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Answers: The Far Edge of Fate [Epic]

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The next place that the Outsider took Saturn to was instead the bustling city of one of the many places in fiore. The people seemed startled as the two just appeared out of thin air but after seeing that they meant no harm or didn’t really do anything else that was strange they accepted the pair of behemoths at the edge of the town without much issue. Saturn sat on the crumbled wall while the outsider hovered there.

In this place you’ll find your next essence. That of Arcane. Both it and frost have intense meaning to you and your sister. But. You more than she have been within it’s grasp for much longer in terms of life. While it was near her end that she was gifted with such an ability you were born and wrought from it.

The outsider moved to gently put a hand on saturn’s chest, the sudden twisting in his heart let the demi-god know that something had changed, as though the very essence of that magic had been stripped from him. Or at least one of them had and the being let out a soft grunt.

Like you, every person here has their own element. Has their own story and life; you are nothing like them but everything you are is a bi-product of what they can do. Were it not for lucretia you would not have ever been brought to be. A gift to the universe and a gift to everyone you meet. But without the others she would not have ever been either. Further and further still every instance and every being has these conundrums. You are different; you are strong like them. In different ways. To them you stand above; but you easily could have never been or been something as important as a peasant tilling the fields to bring their king the next meal the so desire.

Saturn adjusted slightly and looked down at his hands. Shock crossed his features and the outsider held up a little orb. It was an orb of intense magical power; in fact he recognized it. It was everything he was and instead of what was supposed to be his features was instead that of a fair golden haired man with dark complexion and that of striking eyes. His outfit had been changed too to that of a merchant.

I have stripped you of your godhood, your roots. Your everything Saturn. For today I wish you to what you can in this form to find me the essence that you seek. If you fail. I leave with your being and you can live out your life as just a simple nobody. You can choose to give this up and never return to doing anything other than just being away from it all. Greatness was thrust upon many, and some simply came into it. A choice of sorts. The people here will know you; like you’ve always been here.

It was a rough decision and saturn felt his choices lain out in front of him but without saying much more than a word he’d head off from where the outsider was. He wasn’t aware that he had such a power or that he could do what he wanted with saturn’s very being or the very fabric that was in front of him. These people welcomed him like a brother and as time passed saturn saw what the outsider meant.

Gentle good natured folk, living their best lives and allowing their merchant friend some trivial boons. He was hungry so he ate, he was sleepy so he rested, he had the energy and desire to engage in activities with those around him. So he played, he drank, he sang. He experienced life with these people.

But the day moved so fast…



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The night crept in and saturn was standing in the center of town. Not much moved, not much needed to. It was a gentle and calm place that he couldn’t stay in. His eyes turned to sorrow and he’d step away. Waving goodbye to some of the friends he had here while approaching the outskirts of town. The outsider remained there like he always had been and the outsider tilted his head to one side. Time was on his side still right?

It’s funny how time flies so fast isn’t it? It’s been years since you last saw me.

Years? But it’s hardly been a day!

The outsider shook his head and a mirror would float its way to saturn. The latter of which had their eyes widen. His features had grown wrinkled, his hair had gone from blond to that of white. He walked with a slight crook and there was the weight of a cane in his hand. He’d look down and note that his hooves weren’t as shiny and sleek as they used to be. Biting his lip the once demi-god looked to his ‘parent’.

This is what we call life; you never needed to look back so why would you?

I looked for what you asked me to. I even found the answer.

The outsider blinked, looking surprised that Saturn would remember what he had been sent here to do. Saturn looked up to him and furrowed his brow motioning for a moment with one angry hand.

Everytime we hop around I noticed that we never seemed to be in the same cycle of things. We’re not just… moving locations. You’re taking me to different times. To teach me something.

The outsider looked actually positively shocked that Saturn was able to piece that together but after a few moments he’d shake his head and lean forward. The nature of things was that he was trying to teach saturn about the various elements and had asked him to find the essence. That challenge still remained.

So what is the essence of arcane?

Arcane is such a vast and wide field of an element that it’s impossible to ascertain what is truly its essence. But… I’d like to think that it’s the people that live their life to the fullest and truest being. That forge memories, live life, grow old, love, live and let go.

And are you willing to let go of them? To never see them again. This town is destroyed next year by an invasion of demons. No one would ever know you were here and if you decided to live that year… no one would find you. You could rest.

Heh. I could. But. I don’t want to. I want to do and understand and live longer than this. I want to help people and I can’t do that by being forgotten by some invasion that happened in the future or past.


The outsider nodded it’s head and would pull something from saturn’s body. He felt it start to slump before it was filled with a vast intense purpose that he couldn’t explain. A vast intense power that radiated from every fiber of his being. Gone was the frail form that he had held for years. Gone was that of the friendly face; but replaced was instead that of a furred body. The wrinkles instead helped it come into being in nature. The frailness was washed away with a stout and true body.

Eventually saturn was standing tall next to his parent and he could hardly look back at the town. Sighing softly he’d hold up the cane and eventually would hand it to the outsider. The latter of which scoffed slightly and turned it into a mana crystal of sorts.

Arcane is life; just that simple huh?

I’d say it’s more complex than simple…


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