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Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts [sl]

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Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts [sl] Empty Fri Jun 16, 2023 10:57 am


She was looking at the whole army that was behind her as they were ready to go out and beyond to save the people. If she wasn't so tired, she would have smiled and wanted to say more. But she was so tired from not sleeping for months to years that she would just wanted to continue on and go towards the destination they had to go. Her companion stood next to her as he looked down from his tall stature. She was so short compared to him. Deep within, he wished nothing more than to see her smile, to be happy the way she used to be long, long time ago. He knew for that to happen that he had to help and defeat the one who caused her to be like this. She had to die. That included the Shoguns Companion as well. No one knew this, but he knew exactly who she was. And once, a long time ago, they used to be friends. The thing that they had in common was that they both loved their gods. Meinu loved Ayame, and Ohta loves Mishiko. They'd die and kill for them, even if it meant for them to become the bad guy and in the end, their death.



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They started going through the forest that was filling a little bit dark and damp. She wondered if there is going to be a storm since she found out who exactly was going to be there. For the Kami's puppet was going to be there. Shorts around them make sure that everything was OK and nothing was going to happen. So far it was quiet and everyone was getting along. Christ faithful that nobody was fighting or causing a ruckus. Surely though. She had a really airy feeling that something or someone was watching them. She started to wonder how long this was going to take. So then she has waited a very long time to get this done. Was this war going to take days, weeks or months? It should not take that long, right? She was deep into her thought and did not notice that something was actually happening at the moment.



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One by one, her men were turning up missing. She did not notice this, but some of the other allies noticed and started to notify the others ahead of them. Those people started to notify her and that was when she looked back and looked around. She tried to get her companion to feel around for any mana that was not their allies. With his golden eyes, he looked around the forest to see if he could find any trails of a dark manner which indicated that they were enemies. You have the ability to tell if somebody was an enemy or an ally by the color of the mana pool that. It was a part of his ability. He started to glare in his facial expression started to look grimmer. He muttered a word that was a curse. His eyes then turned slowly to look at her and started to use his fingers to count how many people there were. No, they weren't how many people, but it was more like how many dozens?



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Slowly she started to bring out her blade so she could start attacking. When everyone saw her take out her blade, they then started to take out their weapons as if it was a signal. She tilted her blade. Tilt towards the left as if she was significantly the assassins to go take out the other assassins. Was chatting it towards the right and then pushed upward to then put the long pole of the weapon on her shoulder to rest there. When she did that, the others on the right started to disappear and she started to hear some screams and yells. "Ohta, stay here..." she muttered softly as she pulled her hoodie up to end up disappearing. After she ended up disappearing, she went towards the forest where the assassins of the enemy were hiding. She tiredly smiled and snickered as she thought this was stupid of them to hide. Knowing that they were there, she then started to lift up her sight as the storm started to circle around the sky.



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As the sky clouds started to swirl around, the color of it was starting to turn into a dark blue and green. Eyes of red started to form out as it was gazing down from the heavens. Shortly after, a tornado started to form and smack into the ground as it started to destroy the whole entire forest. Souls were strolling around and started to swarm into the trees. It was as if they were going after the enemies, specifically the targets that were needing to be killed. She licked her lips as she heard the screams of the enemies, as she could tell the distinct difference between the allies and her enemies. She made it specifically sure though, that if the enemies were being controlled that they would not be killed. She hoped not anyways. She was sure to keep their souls though, just in case they were innocent people that were being forced to do this.



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She started to see bodies fall from the tree branches as her assassins started to kill them. The souls that she summoned earlier with the tornado started to swirl more intensely. After a little bit it was finally finished though, and the whole entire forest was silent. Her allies started to gather up once more to count the bodies of the dead that died due to the enemies. All the bodies were getting prepared and she sent a message towards the Allies that were still at the camp about what happened. She didn't need to make sure that they were going to come and retrieve the bodies of the dead. She did not know how some of their families were going. To prepare the dead, since she probably did it differently. Not everyone was from this country. After they were all done, making sure everyone was fine and healed, they started to March forward.



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She could feel the wind coming through forward as they were getting closer to the open lands. The same muskie era of blood in the dead could be smelt from where she stood. Her blackened eyes gazed towards the direction as she wondered if the army of the Shogun were there waiting for them. Assassins were already in the forest waiting for her, then what else could be waiting for them due to her? Did she have a trader among her allies? Someone who would have told all of their secrets and their plans. She did a specific whistle, which then summoned someone to come right next to her. Has gazed over and looked at them and then asked them if they found out anything. They shook their head as they did not know anything so far, and the only thing that they didn't know was the fact that there was someone waiting for them not that far in front of them.

She left it there, then swayed her hand to let them go to where they needed to go. Her companion looked right at her as they were walking slowly forward. Looking towards now, they were finally released from the forest and now in the open air. By this time the sky cleared up as much as it could as the sky was yet not cloudy from the open area.




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