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The Plague- (Quest/Solo)

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The Plague- (Quest/Solo) Empty Mon Nov 07, 2022 9:38 am

In the days after the incident, Quintis spent most of his time either with the scientific team, inspector, or with the books at Orchidia’s unimpressive library– all in a desperate bid to find some answer among the dusted tomes and wrinkled, ancient scrolls.
Unfortunately, Orchidia’s collection of ancient knowledge was relatively slim, and he spent countless hours tossing scrolls aside for their uselessness or taking books home with him, scouring their endless pages late into the night and well into the morning; such was the position that Quintis found himself in this morning, crouched over his desk, asleep until the sun came and someone knocked on his door. Of course, Quintis answered it, and they immediately gave him a letter from the Inspector- Quinn skimmed it; the Inspector had summoned him to a specific address. Curious about this, Quintis quickly got dressed and made his way out into the street.
The streets were empty, but the rain had stopped. Quinn found the empty streets to be a bit unsettling, but, nonetheless, persisted to the rendezvous point. As he progressed to the point, Quinn noticed that the plant had overrun a portion of the city– vines grew and entangled around homes and business, and trapped people in their homes; Quintis picked up his pace.
Before reaching the rendezvous area, Quintis was stopped by the inspector. Beads of sweat poured down the poor man’s face, and it was obvious that he was panicking. Quinn frowned at the sight of his friend in such a worried state of mind, and placed a hand on his shoulder.
“What’s wrong? What is happening?” He asked.
“As you can see Quinn, the bloody plant has overrun the city.” He removed Quinn’s hand from his shoulder. “The plant has allowed the plague to spread over the entire town by rooting itself into the ground, and to make matters worse there are animals attacking citizens on the outskirts of town.” 
Quinn frowned shaking his head. “Damn it, do you want me to handle the animals?” 
“We need to do whatever we can in order to minimize the threat that these animals pose, understood? I’ll try to get the city quarantined and under control.” 
Quintis did not need to be told anything else and merely nodded. He understood what needed to be done, and more importantly, Quinn wanted to understand how the plague progressed. By attaining more information on how the plague developed, Quinn would easily be able to stop its spread or, at the very least, cure the symptoms. Of course, more study would be required for such a thing.
He made his way through the maze-like town, carefully taking note of the alterations created by the plants—there were fissures in the ground and rubble thrown about the street as the plant’s vines and roots traveled about. Within a matter of days, Quinn thought, the plant would no doubt take over the city. Which in turn meant that the plague would infect everyone. Quinn bit his lip at the thought and tried to increase his pace. 
This was bad, really bad. Quinn thought as he came across the farm. The scene was gruesome, the animals were running amuck, causing damage, and attacking everything in sight—including themselves. He readied and reached into his magic reserves to prepare for a fight. Fortunately, he did not forget his satchel, which contained some of his medical equipment- specifically, some syringes. He didn’t want to kill the animals, but he knew that the reality of such a situation would most likely require him to do such a thing. Whatever the case, he wanted to get a blood sample so that he could study the virus under controlled conditions. 
The plant had corrupted the animals. Their skin had turned pale, deathly pale, and green algae coated their skin like some thick mucus. 


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