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Planning [SL]

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Mishiko and Maha were on their way now to the boat to start the reading and planning. She was not sure what all they will find except the obvious. On their way back, she stayed invisable so they did not have to deal with the extra hiding from the guards. These guards were normal as far as she could tell so they were going to be okay. Her eyes wandered constantly as her anxiety of being caught was high. Even if it was high, her facial expression and body language read that she was calm and collected. Once they got on the boat she stopped the invisibility by taking off the hood. "Alright, let's see what we have," she spoke in her ghostly calm tone. Walking over to a crate that will be used as a table, she grabbed a chair and sat on it. The guards shouldn't be at the docks any time soon so they will be fine.

She laid out the papers and scrolls, first looking at the profiles of the Daimyo's and their information. "Mmm, so we have six total, good..." she was talking to herself, but to also Maha. Her fingers glided against the pages as she read each one. "I will send three of these to Akuko and Ragnar, we will take care of the other three that will probably need more sneaking around," she explained. She looked at the first one which was one that always had high military at their palace. "This will be ours, look at Lord Ebisu's schedule for an opening for us to sneak in and wait for him," she slid Ebisu's profile to Maha. She went through the next one and slid it to the other side, gesturing that that one was for Ragnar and Akuko.



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Mishiko started to check on the documents they brought from the administration building. She laid all the papers and the scrolls on the table, she checked on them one by one looking for the names of all Daimyos. She looks super focused when looking at those papers, and then she suddenly says that there are six Daimyos in total. She said that she will give three of them to Akuko and Ragnar while Mishiko and Mahā will take the other three that probably will need more sneaking around to accomplish their mission. While she was going through all of those documents, she started to split those based on who will take the mission, and she slide one of the documents of the Daimyos and tell Mahā to look for the schedule that match with the Daimyo named Ebisu.

Mahā took that paper and started reading the details about the Daimyo named Ebisu, after he read through some of it, he started to look at the other papers looking for information of Ebisu’s schedule. The Daimyos really have a lot of schedules to do each day in their lives. Well thanks to the paper they found, it’s not hard for him to find his schedule. But the schedules of all Daimyos are somehow in the same sheet of paper, calendar looking paper. Seems like this is the calendar of their assistant in some sort, so maha takes another piece of paper to make a list of Ebisu’s Schedule. While Mahā is focused on doing that, he knows that after Ebisu’s, it will help his teammates if he can separate all the Daimyo’s schedules on a different piece of paper. So he’s looking forward to Mishiko giving him the name of the next Daimyo’s before he can start listing their schedule, and he will do the same until he cleared out the list of schedule for all six Daimyos.

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She listened to the details about the lord she spoke of first and then read the next one after the one she put in the pile for Ragnar and Akuko. Her eyes looked over and read out the next person's name. "Ishin,", she read out and then looked over the page. She then talked about the first Lord as she wanted to plan out how they were going to do it since she wanted to make enough time for the second and third. "So it seems the first lord will be less guarded while he's in his room. He hates being disturbed so he seems to hate being checked on. We shouldn't have a problem with going for him due to the fact they fear even touching the door. Rumors have it he executes those that disturbs his alone time," she gives that information.

She looked over at the second person's information that they were going for, "Mmm, Lord Ishin...", she drifts off, "Garden at about seven at night after his meal time, in his room by nine," she mumbles. Each one had a black and white photo of them so they will be able to tell which one was which and who their target was by looks. "Guards actually like this one, so we might have to sneak in a window or invisibility since I heard he ignored the warnings and doesn't fear the threat. Therefore, they don't have any special abilities to see through invisibility," she explains. The cool wind didn't help her when it came to staying awake. It made her feel sleepy, but just a little longer. She needed to get all of this done.



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Mahā explains to Mishiko about the details of Daimyo named Ebisu, he gives everything he gets on that name. After Mishiko listened to him, she read another Daimyo named Ishin. Mishiko then talks about Ebisu again, she seems in a hurry. It makes sense that she wants to finish all of this as soon as possible, so she speeds up her phase including the planning part of this mission. While listening to Mishiko’s explanation about Ebisu, Mahā splits up the schedules for Ishin on a different sheet of paper. Based on Mishiko’s explanation, it seems like Ebisu is not a big problem. Thanks to his attitude and his habits, the number of guards around him are very small compared to the other Daimyos. It seems like he is a pretty sadistic person to the point that he executes any guards that disturb his alone time.

Ishin is a bit different from Ebisu, this Daimyo actually has some tight schedules on his list. Exact dinner time, exact time to enter his room and more. Well, another point that differentiates him with Ebisu is he is liked by most of the guards and that means he might have more guards around him so Mishiko said that both of them might need to sneak or use invisibility.

Mishiko seems really tired, Mahā notices it and wants to tell her that she can take time to rest, while Mahā can do some stuff for the planning. But Mahā considers their relationship that just started, he knows that she might not trust him enough to make a plan by himself and that makes sense. So Mahā keeps that thought to himself.

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She looked over the information that was left. Her eyes widened a little bit out of shock as she read the name over and over again but stayed calm for Maha's sake. The person's name was someone that had significant importance to her. It was the boy that cared about her and unknowingly wanted to save Quillareine, her human life from what now already happened. He was a lord's son, and that lord was close to the Shogun. She never knew what happened to the boy or their family since she was too busy surviving. His family's file is flagged as Dangerous and 'keep an eye on'. Did something go wrong? She'll have to check on it on a later time, but for now he is not their target, these last two were their targets. There was only supposed to be three each for each group, but it seems to be more.

"So we have these other two for us. It seems both of them are at the party together usually so we will go to each palace to see if they are there and no matter what, we need to both work together to get rid of them after getting information," she started. "We should start going towards the way after I sent this off to them. They do have to come here after their mission so it'll be here," she sleepishly spoke while she grabbed an ink pen and paper to write down the information for them.

Here's the list of people for you to work together with. The information you find, please let me know at the end of this and meet us at the ship by tomorrow morning.

That was all she put since it was explanatory of what to do. She turned to Maha, "Let's start walking away from here and go towards our first target since the Lord's land is futher out. The Shogun doesn't keep them within the City," she explained and started to go. Ohta silently followed as they wanted to watch what all happens. Both Maha and Mishiko go together towards the lands of where the Lord's begin. There are a couple of Lords that are on the sides of the City and that was where they were going to go. They had to get there before the Sun started to rise. Once they got off the ship, she looked back once more to wonder where the rest of the crew decided to hide and rest. They were not on the boat. Her attention went back to where they were going. The guards on the other hand? They were no where to be found.




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As Mishiko looks at the information that was left, Mahā tries to keep doing his part of this planning. He keeps splitting the schedule of all Daimyos since there is nothing more he thinks he can do to help. Carefully read and split those schedules one by one to help the rest of his guildmates with their part of the mission. Mahā still doesn’t know much about the reason behind this quest, might be just a simple job, or something personal for his guildmates. But he has nothing else to do and this is a great opportunity for him to learn something more, not just about Joya, or about the system in Joya but also to learn more about his guildmates and his guild master. This is also the chance for him to improve himself and prove himself to the others, the best outcome is he gains more trust from his guildmates.

Mahā can’t help but to think about the current situation. Since he is not really a social type of person, he never really gets close with anybody as a friend or a partner. Mahā usually knows when to act socially, and it always if the situation gives him some advantage. But now it is a little bit different, he doesn't see any future advantage clearly. He can’t think of a single reason why he has to build relationships with his guildmates, not closer than this. Besides the fact that they surely are all strong people. He can’t see how they might help him to reach his goals yet, maybe in the future. But, besides all of those doubts, he somehow feels like this is not a waste of time and energy, this is something he needs to do now to avoid any problems he might face in the future.

While having all those thoughts, he was dragged back to reality when he heard Mishiko’s voice talking to him. She explains that there are two of their targets that are usually going to the same party, and it will be their part of the mission to get rid of them after getting the information they needed. She also tells him that both of them need to start moving soon since the place they’re going to is further out the city and they need to do this before the sun starts rising. After Mishiko writes the notes for the others who should come and take the documents they worked before, Mahā follows Mishiko towards the Lord’s land. But weirdly they don’t see any guards on their way to the Lord’s land.

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