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Espionage [Maha/Mishiko]

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Espionage [Maha/Mishiko] Empty Thu Mar 16, 2023 9:40 am


Everyone was asleep besides the Samurai guards that roamed the streets. That was going to be Ragnar's and Akuko's job. "Ohta, my stuff..." she ghostly spoke as she was given her cape and other materials, she needed for this. She sighed and glared towards the streets. Some of the guards are busy getting drunk or messing around with the poor folks, abusing their power. She hopes someday to change that, as soon as the war ends. She listened to what Maha had to say and was going to use this time to now think about a response. The Goddess watched as the ship docked and now, we were going to spread out. Maha and she went towards their own way, as the other duo went their own way to work together.

If her map was correct from earlier, they had to go through the alleyway on Xi Street, the alley next to the ramen shop. After that they had to go right and then left through another alleyway. "Alright, let's begin," she whispered ghostly before jolting forward as they had to get this done before four in the morning due to the early workers getting up. Once she made it to the alleyway, she slowed down and looked both ways of the street from the alleyway corner. She didn't see any guards for now so she went on ahead and hoped Maha was catching up, saving any questions till this part was done.



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As Mahā tells Mishiko his goals, she asks her companion named Ohta to give her stuff. That white puffball doesn’t really get Mahā’s attention until he sees what that creature can do. It takes out some stuff and gives it to Mishiko. The town is already at its rest state, well unless for the samurai who need to be on guard. As the ship docks, they all now walk on different paths where Akuko and Ragnar will do their part while Mahā will go with Mishiko.

As expected from a leader, Mishiko leads the way. Mahā remembers the details from the plan that Mishiko explained on the ship, and it seems like Mishiko is moving straight toward the alleyway where they need to be. Mahā quietly follows Mishiko, lucky that he can move fast enough to catch up with Mishiko. On his way, he got to witness how some of the guard samurai were just having fun getting drunk and some others were messing around. He gets to focus on the mission that he missed that detail before.

When they arrive at the alleyway, Mishiko suddenly stops and Mahā reflectively stops behind her. After a few seconds, they move ahead and Mahā tries to keep up with Mishiko.

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Her eyes wandered both left and right as she wanted to constantly check for any dangers that may arrive or show up out of no where. Once they finally fid the last turns she saw the administration building. The lights were not on so it seemed safe to go ahead. She lifted her Hood over her head and put the cloak fully one, becoming invisible. She stepped towards Maha, close enough to cover them with invisibility.

Her eyes saw the door starting to open, stopping back enough for the door to have room, but against the front where the opening was revealing to them. A man walked out and Mishiko dragged Maha with her.

Once inside she let's go of him and doesn't acknowledge how close they really were. The death goddess had a goal and mission on her mind so she had no time to think of it as anything else. Finally inside, they both roomed the halls quietly and it made her wonder which room it could be. She lofted her hand which only Maha could see and waved it to signal to move out. If Maha moved too far then the invisibility would turn off for them. In the meantime, she started to now go door to door silently.


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Mahā was stunned when Mishiko suddenly turned invisible, it must be because of her cloak. Knowing his own ability, Mahā was not expecting Mishiko to cover him with the invisibility and drag him into the administration building. It all happened in a quick moment, proving that Mishiko has a really quick thinking and decision making that amaze Mahā. He was expecting to be the eye for Mishiko, more like a door guard to see the situation outside the building while Mishiko got into the building. But it seems that Mishiko trusts him enough to drag him in, or maybe she doesn’t trust him enough to let him guard the outside area?

Once inside, Mishiko let go of her hand and both of them now roomed the halls quietly. After a while, Mahā sees Mishiko waving her hand, is it a signal to move out? Following what Mishiko do, they both now starting to go from door to door quietly, but when Mahā get to far from Mishiko, the invisibility effect on him instantly turned off and he quickly try to get closer to her while estimating the distance to get the invisibility effect turn back on. That moment got him thinking that an item or ability to stay invisible might be a great asset to have, and he makes sure to remember that and think of a way to obtain it in the future.

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She tried not to breathe too heavy as she didn't want to bother not only herself, but Maha who was close to her. Some people had a pet peev with heavy breathing and some others had an interesting like to it. Whatever floated their boat. She walked into a room and saw it was the break room. This was definitely not the room she needed to be in. It was like scooby doo, going room to room in a goose chase. As she was going through the next area she heard some steps on their way. Once more, she escorted Maha with her into a room. Her eyes saw flashlights going around and knew that it was some guards.

How was Ragnar and Akuko doing? She knew it wasn't those two since the voices were different. Both were males as Samurai's weren't women in this era. The current and past Shoguns didn't allow women to be one. Sure, they will send a woman out into the war, but not as a Samurai, one honored. Their flashlights lit the thick window of the door and heard the knob being turned. Her eyes wandered and saw a large utility closet that could fit coats and merchandise. She gripped onto Maha's hand and led him to the closet before opening the door and quickly huddling up with Maha in there. Even if they were invisable, if they were the special Samurai, they were gifted the ability to see through invisibility. After Quilla's run through the Daimyo's Daughter's place, everyone began to build themselves up.

Thankfully, no one should have the ability to see through wood or metal. Her eyes averted away from Maha as she tried to control her breathing and body language. Hearing the door open she saw a smidge of light from the flash light go around. "I don't see anything here. Must be false alarm," he said roughly. The door finally closed and that's when she heard running footsteps away from them. Maybe someone or something else got their attention. She gulped and calmly got out of the closet. She lets go of Maha's hand and peeked passed the door. "It's clear..." she calmly and ghostly spoke while now moving out of the room.




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The situation is a little unexpected, where Mahā now has to stay close to Mishiko because of him depending on Mishiko’s coat to stay invisible. Both of them now go from room to room in a pretty quick phase since they are chased by time. Until suddenly, Mishiko once again escorted Mahā into a room and they saw a flash of light right after they got into that room. She must have noticed that people are coming somehow, but Mahā seems to miss that probably because he was too focused on looking around. Thanks to Mishiko once again they are now safe and hidden, but not for so long.

Soon enough, the flashlight lit the thick window on the door and both of them could clearly hear the door knob being turned. Mahā’s hand was suddenly gripped by Mishiko and she led him into a closet to hide, what an instinct. Mahā doesn’t know that the samurai in Joya are not just ordinary samurai, he only wonders why they still need to hide when they are actually invisible. But this Goddess of death is surely a mastermind, her ability to make a quick decision still amaze Mahā. Mahā was caught in the moment until he heard Mishiko say that it’s all clear means that they can get out. Mahā follows her and starts looking around again.

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They were searching rooms as they were never going to stop till she found something remotely close to the room she felt was the administrative room. Of course, she felt like this could take to an hour or thirty minutes to get to said room. Mishiko wondered how the other two were doing now as she has never really left the two of them on their own before. No matter how good they were to each other, she was unsure how into the mission they can get. Ragnar was good on his part, Akuko is good on her party, but together? Will they have the same progression as they would as a solo worker?

Finally, after a little bit of searching she opened this last final door and saw that the room they checked last was the actual room they needed to be. Papers were all over the place, but thankfully they will work together to figure out where the things were. After both of them went inside, she closed and locked the door behind. She did not need to turn the lights on as she was able to see with the dim light from the window. She searched through the scattered papers and so far saw nothing. It seemed to be information about the Samurai's, but not the Daimyos. Maybe she wasn't looking at the right place.

Slowly turning she sometimes glanced at Maha while searching through the scrolls. They were all in Joyan, for those who could not read it, this mission would have failed for them. Paying more attention to the goal in front, she finally opened a large book with papers and stamps. Her onyx eyes wandered through the words to finally see that this was the book they needed. "Find anything more? I have found the information we needed," she softly spoke in her alluring ghost tone.



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This mission took longer than Mahā’s expectation, but thanks to the time chosen by Mishiko and her cloak that help them stay invisible, they can move quite freely from one room to another  room. Obviously, they can’t stop looking around until they find the information they are looking for. This is a little bit tiring for him to go from one room to another, but seeing the inside of the administration building gets him a little bit excited because this is basically an opportunity that is not for everybody. After a while, Mishiko finally opened the door of the room they were looking for the whole time. That room is filled with so many papers, and the worse part is there is no way to find out if those papers are important or just trash without actually looking at every single piece of that. Sure some are filled and were put on shelves or something, those are looks more important since they give the effort to organize those papers, but the others that just scattered around or on the table can’t be missed since those might have the information they needed.  

When they entered the room, Mishiko locked the door behind them before they started looking at those documents. They both start to search all over the place, checking those documents hoping that the information they look for is actually here in this room. Lucky for Mahā, he is one of the demons that is pretty obsessed with knowledge, and he has passed so many years learning about most languages in earthland. Joyan is one of them, that's why he has no problem looking through these documents. Mahā wondered what would happen if Ragnar and Akuko were the one who did this part of the mission, do they speak Joyan? Or will they have the patient to actually look around all the rooms and check all these papers to find the information they need? They seem more of a muscle type of person then a brain type of person.

After searching for a while, Mahā found some documents that have some detailed schedule on that and when he is about to turn to Mishiko, she suddenly comes to Mahā telling him that she found the information that they needed and asks if he found anything else. So Mahā asks Mishiko if he can see the documents, and Mahā tries to check the names listed on those documents with the one that he found. Turns out those documents have some same name. ”I found this document seems like a schedule, it contains the same name as the documents you found, this might be their schedule and this might be useful.” Now Mahā just waits on Mishiko, if she actually wants some more information or this might be enough for them to advance to the next part of their mission.

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She looked at Maha and nodded, "Good! We'll need that as well," she gave a light smile of approval as she felt happy to take them with her. She doesn't know much about them besides what she could learn from the Underground Group who finds info about all her guild members and the people of Fiore. Within time they always find more information. "Let us get out of here and we'll read all of it. Then we can just send the information back to Ragnar and Akuko so they can do their part," she explained and then did the cloak thing to make it so they could escape safe and soundly. She kept close to them, at least a foot of empty space between them to make sure they did not get out of the invisibility.

They finally left the building safely and back to the ship. Once they got there, it was obvious they weren't there yet, but she will just look at all the information with Maha and send the information to the love birds.




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After hearing Mahā’s explanation about the document he founded, Mishiko nods her head and gives him a little smile. Some kind of approval. After that they look for more information to get more details about it, and then Mishiko tells him that they should get going and get back to the ship. Knowing that the information is enough and should be useful for everyone on the team, Mahā agrees to finally leave that place. Mishiko gets closer to Mahā to apply her cloak ability to cover him so they could escape easily. Surprisingly, it’s easier for them to get out of this place. When they get to the ship, there is no sign of Akuko and Ragnar there, but Mahā and Mishiko look once again at all the documents they bring with them to get more detailed and more accurate information they needed. It was a really great experience to learn a small portion of his guild master ability and note some stuff that might be useful for him to obtain for himself.

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