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The New Arrival (MJ)

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#1Michael Winters 

The New Arrival (MJ) Empty Wed May 24, 2023 1:40 pm

Michael Winters
Michael was walking around looking for a decent place to chill and keep to himself. He figures he did all the work for the day that now he had free time to himself. Maybe think up of some tunes and lyrics. He did like to do music to pass the time. He hummed quietly so any other passerby wouldnt hear him. He doesnt perform for free
"Say... now that's an idea" he quietly says to himself, thinking he could play the guitar and sing for money. Or would that be a bit beggarish. It probably would.

Anywho as he dismissed that thought, he focused on his main task. Like finding a nice place to chill. Because y'know, despite him being here in Hargeon and knowing the layout of the place decently enough. He wasnt from Hargeon exactly. Nah, he was just passing along. Instead he'd do odd jobs for people and would go where work takes him. In this case it was Hargeon. It was at least a decent place to stay at for a while. It had the noice beach, which was perfect for the soon to be very hot weather. Honestly, summer sucked. It was so hot then and he'd wish he could just y'know, walk shirtless. Thats why he likes beaches. He can be shirtless and cool off in the water. Other than that the town had like a square. Yep that existed. A sea food restaurant, bunch of docks, lighthouse and that Fashionista Mages Guild. Blue Pegasus guys. Or as Michael calls em Blue Horsey guild. Or whatever other nickname he can think of.
But yeah other than that, he didnt know what the town had to offer. Or at least he didnt know the town in depth as a local would. He figured now would be the time to find out. Although as he was figuring things out, he'd notice a very pretty girl. He couldnt help but to stare as he walked. Though soon he stopped otherwise he would've walked into a bar. Literally. He was close to hitting a lamp post as he noticed the red head. She stuck out to him because.... well aside from the nice looks. She didnt look like one of the locals. Usually the locals to him looked bland and didnt stuck out, but this one did. So.... should he approach her?
He was stuck in this 'should i or should i not' motion. He usually never approached people if they werent in some peril and if he did approach her, he'd surely be very stiff and awkward. The dilemma.
Why isnt he social like other people

#2Mary Jane 

The New Arrival (MJ) Empty Thu May 25, 2023 1:51 am

Mary Jane
Her red hair was tousled, her bones were weary and so everything tumbled down on her. All of a sudden Mary Jane realised that there was no way back. She just arrived in a totally different country to avoid a problem. Was that weak? Was that cowardice? She had just arrived by boat from Caelum, her home, her everything and now she was here. Hargeon. That name was something she could not say right now, not because it was an impossible word but because her heart was wrapped up by being homesick right now. God, this decision was the worst she ever made.

No, this would not do. So Mary Jane took a deep breath through her nose, closed her eyes for a second, and thanked the stars that she was here. That she felt healthy enough and that she should take this opportunity to get away from all the nasty stuff. Here is hoping that they would not sacr- NO! Do not go to that bad thought or she might ask the sailors if she could come back to Caelum, right about now. Another deep breath, one step at a time she carried herself away from the dock and further into the city. That was the point that she stopped and looked around herself. Uh, where would she go? What was like a proper inn and how much would it cost? She never really had money and she had felt very bad for stealing some to support her voyage as well as a few nights at an inn... but she had done it. Muttered under her breath that it should be something of a payment for all the blood she offered and all the things she had done. She muttered another prayer under her breath and looked up again.

It was clear that she looked completely lost and out of her comfort zone. Not that she was entirely sure what was in her comfort zone at the moment anyway.
What she did notice was someone was looking at her. It must be her clothes or her bright orange-y hair that might gather attention. She seriously hoped not, she did not want to be special, thank you very much. She stretched out her hand as to say a warning to this individual as he was almost walking against a lamppost. However, he noticed that by himself and already stopped, so all she could do was quickly shut her mouth (no sound had been produced as of yet) and blush. She gave a small smile, well at least that went okay. Okay, where was her confidence, she had plans... she had ideas... she had no idea if she should go left or right. So she looked around again, ehm, maybe ask that guy? Her golden eyes darted back to him and he was still there, so Mary Jane decided that she would do what she always did. She would smile and walk towards him, "Hi, ehm sorry to bother you, I hope you are alright. I was wondering if you could direct me to eh well a place in town to stay." She did not have to say she was new right? That was obvious.

#3Michael Winters 

The New Arrival (MJ) Empty Thu May 25, 2023 6:52 am

Michael Winters
Oh jeez, she noticed he was staring, she looked at him. He looked at her. Their eyes met. He figured he should look away or at his surroundings, thats why he noticed the lamp post he almost walked into. Tho he guessed it would serve him right if he did smack his face into it for staring so much. He didnt really know what to do and had a mini dilemma should he just leave or try to approach for help.

But by the time he made up his mind, SHE was the one making the moves towards him. He'd look towards her and notice this. She was the first one to speak and gosh was she so polite. Sorry to bother you. Oh gosh thats so precious. He wants to pinch her cheeks. But ehm yeah. Maybe he should focus on what she actually said past that. Hmm, if he remembers correctly she said something about a place to stay.
"Oh? Um yeah. I can show you. Heheh" he chuckles as he rubs the back of his neck "Funny thing actually. Im also not from here. Im just kinda staying at an inn. If you want I can take you there, maybe we can be neighbours or if you wanna like...save up Im sure we can be roomies? Its a nice place, quaint and pretty cheap. I dunno.... I mean I can take you there and you decide?" he suggested to her

He knew of a place he was staying. It'd be cool if she'd like rent a room close to his. Though having a roomie is just wishful thinking. Then again he wouldnt mind sleeping on a couch or floor. This gal seemed pretty nice and her smile was like to die for. It just made him feel all warm and fuzzy. Like he had the urge to smile back to her. But kinda held back because it'd be awkward and dorky. Though the idea of having someone to talk to was kinda nice. She seemed like good company. She seemed whats the word? Tame? No... Temperate? No.. Temperance? Something something nice and virtuous

#4Mary Jane 

The New Arrival (MJ) Empty Thu May 25, 2023 7:28 am

Mary Jane
Why did this all feel so familiar? The town just did not make sense but it was like she had this conversation before. It all felt so foggy, someone showing her a place to say. Nothing about roommates but... well it was probably nothing. The visions had not returned and thus she did not think much of it. She was just here in Hargeon, a place she had never been before and yet everything felt familiar. If this guy was going to flirt with her, it felt even more at home. She had the feeling she forgot something. What was his name? No, he did not say it. She did not say it, it was not necessary if you asked for guidance to a place to stay. Maybe you never bump into each other again. But this young man was going to lead her to the inn he stayed at. His confidence was not the same as her memory, no... it was no memory. It must have been one of the old visions. "Oh that would be useful." To take her there, not to be roomies. "Being neighbours could be fun." She said in the politest way to decline the offer of becoming roomies. So she would ask if he would lead the way and she would simply follow. Holding on to her two bags, one strapped over both shoulders and one of her left one. She should have packed better.

She would look around Hargeon and hoped to see more of the city. She could tour around when she was alone or maybe he could show her the way. God, she was starving. The food on the boat had not been as excellent as one hoped it would be. So she tried to not make too much sound with her rumbling stomach. How to avoid letting that be heard? You start a conversation. "So you are not from here, are you from Fiore? Or are you a foreign traveler like me?" It was kind of obvious right if you were at a port, docks, anything?

She felt like she was not here enough. Here as in the present. There were so many things in the back of her mind that she half wondered if he would ask her for dinner. She would rather decline, also at this time a day it wasn't the time for dinner yet. But that was not the point. The point was this must be the start of a vision and she should not deal with that. She had not had visions in a long time and she was not sure if that would make her faint or do something random or blurt something out and... yea stress.

#5Michael Winters 

The New Arrival (MJ) Empty Thu May 25, 2023 7:56 am

Michael Winters
Honestly this was new and uncharted territory for him. But he liked the change of pace. Usually he'd approach a woman, tell some quip or pick up line. He'd appear like a sleezy asshole, get slapped in the face along with a ladies 'hmpf' and then watch them dumbfounded as they walk away. But hey, this time he didnt approach a lady. Maybe that was for the best, he was pretty sure he'd say something stupid if he did. Then again he had to be careful otherwise he probably will say something stupid and mess this all up. Maybe it was best if he took the approach of just having a friend. As smoking attractive this girl was. Maybe he should try that temperance thing about restraint and not flirt with her. Having a friend is just as good as having a date.

Anywho, she spoke and she liked the idea of them possibly being neighbours at the inn. He smiled a bit, still a bit restrained "Oh sweet!". He was pretty sure there was like one room next to him that was vacant. Or was it both. Yeah he did request that he be away from people, so he wouldnt get noise complaints. He likes to sing and do his tunes in his room. And he didnt wanna annoy people as well as he didnt want anyone to hear him.

Michael was so excited to even had a neighbour that the decline of being roomies just kinda flew past his head. When she asked if he would lead the way, he nodded and led the way. When he noticed the bags he'd offer to carry them for her since he imagined she must've been tired from the trip and carrying heavy stuff was like one of the things he usually did to help people for work. So it wasnt a foreign concept to him. Although if she declined that he'd respect that.

As he led her to the inn, she asked him a question. And he answered "My ma was from Fiore, my pa was from Caelum. I was actually born there. But man... that was a lifetime ago. My family moved here when I was young. And well... um... I grew up just kinda found work around and traveled a bunch. I keep mixing up the town names Magnolia or Marigold. M something, thats where I used to live, But anywho, been a while since I've been there.... also sorry for the info dump Im not good with people"
Or maybe he just kinda missed having a civil conversation that he just kinda couldnt stop talking.

To try and socialize he'd try to strike up a conversation on his own "Y'know, I may not be from here. But I have visited this town here and there. And I've been staying here for like 3 days. I know Im not a local, but I can show you a basic layout of the place if need be?" he tried to make an offer to give her a mini tour. He knew some basic places which might be useful for a new foreigner like her. Though he imagined she'd decline that. Though he hoped she wouldnt.
While she had her thoughts in the back of her mind. The thoughts he had were more like "Dont appear desperate. Dont appear desperate. Dont appear desperate"

#6Mary Jane 

The New Arrival (MJ) Empty Fri May 26, 2023 7:35 am

Mary Jane
It was like she was in a bad movie, or no... that was not the case. It was like she was in a dark room and she was literally in the movie. A crash of the screen, disconnecting and trying to connect again. Something getting out of her vision and something in. While she stared at Michael and heard the oh sweet. Her vision had turned foggy. She had thought it was slightly foggy in Hargeon but that had not been the case. She heard a voice "Hi, I'm looking for an Inn. Do you know where I can find one?" And while Mary Jane was looking at Michael, the voice was different, the face sort of blurred, became another face. Blue eyes, blond hair. "Era town." The static continued, "Fantastic" the man said, he looked rather young, younger than Michael was, or maybe she was wrong. "I take you" and than it disappeared. It was like the connection of her visions had been wrong and she stared at Michael. Blinking for a couple of times and realising she had no name, from no one. Thank god he had not walked away yet and made her stand there awkwardly. Maybe it had only been a couple of seconds, for Mary Jane it had felt like quite a while and she was doing relatively okay. She pinched her right eyebrow as the vision (and the bad quality of it) gave her a slight headache.

She quickly followed the young man as he walked in front of her to led her to the inn, or so she hoped. She froze in her expression for a hot minute when he said he was from Caelum... how did he get here faster than her? Where they already looking for her? No... no that was not possible, she would have seen his face before. She would have known his name as she had made that her effort, knowing people back in the Cult. It was a mere coïncidence. See! She spluttered on in her brain when he told her that he moved here when he was young. Should she say she was from Caelum? Was that even safe? "Oh interesting." Magnolia. Magnolia. She shivered as that name gave her a... bad feeling? A vibe? A something for sure. But she could not pinpoint it. She could not help but let out a little snort as he said he was not good with people. "And here I thought you were more social than me." She gave a small smile, she was not good with people outside of the Cult either. "Thank you, it's nice to talk to someone who doesn't yell at me for not having sea legs." God what an awful trip on the boat.

She looked around to see if they were getting anywhere near the inn when she turned her golden eyes back to Michael. She was a bit taken aback by the kind offer, "that would be lovely." She commented and kept on smiling. Though she had to admit that they would have to take a little step back, his pace was rather quick, which was fine as she wanted to be at the inn quickly. "In that tour, could you show me a place to get some food. I am definitely in for something... different than the ship offered." She wondered if more static pictures or visions would flow back into her mind. It would be rude and for a second she wondered if she should tell this stranger, considering he overloaded her with info. Maybe it was a favour in return.

"I must admit that I lost my memories since I was eighteen and well I was also looking for other answers."

#7Michael Winters 

The New Arrival (MJ) Empty Fri May 26, 2023 8:03 am

Michael Winters
As they walked, they conversed, with Mary Jane asking was he a traveler like her. While his answer did spook her, he didnt really notice that, but he did notice something was up with her. He just didnt know what exactly. He liked her smile though, it felt quite... disarming. He couldnt help but smile back
"Hah! Me! Social?! Thats a good joke" yeah, he was the definition of anti social. The two talked, but he didnt get what she meant by sea legs. Instead he just repeated that word with a confused and questioning tone, hoping she'd elaborate more.

Michael also offered to carry her stuff and he'd expected that she'd say no. But to his surprise he heard a yes. This was so far the most human contact he had in like 5 months. Anywho, he'd take what she'd give him and thus continued their track. He knew they were almost there. It wasnt that far off.
She asked if there were food places here. He nodded "Yeah, I can show you some places. What kind of food do you like? Sweet? Meaty? Veggie?"
Personally he was a meat guy. A natural carnivore. He was also good at making food. A natural born griller if you ask him. Or better yet he was an expert at making breakfast. By the time lunch or dinner came around he'd be too tired or lazy to make anything, hence why he knew places to eat out. Part of him wanted to maybe one day try and invite his neighbour for breakfast. He could make pancakes.

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#8Mary Jane 

The New Arrival (MJ) Empty Fri May 26, 2023 8:38 am

Mary Jane
Mary Jane kept on smiling, she had no idea that he find it disarming. It was just a show of politeness and that she was doing okay while listening to his story. She wasn't but he did not need to know that. That would be rude. Strange how Caelum already followed her now, but her country was wonderful and she was definitely going to miss it. But now it was... it was in the past and she managed to stop herself from sighing. She focused on this young lad and told him about being social. he laughed though, said it was a good joke. You could see the confusion on her face, she did not mean it as a joke, but she smiled. She explained what the people at the boat said. He repeated the sea legs and she shrugged. "I have no idea. Apparently they meant that I wasn't a sailor. I hated being on the ship and the tossing and turning it did. I think I was seasick for the first few days." God that would be a disaster if she had to travel more by boat. Hopefully there were other ways to get out of Hargeon, if she ever needed to. Coming to think about it, it might be good not to stay here. Considering everyone from Caelum might get here first too. Magnolia? To figure out why it was pulling on her, even if it was in a bad sence.

For some reason she had not wanted Michael to carry her bag. But she had also not stopped him. So actually, she had said nothing. She just stared, it just did not feel right but she did not know why. It was not like she expected him to run off with her bookbag or something. She asked him about food and she thought about it. She loved sweets, just not chocolate. But a healthy good meal with a bit of everything would be better. "Anything really." She continued that smile and hoped it would not make this young man annoyed with her not really answering. Seriously, anything fresh and well made would be a blessing.

Now that they arrived at the inn, she needed a moment to get a room. As the innkeeper made eye contact with Michael, he seemed to get the a-okay to give the room next to him to Mary Jane and she thanked him as she got the key. She turned to Michael, and she heard it while she spoke out loud. But the second sentence was only for her ears. "I am Mary Jane"Alice"by the way. Mary Jane Nightingale."Alice Baskerville"Thank you for guiding me here."

Could she do nothing here without living in a duality of worlds? It was like a parallel world where she stood. Her fierce red hair the same as the image she saw next to her. Though this young man not the same as the blond on the opposite of her. She wished she could switch it off. She had not lost her memory as the vision said before. She was dealing with too many memories at the same time. She swallowed the bile away, it made her feel teary eyed, unpleasant and she did not want to give this man that feeling. "Let me drop my stuff, so you can give me a tour. Or did you mean later?"

#9Michael Winters 

The New Arrival (MJ) Empty Fri May 26, 2023 8:55 am

Michael Winters
She was confused by him. The whole hah thats a joke thing was meant to show disbelief that he's social. Like a sarcastic 'yea right'. But she took his words so seriously. Oh gosh what a sweetheart she was. He just wanted to pinch her innocent little cheeks. But of course its not like he could do that. But a man can imagine. One he asked about the sea legs, he got a reply
"Yea, sea sickness sucks. I know that all too well. Best you can do about those sailors is just like to ignore them" or be him and shoot them a glare and threaten them with violence.

On the topic of food, Michael asked what kind of food does she like, but she said anything really. He just chuckled and teased her "Not true! If anything goes than seafood from the ship would also be fine. Im sure after that ship you had enough sea food for a life time. Hahah, but dont worry. I can show you a nice and cheap place"

The two finally arrived at the inn and Michael handed over the stuff to her now so she can have a hold on it. He turned his attention to her once she said her name. He facepalmed when he realized he never said his name
"Ah! I knew I forgot something. See. Im totally not a people person. Right! Names! Nice to meet you. My name is Michael Winters. Just call me Michael. No need for mister stuff. What about you? Do you go by MJ or just Mary or go for the full Mary Jane?"
Personally he prefers to say MJ, its short and sweet. He offered his hand for a handshake, because thats what he thought people did.

He nodded when she said she wanted to drop by her stuff and asked about the tour. He shrugged and said "Im free. So if you're not feeling too tired Im up for it"

#10Mary Jane 

The New Arrival (MJ) Empty Fri May 26, 2023 12:16 pm

Mary Jane
As usual Mary Jane continued to smile and just nodded along, yes it was best to ignore sailors. "Let's hope I don't need to be on a boat ever again." but that meant that she would need to find a job here. She could not stay and live in inns for the rest of her life. Worries for a later day. She came here to find a place to stay and figure things out. Those answers would not come in a day and her future was still open for a lot of ways. But right now, right now she just wanted a roof above her head for tonight. And a steadyfast floor that did not sway on the waves of the ocean. But she should not be so negative, everything had gone fine. She was here now and she was safe. He did not seem to recognize her and he seemed to be honest. No Caelum spy coming after her. Not that she believed the country would do that. It was the cult and she was slightly afraid.

She asked if he could show her where to get some food and while he asked her for anything specific, she could not think of something. Something meaty or some fresh fruit or veggies would all be great. She snorted a little again when he mentioned seafood, "See, I had not even thought of that." while being in a city that was linked to the docks, it only made sense. "But yes I prefer not to eat seafood today or for a long time anyway." She liked how casual this guy was. How he joked to her and how he was so... so what was it. Well at least he was considered concerning her seafood hate at the moment.

She would take her bag back from Michael and decided that now was the time to say her name. Before she would be lost in all the talk for the inn and before they would go out again. So she introduced herself and her smile disappeared for a moment before it clearly returned. Michael was an example of the kindness that she wished to spread to strangers. No mister and stuff, see again that sense of humor that made it so easy to talk to him. MJ? she never thought of shortening her name to just initials. "Oh, yes everyone called me Mary Jane." She could not really recall if anyone ever called her Mary or just Jane or MJ like he said. Maybe it was the old attitude of the cult, maybe she should change and accept something like MJ here. She looked at his hand and decided to shake it and look him in the eye. That's when she took a short goodbye to get her room.

She would tell him she would be back soon and once she was done with her bags and refreshing herself by patting her face with the cold water, she returned down stairs. Her bright red hair dancing over her shoulders as she walked down the stairs. "Alright, I am ready to explore Hargeon." She hoped she said it right, but oh well. She would see.

#11Michael Winters 

The New Arrival (MJ) Empty Fri May 26, 2023 12:47 pm

Michael Winters
He just smiled and nodded because he didnt know what to say or do. And while she thought about finding a job so she wouldnt stay at inns for the rest of her life, thats actually what he did. He'd find those notice board jobs and take them to earn for a living, thats how he'd afford inns. And if he ever took jobs that required him to deliver stuff from point a to point b. Thats when he'd pack his things and leave town to whatever other place the job would take him. Then he'd go to the other places notice board and get jobs there and stay at the inn there. He was like a nomad in a way. The fact he didnt have contacts he'd miss would make such lifestyle easy.

When they talked about food, he couldnt help but tease her. He is a guy who teases a lot. But usually he is a lot more mean spirited with people. With Mary Jane, he was more like innocently mischevious in his teasing. What surprised him that she kinda liked it? Like she snorted for heavens sake. She found it funny
"Oh yea. She's a keeper" he thought to himself. But he immediatelly dismissed any thoughts of having her as his lover or girlfriend. If he continued that train of thought, it wouldnt be long before he daydreamed of bedding her. And now was not the time and place for such thoughts. Besides... he's not her type and even if he tries, he'll most likely creep her out and drive her away.
So far this is the longest conversation he ever had. He didnt wanna ruin this streak.

Once they were at the inn, he handed her stuff back so she can set herself up and get to the room. He said if she was not too tired from the trip that they could do the tour now. And also there was the name exchange. The introduction, which probably should have been done ages ago.
"Mary Jane. Right, I'll try to call you that" no guarantee he would. He tends to have a habbit to nickname things. Like the Blue Pegasus guild. He never refered to it as Blue Pegasus. His name for that was Blue Horsey, Blue Pony, Blue Pegi, Horsey Guild, Fashionista Guild and so on. Chances are he'd most likely refer her as MJ.

Anywho he offered his hand for a handshake and she took it. He had to admit, she had a nice touch to her hand. Nice and soft. He kinda didnt wanna let go, but knew he had to. Once he did, he immediatelly pulled his hand back. He couldnt help but also look at her eyes, sorta getting lost into them because at how she looked at him.
He did let her go get set up in her room.

Michael waited for her right at the spot where they split off from. He didnt go to his room, instead he sat down and waited. He mentally tried to make a course or something for the tour. He figured maybe he should start with important landmarks. Like the Blue Pegasus guild hall. Then the square, then just go thru the streets, skip the docks since they came from there...

As he was brainstorming, she came back and he snapped out of his thoughts
"Heyo! Welcome back" he said and got up to walk over to her.
"Yea, I know just where to start our tour" he said and urged her to follow him as he left the inn, opening the door and holding it for her

#12Mary Jane 

The New Arrival (MJ) Empty Sat May 27, 2023 1:00 am

Mary Jane
Why suddenly did the name Mary Jane feel like an outsider. It was her name and it had been for quite some time. It probably had to do with all the flashbacks or no... wrong word, visions that Michael triggered. Well at least it was good to know that she got the visions from Adelaide while being here in Fiore. The only reason why she got to Fiore instead of any other country to get away from the cult and thus Caelum was because of Adelaide. Would be a bit of a bummer if that all stopped. She therefore just nodded when Michael said he would call her that. She was not sure if she was against anything else, right now she was. But than again she was a walking paradox for that matter. But she would probably figure that all out in a couple of days and especially when she would sleep. A good night's sleep did wonders.

For a minute she stared at her now new bed. But she did not give in. She should freshen up a little and leave. Which she did. Michael promised her a tour and as she walked away for a hot minute, he said he had free time. So she would take him up on that opportunity. She needed to find ways to make money and to get food and all that matter, so this was a golden opportunity. She did not want to let it go. But she had to hold herself together, where her vision had shared her amnesia, Mary Jane had no intention of telling him that she was seeing two lives at the same time. Who would not freak out about that, right?

With that instruction in mind, she reuinted downstairs again with Michael and kept on smiling to him. A smile would help everyone, it was the cheapest way to show kindness and she had all the intention of doing that. Especially now money was not a steady income. She wondered what Hargeon had to offer or the whole of Fiore for that matter. Why settle in one town when she could explore on her own. She was not locked up in a tower or anything. She was free to roam around and in the end settle on a place she liked. Hargeon definitely was not bad, but the smell of fish everywhere, wew. It was probably that she disliked it now that she had been on that boat for so long.

So, she walked out of the door and waited for Michael immediately after stepping aside. He was her tourguide so she should follow him, instead of walking on in a daze. "So which way first?"

~#FCC201 [Mary Jane] & ~ #FF9900 [Adelaide]
#13Michael Winters 

The New Arrival (MJ) Empty Sat May 27, 2023 1:32 am

Michael Winters
As he started the tour of the town, he first made a straight beeline for the Blue Pegasus guild hall. He knew of a short cut, so he took her that way. Upon arrival at the building, he'd speak
"So this is the Blue Pegasus guild hall place. They're like this super fashionable magic guild. Im not a magic man, too inept for that bs. But I know magic guilds tend to be a big deal. Their guild master is woman named Alice or something. Pretty big deal"
No it was not Alice it was Alisa, but because Michael didnt associate with magical people, he just misremembered the name he would hear here and there. The names sounded similar. Also he put strange emphasis on the name, mostly to over correct himself and not tell her some nickname. He wouldnt wanna introduce a guild by a wrong name. Like 'oh hey, this is the Blue Horsey guild'

He thought about what else to say about it "Lets see, fashionable. Check. Magical? Check. What else are they. Uhm... I guess they're like super positive and supportive types. They're the types of people to be like"
And Michael would proceed to make a girly voice and stance, something he'd imagine a Blue Pegasus mage is like. Most likely an imaginary Alisa impression "Oh daaahling. You're beautiful on the insiiideee. Everyone has potential. We will help you achieve you're dreeaams. We all stick together. Go Blue Peggy~"

He stopped the mock impression he did and shrugged "Thats just how I see that group. But yeah, they're a big deal, so might as well show em off first I guess"
And then he gestured her to follow him to their next place "Come on, Imma show you the next place"

#14Mary Jane 

The New Arrival (MJ) Empty Sat May 27, 2023 3:02 am

Mary Jane
They went a strange way around town. But it seemed that Michael had an idea of where to go first, who was Mary Jane to complain about that? She quickly moved and followed him around. Wow, he was much taller and walked a lot faster than her. But she managed to keep up, besides, if she was honest... it was nice to be able to stretch her legs again instead of being stuck on a boat. She would look up at the big building of Blue Pegasus. Her eyes stared and she heard it in different voices in her head. It was like people calling her name, Blue Pegasus. She had heard it before and turned to look around. While Michael did not look at her, she felt the difficulty of swallowing the bile that went up her throat.

She had to take in a deep breath and felt like on the brink of breaking down. Something had happened to Adelaide. A woman named Alice. She froze again, it had not been Alice, which had been the shortened name Adelaide used of her own when she was younger. She nodded and wondered if she could meet up with it, the Guildmaster. There were so many questions and why... why did it overwhelm her like this? What had Hargeon done to Adelaide?

It felt like someone was choking her as she stared at the building, a tear appeared in her right eye. Which was good as she stood on the right side of Michael, he would probably be able to miss it. Her heart raced, shapes and figures in front of her, black hair, a powerful sorceress, an elf, a demon, and someone sitting at a table sipping tea. it did not line up as she saw the blond man again and again. She closed her eyes and took a silent deep breath. The feeling went away as she turned to look back at Michael who was now doing an impression and it made her chuckle softly. She looked to the floor, the building gave her too much feelings that she did not want to consider but the impression of an guildmaster of Blue Pegasus put the tention away. The feeling that she was being choked stopped as well, so she was doing well. "Thank you." She took up from the impression that Michael was not having any intention of joining a guild. "So you have no magic?" She asked as they would walk to the next place, "Does that mean you cannot join a guild or is magic not per se necessary?" It was not like she had no magic, she just did not have the intention to use it as it did not fit with her.

#15Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
She thanked him. He asked her "For what? Heheh, I mean if you want me to mock people you came to the right man" he smiled to her a bit more, making his smile more open and not mild. Though he did lick his canine tooth that would be visible to hide it. Though eventually he stopped smiling when he heard her question as he considered how to answer. "Yeah, I got none. I'm the magical anti talent."

As he led her to the Hargeon square, she asked him if he cant join the guild if he doesnt have magic "I mean I never looked into it, but I'd assume that logically you cant join a mages guild if you dont have magic. I mean whats the point of joining if you cant do basic magic your supposed peers can do? You'd just be their lil monkey for entertainment where they mock you for entertainment. Dance monkey dance. I mean I'd be surprised if they do allow normal nerds. But still, I dont see myself fitting into a guild. Especially not one like Blue Peggo over there. I'm not really fashionable" he spoke to her
He had a bleak and negative outlook on guild joining, thinking he's not good enough since he cant magic. And having a very negative mentality of what it would be like if he joined. He never really bothered checking guilds out since he cant do magic, so its just what he presumes and imagines. Although he thinks even if they allow him to join without magic that he's STILL not good enough.

He decided to shrug that off as they arrived at the Hargeon Square. It was small and had a fountain, wooden benches, trees. Its everything what you'd expect from a square
"So this is the Hargeon Square...." he was silent for a moment as he thought what to say "Its a square... that squares......" eventually he just shrugged and gave up "Ehhh I got nothing. Just a normal town square"
Well, he may not know the town history like a real guide to speak about landmarks, but at least he knew the locations as in how to arrive from point a to point b

#16Mary Jane 

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Mary Jane
Michael made a good point, maybe she should not say random thank you's. Although it broke the hold of her vision and the like. He did not need to know that. Again she was reminded that Alice had told this blond man in her vision, immediately that she had amnesia. Mary Jane had no intention of sounding insane. She would continue to smile, this time more genuine than the moment she had felt choked. She looked at him and he smiled more to her too, well that was good. If this was what made him a smiling person, than why would she stop that?

She thought about his reaction to her question. She was basically asking a stupid question, as he had just said it in his little mockery and yet she wanted to understand fully. "Well first of all I think magic can be overrated and second of all, not everyone with magic is talented. I am sure you are." It was not a lie, she did say it out of kindness but she had no intention of lying and let's be honest; not everyone with magic knew how to handle it. Her second question was if he could join a guild and she looked at him when he spoke. Well, from time to time, she also looked where she put her feet down else she might tumble. She was nut sure if she was really clumsy but she rather prevent that from happening anyway. She frowned when Michael explained, especially his little dance monkey dance made her wonder if something happened. But he seemed to break off with again a sort of joke or was it more a jest to not harm himself?

She gave him a smile when he immediately looked at her and nodded. Yea she had no idea if it was all true or something, she was a mage after all but she did not have any intention at the moment either. "Have you met other guilds?" She did not intent to make a decision on a first day arriving into another country, so she would be here as well... for a bit. She looked away from Michael, and his slightly gloomy expression. She was not sure if he was aware he actually showed it, but there was definitely something of a negativity clinging to him. Maybe she could figure it out for him.

She looked around the square, luckily nothing triggered her at the moment and she nodded. She walked to the fountain and looked into it. A little bit of coins littered the ground, people making wishes in Hargeon. Interesting again. She turned to Michael, "It's probably a good meeting spot." She noticed the quest board and pointed to it, "What is that?"

#17Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
She shown again how positive and kind she was, believing he had talent. But he simply didnt believe it.
"Even inept mages are still mages who can do the simplest magic. I cant even do that. But... its nice you think I could do something."
As they talked, she asked if he met other guilds. "If by meet, you mean observing them from a safe distance. Then yes" he thought about the other guilds, if he could give a blurb about them
"Ehm... While Blue Horse is a fashionable and yet powerful magic guild. Fairy Tail is the more adventurous guild and powerful magic guild. They're like the rowdy adveturers. Theres also that I guess neutral guild or something. Collective Mind? I dunno about them. Judging by the name they're intellectual bookworm smartasses. And since they're a guild also magical, cuz why not. Hmmm... I dont like their Guild Master. Gives me bad juju vibes. But maybe its cuz he's a guy where as previous two guilds have lady guild masters. I dunno... I will avoid them like the plague. I dont trust magic people, especially powerful magic people... Gotta think about my survival, yknow"

He doesnt know much about those people, except for what he heard here and there. He probably would've known more by their reputation and fame, but since Michael isolated himself from people and cut off a lot of contacts, he just lost track of the latest news and didnt follow people. He didnt trust mages nor Guild Masters. Most likely because he was jealous there were more successful and powerful people out there who realized themselves out there in the world and he is a failiure who has nothing to show. No feats nor achievements. Just a lonely bum with no place to call home. Just thinking about those successful people made him frown. If he could, he'd destroy everything just to spite them and their success.
Of course while he was focused on that stuff, he didnt really notice just how much he showed of his... negative or pessimistic side. He did look at her and smile a bit to hide that, and would urge her to follow him to the next part of the tour for the square, where he gave a flimsy description of it.

As she observed the place, she noticed the quest board. He reached into his pockets to take out a pack of cigarettes, put one his his mouth and used a lighter to light it up.
"That my dear is my job. Thats called a quest board. You have those like in every town across Fiore. People post there all kinds of jobs you can do for money. Jobs can be simple like ehm... some chore like getting groceries, save a cat from a tree to... deliver this package to location but you must go thru a perilous place" he shrugged "Expect jobs and quests of any difficulty. Personally Im sure I can take some bigger ones, I just dont bother. I kinda like to survive and leave the danger stuff to the guilds. But yeah, if you want to get money easily, you can go out there and do these"

#18Mary Jane 

The New Arrival (MJ) Empty Mon May 29, 2023 1:37 am

Mary Jane
Mary Jane was not sure how to respond to Michael's negativity. She understood completely why he said it; it made sense. If that was also what was taught to you through years and years; who were you to break that spell? Figuratively at this point but maybe a bit literally too. She wanted to say he should not put mages on a high pedestral like he did right now but she thought it be more wise if she shut up. After all, Mary Jane had just met Michael, she had no idea if he would appreciate the gesture she wanted to give. It might be something she could bring up later, that is if she bumped into Michael on a regular base. It might be possible, considering he was her next-door-neighbour in the inn, but who knew what the Illumin wanted her to do.

She decided to focus on something else and asked Michael about other guilds. She nodded, seeing them from a distance was in a way counting too right? He knew who to look at. She frowned again when he explained, why did he prefer Female Guild Masters over Male and why was this guy giving him bad juju vibes? Questions for later and she just looked interested and she was curious about it all. Powerful magic people, yea you did not want to be on their bad side. But why surivival? "Well, that's an interesting way of putting it." She had no idea what he meant but well, it was something worth looking into. She had to admit that being magical librarians did sound very interesting but she did not want to bring Michael his mood down by telling him about her magic. Even if she was not in control over it, she thought that it did not matter, not for Michael now at least.

Mary Jane at least was social capable enough to not speak too much about it and thus she said nothing. She would follow him to Hargeon Square and look around. She flinched a little when she noticed the lighter and looked away. She was not afraid of fire, after all, she could consume it. She looked from Michael to the board. His job? A quest board. She nodded, "Ah I will look into that later, one day." After all; money did not grow on trees unfortunately. She looked at it and she wanted to do all the jobs, if that helped people than it would only make her dreams easier. People wrote down what they needed and she could spread the kindness she wanted. Wait, did that even work the same if you were paid for it? Hm, something to ponder over. She looked at Michael, "So what's our next destination?" She had turned to him and did not pay attention to her surroundings, that is until someone walked close by her and cut the strap off her bag and started to dash away with it.

Seriously? That was all she had left! "Hey!" She was far too weak and nauseous still from the boat trip and the trigger of the most painful vision she had ever had. But she would try to make a dash for it to get her bag back. It had the last bit of money, her key to the inn and the notebook with the visions! She needed that back.

#19Michael Winters 

The New Arrival (MJ) Empty Mon May 29, 2023 2:01 am

Michael Winters
When she said thats an interesting way of putting it, he gave a mild smile to her. Oh how kind she was. He wanted to hold her and sqeeze the adorable out of her. Why is she so nice and cute. It felt too good to be true. Part of him expected some catch. Thats why he didnt really even wanna put the moves on her. He didnt want to mess this up. Imagine if she had someone already. Now that'd be crushing. Yeah, he didnt wanna set himself up for disappointment. It was best if they were friends or neighbours at least.

Upon arrival to the square, she'd see the quest board and he'd explain the system to the best of his abilities. He nodded when she said that she will look into it later. While he was glancing at the papers, he saw one that caught his eye and took it and pocketed it "Yeah, feel free to check them out. Just not this one. Its was naughty. Best I deal with it" actually he kinda swiped a bad quest. She believed that this is where you help people. He didnt want her to see a bad one. He kinda wanted to shelter her from bad stuff. But also he liked doing bad stuff. He felt this one quest would feel liberating to release any pent up rage. Besides, considering he took it off the board means he kinda has to fulfil it. As he was taking a smoke, Mary Jane asked what would their next destination be. And as he went to consider the best options for food as he promised, something happened to Mary Jane. She was victim of a purse stealing.

"Seriously?!" Michael thought to himself as he saw the purse snatcher. Like really? Infront of HIM?!
He tossed the cigarette to the side and started the chase. He was a lot faster than Mary Jane since she was tired from her trip and he would keep up with the thief. Once he was close enough during the chase, he would jump and tackle the guy and pry the purse out of his hands and just toss it to the side nearby them just so none of them can hold it. He managed to pin the guy down and held him down by his throat. Really wanting to hurt him. But there were people around. He couldnt. But he wanted to. He knew he had to resist. He wanted to do so much. But he didnt. The most he did was dig his nails into the guys neck where he held him. Luckily for the thief, Michael kinda already chewed off his nails, so they werent as long as sharp as one would expect from a werewolf. But they were more human sized and decently sharp since they were 'cut' uneven.
He whispered to the guys ear "If you dare to steal from her. Hurt her. Or even look at her. I will hunt you down. And you wont be walking out of that one. But you know what. Just try it. I dare you. Give me a reason to hurt you"
He then got off from the guy and got up. But still at least gave him a kick while he was down, before picking up Mary Janes bag. He had to calm down. But all that guild talk kinda put him on edge, that feeling of inadequacy and weakness. This thief was like just the thing to set him off. And if it werent for the public or even Mary Jane who was a bit behind them. He probably would've done worse, because he liked hurting people

#20Mary Jane 

The New Arrival (MJ) Empty Mon May 29, 2023 11:59 am

Mary Jane
Mary Jane was obvious oblivious to what Michael thought of her. She just looked around and talked and asked and she smiled while looking around. Oh how lovely it was to have solid ground underneath her feet and how good it was to be out of Caelum, or well far enough away from the guild. And she had to push the nasty feelings away. She hoped it would stay this way, she would hope that she would not get home sick. The visions were far more intimidating here, on the first day already. But she had to be strong and she had to get used to being able to find solutions on her own. No one was going to carry her around anymore and fix everything for her. So...

She asked what the board was for and Michael explained it was for jobs. He snatched one away and she simply nodded, frowning a little; what kind of naughty things could be on there? But she just looked at the random ones that were on there, something about delivery and fishing. Which made a lot of sense for a city with docks.

So she nodded and looked at Michael while she was listening to him and thinking about questions. That's when her purse got snatched. She would quickly follow, well as fast as she could. It had taken a couple of seconds to register what just happened and to start up her little sprint. She was not as fast as Michael that was for sure. He had apparently no problem with keeping up with the thief. She huffed and puffed while she ran after them but froze when she saw what Michael was doing. He was sort of or literally choking this guy by holding him at his neck. She stared and felt the vision coming back to life. It was bringing in a massive headache and she could not catch her breath now as the vision took a hold of her, as if it was choking her now too.

She did not react to the kick, someone tried to see how she was doing by holding onto her elbow. Her hands pressed against her chest and her eyes staring into the nothing. She was having a vision and she was locked into it right now. That did not happen before, but alas Mary Jane did not know that at this moment. This was the street where someone had tossed Adelaide out of a window. She was basically sailing by before hitting her back harshly against the brick wall on Mary Jane her right. The assaultant jumped out of the broken window and grabbed Adelaide by the neck and pushed her harshly against the wall. Mary Jane now gasped for breath, but no air filled her lungs. She cried out as the assaultant broke Adelaide her legs in her vision and after that she fainted. There had been no air in her lungs for a bit, and the pain that had gone through Adelaide that knocked her out, had as a lighting bolt zapped through Mary Jane as if it was her own memory. The pain engolved her for a mere hot second before it was gone again but that had been enough for the already tired mage and so her body shut down for a minute.

#21Michael Winters 

The New Arrival (MJ) Empty Mon May 29, 2023 12:19 pm

Michael Winters
He wanted to hand MJ her bag, but as he went to turn to face her. He heard a scream. He rushed over to her side. Honestly he didnt wanna wait for a second to test that theory. Instead he rushed over her side and held her.
"Hey. Are you ok?" he asked her. Aaand she's gone.
Yep fainting. He sniffed that one out. He didnt wanna panic, even though he was internally freaking the fuck out and having a panic attack. Part of him was worried that he scared her.

He carried her over to a nearest bench, though maybe considering she went out, maybe a bench wasnt a good place. He didnt want people to watch her. She needed privacy, so he turned towards the inn and walked over there. He made sure he still had her bag as he carried her in a rather protective manner.
It took him a bit before he arrived and he considered now which room. His room or hers? Well, it would be nice if she gets to wake up in her own room. But that would mean like going through her bag to get the key and maybe she had private stuff in there. Aside from cash that is. Besides, he kind of had his hands full. How the hell would he unlock her door.
"I hope you wont mind this" he said to her and thus went to his room instead. Though a similar problem arose. In that that he only had 2 hands. Somehow he did manage to maneuvar his hand to his pocket and still have the strength to support her weight with one hand. Although he did press her more against his chest, so his hand can handle the weight as he hurriedly unlocks the door. Once he heard the faithful click, he immediatelly moved his hand back to hold her and kicked the door open.

Michael carried her over to his bed, which was messy. He remembered now that he didnt really make it and in general his room was a bit messy with some clothing articles thrown around here and there. He sniffed the air a bit, thinking at least his dishes were clean. As she was now on the bed. He went to the door to collect his key and pocket it. He closed the door and pulled over a chair close to the bed and sat by her side. He wondered what to do. Thinking "Maybe I should've called a doctor"
He frowned thinking that he was the one that did this to her. He looked at her worriedly wanting to hold her hand, but in the end choosing not to touch her, because he didnt know what was right.
"Please be ok" was all he could say

#22Mary Jane 

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Mary Jane
Her eyes darted from left to right behind her eyelids as she watched the fight again and again. She watched the red armour crack and the spear clatter on the ground. She did no longer feel the sharp pain that Adelaide went through. No, that did not repeat itself and she was breathing softly again. She just did not notice anything from Michael lifting her up and brining her back to the inn. Nope, although the vision kept on repeating and Mary Jane kept falling into the darkness, there was a voice reaching her. She heard before that Michael asked her if she was okay, but she had not answered. She also heard him when he spoke to her about minding something. Mary Jane wondered who it was and her vision shifted to the nothing. And now that everything was dark, Mary Jane could sort of find her way out of the repeating darkness and vision. Her head felt heavy and the headache was like hitting her very hard behind her eyes. So she squinted them and blinked a couple of times.

There was a roof above her head and she looked at it and frowned before pushing herself slightly off the soft bed that was underneath her. She looked at Michael and blinked again. Sure she knew it was Michael. "How did we get here?" Where was here? After all Mary Jane had been in the inn for minutes, she definitely did not recognize it. She looked aorund her and lifted up her right hand to touch her forehead. She closed her eyes and made a soft grunting sound as her headache really did not make it any better. Oops, she had a vision and something must have happened. What would she say to Michael? Heatstroke? Who would believe that after being at sea for days. She was sure she could say that she had no idea. She noticed her purse next to her and quickly grabbed it and looked into it. Everything was still there and thus that meant Michael did get her bag back. She realized she remembered he pushed the guy down after a tackle and choked him. "Thank you for getting my purse back." Should she say something about the thief? Should she ask what he did? "What happened?" the most open and neutral question that she could ask right now.

#23Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
Mary Jane woke up. He did not now was it soon or if he had to wait a lot. His sense of time got distorted as moments felt like an eternity. When she woke up, the first thing he said "Thank Darga or whatever that you're up" he wasnt really religious and the first deity that popped up was the one that werewolves like tended to worship. "How are you?" he asked as he saw her hold her head.

She asked how did they get here but he didnt answer, at least not yet "Oi, dont make sudden movements. Listen, I can call a doctor to check up on you if you feel pain"
Whether she wanted medical attention or not, she did thank him for getting the purse back. He just nodded. She then asked what happened. He figures he might as well say it. Although he did pause before his answer as he wondered what to say, how to say it. How to put it into words.

"Well... I attacked the guy for stealing your stuff... I guess I must've scared you, which caused you to scream and faint. By the way, Im sorry. And so I decided that it was best to carry you back to the inn. And since I couldnt really get your key with my hands full, I took you to my room." he said and in a way not only answered her previous question, but also inavetedly gave her an excuse why she fainted. He believed his level of violence scared her.

He looked around the room and then back at her "So um... yeah you wanted food. Do you want me to fix you something? Or do you just wanna rest up. We can continue the tour another time. I think you've been through enough today" the boat trip must've been exhausting and now a robbery and fainting? Yea, she needed to rest.

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#24Mary Jane 

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Mary Jane
Oh poor Michael. He had to worry and carry her all the way to the inn? It made her shy, it made her embarrassed and she wanted to explain but it was impossible. It was like a cat got her tongue. What to say? What to do? Should she make him feel so guilty? That would be wrong but.. what to say. She blinked a few times, trying to figure it out. It felt like her head was breaking open, it was probably because trying to fit these memories into her own. A head was not made for two lifestyles thank you very much. ”Just a headache.” She said a little hoarse. Her throat was dry but she would be able to get a drink soon anyway. First she needed to show Michael some kindness and make sure that he was okay.

”Oh, no no, you don’t have to do that. I am fine.” She gave a wry smile, ”I am so sorry.” She felt horrible for the fact that Michael needed to witness this and yet he got no explanation. She would thank him next for getting her purse back. She would ask him what happened, that would be the most neutral way of asking this. So she watched him and looked at him. He seemed to be carefully considering how to put it into words. Oh. Oh no he even thought that he scared her. She frowned by what to say about that. The scream, she could not remember, but for a second she realized that she must have screamed as that lightning bolt of pain shot through her mind. Good god that must have been a horrible day for Adelaide. She shivered for a second and scooted to the side of the bed to get Michael his hand. ”Michael, it’s not your fault. Thank you for getting it back, that means a lot to me. I am just exhausted and I couldn’t breathe. I ran to follow you, that must have overexerted my body and I fainted.” She looked at their hands and quickly let go. ”I don’t remember I screamed, I am so sorry. You must think me crazy.” She said again with a wry smile now. She prayed to the Illumin and the Divine to forgive her for lying. She felt absolutely horrible for doing it but to tell Michael the truth? No. Please. ”I would like to go get some food, I would also like to go outside. The fresh air really felt nice. I will be careful, I promise. Let me treat you after all you helped me a lot. It’s the least I could do.” She hoped to make it up to him, for the lying she did and also for him carrying her all the way here and blaming himself for her fainting.

#25Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
She claimed it was just a headache, he knew that she didnt wanna worry him. He asked her if he should call a doctor, but she said that he didnt have to and that she was fine. He then asked "What about water?" since her voice was hoarse. It was the least he could do. She apologized to him. He assumed because she made him worry. "Ey, you got nothin to be sorry about."

He watched as she scooted to the side of the bed and got his hand. It made him freeze a bit as he didnt expect that. He felt like he was gonna blush, but he surpressed it. Or tried to. He hoped he didnt blush. But she had nice eyes. But he knew he couldnt put the moves on her. He should focus on just friendships. Friend zones. He didnt need romance. Right anywho, he should focus on her words and not just her nice eyes and kissable li- NO!! NO HE FOCUSED ON WORDS!! Right right, she was thanking him for the purse and ehm... trying to convince him that it wasnt his fault for making her faint. Ah, right that. He frowned when he thought about it. She really was too nice, but he knew that she was lying. No amount of fatigue would make you scream in terror. And the idea that he could've easily destroyed that guy if a crowd wasnt around sent shivers down his spine.

He thought her scream was of terror and not of pain, so he still connected the whole fainting episode to his violence. He looked at their hands, ie her holding his hand. He slowly and carefully places his other hand over hers. Being rather gentle with touching her, ie barely as if she's made of fragile glass or porcelain. "Ey, listen....You dont need to be sorry.... It happens I guess...And no, you're not crazy. Trust me" he saw enough of crazy.

And while he did offer her food, she said that she'd like to go outside for fresh air. He still frowned because of what happened and believed she should stay put in bed. Hell, the idea of roomies was still open in his head. She can rest here and he can be on the floor. But he wasnt gonna suggest that idea again. He listened as she spoke she'd be careful
"Are you suuure?" he asked in the vain of if she was sure she wanted to treat him and waste her money on him. He was content with making food here.
Once she replied that she was sure that she wanted to go out, he'd nod and say "Ok... but ehm, try and stick close. Just in case something like that happens again. Or ehm... never mind. Just stay close" he wanted to say that she should stay close so he could catch her if she faints again, but decided against that. Instead opting she just sticks close for the sake of safety. Thats when he noticed that he was still holding her hand, so he pulled his one hand back. And then the other one if she let go of it

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