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The Peace SL [Akuko]

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As they got to the top, they were introduced to some monks in white and gold attire. They had a single red symbol on them as she didn't pay much attention to it. Once they were fully up she saw them bow their heads towards her, making Mishiko confused. Her eyes wandered around as she had many questions. Ohta stayed close to Mishiko as it was making them anxious. "Uhh..." she was stammered on the situation. "Ah, you have finally visited us with your mighty presence," a man spoke from afar as she then gazed towards where the voice was coming from. A man who was tall and in different robes than the others approached. He was older than the others as the other monks were between the ages of nine and lower twenties. A few were thirties, but not any older than that.

His eyes brightened at the sight of her and bowed respectfully and stood back up. "You were expected to be here as well as the mighty one," he looked at Ohta. Mighty one? Ohta? She wondered even more now that the Monk spoke about Ohta that way. The Priest started to walk away from the line of monks as they went back to their business as they should. "Follow, I shall show you the Shrine of our Kamis," he said in a shaky old man tone. He was quite happy to finally live the day to meet a God, even if just a Demigod, but this one was more important than most gods due to her relatives and her titles. War and Death were very important to the Joyan Community and world.



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It was kind of odd and strange, at the top they were talking about how they were happy they showed up here. Which was different but a lot of things here where different as of late so many things had been altered. Ohta was a might one in which was interesting, Over all if this was what status is meant to do for a person Akuko was for the most part going to feel strange for a fair amount of time.

But they where to follow him to a shrine, So they continue on as so far she assumed they needed to do, As there was a moment of where it almost felt unreal to Akuko but it seemed she had to come to terms with how the life in which was now hers was going to be, Not much else to complain about at this time. She had no idea if this was in line or not. After all she expecting almost nothing that had happen during this time.

It was almost going to make her feel like she was almost spoiled form this, So for now Akuko would just quietly stare as she followed along with Mishiko and Ohta just to hope nothing was going to be too vast attention wise to her. Miko on the other hand just seemed to be happy looking around curiously at the things at the top like it was a place they had never been to before. In their mind everything was okay.


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He started to escort her around and didn't mind that Akuko was coming with. Some attention was on Ohta as if they knew something. The monks were preparing for something and they were getting really intense on it as she heard some bickering. As her attention was stolen by what they were doing, she heard the priest then coughed to get hers back to him. He understood that there was things going on that she did not understand as of yet, but she will soon enough. Finally they were lead to a temple with the waves and a storm symbol on it. "This is Susanoo's temple, the mighty Kami of our storms that give us water and the seas in which we need to get around," he bowed his head towards the temple and then walked towards the next one which was a temple with the moon on it.

"This is Tsukuyomi's, the Kami of the Moon, order and beauty," he started and then looked at the third one in which had the symbol of the sun. "Now this, this is the Empress of Heaven's, Amaturatsu's.". He turned around and bowed towards her. "We have one final one in which was closed off. They went back to the one in the middle of the platform made of floating stone as the pathways were floating in the sky. It truly was the power of the Kami and magic. The temple in the middle, all alone had a symbol of a Butterfly on a scythe. "This one...", he started and turned towards them and had a frown, "This one was yours as it was demanded of the three to create it long ago. People still worship you to this day, but they hid it well.". he finally said as she looked at it. They made her a temple long ago and didn't know about it? Did they truly love her still even if her worshipping was forbidden due to the war thousands of years ago?

Wait, people still worshipped her illegally?




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So we where just here to ponder over and look at things that is if she was guessing or be shown things that might be a waste of thought to be distracted until something else happened to them while they where here, she guessed anyway. She had a feeling she was entirely wrong, she should not say much about if that is the case. The first things they where shown was interesting Susanoo's temple and having to do with the seas the thing they travelled on before, where they watching over them or never in sight before the changes happen?

Then shown a few others, in some manner the names mentioned and talked about before for the most part where ones she had heard of in passing while she just lingered around. Tsukuyomi, Amaturatsu and an empty one. Each one seemingly had their own followers. All and all Akuko seemed to managed to be able to keep track pretty well so far. With the blank one being well for Mishiko herself with her followers and hidden believers just being masked in the background. it was interesting to hear as well as odd at the same time because of the situation they both had in life.

But i was just the stat of the reality around them all: Gods, Envy and desires most likely kept people in the current state they where on right now , When they spoke of that it seemed interesting enough to wonder."Does no one expect people to return to the temple where people worship them at?"Akuko asked looking around still because she was just taking in the sights of this place. Most likely not needed but still just going to continue on saying it anyway. Just the normal Akuko way of existing currently was the best way to see it.

Then well Miko hopped off of Akuko's head and start drifting off some where to the left, Akuko had seemingly not been paying much attention because she did not look at what Miko was doing at this time. rather just seemed a bit more interesting in listening to the conversation around them both and just listening to what might be spoken to them. As your normally suppose to do with these matters.



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Both of them heard the question of Akuko. Mishiko knew the answer to that one, but she wanted the priest to answer it. "Ah, yes, but just like any Religion, people make their own shrines to secretly worship their god or goddess such as those who worship our Death and War Goddess, Mishiko," he nodded towards Mishiko. "Many, including us still worship you since you help the parting of souls and take them to the place they deserve. Give souls justice if needed and help Samurai's and our kin in War," he started and slowly walked towards the shrine as it was boarded up, "Even though we have no story as to why the Shogun and the mighty one Forbid the worshipping of you till recently. We agree that the worshipping of you is necessary as much as the main three and the others due to the importance of Death and Battle," he then faced away and started to walk away. "We will have this place cleaned up as we just recently were given permission to worship you once more by the Heavenly Empress Amaterasu," he lastly says.

They started to walk away from it and Mishiko looked back at it once more, realizing her symbol as she never knew what it was. Now she knew why she saw butterflies during her death, the flowers of beauty and why in her human life, the scythe was her main weapon. Did she know the Shinigami that was her father in her 'human' life? Was her life chosen for her by her siblings for the test or did it come in naturally? She had so many questions now that she will have to ask her siblings some other time. Perhaps after the war.

She looked up and saw finally the shrine in which she had to go with Ohta to give them what was in the envelope. She looked at Akuko and then Ohta who looked at her. "I suppose we should be prepared for the worst for whatever may happen," she told them and then looked at Ohta to see if they were ready. "I am ready Mistress! I hope whatever happens, I still become of use to my lady," they said as they floated up and she climbed up the shrine that is said to touch the same light Amaterasu created at birth.




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Akuko was never shown much about religion, Maybe she was but trying to teach smaller and young Akuko at the time was a hard thing to do when she was too busy wanting to play and doing things with her only friend at the time. So never really paid attention to what some of the lessons where only just at the time repeating them to get by. Only to get out and away to go do what she could with Mishiko at the time. The silly childish games of times of old. It was just how her life was then.

Innocent and peaceful at times. But it was a good lesson at the moment and she did actually pay attention, It was a simple lesson and she did not mind it at all it was pretty nice and different, Maybe if her younger self managed to pay attention a bit more and did not think of tricks and playing it would have been better for her. In the end Akuko also knew the past was long gone and they needed to move on and deal with what was to come now. When she it seemed the lesson was over Akuko actually did the normal Joyan bow.

They had to be prepared for whatever was to come, which was a good thing to mention. Akuko in some manner would be able to mentally prepared herself for most things, Even if her current changes seemed to be some what making her act what she would consider funny at this time. As long as her changes did not start hurting her in some manner out of nowhere, with the other things going on now Akuko could get through these things at the time."I should be ready as well, I do not know about Miko."Miko was trailing around some where and looking around because she was curious and almost seemed like they would get themselves in trouble.

Then Akuko would sigh and find Miko and take them away from what they where sneaking around to do. Almost not resisting in some manner. Miko did seem unhappy in some manner because they where trying to do something they wanted and she thought it was not a problem.




The Peace SL [Akuko] Shenhe10

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