tech is being used is in working order. And also giving their opinion on strategic matters

Tamas was between the two categories. Blacksmith and strategist. But for this task he leaned on blacksmithing more. Being the brains of an operation would make him actually use his brain and focus and give a damn. Nah, he just is staying put being a blacksmith, making weapons routinely. It just was like mechanic to him. He was on mental autopilot and just made weapons and armour for people, crafting it. Hating everything about this. He cant wait to come back to Fiore. He was not interested in Joyan matters



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Unlike her counter part, Jikan was all for the subtle flames of war that were building in the campfires of tension, anger, and change. War was an excuse to have combat. And as a calculative battle lover, she drooled at the chance of witnessing a good battle. Between indivudals and groups, or simply getting the joy and honor of being a part of it. Even more in the end with either result could lead to her gain. If her aid towards Mishiko proved to be of some fruit, she could have a small foothold to plan and execute discussions with the new shogun. Oh the wonders of what she could possible begin in this nation ahead of schedule!

Battle, the chance to improve her physical strength, to grow in the realms of her mind and ambitions being seeded. What more of a chance could a woman ask for??

Oh...not working with Paradise Dawn for one?

It was unknown and unexpected at first. But soon it was hard to miss. The hearty numbers of the mercanary group only seemed to grow more and more every month. The blue color of their group a gnawing reminder of their attack of her home and her unsuccessful attempt at retaliation.

Through the numbers she walked though. Those same steps as always as that painted emotionless image was put on for her job. She had to aid in their preparation after all. The sick and wounded needed to examined. Fit and not fit for duty to be decided. And for the weak to be put out of harms way, and in the way in general. Weapons needed to be inspected and created. There was only so much magic could do after all, and only so much mana to use before it was good old fashion; fists, kicks, and stabs. But some of these people from all over looked like they were...out of shape. Some even appeared like novices in using their weapons. And they wanted to fight in a war?


They would need a nice quick hard training session to iron some of them out. That was not left to say there was not more to do. If they were going to do such a large scale attack effort, then recon would absouletly be needed, and strageties. Plans upon plans, and then counter plans for the seeable possibilites that the current Shogun could do. All the same Jikan would come out with something, but breaking through the enemy lines to cause chaos...and get some slaves out since she heard about such a...revilting thing beng a basic of their society. And measures to crumble them was a sweet taste to her tongue.

"Hmmmmm? So, who's here huh?", Jikan said in a soft curious noise as she looked around. Trying to peek any familiar faces from her guild or the assortment of groups/guilds gathered her.


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#3Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
He noticed an arrival, one who would help him in this conflict. He recognized the woman by her sheer reputation. Infact she was a woman he sought after when he first arrived in Orchidia, before encountering Yuurei. The leader of Sleeping Calamity, a guild he almost joined. Tamas somewhat knew of their history between them and Paradise Dawn. Their relations were perhaps not the best or subpar at best. But personally he had no qualms or ill will towards that guild or its members. He understood their values and agreed with them. He too does like a good battle. But being pulled away from one job to do this was not what he had in mind. He never liked leaving a job unfinished, but this war was more urgent

The Sleeping Calamitys guild master greeted him... maybe. Specifically she asked who is here
"I have worked here at the forge the whole day. Crafting weapons and armour. I have seen a plethora people around from various guilds. Including yours, Collective Minds and Fairy Tails mostly." he did not include his own because that much was obvious by his presence. His tone was rather neutral or emotionless. He had no hostility towards her or her guild mates.
"What brings you here? Do you need weapons and armour?" he asked considering he worked the forge

He might have heard of Jikan, but he did not know her fighting style and what she liked or what was her method to be exact. So he wondered if she needed to be equipped with something or was she like all set and merely came by to check out what he was doing or if he was doing a good job.

Perhaps if he was to take a battle he himself would feel better about this whole situation than being stuck here. Maybe he could've been a strategist, but again, he prefered to make plans for himself rather than for others. He was selfish in that regard. But what he would do to have a decent battle right about now.

As he worked, he would glance at the lady who came to him to see how she was doing and to try and read her, via expression and body language and such. Hopefully she would not be hostile to him despite him being in an opposing guild, considering that right now in this war, they were the same side. Although he was curious to hear about the history between the two guilds and their story. But he understood if now was not the time for that. Perhaps another, but again who knows when that will come or if it will come. Still, it was a funny thought that he almost joined her guild. He wonders what would've happen if he did. Well one thing was sure, he'd still be here which was a bummer



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 After her arrival and a short sentence. Jikan had taken a quick look around. Her words were not specifically directed to anyone. From what she could tell there was no one she personally knew that was present. Not even anyone she had some formal business past with. It was simply words. A wonderment and utterance of the inner dialogue of her thoughts. Well, that and her quick look over at the people nearby her. Curiosity.

For now, Jikan had no idea that there were any Paradise Dawn members possibly near her. Let alone responding to what she had said in general. She saw no person with their guild symbol visible after all. Let alone any group, she just had the whispers that their group was here in numbers. But a voice did call out in response as she passed. An unfamiliar voice and unfamiliar smell. With a shift of her eyes she trained on the source of origin. A man; black hair and gray eyes. A warrior no doubt by the scar on his face, and…an interesting color to his cape. Any wonder of connection flowing to her mind did not show on her face nor her voice. The plain calmness as always with a smooth aloof yet playful amusing voice as she turned to Tamas. “Ah, I see. Sounds like a lot of people were hired for this”, she spoke in a plain matter of fact fashion. She already knew this, but why even give a care to show she did? Even though, regardless of the groups she knew were a part of this, the numbers present were something that was quite surprising and more than what she could estimate. "I thank you for doing such", Jikan said as she scanned over the number of newly crafted weapons and armors. A good number and quality at first glance. An observant eye examining the items that would be used by their forces. Carefully though, Jikan's eye would gleem from the side as she walked around. Examining Tamas for any guild marks or group affiliations.

"No, I have my weapons and armors set. I actually came here to see what there is to do to clear my boredom. Perhaps examining the skill and technique of the general forces. Perhaps find a mission to go behind enemy lines. I have heard that there are slaves there, can't have that~", Jikan said with a slight wave of her fingers side to side. The same voice and tone as before contrasting against her actions. Jikan had always been the type to personally make an effort to have decent equipment. Hunting dark races in her past demanded so. But even then, without any gear she had her love of martial arts to fall back on. If she lost anything she would always have her hands and feet. And a sharp mind to think to boot. 

As careful as Jikan moved before stopping her examination. If Tamas had a trained eye he would be able to pick up some things here and there. While Jikan was most certainly not giving out a hostile aura, she was most certainly not giving a welcoming one either. A calm aloofness such as a business officer worker having to work with others was her case. Professional and respectful and nothing more. 

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#5Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
She spoke up, replying to his words "Indeed. A plethora of people" he spoke in a rather neutral voice tthe whole time. So her plain voice didnt really bother him. He didnt mind if people didnt emote much, because thats the way he was himself. He was a man focused on work

When Jikan thanked him for his work, he simply nodded. As he continued his tireless work, he would glance at her at the corner of his eye. It looked like she was scanning him. Perhaps wanting to know which faction he specifically belonged to. His guild mark was at the back of his left hand.  But since he was smithing, it was covered by protection like gloves.

Considering she was here, he asked her if she needed weapons and armour for herself, but she said no. She merely came here to clear her boredom and inspect what was going on here and also she may go behind the lines and save slaves or whatnot
"Hah, cannot have that" he said with a slightest and smallest micro smile. His lips curved upward by like a milimeter when he said that.

"Is there anything else you wish to know?" he asked. In case she wanted to know which guild he belonged to. And he did notice she was not hostile, but not welcoming. It gave him the same vibe as himself. He was always professional and respectful. Work oriented and very formal in his speech. He could definitely respect a woman like Jikan. She was not like the others. But considering she was scanning him prior, he felt he could tell her which guild he belongs to since his guild mark was covered at the moment.
As much as he wanted to help more and go to the heart of the action, he knew his skills were not needed on the battlefield. Hence why he was here. Jikan coming here was a blessing, because it alowed him to do something else and not just mindlessly numb away at a forge



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As the man responded to her and enter a more direct line of communication. She noted the continued form of his mannerism and voice. So far she was getting pieces of where he was from, but it felt like a line drawing more and more to a language dialect that she knew. It would be easy to guess he was Fiorian, the looks and general association with the guilds present; if, he was indeed a part of Paradise Dawn like she was feeling. But what was the fun in that?

Such a neutral tone though. A formality that almost rivaled hers. Would he be able to pick up her native dialectic as well she wondered? After so many years of living and working in Fiore as well as speaking her language. She found it was not a simple thing for someone to make the correct connection to it. Either way, the bounce back of a rather neutral voice was interesting a little. Given that was how she enjoyed speaking most of the time and meeting new people, it was an event to find someone that matched such energy; it was rare.

Nevertheless it was a conversation all the same with a new person. A blank picture for her to look at and see  the deeper picture within. SO far, she had seen no mark on him. Which must mean his guild mark, if he was a part of a guild, was in a more private or hidden area. Not an uncommon thing. Well, most people offered such details up eventually. Deliberately or not. Be it someone wanting to brag in the pride of their home connection. Or having a slip of the tongue from sprouting on about people they had a deep bond with or aggravated them. Even if specifics were not given, there were a number of ways to draw lines that hinted down to answers. That was the fun way. The boring straight way was to always simply ask after all.

"No, we cannot. Enslaving one of their free will is unsophisticated, doing such to children is...even more so. Disgusting", she said shortly with that plain neutral face of hers. A slight uptick at child and disgusting within the mix of her stoic voice. Her careful eyes gazing at the man as his lips curved up in a tiny tiny almost unnoticeable tick. Hmmmm, was this man amused or in agreement with her formal statement?

She placed her hand under her chin. Resting the tips of her fingers against the smooth soft cheek after Tamas asked his question. Well that was an open door if anything. To be direct or to be her normal self. If that was to be asked then... ."I suppose so", Jikan began with a head tilt. "But before that I would like to know the man I am speaking to. What is your name sir?", Jikan said with a deliberate raise to her voice. Making the neutral stoic energy come off more gentle, soft, slightly sultry even.

"If you may be one of the people repair mine or my people's gear after combat. I would like to be able to give thanks and needed payment to something more specific than, that guy over there in the blue cape". Jikan then lowered her hand that resting on her cheek. Allowing the limb to lay casually at her hip. "But beyond that, I suppose I wish to know if you heard any words of the conditions on the other side. Any, holes to be pressed or any unhappy whispers among their group". Jikan voice carried on, a blend of calm energy and knowing femininity. A stillness that seemed to edge on other things locked away. A hardened trained professional that worked when it came to work and played games whenever it seemed to be had. And such games were always being played~.

So far this man was not giving her much to decipher him. Perhaps of Fiorian blood. Blue colors that could symbolize being a part of Paradise Dawn. A neutral calm basic state, either a statement of his personality or a mask in any known correlation to who Jikan was or the group she was affilated with. Professional perhaps, as much as anyone anyway. He was paid for a job and he seemed here to do it.

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#7Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
"It is terrible indeed" he spoke with the same neutrality in his tone and face as he worked the forge. He was not going to emote forever, so he focused back on his work as he conversed with Sleeping Calamitys guild master. Tamas didnt know what to add to that statement. Slavery bad. Slavery of kids double bad. There is nothing else to add but confirm and move on.

So he asked her was there anything she wished to know. First she asked him name. He replied rather formally as he always does "Tamas Horvath. And if you are curious, yes I am from Paradise Dawn. And no, I have no qualms with you and your guild. Whatever happened in the past, I was not part of. And I even almost joined your guild. But I have met someone in Orchidia who led me a different path"
He was incredibly formal in the way he spoke and not only gave her an answer of who he was, but even more. It is true, if these 2 guilds had beef, he wasnt part of that. Whatever differences they have, he was a neutral party. And honestly, he did almost join Sleeping Calamity as he was there looking for the local guild. But he met Yuurei in Orchidia and the rest was history.
He actually does respect Sleeping Calamity as it was one of the top 2 guilds he wished to join. The other being Paradise Dawn. If Tamas had his way and could make a guild. He'd probably take the best of both Sleeping Calamity and Paradise Dawn to make his own guild. Because he does like some values from both guilds and wished they could be combined into one ultimate guild.

Jikan was a wonderful woman in his eyes, very delightful to be with and not bad on the eyes if you ask him.
"Apologies if I spoke out of line" he also adds to finish off his introduction speech
"Pleasure to meet you, milady"

Now as she asked him about the status of the battle, he replied "Well, I have not heard of much here. I have not heard any unhappy whispers among the people, which leads me to believe things are going well enough. My only regret is that I must stay here because they do not have blacksmiths. But I am not needed in battle. Not yet at least, so I must remain here" he explained in his own words how he is more of a fighter who wishes to be in battles. A man who valued strength and a good fight. But was relegated to just fixing other peoples shit, which caused him displeasure.



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Hearing from the man's formal response, Jikan nodded her head. Continuing on as the man went back to his forge. Chipping and hammering away with a calm expression in his focus. A straightforward simplicity in the understanding between the two. Small talk as it was, it served its purpose well. Giving a few smooth steps of command. With such personalities representing the two guilds, it would only be a guess from the outside perspective how it was going.

With a straightforward expression; smooth lined lips in a small stillness. Lush refined eyes slightly raised in relaxation, and deep blue green eye shining in contrast to bright fiery color of her hair, painted by the smokey darkness at the tips of her hair. Jikan, extended a hand up placing it on her left hip. "Tamas Horvath. Understood. But", Jikan said calmly before giving a wave with her other hand. Lifting it palm up into the sky. "I am not very curious about your guild attachment. Only your existence in the world we share", she would not play dumb in trying to make the lad think she wasn't under the idea of him being a part of Paradise Dawn. He didn't attach himself to the other two guilds he mentioned earlier. And he surely wasn't a part of hers. That color on his cape that was clear; making it an easy guess from the groups gathered. And so, she would just be based in her reality.

She did a tilted head and a curious voice. "Be that as it will. What makes you say that? Almost joining my guild? Why the case of such is now a future cut off. Knowing or not is impossible", she said in a bit of pretend conversational interest.

If she could take what he said at face value then this man was a new addition to Paradise Dawn. A non factor in the marks against her. As annoying it could be to see those colors and guild mark; her rationality of his innocence would cool any flames. An interesting hop forward in him anticipating her though. Was that from fear or the aloof professionalism she was finding to be this man's nature?

Either way… "eh, why Apologies? There was no disrespect given", she said letting her raised palm hand fall comfort to her side. Nevertheless, greetings Tamas of Paradise Dawn".

She then moved, finding a spot against a wallet empty of any people, weapons, or armor to lean against. Back end, feet sticking out to the ground as she crossed her arms under her bosom in a relaxed stance. "Well, it's good to hear nothing bad here. But unfortunate that there is no news of distress about the enemy". She gave a pause. "No other blacksmiths? My world the issues that is causing for you I imagine", she said with a blink. Genuine disbelief of such a fact. That much of a lack of specialists that could do that? How did they expect simple slightly warriors to fight an armed force?

"Well, I guess I'll help then", she said, shifting up off the wall. Beginning to roll up her sleeves before tying her hair up in a pony tail. "If you are the only one here able to do it then you are an irreplaceable accent. Take solace and dismay at that".

Well, it seemed work was it be had…

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#9Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
She tilted her head to the side as she spoke. Although the way she worded what she said. It was hard for him to understand. Did she imply that things could change in the future?
"I am afraid you have to elaborate what you mean." he didnt understand what she said. The reason he mentioned her guild was because it was true, he nearly joined them. Sleeping Calamity was one of the guilds that had the same values that he valued. The other being Paradise Dawn, it was quite fortiduous that both were up north. But he met Yuurei in Orchidia as he was looking for Sleeping Calamity and things are now history. In fact the reason he did join a guild was to learn how to become a guild master. He wanted to form his own guild. Perhaps one that is like a combination of Paradise Dawn and Sleeping Calamity. A mercenary guild, but also valuing strength and gaining strength. Something along those lines. Just not in North. Honestly the North seems crowded with guild activity. He was more interested in the West.

As they spoke, she asked why did he apologize and he replied "Well, usually people would dislike when I speak my mind or if I simply speak too much. That is why I do not speak much at all and just focus on my work" he explained. In a way she did prove his point when she said she didnt care about his guild alignment and such. He did speak out of line by adding those few extra lines. And just shows he shouldnt speak much at all.

She then asked of other blacksmiths. Tamas stopped working and look to his left, his right and behind him, before turning back to his work
"I work alone" it was not to decline any offer of Jikans help. But a way he worded it that he was the only blacksmith currently here. He didnt know if there were others. Here he was alone and he was very busy as a consequence. She said she will help, which surprised him. But he openly welcomed her
"Thank you" he did appreciate her help and wanted to let her know he was grateful of her presence and help. He certainly valued this woman that he respected



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Jikan was always the type of  woman that did not enjoy being stuck in the questions of ifs and whens. She was a if this then A, B, or Z type of gal. But in the terms of Tamas stating he was close to reaching out to joining Sleeping Calamity but ended up going to Paradise Dawn after meeting Yuueri. But just because that was so did not mean the two forces would have joined if that had not happened.  A guild adding to its members happened due to various reasons and circumstances. And possibility, depending on who Tamas met and talked to, he could have decided Sleeping Calamity was not a fit for him after all. This not being understood due to her phrasing was not understood by her. It was not an implication that things could or should change in the future. And so when he asked about elaboration it was unexpected, but one she would give.  

"I simply mean that things that were not decided on, the what ifs of one's path, is only speculation and the unknown. If you had never met Yuueri, that does not mean you would have met me that day for example. Or join Sleeping Calamity, or any guild in the end. The reality we live in is full of possibilities, either way, Wondering or saying such is just that, saying". While it was true that he early sought them out. Such as the question if he would have joined in the end was an unknown matter.

Moving on from the clarification. She gave an understanding nod at Tamas' words. "Okay", she said, simply hearing his explanation of his words. Ah, the perception that a being ways had to deal with. The core principle of the game was that it was an annoyance and at other times. A beautiful enjoyable tool. "Hmmm, do you come off as blunt or mean perhaps?", she said in a soft self amusement. Such was a light joke, unclear in its delivery, about how one's tone could impact people. It seemed Tamas had plenty of that in his life. "Although it is all the same. It is bound to happen when you are being true about yourself. Heads bumping against one another or agitation is the norm". Jikan said, finishing her expression. Voice even and her tone calm. Finding nothing annoying. Casual by all means to her. Dislike him when he speaks his mind? Too much? Were these children he was often speaking to or just grumpy rulers that showed disdain to anyone that didn't bend the knee?

She would make a note of it nonetheless. Another interesting piece of description; a man that chose to speak little and let his actions show more. Respectable. And one to watch for. The silent ones had the best ears more often than not after all. She truly did not care if he was a light mage or dark mage. His actions and hindrance to her was all it mattered. While his attachment to the entity that ired her in the past, even though silence for now was the normal between the two. She still could not let down her guard. But for now, she would work with him. As talkative or not he wished to be.

She blinked as he moved, hearing her next question. Shifting to the left then to the right and finally behind like a curious craftsman looking for a lost material before turning back to the smithery. From her first sight there were no other blacksmiths, perhaps they were located elsewhere? That thought soon was still unanswered though as he answered. Such a lone wolf type of man. That was fine and all but a good answer should be given at least. Tch tch tch.
Well from the looks of things she just had to assume he was the only Smith in the general area for now?

But then again she still had the thought of giving aid. And so the man's double answers held a confliction to her. First he said he worked alone, and although he meant  it as he was the only blacksmith present. Jikan took it very much so that he preferred to be left to his devices. To be allowed to be a creator in his zen. A thought that reminded her of a certain someone. And she was fine doing so. She would have simply left to do something else. But then he said thank you as she walked closer tying her hair up. His words did show some gratitude at least.

"Very well then", she said as she sat down to a separate forgery. Eyeing the materials before moving to collect and put on the smithery gear she would need and get her fire going.

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#11Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
Maybe there was a bit of a language barrier or maybe he was just to focused on the forge to make sense of unique wording she used. Either way at the exact moment he didnt get what she meant. Truth be told, both guilds fitting him equally well. And both would've served his goal just as well. Even if he was in Paradise Dawn now, he knew he wouldnt be there forever. His goal was to forge his own guild, where he is the Guild Master and controls his life. Not being under anyone else. Even if he was in Sleeping Calamity or Paradise Dawn and climbed their ranks. He would never want to be guild master of those guilds. While he likes both, neither is HIS guild. HIS creation nor HIS vision. He would warp and change the original guild to his image if he had the chance. So it was best not to ever get to that position out of respect to the previous guild master. So while he was eager to lean the life of a guild master from Yuurei, it was not a position he wished to succeed. Nor did he care about the North as he wished to be settled in the West. Granted he knew Eternal Nightmare was there, but since when would that be a problem. He was sure he would be able to train able bodied men if he needed to crush a few eggs.
His guild, yes, it would be a neutral one. With both ideals of Calamity and Dawn. A mercenary guild like Paradise Dawn, but would also help likeminded people pursue strength and power like Sleeping Calamity. A fusion of the two per say. With a bit of sprinkle of his own theme.

Back to reality, he heard Jikan speak and he'd nod "I am the one who writes my future in stone. Once I have decided on one thing, I will go through it. Even if it means removing anyone in my path. If I had not met Yuurei, I would have eventually found Orchidia's local guild because I wanted to. Even if you were not there, the fact I knew your guilds location would just mean I would have had to wait until you have arriced back. It is no use worrying about the what ifs. Once I was settled on joining a certain guild. I would make it so. And back then I was certain between those 2 guilds, because both operated in a manner I liked" he explained as he finished a sword at the forge.

Later she had asked him if he comes off blunt or rude to the people "Perhaps I do to most folk. But also, the most of the time I do not care. The weak are not worth my time." he spoke and would move on to crafting another thing. He would merely nod as he listened to Jikan of Sleeping Calamity, as he would focus on his duty and the reason he was here.
While he did not deal with kids, he did deal with rules or nobles or generally people who hired him and tended to be as she imagined about him bending the knee. But as a mercenary, sometimes you just had to take it and do your job for the money.

Jikan would offer her assistance to him, which was unexpected. He imagined her going to the battlefield, but she chose not and stayed to help him of all people. It is appreciated and he did properly thank her for such a gesture. And as they would start to work, the man was not blind to what he saw, that the guild master was still somewhat on guard around him. Respectable.

He would then ask her should they divide their duties, where one would forge weapons and the other armour. Just in case she had preference, but also so they can be more productive. An abundance of only weapons of only armour would mean there would be a lack of the other. He knew that things had to be balanced. For every man there be a weapon and an armour.



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Well, Jikan had said her piece, double so. Trying to give a bit of clarity in her words and their meaning. If the man did not understand her after that then it would have to be that way for a bit. They had work to do and she could not spend her whole day trying to say the same thing in numerous ways a few times to get a mutual understanding. Hopefully, if there was a misunderstanding still, it would not end out negative.

Hearing the man’s explanation though, it seemed that he did understand her.  A true answer, the start of one at least. A hearty respectable one that caused the smallest of upticks to the left side of her lips. One who writes their own future in stone eh?~ My my such a wonderful mind he had! Right up Jikan’s alley indeed. It was good to have ambition and dedication. Nothing in life came easy and it would require work and brains. “I see I see. Alright then”, indeed all true. He would have found Sleeping Calamity one way or another. The wonder of who that greeter thought was a big thought. But, his declaration made it so amusing to hear all the same; that fire. A flame that did well to get Jikan moving as she began to metal some ores and metals. Eyeing the forge with a novice but controlled curiosity. Ikazuchi  was practically their guild’s main blacksmith, and although she had never watched him work she had watched others in the guild. By no means this would be perfect but she believed she could have enough withall to make something of operative use. Perhaps a chest guard for now?

If the man annoyed most folks or talked too much in their opinion it had no matter to her. She could just move away from the man or go silent if such time came. And if he talked a lot, well, that was just more for her watchful ears to pick up and study. Such was the way of the calculative crafty woman. And so she would talk to him, more casual talk while deciding how to divide their duties and work.

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