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Free Health Care [SL]

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As soon as she saw the ashes float into the air, she fell onto her knees. Was it finally over? Her mentality wanted to collapse. There is no way this was over. After years and years of pain and suffering. After sleepless nights, she finally got this done. The people of this country were free, and so was she. Warm hand on her shoulder as she turned to see her companion looked down at her. "We should probably help the dead and the people," She lightly nodded while looking up at him, and then looked forward towards where the Shogun was before she died. She wanted to say so many things, But her mind was completely dying. She kept up her spirit and will for this long, and now she had to do it a little bit more. Longer that much she knew. Slowly, she got up with the help of her companion and her ally.



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She was getting up and now walking beside Ohta. She looked around for Akuko, Ragnar and the others that were not guild masters since she was truthfully really worried for Akuko. Their last war was not in her favor as her body was pieced by the enemies. "Ohta, search for Akuko while I take care of everything else," she demanded for once in a cold told. He nodded as he knew the importance for his mistresses' sanity to make sure Akuko was okay. Plus, he wanted to see if Akuko's little fox was okay as well, knowing it was his job as a fox god to see they are doing their duty and being alive. Rather or not the others say anything or do anything after the battle, Mishiko went down the stairs that were destroyed like no other and looked around. It was as if the army was waiting for the next work. She lifted up her hand or was about to till a shinobi appeared and bowed next to her.



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They were there to let her know that the people at the palace that were within the dungeon were saved. Everyone was accounted for and will be waiting at the end of the city. She sighed in relief as she was unsure if everyone is going to be safe or not after the destruction. She tried to muster up the energy to call out to everybody in this whole entire army. Her most trusted people that were from Joya were behind her with flags of her symbol. They waved him around as if they was telling everybody that the war was over. At that moment, the clouds started to get clear and the thunderstorms were no longer. She realized that the companion of the Shogun was dead. As did Ohta. He had a small emotion be hit by this news, but knew she was going to die anyways because of the path she took.



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She went to look around to see if she could find anybody that was going to be on their way to help with the dead bodies. She saw many people go and look around through the dead bodies who did not turn into ashes. Some people knew who the dead person was and some people didn't, so everyone had to go through the paperwork to find out who was here. The shinobi gave her the papers that had people on them. The stronger men started to carry the dead bodies on long bamboos with clothed hold them up. People started to use their strong magics to transport the bodies and people to the cities. The last thing they needed to happy was having it take days to months to get all the bodies transported to the shrines or ships if they were from different countries. Her eyes started to fluttered close as she started to take soft breaths.



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While everyone was taking care of everybody else, she went over to the meet up place that some people were going to talk about what exactly happened. It was mainly the joy and citizens as she was going to sit down with them and talk about what exactly will happen. As soon as she went over there and sat down for a little bit, she finally saw that they were serving drinks. Nothing alcoholic, but just enough for everybody to get hydrated after the Long War. She loved nothing more than to taste the sweet juice of the fruit she loved so much. She could fall asleep right about now, but she had much to do. She started to hear some concerns from others, like things about getting all the weapons back. There was also a commotion about how they needed to get to their families that were stuck in the dungeon.



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She went over to all the people that were talking about their families being stuck in the dungeon, and now they were afraid that their families were dying or dead already. She reassured them that they were all saved already before she killed the Shogun, so they were going to be saved and not die. They said with relief and they think the woman before they started their long journey back to the city. Many people are already leaving, one by one, to go back to the city, to help rebuild and to do many other things. She wasn't really sure what everyone else was going to be up to. You like the Guild Masters and their members. But she at least hoped that they were going to join them to the city to do the celebration after the rebuilding. Did anyone have to rebuild? But it would be great if they did. She started to go towards her companion, who then came back right on time and told her that her friend was already back at the city. She nodded her head, and they started to walk back to the city. Her eyes looked up at the sky as she saw that it was clear. And that was when she realized that she had one other person following them as well.




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