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Lisa's Grand Masquerade Ball [Jin]

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Lisa's Grand Masquerade Ball [Jin] Empty Thu Oct 20, 2022 8:43 am


A Masquerade ball, what a joke. Sure, it lets her squander in a dress without much to worry about danger, but she was truly here to drink and eat. The people didn't interest her here unless they had some information. Her foxy white hair tickled against her shoulder as she cat walked towards the stairs and up into the main hall. It was beautiful as it should be. Mishiko's dress was long and black-red, long heel boots with lace on the side. She wore long black gloves that were made of satin as well. She had long dangling earrings and a black chocker made of ribbing. In the back, dangled a star, in the front, dangled a sea symbol. These two things had a significant meaning, but commoners such as these wouldn't understand.

The further in she went, the more she could her chuckles and people gossiping about. That's what a ball was all about. "The Game", many people didn't know it, but many things happen within them. Sadly, this Ball will have none of it due to the rules of Lisa of "No killing". Doesn't mean people won't cause trouble from drinking too much though. The demigod now was in front of the food buffet table, looking at it all while most either were at the bar, gossiping or dancing.

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Jin Tatsumi
"No heathenry," Jin repeated and hoped he didn't find himself in any compromised positions. The ball was a grand affair. The paladin looked around at the splendid decor of the room. Everything was pristine. And everyone was talking. Mostly about all the recent news laced with spicey whispers of others. It was interesting to see so many people have attended the event. Jin pulled at least pulled his shirt closed so as to stand out a little less. He snagged and bottle from the table and nodded at the waiter.

He took a swig of it and leaned onto the counter. he needed to treat this as something different than a dive bar. He stood up straight ready to force himself to mingle when two security guards cupped his arm.

"Sir, whatever this is, is not appropriate. Change, pull yourself together or leave."

Jin gave a half smile and slumped onto the guard, "What does society want anymore? Can't a man wallow in his own sorrow for a bit? A healing mage without the ability to mend his own heart." The guard wiped a tear away and supported Jin with his shoulder. "Even so," the guard said and began to escort the mage out. Jin pointed to the left, "Heathenry," The guard looked away. Jin rose his arms and crouched, slipping free. He darted away from the guards and as he ran, he saw a white-haired woman at the bar. For a moment he gave pause as a familiar air of safety washed over him. But he didn't know who she was. The paladin snuck up to the second level to lose the guards.

Once safe, he pressed his back against a wall and took a deep breath. Even up here there were finger foods abounding.


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The food looked divine as the bar wasn't so far away. Mishiko was unsure where to start, but as she was thinking she noticed a rather loud familiar voice. Her eyes quickly shifted over to see what was going on. Her black mirror eyes reflected him, the one she had yet to find after the whole death. She could hear the whispers of others, "Isn't that the man that lost his lover? Quillareine, was it?", one group spoke. "She was quite known, mostly in Joya and Fiore," they spoke once more. Mishiko could hear this obviously as she watched him fuss with the guards. She motioned to go to him, but before she could even move an inch she watched him trick the guards and ran upstairs.

That was typical of him. She did a small smile and then went back to a more serious face. The guards were looking and so she decided to give him a little hand so they'd stop. She jogged with her hands on each side of her long dress towards the guards. "Excuse me, if you're looking for the guy you had earlier, he ran towards the dungeon room," she innocently spoke as her mirror'd eyes gazed at them. The guards scanned her body naked and then gulped nervously once he looked at her eyes. "What are you waiting for?! He could be doing something Lisa would punish greatly for!", she acted anxiously. "Y-yes, of course! Thank you maddam," He spoke and dragged his guard buddies with him. They were finally gone from the first floor.

The dungeons should be big enough to give them time so she went to the bar and got two drinks. "Maybe he'd want another," she assumed, swaying to the second floor and looked at him, "Was it a good watch?", she questioned coldly in her soft voice. She quietly walked towards him to put a drink down on the table where the finger foods were. "Now, why does an interesting man like you need to mend their heart of sorrow?", she continued this act as she was curious. It did hurt her to see him this way, but she truly wanted to know, to be selfish and hear him say how much he felt about her, how much it affected him.

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin pressed his back against the wall. One hand lingered to the dish of food as his eyes stayed on the guards. Ready for them to march up the stairs in case he needed to flee. The woman from the bar then appeared and talked to the guards. 'Someone to rat him out,' he thought at first and started to look for a window to jump through.

Then the woman pointed in the other direction. Could she be an ally? Whatever it was, he was thankful for it. And she seemed to be a good actress at that. In another time, that may have been a lady he would have tried to flirt with. But not today.

Thinking it was over as the guards left, Jin shoved a sandwich in his mouth. The woman then arrived beside him with a casual question that caught him mid-chew. Half the sandwich was in his mouth when he paused and looked back at her. He pushed the rest of the sandwich in and ate it in a few quick bites.

"Oh uh. Thanks. And yeah you are a quick thinker. I appreciate the help." he said and rose the glass for a quick toast in the air. He took a drink, thinking it was the end of the conversation when the woman fired off a hard-hitting question. He spit some of the wine back into the cup. "Wow. Lady you don't beat around the bush." he looked in her eye, and then turned away. "The same reason anyone does. I lost someone. I wasn't even around for it," he slumped over the railing, resting on his arms.

"If you really want to know...My Girlfriend died. I wasn't even there. She saved my life a few times. It hurts that she's gone. And it hurts to think that she didn't even want me with her on whatever dangerous quest she was doing. Maybe I'm too reckless. Maybe she didn't think I could keep up...It's probably...my fault. I couldn't save my men in war," he took a drink of half the glass. "I couldn't save my guildmaster," he finished the drink. "And most of all I couldn't save her." He let his arm dangle that held the drink.

He let his healing light magic dance around his hand and cast away the drunkenness he was building toward, "It's a curse. To be able to heal people and still it amounts to nothing in the end," he sighed. "But, you probably don't want to hear all that...What's your story? Helping out some rogue sap?"


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She watched him shove a sandwich in his mouth, drank the wine and she drank her own mixed drink. The woman leaned against the pillar as she was keeping watch of the guards while he was talking. Her eyes gazed away once his did as he slumped over the railing, explaining his story. As he explained, it made her heart hurt that he did end up hearing about Quilla's death, but she felt like no one knew who it was and how she exactly died. All they know was that she bled to death in the end.

"I-..." she started, wanted to reach out for him, but if anything, she feared he would lash out for not telling him that she was here the whole time. She didn't even fear death to the point she became it alongside her mother. She wobbled a little, losing balance due to lack of oxygen from the empowerment of emotions. She thankfully caught herself as she clenched the railing two meters away from Jin. "I'm sorry, I...," she was afraid of losing him and those she did love. What if he didn't welcome the new her? More like, old her as this was her before she became Quilla. Her voice wavered as tears started to form.

"Jin, I..." her head tilted, and bit her lower lip. Mishiko wrapped her arms around herself in a defensive way. "You can hate me if you wish, but I didn't invite you due to the dangers it held and will hold in the future," Mishiko winced as her heart pang pain, "I couldn't tell anyone about me still being alive since I no longer go by that name. Plus..." she started to step away as her mind was telling her to retreat, "How could you tell people that thought you were dead that you did die yet still be alive," her steps slowly backed away one by one as she was now 4 meters away instead of two.

Leave, run, you'll just end up hurt

You don't need him, you have us...

Voices, so many voices...

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin cocked a brow and looked over his shoulder as the woman began to speak but stopped herself. Why did this random person care so much? But the hurt in her eyes seemed like something he recognized. "Hey careful, you okay?" He asked and took a step closer to the woman.  He reached out to her until she said his name. His hand fell short, "How do you know who I am." he asked as he moved closer to her, the more she tried to step away.

"Hate you...who," He stepped closer as she held herself in a defensive way. He placed his hand on the column behind her, to passively bar her way and leaned in closer. It couldn't be. It...the way she talked. The little fluctuations in her voice. "Quill?" he said with relief coming over him as all that mattered was that she was alive. He leaned in closer but pulled away, only by a foot. His hand was still pressed against the column.

"Oh no...I'm not falling for that. You may be an imposter," His eyes narrowed. "IF...you are her...somehow in a new body...Then tell me...Where was how first kiss?"


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Her eyes slowly widened as she was being trapped in as he blocked her only way out. She was too tall to actually duck and bolt. She bit her lower lip and gazed away. This was about to bring her madness out as she mentally was unable to comprehend what was happening. His question was waking her out of it though as he asked her where their first kiss was. She gulped and turned her head away, eyes never meeting his. "A-are you talking about the one in the cellar where you were about to or the one at the f-festival in the boat we..." she paused as her heart was beating faster, nervously so. "The boat we snuck in to," her voice was getting more high-pitched and softer as her breathing was getting faster.

She had to find a way to get out of this trap. Her arm snaked about as his eyes were on her. She was trying to search for an item to help her get away as she then heard guards yelling, "I think he's up there! Let's go," as they charged upstairs to spot him trapping a woman in tears with status.

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Jin Tatsumi
It was her. She had died and then returned. Something that he himself wasn't unaccustomed to...but she had returned in what appeared to be a brand new body. "Well..I'll be," he searched her eyes for more answers before she turned her gaze away from him. "It is you...you jerk," he shook his head, leaning into the arm that was planted against the wall. "You have a lot of explaining to do."

He looked over his shoulder as the guards began to yell and storm their way toward them. He looked back at Quilla who was starting to get teary-eyed. He sighed, "Running out of time already. Meet me in the kitchen." He said quickly and kissed her cheek. "And don't go disappearing on me again. Alright." He whispered and then leaped over the side of the railing and fell onto the floor below. The guards rushed to the woman's aid.

Jin rolled back to his feet and ran into the courtyard that had a separate entrance to loop back to the kitchen. As Jin ran out, he bumped into another guard. "Sorry. My Girlfriend just came back to life and I don't have time for games today," he said to the guard, which shot him the most perplexed look of his life. Jin punched the man in the gut and dropped him.

He leaned the guard against the wall and pulled his cap down, before dashing to the kitchen.


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Her gaze was still away from him, but she could clearly hear the guards coming. She knew Jin, he'd run away from Guards as both of them were into sneaking about no matter the cause and scenario. Kissing her cheek she blushed, hearing his instructions, but did she really want to go? Risk of hearing his true words and maybe the kiss was for show. After Jin flees, the guards go up to her and check for any harm, "Did he hurt you?", they questioned. No, not physically, but emotionally she will see. "No," she faced them and gave them a reassuring fake smile. They left soon after and she sighed. She had to face this and with that she went down the stairs.

She looked for a worker and went to them, asking where the kitchen was. "Oh, it's by that guard over there," she pointed. "Alright, thank you..." she softly spoke and went to the kitchen. The guard was standing by the other door that Jin didn't go to. Kitchens, they always had two to three doors for large places like this. The guard didn't even bother with her as their boss was a woman, a woman who demanded respect of others, mostly beautiful people. Thankfully, she met that bystander. Once in she looked around and saw no one else in here. "Jin?", she questioned and walked silently to look for him.

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Jin Tatsumi
The kitchen was completely empty for some reason. All the staff was already out still serving food. He circled around the island and gazed at the pots and pans that hung around. A cabinet was swaying open. Jin knelt down to it and peeked inside to see the left-behind snacks. He thought about grabbing one, but after having found Quilla again, he wasn't immensely hungry. he just wanted to see her.

Her voice called out into the kitchen. Jin popped up from the other side of the island to see her in her new body. "Hey," he said with a nod and circled toward her. "So...looks like you've gone through some changes," He spoke in an inquisitive voice. As he spoke he moved closer to her. Still hard to believe she was there. He was a little worried if she would come here or not. With his own recklessness in life, he could hardly hold too much against her.

He turned his head away for a moment and then looked back into her eyes leaning forward with a cocked brow. "So...you snuck away...died... and now you possessed someone's body to live again?" He ran his hand through his hair and looked away. "If I was there, I could have maybe stopped you from dying. Stoped you from becoming a ghost, forced to posses others, so you can live." He spoke in a little dramatic way, half-trying to tease her about it, while dodging the seriousness of the situation.


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She sighed as there was no immediate answer, but soon after she saw him pop up from the other side of the island. He spoke casually but wasn't sure still if he was holding anger or not. Her face stayed calm as normal, doll-like as her mirror-black eyes reflected all she gazed upon, this being Jin specifically. Her head turned to gaze directly at him no matter where he moved. Seeing him move closer made her want to step back as she tried to stay calm. Mishiko didn't understand his humor this time as she more took it as serious than anything. "No, this is my body," she simply answered.

How will she explain that she had a life before this life and now she was reliving it? She was reborn into her old life. She clenched her fists as she bit her lower lip, now avoiding any gaze he wished to have shared. "I didn't possess anyone and... the killer..." she paused and closed her eyes slowly, "They were probably one of Joya's assassins that got me when I had my guard down. It's not your fault," she assured him. Plus, she couldn't rely on anyone. Even if they wanted her to.

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Jin Tatsumi
His attempt at half-hearted humor went over her head. Suppose it was nice to get a clear answer that she wasn't a ghost though. He was wondering about it. "Nah, how is that your body? I know a thing or two about your body after all. We've been close enough." He replied, still unsure as to what exactly she meant.

"An assassin...from the country,"
Jin held his head and leaned on the island. The pots and pans gently rattled above his head. "I thought I got into trouble from time to time. But you have assassins after you. And they killed you? How? and how are you back?" He asked, having a lot of questions for the woman that was now back in his life. At least this time they were free of guards. But just like the last time. They were hiding from them.

He looked out in the distance around the room and up at the ceiling thinking about the madness of it all. Every since that attack on the guildhall. Things have gone out of control.


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"It just is!", she frustratedly spoke and then turned away, she slowly walked towards the door and stopped. "Maybe this was a mistake, to come find you once again, that once I saw you..." she gritted her teeth and clenched her hands into fists. "It's a long story, Jin, the short story is that I'm not human, apparently I never was," she chuckled and hid her face. She was pretending to laugh about it, but the truth was she was in distress. Tears slowly came down as she spoke, "After I ... 'died', I saw them... my real family that apparently threw me down to the Earth Realm for trial due to some misunderstandings between the Gods and Demigods," she turned back to look at him once more. Her hand placed against her chest as she cried out her woes.

"Do you know what it's like to know that your life repeated itself, killing hundreds, to know that the reason people die around you is because you are the Demigod of Death and Madness, imagine, Madness... No wonder," she laughed insanely as she put her fingers through her hair. Her eyes slid towards the corner of her eyes to look away. "And the reason I got that title is because I ended up killing a whole war of demigods and humans hundreds to thousands of years ago," she scoffed at how old she actually was. "Therefore, punishment was to be reborn miserably in a human life. Born as Quillareine," she then took a sarcastic bow and stood up to fix her hair as her black mirror eyes gaze at Jin.

"I died though, I died as Quillareine... after all I did and went through... They found out that the true enemy turned out my actual enemy in both lives... Crazy... right?" she backed into the door as her hand was now against the doorknob. She was going crazy now, her emotions were borderlandishly out of control. So much info she just spatted out and there was so many questions probably within the information she gave. One step back, the door cracked and her heart just wanted to leave, maybe go back away from Earth Realm.

Maybe the title of Madness was within its' own right.

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Jin Tatsumi
She lashed out. But Jin wasn't sure why she did. Perhaps he hadn't taken her situation seriously enough. "A mistake," he repeated softly as she finished her sentence. Her body inched closer to the door as she kept pulling away from him whenever he approached her. He had heard that line before though. Her emotions shifted from anger to sorrow. Jin stayed in a moment of confusion as she said she wasn't even a human. Not that it mattered to him much.

"No. I don't know what that's like. But I know what it's like to cause the death of ...." he let his sentence trail off, caught between his own past and the startling revelation that she was speaking about demigods. "Real...demigods and gods? So you are..." He let his sentence trail off again, as she said she was the demigod of death.

She looked back at him and he could see the same pain in her eyes as he did when she was in her other body. Only this time it was laced with more sorrow. One that was cultivated by the truth of her existence.

"Things...make a little more sense now," he replied with a sigh at how heavy it was. And how strange it was to think of her as a demigod of death and yet it didn't bother him.

"Seeing your family must have been tough. And then to find out that you were cast down," he shook his head. "And yet...to be a demigod, and still fear what is in front of you. You keep inching away from me. From love. You may be in a new body. And you may have had a life before Quilla. But even so...you found me once again." He reached his hand out for her to take it.

"I won't try and stop you if you want to go. Or you can share your sorrow with me once more. A demi-god of death, with a man that cannot die." The irony wasn't lost on him. Even though he wasn't sure of the full extent of his ability to rise up from seemingly being dead. But he knew that he still cared about her. She still felt the same as the woman he kissed before. And he didn't want to try and conversate with her on the verge of running out.


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"Because... because I ended up killing those I love," she felt defeated and lowered her gaze as she felt tired. "Love is dangerous and what if you don't accept the way I portray love? The way I feel about multiple people, yet here I am being selfish," she put a hand against her own chest as she saw him reaching out for her hand. She lifted her other hand and hesitated to reach for his with her own. "Everyone can die, Jin... even gods," she muttered and stepped forward shyly but hid her face by looking down. She knew that her lover, the first one she had, her childhood friend who she had history with, the demigod will come back to find her. That's what her sister told her and so did the others as she heard that even if he's still in his human life trial, he was searching for her by soul.

Amaterasu wanted an agreement that she will marry the son of ..., their son's name was Ayako. The other being Akio. She felt the warmth of his hand while looking up into his eyes. "I want to be with you, but... Are you willing to be with me while I am with others?" she wondered. She knew how most people would answer that question. Not many can live in a selfish polyamorous life. Mentally, words yelled at her to leave, to run away, but she needed to know, HE needed to know what he was getting into. "My... my mother won't mind me being with a human seeing how she created me with a human," she tried to make a light of things.

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Jin Tatsumi
"So have I," Jin replied about killing people he loved. It was different perhaps. But he felt responsible for it nonetheless. "How could I not accept the way you portray it?" he started to move a little closer and stopped with a titled head when she mentioned 'multiple people.'

"Guess I'm luckier than the gods then," he smirked playfully. "Now tell me more about this...multiple scenario? Are you in love with someone else," he wasn't sure how he felt about that idea still? What could that mean...and did it happen when she was reborn?

He wanted to turn away and think, but was stuck in her gaze. Her hand was soft within his own. The same hand that had wounded him and loved him. "You never make things easy on me do you...Could you love me if I was with someone else?" He asked, not breaking eye contact with her. Her hand was still in his as he reached for her other.

"Your mother?? The goddess? She is still around? Like watching what you do," he asked while looking around the room as if to catch the watch full eye of a vengeful parent.


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She watched him come closer till she mentioned multiple people. That got him. She knew it would because not many people could accept being in a marriage where the woman has various romantic partners. Her expression became grim as her arms fell to her side. "I don't expect you to stay with me because yes, I could still love you, but I don't think I'd want to be with you no longer," she then felt something cold. A sudden dark shadow was under them as they talked.

He brought up and asked about her mother. "Actually, I have some of my mother's abilities. The magic you've heard about is called 'Takeover,' she put a little part of her soul in my magic so now she can see the human realm," she expressed while now turning away from him, her back towards him as she had to break contact with him after what was said. Her mind had a lot of thoughts going on at the same time. Her mind was filled with questions and answers to them in different voices and ways. "Jin..." she was about to say, but she felt it was pointless.

She wanted him, but will she have to choose between the lover of her past or her present? She turned back to face him with a tear in her eye, a color of light red. "I can't control my emotions, my feelings, the way I am, as I cannot control you and your choices. My feelings for you and my connection with you are real. Yet, I can have that with others without even trying or wanting to. And when I try to break that connection, it kills me inside; it destroys me piece by piece. So. Once again, I..." she places a hand against her heart.

"I want to be with you, but if you cannot accept it all, then we cannot be, and I will disappear from your life in the light," she stood straight and gazed away, holding her wrist with her other hand. "I will always be truthful to you, always make sure it's okay, and if you do not want this, then I will always be by your side even if you're not by mine - in the dark.", she couldn't hold her expressions; her words were mixing.

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Jin Tatsumi
He placed his hands on his hips thinking about what all she was saying. His foot gently swirled on the ground keeping his thoughts in order. It didn't sound like a bad deal...it was all just so sudden. She avoided saying if she was already in love with someone else. But if she was or not...that wasn't the real situation.

"Death Goddess magic huh...sounds dangerous...and a bit exciting maybe," he spoke aloud. "I guess you two...worked things out then?" He replied while her back was still to him and his eyes gazed up to the ceiling with his hands behind his head. That single tear in her eye tugged at his romantic heart.

"No one can have complete control over their emotions," he sighed and once again stepped closer. It seemed she was really taken by this moment. And remembering how she was on the battlefield, he knew that she could get lost in her emotions easily.

"All I hear, is that you want to be with me," he took her hand that was on her heart. "Love doesn't have to be bound to one person. And I do want to be with you, even with all that. If you want us to be able to experience that with other people too. That's fine."

He moved to pull her a little closer to him now. "As long as we don't have to go on any double dates," he joked with a cocked brow and a slight tilt of his head. He cared deeply for her, and the idea of seeing other people didn't bother him much. As long as the time they had together was for them. He just took a moment to look into her eyes, and wait for her response.


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Slowly as things felt silent to her, the more she felt her body and mind crumbling. As he spoke she waited for the worst, but what came was unexpected. Mishiko did not dare speak till he was done. It was funny. A Demigod, one who is up to become a god cared too much for a human. A weakness like her mother who came to care too much for her father. In Joya the story of her uncle and mother became scattered as there were different versions. Sadly, there were no stories of her since she was banned to even have her name be shared with another living being.

When she felt her hand being taken by his and now closer to him, she tilted her head up to look at him. Her mirror eyes took his in as they were now close enough to have only a few inches in free space. If he decided to sleep with other women, will her mentality be able to handle it? Probably not, she was hoping for the selfish case of him just wanting her. Her possessive instinct will most likely kick in.

She gave a half-chuckle and smile, "No double dates... Of course, if that's what you wish," her body slowly leaned into his as her body felt tired from the strain on her emotions and mentality. He felt warm and now she just wanted to stay with him like this. "I will answer any questions you have," she softly spoke, crackling with her earlier tears and sorrow. Her forehead rested against his body as she waited.

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Jin Tatsumi
It wasn't often that she showed such a soft side. Her body eased into him and he finally relaxed as the tenseness of the situation subsided. She was certainly an emotional one but things felt right now. Now that he didn't have to worry about her suddenly running off.

'If that's what you wish' her words rang out. There was a lot to take in but Jin tended not to dwell on things too intently. Not matters such as this. All he wanted was to be with her in whatever form that was going to be. "Good," he chuckled along with her response. He leaned his lower back against the island in the middle fo the kitchen, easing her to rest against him so they both had support.

"Demi-goddess huh? I suppose...let's start there," he asked, as it was still setting in that she was something more than human now. All this talk about gods and descendants...it was almost a whole new world to him. One that he had only touched on when Odin had confided in him about the goddess that he worshipped.


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He wanted to start with the fact that she was a demigod. She probably should start her story there, try to be calm while speaking about it. "Mmm, I will start off with my mother being Izanami and my father being a human. Making my uncle Izanagi," she nuzzled up to him as she wanted his warmth. Her body felt alone as she yearned for his arms around her. Was this out of fear of him leaving? She did have betrayal and abandonment issues. "My siblings, I have many and I was a demigod before becoming human, and then once I died, I ascended back into demigod-hood," she spoke in Joyan as it was easier to explain it in her foreign language.

"Before the whole punishment into being resurrected, I was already quite old in terms of human years, took many years from that point to be resurrected as well," she hated the math, but there was a lot of history. Due to being the Goddess of death, madness and beauty, even if just a demi-god for now, she was still worshiped by secret temples that she has yet to find out about. To Mishiko, she was just some forgotten Demigod who was once important to the culture. Her history was erased in a sense that books didn't include her, scrolls that had her in them were hidden from the human eyes.

O'beloved, beautiful death child that became mad...

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Jin Tatsumi
What she was saying was heavy. Her mother and father...her being a demi-god. And yet they stood together in this random empty kitchen. "That's...a lot to handle."He wrapped his arms around her. Things seemed normal again...except for all the wild things she was telling him. It was enough to make a person's head spin. Anyone else may have run away from the daughter of death.

"So this is what you really look like? I like it,"
he nodded his head to the side with a smile. It was a whole new form but she was still as cute as ever.

Then she talked about being old and having another life. He hadn't even thought about the timeline of things. "How does it feel to have uncovered all of that?" He asked and still held her close. His hand massaged her back in case all this was troubling or hard to talk about.

"You know whatever happens. I got you." It didn't matter if she was surrounded by death or not. Nor if being with her brought some anger from the divine parent she came from. If she still wanted him, he'd be there for her. But he had to think how all this may change her path too. Would she decide she had a different goal in life now knowing all of this about herself?


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She still felt uneasy. She felt tired, but who could blame her? No one knew but her that she hasn't rested or slept since she died months ago. Jin was being supported of her appearance, which was appreciated. She enjoyed the closeness they were giving each other right now as her eyes started to droop sheepishly. "I... I feel very tired and this feels ultimately soothing and ..." her ghostly soft voice was going more alluring as she leaned more into Jin's body. She felt amazingly tired, but she then shook it off to act more awake. "Honestly, it feels overwhelming, and I feel like I still have a lot to learn about everything," she answered honestly and smiled once she heard him speak once more.

She suddenly heard an announcement about some afterparty, but the Mansion was closing to any visitors. "We should probably go," she looked up at him now and gave a light smile for him. She led him away as they would escape out a window or some unknown door. No matter what, they always found a way to whatever they want.



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