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Bumping hips and Fists [Sleeping Calamity, Lucretia] (May use thread for Drunken Fighting)

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Bumping hips and Fists [Sleeping Calamity, Lucretia] (May use thread for Drunken Fighting) Empty Sat Oct 22, 2022 5:37 pm


It was that time of year again, and for some reason Jikan was feeling...in that mood again. Festive. God was this a strange thing. Either way her she was, in a large rented building located within Luluawa Island inside the town of Halawi. She had just got done setting up tables and chairs, a few games stations, cards, food, drinks and what have you. She was still very veeeery knew to this whole...hosting a party thing. But she had learned from last year unexpect get together turning to a party...at least from what she remembered. She had more things for people to do, and had taken account of what she knew people liked to eat; getting a few selected dishes and food items for them.

Jikan had sent out the letters inviting the people, giving clear instructions to the time, date, and location. And if for some reason they were lost the sign outside was a practical give away. With a satisfied nod she turned around and headed inside to one of the private rooms to close the door. She still had to decide what outfit she was going to wear for this Halloween party.


Bumping hips and Fists [Sleeping Calamity, Lucretia] (May use thread for Drunken Fighting) Empty Mon Oct 24, 2022 7:05 am

Almost like requesting him to show up made him do exactly that Regis was here, He was alive and still in armour in a hot beach. Something that he did not just really ever feeling like changing out of it even if given things. It also seemed at this time he was the first to arrive as well not that he minded after all his plan so far was just to kind of find a place to sit down and say nothing for the moment. But that was entirely just him and how he worked at this time.

For anyone else Regis was far too new for the most part, if anything he was just a stranger her showing up with the shiny tattoo showing he belonged here nothing else. But at least he was smart enough to get some water to drink sitting in his chair with a straw and was sipping away at his water.


Bumping hips and Fists [Sleeping Calamity, Lucretia] (May use thread for Drunken Fighting) Empty Mon Oct 24, 2022 3:18 pm

Ikazuchi was surprised to receive a letter after the years since their last encounter in Samhain. Back then, he had been wary of basically everyone and was surprised to find himself in the same guild as Jikan. Now, she was precisely the one who was hosting a similar party around the same time of year. ‘I had been meaning to sit down and speak with her.’ He naturally welcomed the event more openly now, especially since he was more comfortable with the guild. Between that and her reputation, he could confidently accept the invitation without concern.

There was only one detail that he neglected, and that was the nature of a halloween party. He wasn’t someone who would dress for the occasion, especially not after his first experience in Samhain. His compromise was that he would simply bring some appropriate treats to make up for his lack of participation. As the invitation mentioned that she would be providing various dishes, Ikazuchi focused on collecting various chocolate treats to serve as dessert. Considering the season, they were likely to be welcomed by most.

He collected these various treats on his way to the island while being mindful of how long it would take them to expire. He would be ashamed if he brought something that had gone bad to the party. He arrived on the island shortly before the appointed time, and was able to arrive at the venue detailed in the invitation roughly on time.

True to his nature, Ikazuchi didn’t bother knocking on the door and simply entered the building and was greeted by a properly prepared room. He felt out of place due to the theme, but not as much as he expected. Nearby was someone named Regis who also sported their armor, comforting him that there was a seemingly like-minded individual already here. Ikazuchi naturally nodded as a greeting to the man before moving towards an empty table where he began laying out the various chocolate treats to add to the spread already provided. As he didn’t see Jikan, he could only assume that she was in another room preparing. ‘Well, I will at least try to socialize.’ This is what he thought as he resolved himself to greet Regis and any others that would arrive after he finished setting out the various cakes, candies, and treats.

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