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In Your Heart Shall Burn [SL]

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The serving was done, the researching was also done and now it was finally time to do some blacksmithing, or at least assisting with it. She didn't know how to make any weapons, so she was going to go and help them instead She looked at the blacksmith who was bowing his head to her as he knew that she was the one leading them into the war. He thanked her for using his business as he was happy to assist in the war to help the innocent people of this country. She shook her head and told him that she didn't want to be thanked for something that should have been done years ago, but she failed to do so without the power and abilities that she has now alongside with her allies. They both wanted to start get down to business and so he started to point towards the first things he wanted her to grab.



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She went over to the crates that were filled with different metals. He wanted to use a pretty metal, like titanium. She was starting to question on why he wanted to use titanium though, since she has heard that there is another component that could be used for swords. It was something that was high in carbon and apparently that was good for the katanas. Want to question it out loud, So she just went ahead and grabbed some of the special metal that she couldn't even dare to pronounce without stretching out the word. Tamahagane, that was the word, right? She was sure of it, so she started to grab a whole crate. Taking it over, he noticed that it was a titanium and arched a brow. Maybe he was about to learn something new, but she really could tell that this blacksmith came from Fiore and not Joya.



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She started a Toll the blacksmith about how the metal was really good for the type of Zoids people were going to mainly use against the enemy. Titanium was really good, but she didn't think they were really good for the type of swords they were needing. She went over to grab the titanium and some of the other metals so he could make the armors from it. Next told him that she was going to go grab the list of people that were leading the army. As well as the list of people who are needing a weapon. Quietly, she went over to the table to see a big stack of papers and started to go through them one by 1. There are a lot of people with certain people only needed armor or just a sword. She grabbed an empty piece of paper and something to write with so she could then make a list of extra type of weapons that the blacksmith could make.



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Thankfully, there are more blacksmiths coming, and some of them were from her own country, Joya. They knew exactly how to make a really good katana, or so she hoped. Everything. They started to come together as they started to grab the metals and hammered away. The sparks of the embers every time they slammed the hammer against the metal, were just flying off. It was like music. Two years as she knew war was coming. She started to walk around and offered any help that was needed while they were hammering away. Once in a while, she went to go look at the papers to see how many people needed the specifics. Was done looking at the paper she went over and told them that she was going to get them something to drink. Being next to the heat was intense, and so she knew they were going to be thirsty.



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Well, she came back, and they were already almost done with everything. Sure it took hours at end, but at least everything got done. Everyone started to relax and drink while she went to go get the helpers who are going to carry all the weapons and armors to the respective people. She looked at the list and started to call out names while looking around as the stronger people were carrying the heavy things. Sure, she was not weak, but they knew that she was getting tired and exhausted to the point of no return. Sword after sword and armor after armor. They were finally finished. Thankfully, she didn't need any of this stuff since she had her own weapons and gear, but she looked at her outfit and wondered if someday she should actually update her armor. Recently she did get a new head piece, but it wasn't really a headpiece that matched her.



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She looked at everyone who was trying on their armors and made sure that everything was fitting correctly. Everything was finally coming to a close, at least the preparation part of it. Everyone's getting their armor and the equipment on so they could get ready for the war. The people who are destroying their tents.And everyone was gathering their mounts. Some had flying mounts as others had mounts that stayed on the ground. It didn't matter if they were super silent or not at this point because the enemy knew they were on their way. Going towards the front, her and her companion started to lead forward into the forest so they could get towards the empty lands where war was always shed at. A lot of wars happened here, including her own 100 to 1000 years ago. This was the place where it all began when it came to her and Ayame. Or another books. It would be called The Big Betrayal. Mishiko was written as the bad guy. Didn't matter anymore since everything was getting corrected after this. For all the call me in the heavens, they knew exactly who was on the good side, and he wasn't. This caused the punishment and now a Ayame was going to pay the price for everything by two folds. Now it was time to lead.



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