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Fairyly Baked goods (Lotus)

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Kaito is here in the markets to help hand out baked goods and other non-alcoholic kinds of drinks with some of the other members of Fairy Tail as Judith wants to use Kaito's fame a bit to try and bring some more people toward the east or to order more of her baked goods and drinks that Judith slaves away making to try and spread happiness as far as she can they taste better while they are warm and fresh but as this is the north the best they can do is keep them warm till someone wants to come up and try it as fresh as they are going to be getting it unless they go to the east and visit the Fairy Tail area where the guild mother often sells baked goods and drinks and prices often depend on if she likes you or not or if you are being a problem to the other people.

Kaito looks into the crowd as he speaks about the goods from a kind of script that the guild mother had sent him to be saying that he had put to memory "Come on up and try some of the best baked goods you will probably every have in your lifeeeeee!"


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A miserable blonde feline was walking around the markets in Orchidia. Her ears and tail had drooped down and her gaze was fixed on her feet as she kicked a pebble along the ground.
Lotus was alone, she hated being alone. Her sister Ashley was 'busy' again, having recently left Orchidia for some of the more delicate work that apparently Lotus just wasn't suited for.

Partway down the street Lotus is pulled out of her thoughts by the sweet and pleasant smell of baked goods, sweet enough to make her ears perk up. Following her nose she comes across a kind of awkward looking man promoting what are apparently the best baked goods she'll ever have in her life. As she strolls over she feels the man is kind of familiar but she just can't seem to recall why.
Greeting the man with a smile Lotus places her hands behind her back and looks up at him.

"The best baked goods I'll ever have? Is that a promise~?"


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He looked at the woman that had walked up to him and he blinks at her question on if it was a promise. He laughed softly and he holds one out to her. "Best I have tasted and they are even better when freshly made in the east by the guild master of Fairy Tail. What would your name be miss?" He Keeps a smile on under his mask even though the woman can not even see his face as really she was the only one that had been interested in speaking to him or taking a baked good and he had noticed before hand that she had looked a bit down like she was sad so he guessed if she wanted to hang around a little it would probably be fine to chit chat with her as she seemed like she wasn't a threat to him or like she will start giving him a tongue lashing like the last Demi-Human cat female he had met did.


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Accepting the baked treat Lotus tentatively sniffed it. Still warm.

"Thank you~ Lotus, like the flower. What about yours?"

Lotus slowly ate the offered treat with small bites while making conversation, making extra sure each time she had finished her mouthful before speaking.

"Fairy Tail? The group of trouble makers? I've only heard a little about them, are you a member?"

The baked good was nice but not the freshest, it had a very gentle, pleasant flavor. Lotus found herself wondering if she had a mother, would they of made her treats like this? She gave her head a slight shake to try and dispel the unnecessary thoughts.
While it was delicious, best she had ever had in her life however? It was not. The man had claimed it was the best he had ever had thou. A look of pity crossed her face, maybe he just hasn't had many treats before?


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He looked at the girl and he wondered why this one was so quick and forth coming with information, he guessed maybe the other one just was in a bad mood when he met her. "My name is Kaito, also that is a pretty name you have." He watched her eat it and he could tell clearly that she had not thought what he had thought. It seemed this woman was far easier to read than she might think she is. He just hoped this one doesn't start jumping all over him cause she thinks he lied or something about the food. "Yeah they are trouble makers for the most part and yes I am a member of Fairy Tail. Are you part of a guild by chance?"

"Also I had seen you were looking a little blue before you walked up here did something happen?" He used a caring friendly tone so she wouldn't feel intimidated by him the other Fairy Tail members are still saying the speech and offering things to people that are passing by and not really getting a lot of people. Kaito is still keeping an eye out for if there may not be anymore vampires in hiding here.


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"Why thank you! I chose it myself, I didn't like the old one I was given."

The old bats at the orphanage had terrible taste in names, let's name the cat girl Cat. Honestly Catherine was such a boring name, way worse than Lotus.

Lotus tried and failed to stifle a giggle when Kaito described his fellow guild mates as trouble makers so casually, there was an obvious trace of fondness in his voice. They sound like a lot of fun.

"I am in a guild, thou I only joined recently so I don't know many of the members yet. They are mostly nerds who are obsessed with books, but they are good people and they do cause a lot less trouble than Fairy Tail."

Lotus smile vanished and her ears drooped down when Kaito asked if something had happened. How could she possibly describe her dependency on her sister in a way for strangers to understand? Every time she had tried in the past all they had told her was she was being childish and needed to grow up and be more independent.

Best not to mention it. So instead Lotus just forced a smile.

"Ah um, just a little lonely I guess. Would you be willing to keep me company for a little bit~?"


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He looked rate her seemed it was another of the collective mind in front of him, he thinks about just ditching the girl cause his meetings with collective mind members so far have not been very good, but he isn’t going to just ditch the poor woman and leave her to be lonely. "I get lonely sometimes as well, when I was first starting out in this country in my guild I was a recluse that refused to live in the guild member housing and instead stayed in the forest near the city the guild was in. Then one day I stumbled upon it was more she stumbled upon me a partner that would have my back even if other people didn’t. So yes I and my partner will keep you company." He opened a portal and he called into it for Revy and out the Exceed came and she looked at the cat girl.

Revy’s first thought was does Kaito have a thing for demi-human woman cats and had he also pissed this one off to the point she is going to write a letter to some one, on closer inspection the exceed thinks this one is just happy or maybe in need of something so she is not quick to be on her guard as this one seemed more harmless than the last. "Hello I am Revy and what is your name miss? " she bowed her head a little as a show of respect to the woman standing before them.


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As Lotus listened to Kaito's story she could feel the genuine emotion in his voice, he understood what it means to be alone. Perhaps that was why he was being so nice to her. Lotus was moved when the mage spoke about his partner and how they would have his back no matter what, even if no else did. Her thoughts drifted to her sister. What were they doing right now? Was she safe? Did they miss her as much as she missed them?
However her melancholy thoughts were quickly interrupted when Kaito opened a portal with a wave of his hand. So cool! Lotus had never seen magic like that before.

Upon seeing the small cat-like creature Lotus squealed in delight before she scooped them up into her arms to cuddle, affectionately rubbing her cheek against the small creature while purring slightly.

"You are so cute!! It's a pleasure to meet you Revy, my name is Lotus. Since we are both cats does that make us family??"

Lotus had a silly smile and a look of pure excitement on her face as she looked at Revy waiting to see how they would respond.


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Kaito watched as the exceed was swiftly scooped up into the other woman's arms and hugged and Kaito wondered if this girl was just super friendly or maybe she just had a thing for cats as he was not one hundred percent sure that they girl was an actual demi-human or just a girl wearing magical cat eats and a tail.

Revy looked at the woman and how she was treated by the girl was super friendly and familiar like they were old friends or something. Not wanting to be rude she hugged the woman back then she rubbed her own shin and smiled. "I don't know if we can be family but I think we can be good friends for now and that is a nice name you have, very fitting of your young beauty and your sweeter out look and attitude." Revy looked to Kaito and Kaito nods his head.

"So Lotus where would you like to go cause I think these guys can handle themselves for a bit and I am sure the guild mother will not scold me too hard later as I was there for a bit so the word on the street will have passed by now." He looked around as he was not really sure where in Orchidia they should really head as he was only usually here to take down groups of rats that were bother people or killing vampires and other creatures that stalked the night.


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Lotus bloomed into a huge grin, Revy was such a sweet talker and she couldn't resist gently noming on their ears.

"Awww~ You. Are. So. Sweet."

Lotus then repositioned the tiny feline so their back was to her and continued to hug them to her chest as if they were a cute plushie. Appearing to have no intentions of putting Revy down.
She glanced over at the other Fairy Tail members attempting to hand out  the baked goods. What Kaito said made Lotus feel like she should know who he is? The name seemed vaguely familiar. Maybe.
Oh well, not important.

"Ah ditching work, I understand the desire. Well my wonderful new friends since you shared such a lovely treat with me, how about I show you my favorite ice-cream stall? It's really really . . . delightful~."

Lotus then broke down into giggles as if she had said something rather amusing. probably just appearing weird if Kaito and Revy had not heard of the ice-cream stall 'Scoops of Delight'.


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Kaito had no idea about an ice cream stall at all so he just took it as her being excited for the treat and he follows behind her as she carried Revy who hadn't looked like she was hating behind carried but did look like she was not use to being carried by a woman and carried that that manner of way. "I didn't know there were Ice cream stalls here."

Revy looked up at the woman and wondered if she was just overly friendly or if she just lacked normal exposer to normal human interactions so it made her unable to read social cues. "So what do you do within Collective Mind?" Revy guessed she should ask as this might be a good time to learn and to get it all figured out to what this woman was doing wondering around.

Kaito waited to hear an answer to the exceeds question even though he had not been the one to ask nor did he really expect a real honest answer.


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"Yes they have ice-cream~! My sister and I found it the other day. It was delicious and they had soooo many flavors. I recommend the vanilla is was amazing~!!"

Lotus begins walking towards the ice-cream stall she had found alongside Ashley the other day. She had been in Orchida for a few days now and was beginning to get use to the lay out of the market. Lotus rested her chin on Revy's head as they pondered their question.

"Hmm? What do I do? Ah not much, I'm only a little mage after all and reading is boring~ I mainly just joined to keep my sister company. Why did you and Kaito decide to join Fairy Tail??"

Lotus hadn't been in the Collective Mind for long and honestly didn't have any strong feelings about them either way. Ashley had joined so Lotus had as well. That was enough for her.


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"You seem very excited, oh you have a sister?" He was surprised to really hear that as she was wandering around by her self and talking to strangers. He kept following her and he wonders what the ice cream will be like as he was not one that sought out ice cream or anything like that as he mostly just ate hot foods and watched how much bad that he eats when he can so he doesn’t get sick if he had to move and go to fight in a moments notice.

Revy wonders what this girl means she is only a little mage was she not of age? Was Kaito following a child? We’re people going to gossip about Kaito following this girl? Was this a set up by the woman that was pissed at Kaito for trying to find out what she was doing and acting shady. "So what do you do for fun are you a drinker or anything ?”"


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"Yeah~! Her name is Ashley and they are the best! She doesn't have any magic but she's like super smart and makes up for it with her quick wits and inventive skills. She made her own weapon, it's really cool! Both an umbrella and a sword combined~!"

Lotus couldn't help but gush when asked if she had a sister. They may not be related by blood but that did nothing to diminish Lotus's affection for Ashley. In fact she preferred it this way, her own blood relatives had abandoned her. While she was sad and lonely because Ashley wasn't in town she didn't want to complain incase it would make her new friends think poorly of her sister. She only wanted them to hear about her good points!

"For fun hm? Whatever seems interesting at the time~ Thou I'm avoiding drinking for the moment, too much whiskey last time. But it was essential you see, we where working on a case and couldn't crack it. Brooding in a bar over whiskey is essential to good detective work according to Dex."

Lotus smiled as she thought of Dex Miller, she wondered if he was making any progress on his case. Hopefully he was keeping safe. Not giving those in the shadows the chance to assassinate him.


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Kaito's fears had been realized and he guessed that he might as well tell the woman so she was not under any false hoods and be honest so the woman doesn't later think he was hiding it from her just to seem like a good guy when really he was a very bad guy for not telling her. He takes a deep breath as he was probably about to be slapped or told off. "I have a confession, I believe I have actual met your sister and that meeting didn't go so well. It went quite terrible if I am honest and if I had to take a guess she probably has a great dislike of me, so I will understand if you want to cut this short and not associate with me." Kaito Kept following the woman toward the stall but he figured that she needed to know so that there wouldn't be any bad feelings between the two of them later.

Revy looked at the woman and she readied herself to probably be dropped or thrown by the woman as she was probably going to confront Kaito on the fact that Kaito and her sister had a very bad misunderstanding that ended up with a woman getting nearly naked and Ashley really thinking that Kaito was some kind of evil creep when he wasn't trying to be a creep just trying to keep people safe in his own way and he wanted to make sure the woman was on the level before he just let her go and she hurt or killed someone. "Yeah that was a bit of a mess on both sides." Revy was staying neutral as she was a third party in this, yes she was Kaito's companion but she also sees how he sometimes causes misunderstandings and problems without meaning to.


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Lotus stopped walking mid-step.

"Oh. She did mention something about a fairy tail mage. Claiming they were all trash. She didn't elaborate on why thou. That was you?"

She tilted her head slightly as she observed Kaito, he didn't seem like a bad person. What could of happened between him and her sister? She didn't appear injured when she returned, only upset and angry. Why would Ashley dislike him? She knew Ash could be . . difficult to deal with sometimes but she usually handled herself well in social situations.

Lotus gently hugged the small feline in her arms a little tighter and looked at the fairy tail mage with a pitiful expression on her face. Her eyes beginning to water slightly.

"I don't know what happened between you two but I'm awfully sorry if my sister offended you. Do you think you could forgive her? Please? She's a good person, I promise. Just a little . . prickly."


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Kaito looked at the woman that turned and pleaded for him to forgive her sister and he was a bit taken aback as he hadn't expected it to go this way with her he had figured that he was going to be the one getting grilled not her saying things of her sister. He gently pets the girls head. "Now now don't start crying or anything that meeting going poorly was as much on me as it was on her. I hold no ill feeling toward your sister, as I know I am the one that should be apologizing to her as well. So if you would like to you may say a sorry from me to her later, but for now my sweet new friend lets get the yummy yummy ice cream you crave." Kaito may have at the end there may have treated Lotus a tad bit like a child but he figured that is was okay

Revy smiled as the girl had spoken to Kaito as she was Glad to see there was someone else that was sensible in this group as they and Kaito could openly talk about the maybe mislaid feels of pain and anger that they could have had but she was also surprised that Kaito had asked the task of the woman to maybe say a small sorry for him as he usually liked to do the sorry doing himself and not use a middle man but she guessed that in this case Kaito might think it is just smarter to have Lotus get the ball rolling as she seemed like she cared about her sister a lot and the fact that Ashley at this point is probably running eight guards from the org deep.


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Lotus sniffled but forced a smile as the man pet her head. His hand was gentle, cautious.

"Thank you~ I'll be sure to pass your apology on when she returns to town~! I'll ask her to apologize to you as well, ok? She means well but sometimes her tongue is even faster than her wit. Yes, yes~ You simply must try this ice-cream. Ashley enjoyed the butterscotch maybe you'll have the same taste?"

Lotus mood visibly improved as they continued to head towards the ice-cream stall, happily snuggling Revy as she strolled down the grassy streets with a little bounce in her step. It seems the mage truly held nothing against her sister despite whatever had happened. Lotus was relieved, the last thing Ash needed was to be making enemies with random mages.

"If you don't mind me asking, may you tell me what happened between you two? Perhaps I could explain why my sister responded the way she did?"


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"Thank you miss Lotus, we will see I am not sure if I have ever had butterscotch before so I will try it and see." Kaito follows behind her and he smiles under his mask as the woman seemed to be skipping which he had not thought that he would see today but it was a welcomed addition to his day. He watched a Revy was not fully against this type of attention from the woman and Kaito wonders if maybe he was too hands off with Revy and he might be damaging her growth as a companion by not showing her physical attention more like petting he just spoils her with foods and things while dragging her on dangerous missions.

"Well how it started was I was walking around the area and I saw your sister handing off things and over heard a few strangely worded exchanges, so I went invisible and followed her then cornered her in an alley asked what she was doing, her answer didn’t seem like the full truth so I pulled her into my personal dimension to farther talk to her in case she was worried about some one over hearing. Then…. She claimed being part of Collective mind so I asked where she had her guild mark… and then instead of just telling me she stripped down to her…. Underwear to show me it… the whole time telling me off and giving me a decent sized tongue lashing for it." He knows this sounds extremely bad for him as he did pull her into the other realm and question her and her guild alignment.

Revy looks at lotus expecting her to give Kaito a glare or some kind of you messed up and she really doesn’t see this is going well for Kaito cause her sister stripped in front of him like that and Kaito had stalked her from his own admission there and then took her away from the area. She is fully ready to have this ice cream time turn into a bitter side dish that will be fully on Kaito to swallow down and not enjoy.


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Lotus stopped walking once again as the man explained what happened. She could assume this 'suspicious' activities of her sister were related to their father and the Wreath. But still. The way this mage handled that was completely over the top. Lotus sighed but her tone contained no trace of her annoyance or anger.

"You cornered her in alleyway and pulled her into your . . personal dimension? I hope you can understand why she might of felt cornered and trapped. Lashing out with her tongue probably felt like one of the few options still under her control. I hope you can forgive her harsh words."

As for the stripping? Lotus had her suspicions that her sister had primarily done that in an attempt to fluster the man into releasing her.

"As for the stripping, well that is partly her fault for putting her guild mark in such a place and then wearing such an outfit that she can't show it easily. This why mine is on my hand, much more sensible. Still a gentlemen like you surely averted your gaze and refused to look until she had clothed her self again? You don't strike me as the kind of fool who would do something truly idiotic like stripping down themselves in a bizarre attempt to make things even."

Lotus chuckled at that mental image. Sure that no one would be so foolish so do something like that. It didn't seem like her sister had been harmed, only inconvenienced and annoyed. No wonder she had been in such a mood when she returned that day.


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Kaito listened to the woman speak and he thought about it and he blinked at her calling him an idiot and he rubbed the back of his head and he laughed a bit. "I did not advert my eyes... and to make a scene of my own I took my shirt off and showed her the huge scar across my back from when I escaped from the lab I was being kept in. Does that count as being an idiot by your standard there?" He actually wondered if that move was counted in the idiot side of that or just the misguided side of the pyramid.

Revy face palms as he probably should have just lied a little and said that he didn't strip to try to make it even instead of saying why he did that was for a different reason that way it wasn't a lie but it wasn't the full truth. Revy is waiting for this woman to give him an earful as he was pushing his luck with this woman who had not even gotten to the place that she was looking to go with him.


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Lotus quickly covered the look of disbelief on her face. He did what? Why? Her sister stripped in front of him and he did what? Just ogle her or something?

"Maybe just a little idiotic~?" Her tone was light and playful. The briefest hint of anger that had flashed across her face was quickly smothered with practiced ease.
"Ah Kaito my friend what was going through your head I wonder? Well as long as you learn from this experience. At least now you know what to do next time a woman decides to strip in front of you. Well unless they are deliberately trying to seduce you, looking away then might make them mad." Lotus giggled softly. She was good at this, avoiding confrontation. Suppressing any troublesome emotions. Kaito didn't seem like a bad person, just maybe a little dense.

"Well let's quicken our pace shall we? We'll never get some ice-cream at this rate."


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He rubbed the back of his head and sighs a bit at what she was saying as he guesses even this woman thinks he was a creep as well even if she wasn't saying it. "To be honest I had no idea what she was doing. She just started stripping out of no where... For all I knew she could have been trying to distract me to attack me, I just watched to see what she was trying to show me. I highly doubt a woman would wish to seduce me, I might be "Famous" but I am still a nobody if I am honest plus I would rather have a woman that liked me and didn't get caught up in my fame. Plus with my curse I doubt a woman wants to deal with that as well. " He followed behind her as he was wondering what this ice cream stall looks like and if it really was all this woman was making it out to be or if it was just something that wasn't that impressive and she was just happy and settles for the smaller things in the bigger scheme. He looks at Revy who looks a bit disappointed in him.

"I try to tell him that he will find the right one some day." She shakes her head as she was not sure why Kaito can't just accept that he is fine as he is and that he doesn't have to worry so much about being cursed that he just needs to find the right woman and settle down a little at least so it doesn't get out of hand and ruin any chances he has with anyone that may come his way and she sees the ice cream stall and she wonders what she will get from it.

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