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The Threat Remains: SL

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Mishiko was putting on her cloak, dress and the whole outfit that will help her be silent. She was going to go find information about what is going on with their side. Ohta thought she should just let the others go without her, but he knew there was no way in making her change her mind, nor would he. He was there to support her through all of this. "They should be waiting for me in the forest, stay here in case something happens here," she insists towards him. He nodded and she left to go towards the trees. Once she went in, she looked at the other figures who were waiting for her. It was as if they were communicating by just their gaze. Quickly, Mishiko put on her hoodie, becoming invisible to the eye and started to move. They didn't know where each other were by seeing each other, but because they planned on how they'd know where each other was.



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She jumped tree to tree, tired eyes gazing forward to wait for someone to signal that they were near the camps. The camps of the Joyan Politics stayed near each other so the counting should not take so long. She had about four groups of assassins or ninjas, depending on what someone wants to see them as. She stood on a tree, taking a halt to finally take her hoodie off. Her hand on her right lifted, as soon as it slid downward a group went that direction. She waited for a moment as she sighed, lifted her right hand and then looked that way. She quickly let it down as she could feel a patrol on the enemies part coming towards their way. She had a group behind her so she put on her hoodie and the rest of the allies followed her as they went forward. Some stayed behind to keep watch and to warn them if anything happened.



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They gave each other a mana lacrima that will link to each other's messages which can be sent silently. She stopped on a tree branch that was thick enough for her and her group to stand on, hand leaning on the tree. Gazing down she could see their army, or a part of it. 'Some sneak into the backside of them and see if they can hear anything that can't be heard from the frontside. The middle should do good as well, but I'll go ahead and do that for group raven,' she communicated. With that she went forward and started to then walk normally while invisible. They probably didn't expect people from the enemy to come here sneaking about. She tiredly dodged those who tried to walk towards where she was going so she didn't bump into anyone. She had to listen in to whatever they had to say, but so far there was nothing interesting.



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She decided to sit down in a place where no one would walk near or bump towards. Her tired eyes gazed around to see people be normal, be kind to each other besides a selective few that were obviously in it to support the Shogun. She heard some talk about stories of their family, some were hostages that are being kept in a dungeon in the Shogun's palace, some were tortured to get them to agree to fight for her. She found this terrible and terrifying. It reminded her of when she was taken, alongside the one boat crew and the captain who ended up dying in front of her face. It was all her fault and what if these people were being harmed because of her too? She shook her head, telling herself that these people were going to get harmed and tortured no matter who was in her spot.



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She was listening in on the conversation more as she heard one of them men talk about how he'll enjoy fighting against the enemy's army. Something about how there was a lord that was going to take the souls of the army's strongest. That was not till another, a woman came up and scoffed at the samurai, "That pitiful lord? He's more of a dog than I am towards our mighty Shogun," they spoke. That voice sounded familiar to her. Why did Mishiko know that voice? She tried to peek, but she was unsure what her abilities were, to see invisibility or not. "Ah, Ambassador Meinu," they bowed their heads as they paid their respects towards her. "Hah, that's right, bow," she eyed them with annoyance. "Anyways, continue on with your complaining. Surely if we win, our pitiful families will be set free if you stay loyal," she laughed at them and walked away.



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She didn't want to kill any of these people, the ones that were forced to be here. She counted the ones that were here by force and wondered if any of the others found information on them. She slid into the shadows and went towards the forest once more to see if any of them were there. This place was full of nature, animal and insect noises so a casual call of an animal of a signal was smarter than none. A simple cricket sound was made, another was heard, she followed the sound while in hiding as they finally met up in the middle of the forest. The sound of the music of crickets were getting louder and in tune. Once she realized everyone was gathered she took off her hoodie, as everyone else did. "Did you find anything?", she wondered ghostly while looking at them. The leader of group one decided to speak up first.



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They started to explain that the part of the army they discovered was a part of the Lord of the North's army. They found out that the lord uses cards that are actually souls captured within them. As a goddess of death, this intrigued her. She captured souls as well, but the way this group was describing them, they were really off putting. He was quite the sickening character. Maybe her and the guild should have gone to his home and killed him instead of the weaklings they went after. Compared to those her and her guild killed, this one sounded stronger and more dangerous. She sighed at her incompetence to do something right, but she had other things to worry about. "Someone who can capture souls with their magic that isn't me...? Interesting... And those who follow them?", she wondered. The group explained that they were filled with people who should be in prison, but was freed for this cause.



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She other group, that wasn't her own got on one knee and gave her a large thing of papers. "These are papers of all the ones that are being held hostage and the families that are being forced into the war," she sighed at this information as she knew that Ayame would do something like this. They also told her that they had an interesting strong young man who was being a leader towards a group. He looked dangerous and they look like they're in their teens, but found out that he's actually in their hundreds. A puppet of a god named Raijin. Mishiko glared at this as she knew who Raijin was. Her head tilted up to look at the sky, wondering if they knew. Was this young man being forced or was he going to be going along with these plans? She nodded at this information and told them all to go back to camp.




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