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Apparently, we can? [Pub Crawl]

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Apparently, we can? [Pub Crawl] Empty Sun Oct 16, 2022 6:47 pm


She started to blink as she was trying to get a clear vision of where she was. I started to grab the closest thing, which was very Sandy. Wait, sandy? She opened her eyes and looked around coldly, getting up quickly. How did she get here? The last thing she knew, she was with some guy in Hosenka getting some sake and ramen. She yawed as she got up. Slowly, she walked around. Wobbling left and right as she was going to the closest bar. Oh, you think she was done? No. She slowly started to go inside of the Tiki bar that was serving everyone drinks through a party at the beach. She really wasn't dressed for this as she was still in her oversized coat. She didn't mind though, as she was just here for the alcohol, and she was sure that they would welcome anyone with money.


Apparently, we can? [Pub Crawl] Empty Sun Oct 16, 2022 6:51 pm


Once she got onto a tiki stool made out of wood from a palm tree, she lifted up her hand and asked for alcohol. What kind? And she tries to think about what she wanted. She was too drunk to know what she wanted. "Whatever is your strongest and most delicious," Eyes sternly looked at the bartender, who was a woman. She wasn't that attractive to her for some reason, as the girl was a little blonde. Not her type. When she was done making the drink, she went ahead and grabbed it to cassette. She swirled it around a little bit and then took another sip. It started to taste good, so she just gulped it down quickly. Grabbing the orange, she started to suck on it. Her eyes cornered to see that the girl was watching her. Mishiko's eyes gazed away as she ordered more in the process. Once she was done, she went and danced all night with all the booze in her system.


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