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Here Lies the Abyss [SL]

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Here Lies the Abyss [SL] Empty Fri Jun 16, 2023 7:14 pm


They started to March out into the fields and everyone started to get into their positions. She saw far away that there was a long flag, and the flag was, of course, the symbol of the Shogun. She was wondering who was all there for her, but she saw a large tower far away, and on that tower was obviously her. After the obstructions of the city, she had nowhere to go besides her little palace, which was slowly being destroyed. She did not know that, of course, but she had people go to the palace to get into the dungeons to save the innocent people. Hundreds of people started to line up from the front lines to the middle lines and then the back lines. And then in the far, far front, it was going to be her and her most trusted people. Her tired eyes looked up to see her staring down.



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She knew she was going to have to get past the grunts first. The Shogun, who not many people knew about, was just like that. She loved nothing more than other people's sacrificing themselves for her. Turned around to look at all of her army as she knew the enemy side was doing the same. The only difference was that it was her and the other Guild dealers that were telling the army words of encouragement and power. As the goddess of war, she felt like she had the upper hand, would she not? The humor in all of this is that the summarize on her side. We're still praying to her since this was war, and Mishiko was the war Goddess, at least that is what 1/3rd of her title was. She started to put her hand up as she started to cheer out how everyone was here to protect the innocent people that were not able to protect themselves.



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Many of the innocent people who did try to protect themselves have either died or came to servitude to the shogun. Hopefully the people who were to the palace to save the other people were going to be OK. She could hear the other Guild masters start to order their Guild members and the group that they were in charge of. She felt like she should concentrate on her own group as she had a little worry thought of what could happen if this didn't go well. Would the Kami come down and help or is she stuck alone? She knew the last time she was on her own and so she did not expect anything different if she was alone once again. She continuously started to ask people what they were here for, why they were here to save the people. Rather, if it was for fame, money, or for the goodness of their heart, she will give the power and ability as much as she could for them to stay strong and to win this war.



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All the guildmasters put their weapons upward, if they had one. It was finally time to charge. As everyone went to their positions and started to go towards the enemy, the enemy started to charge towards them. She could hear the metal clashing against each other as everyone was screaming and yelling certain words to another. Her companion looked at her with a worried look as she could feel her energy completely being drained. Did he feel it as well? Was that their bond? She just gave a small smack to him as she told him that she was going to be OK. Slowly she took out her sight once more, and she was not going to use her ability for now, as she felt like she should hold on to it. Slowly, she started to jog, and then it turned into a run. Towards her right as she had her hand out. A weapon was ready to slaughter the people that were going to be in her way.



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As she was running forward. She remembered the time that she didn't even know who she really was. Why does she have to live through different lives? It was all her fault. Ayame, the current shogun that was posted as the large target within this war. She never fell actual human. Even when she thought she was human, she didn't feel like she belonged with the rest of the humankind. During her priestess years, she danced freely among the humans as she took care of the dead. She was always attached to the dead, it seemed, and now she understood why. First, as her human life, she was a daughter of a Shinigami and a demon. Would you call that even human? Some of the grunts from the enemies army started to come towards her as if they had a chance. Her weapon was ready to slice forward as she saw the different colors of the enemies. Certain colors mean they were allies or people that are innocent, and the other color meant that they were actual enemies who were siding with the Shogun on purpose.



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She started a slice the people up as they were getting into her way. There are stronger people that were coming. She can feel it. Of the power that they held. It was that and the fact that the sky was twirling around. And lightning. There was so much lightning. She had doubts that Raijin was coming, but did someone that he created? She looked around to make sure everyone was OK, so before going any further upward, she wanted to help out. Thanks to her strength and her skills, she was able to get rid of some grants for people before they died. She knew some of the people that were here to help do not have much fighting skills. Her companion continued to look at her through the whole time, as if he was waiting for her command to turn into his final form. She didn't want to get him to do that because she did not know if he was going to go into a rampage due to it being his first time going into that form ever since he got his human form.



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She felt like she could kill a few more grunts before she went forward towards the stronger ones. She waved her hands towards some of her allies to see if they were OK, and thankfully they waved back. The tentacles on her weapon started to wiggle as they were thirsting over the blood of her enemies. "This tastes rather divine, Mistress. May I have more?" Her weapon started to ask some question. "I'm sure you'll be able to taste something more wonderful in a little bit. Their taste is probably quite nothing in comparison" She answered to her wonderful blade that shined A glimmering red. The weapon was created by an Onyx Blackstone And a vine that was made out of pure red mana. She had to hurry up as she could feel her head started to feel exploding. Her eyes squinted as she went on ahead. The Shoguns army had so many grunts. How many people did she get to agree to fight for her side? How many innocent people did she have to torture for them to finally just given? Is it because they had family to go back to that they agreed? Thankfully, her companion was by her side the whole time as he didn't leave her side at all. Why did it feel important for him to be on her side? Why did your heart yearn for him? She still did not understand the feelings she had.




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