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Tournament Arc w/ Yumi (S-rank)

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Tournament Arc w/ Yumi (S-rank) Empty Wed Sep 28, 2022 1:38 pm


Erebus began his journey at early morning. Throwing his sling over his chest, and equipping his items to his person. His goal was simple, simple and yet delicate. Destroy all opposition during the quest, and the quest was due at the church.

The eternal spirit problem that Eternal Nightmare managed to deal with never ceased to ease. That was the issue with time and the forecast of doubt on the horizon. However, Erebus wasn’t necessarily out to be accepted into a world that hunted him. He sought to eradicate the source of the hunting itself and sculpt a new society on the backs of the enemies he spared!

That was the way of the world? Was it not. If you can dream a reality, it can be made true. If not then how would one go about life as they had already? Such trifling times and matters. Erebus wished to be recognized as the famed soldier he was. Instead the history books would cast him as a treasonous witch hunter.

If that be the case he would get all his funds together, pays his debts, and look them in the eye while he murdered each and every social status he could find in that saintly little harbor town. For now, the only thing quenching the irritation was the quest itself and the bid to beat the absolute dog fuck out of something.

Erebus knew the undead were some weaklings, so he decided to pause and retake his quest in Baska. That way, he could beat the absolute dog fuck out of someone who might feel it. Who better to ask than Yumi. Erebus thought to himself, she might even have updates on what Blue Pegasus are doing. Erebus steels himself for Baska and approached the town’s outter gates...



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A pair of red eyes shimmered with mischevious as a murderous desire hid beneath. Metal gleamed as blood trickeled down the deadly blade of a weapon of war. Bodies lay strewen about no signs of life present within hollow white eyes as a young girl hummed to herself. A young girl stood amongst the bodies calm as could be, she looked like a porcelain doll come to life, figure perfectly sculpted from jade as a sweet serene smile graced her heartshaped face. Eyes the colour of blood seeemed unperturbed by the scene around her as blood flowed like a river down upon the dirt road. The deadly axe in hand raised itself up into the air and rested itself upon her shoulder as the deadly creature began their walk towards the town of baska, leaving behind the scene of slaughter.

The daemon hummed with a bounce in her step today seemed to be a good day for the lolita. She had departed early that morning from oak making her way to baska and met a band of highway robbers on the path, bandits in otherwards. THe group had seen Yumi as an easy target to rob despite the giant bardiche carried by the doll like woman. They had surrounded her and intended to robe the daemon of everything on hand only to have fallen into Yumi's hands. Blood had flowed as Yumi cut them each down with ease. She had been restraining herself while in Oak as it was against the laws of the guild to kill the people of Oak since it was part of the Guild's territory. In order to let loose Yumi could only travel to revel in her slaughter. Today was one such day where the daemon could finally give into her demonic impulses.

Bloodlust satiated the daemon continued to baska to meet with her new guild master, Erebus, after the death of the previous guild leader Odin, an old friend of hers. The daemon was meeting up with Erebus to join him in taking a earning money. Baska regularly held a tournament on its plateua for contenders to prove their metal against one another. Yumi had partook in such a competition some time ago and be then half a dozen more had been held. Despite the massacre Yumi had wrought the last time she was present it seemed the tournament continued its course. One would think after slaughter the crowd they would be to fearful to hold another but the organises seemed not to care and let greed make their choices for them. Yumi was grateful as the money rewarded by tournament was most pleasing. Money made the world go round after all.

Crimson hues shimmered as the form of the daemons guild master appeared ahead arriving at the towns gates. Approaching him the daemon arrived promptly blood dripping from her bardiche as the stench of death clung to her. Yumi didn't even attempt to hide the fact it seemed she had committed a massacre on the way, in fact she appeared proud. The daemon truly lived up to her name as the Witch of Carnage, unafraid to kill without remorse or care. It was as if the act of murder came naturally to the woman, able to take a life without a second thought. She was cold and merciless killing freely without hesitation. Not even children were safe at her hands as she crushed their tiny skulls without an after thought.

"Its been a while." Greeted the daemon as she arrived before Erebus with a sinister smile. She was giddy about joining the tournament once more and committed another massacre.

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Tournament Arc w/ Yumi (S-rank) FIXCi2K
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Turning his head that swayed his hair, the armor clad figure with four arms shifted to meet the gaze of the murder Lolita with her weapon bloodied and her gothic attire and makeup in perfect view. She was a small girl and yet, held the room with the respect of an old woman. She was old, ancient even. But she was a beautiful youth because of her ties with demons.

Erebus had to relenquish his interest in her dark powers, But they certainly were mesmerizing. As she spoke, Erebus let his attention shift towards the stone walls of the gates. They were a green tint under the shade of the clouds. However, Erebus cares not for the weather. He simply seeks to move himself inside. Entering the coliseum he answers her back with a fair welcome. “Indeed demon.” He started with a smile and then sized her bardiche up with a interested smirk. “I’m guessing you don’t feel merciful today. Excellent, Eternal Nightmare no longer has need to build rapport with other towns or powers. We are ready for war with any who stand in our path. Odin would have wanted it this way.” He has yet to seize up his plans of attacks to her, as he wanted to hear her voice on the affairs she was given already before he spilled the juicy details. If she hadn’t attacked them yet, he would simply request her for her the coming raid on the town he had put together.

Hundreds of weapons being made— numerous boats built.

Hefty troops of Cultist camps being placed and set.

It was that time now wasn’t it?

Erebus came before the sign-up table. Jotting his name before throwing his pen into the face of the desk recipient. He casually broke a smug look at the guy, as if tempting the conflict. He did seek to dominate the fellow, bullying him was only extra fun. However when the man did nothing Erebus sighed and turned away. “What have you been up too Yumi. I think it’s only fair there’s a recon update from you. Have you attacked them yet?” Erebus said— pressing towards her behind his casual tone, as if breaking the ice on their secret mission with recent aim to avenge their mutual fallen friend.

As the saying goes, the enemies of my enemies are my friends. Erebus quite trusted Yumi, he knew that she would be an imperative asset in the coming destruction of Hargeon.



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"There has never been a day where I have felt merciful. Mercy does not exist as part of my vocabulary." Responded the daemon as she flicked the tyrants axe showering the ground in blood. Removing a cloth the witch cleaned off the last remains of blood from the evil blade as murderous intent rolled off the weapon. The two were like peas on a pod both the wielder and the weapon had a strong desire to kill and cause endless slaughter, match made in heaven some would say. While the tyrants axe had no actual sentience being a weapon forged for her hands it contained its own bloody nature and would release a thick murderous intent from its core.

"I have been preoccupied, plans changed and I've yet to depart for Hargeon, something unexpected came up and i've been in seclusion." Answered the daemon who had yet to partake in the task of investigating and gathering information about the Blue Pegasus guild. There had been personal matters for Yumi to deal with that forced her to find a secluded spot and seal herself off from the world for a period of time once more to meditate. In that meditative state days, weeks, months or even years could pass before Yumi would awake, luckily this seclusion had only been brief taking a few weeks of her time before the daemon had gathered thoughts and stabilized themself to return.

Picking up the pen from the desk recipient Yumi ignored the frightened look of the man as his gaze fell on the lolita. What Yumi did last time she was here had spread across town and the clerk was frozen in terror trying not to gain her ire or attention. Ignoring the man Yumi simply wrote her name down and twirled the pen before flicking it at the recipient. Blood sprayed through the air as the man cried out in pain as the pen pierced through his right eye. "Whoops it slipped." Remarked the daemon wtih a sinister smile as she strutted past and headed towards the arena.

"If its still needed I can depart for Hargeon at the earliest of conviences and cause a little bit of mayhem and chaos." answered the daemon as she began twirling the change axe one handed. Twirling the giant weapon came naturally to the daemon despite it being almost twice her size and incomparibly heavy when compared to her tiny frame. it was a stark contrast between the daemon and her weapon as the deadly blade spun stirring up a small breeze. If it was still necessary Yumi was more than happy to travel to Hargeon and bring a little death and destruction to the town, seeing as Blue Pegasus and Eternal Nightmare were at war. Of course regardless Yumi would have been more than happy to bring about an endless slaughter. One didn't earn the name the Witch of Carnage without leaving behind a trail of countless bodies. Besides it had been some time since Yumi had started a true massacre. Perhaps Genocide would be the best word to call it as Yumi could happily wipe out an entire city or town without an after thought.

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Tournament Arc w/ Yumi (S-rank) FIXCi2K
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Erebus listener to the Lolita explain her recent luck and whereabouts, Erebus nodded, turning to scan the area. He then forwarded his most recent news to her, in hopes she might take it and help his plans come together at her side. “No need, we will all go to Hargeon. We will take control of their port, steal their boats and enslave their crews. We will set camps around the town and siege. After three weeks there will be nothing left but ash and dry blood.” He finally finished.

Erebus grasped the lengthy golden rod off his back as he came before the coliseum. He leveled it’s edge awaiting his name to be called, and detoured for the bleachers where he would sit— placing it over his lap, he made sure to leave a spot for Yumi if she deemed it necessary before her match. “I think we can take the South Region and the West Region and then march against Era. They’ll be after us with this attack no doubt anyways.”



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"Well then I suppose I shall eagerly await the call to arms when it is raised." The little daemon hummed as she took a seat beside the guild master ignoring the onlookers who parted ways for the evil creature. The bleachers around them quickly cleared as no one wanted to be seated near her for fear of suffering her wrath like those before. A giggle escaped Yumi's sweet lips as red hues twinkled with a murderous sheen, "It seems their nervous I'll take their heads like I did the last time I was here." The daemon licked her lips revealing a murderous smile as blood lust seeped out from every pore of her being.

"The thrill of the predator stalking its prey such an exquisite feeling." Remarked the daemon as she twirled a strand of hair around her right index finger eyes moving to watch the tournament as fighters went on one after the other. "The drums of war sound, the flames of death will rise as blood is shed." commented the daemon with an eager grin she seemed excited by the prospect of war. It was to be expected as Yumi did worship a God of War and Death, the Blood God who sought power through death and bloodshed. The propsect of war thrilled the daemon, especially the number of souls that could be offered up as a sacrifice in the name of the Blood God.

"A river of blood shall flow. There shall be carnage. Endless slaughter, death and destruction as countless lives come to a pitiful end. Ah the sweet sound of war such music to ones ears." Lamented the daemon with an twisted smile as she spoke serenely. To her war was but a symphony of sound, music to her ears. The screams of terror, the roar of explosives, the marching of soldiers and the sweet ever releasing sound of death. It was poetry to the daemon as she shivered all over at the thought.

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The girl was strange but the Rogue was well aware of that, he simply cracked a sly grin. At least morale was high in the strong. Yumi was probably Erebus’ strongest ally walking forwards, so he greatly appreciated her enthusiasm. “Soon.” he remarked in response, watching the field light up with magical spells and the sparks of metal smashing metal.

“They’re weak because they’ve never seen adversity. They lay on the beach and weaken their guild’s might. They’re distracted in the sack.” He mentioned. “They will all fall.” Standing up, whilst the screen above the rock coliseum flashed his name in wide red color. “It’s my turn it seems.” He raised his eyebrows and shot Yumi a look that would tell her he too was excited for the course of action. He walked off until he was at the bottom of the ring and hopped over the guard rails to the sounds of cheers and booing. While mixed and interwoven, Erebus cares little.

He simply had to defeat any opposition that stood in his way. The wind traveled against his armor, ruffling the cloak and swaying it behind his person. His irises scanned the enemy, as they stepped out. It was a katana wielding samurai fighter.

Erebus simply spins the Assegai and enters a stance. When the bell ring, the speed of both adventurers would shock the crowd. Each clash of their weapon, rocking the vibrations of the air. The frequency of their power humming and flashing. Erebus, who was wielding a gold spear, and the silver katana, charged with blue static. They would slam and shake the earth, their strength so near that it almost bothered Erebus.

However this was one of his weapons, and he shan’t even use it’s special powers. The only affect which showed itself, was that the samurai slowly began to bleed and be cut up. For every actual slash he landed, he took damage return equal to 2 or 3 ranks lower. Then, for those moments Erebus would land clean, the evidence of a non-endurance fighter would show on the skilled swordsman. It seemed Erebus was more of a hybrid, all his bases were covered and this warrior— while agile, was not a long lasting opponent.

He was a good soldier, but he was not a general.

Erebus jumped backwards and heaved the spear through the air. Kebobbing the samurai and poking him to the earth after each stroke and counter was concluded. He was applauded for his win, and he bowed. Since he took the life of his foe, he would receive the bounty bonus. Erebus walked towards the dashing daemon Yumi, sitting back into his place at the Bleachers. It would be her turn, and for a Lolita as warped and psychotic as she was, he could only assume the fight would be a real show.

“Your turn, Demon.”

Erebus places both hands together under his chin while observing the movements of both. Surely with Yumi, she would win without much difficulty. But one could never be certain what might happen. Her opponent entered the arena, wearing an orange robe. He snapped his fingers riding a vine about 20m into the air. Then, thrusting both hands upwards, conjured a plant-monster that’s vines hoped to snatch Yumi up and hold her in the air by her appendages. If successful, she’d be pulled into the innards of the beast and swallowed.

Of course— Erebus knee her bardiche was a special item. He wondered if she would be able to avoid every vine, since they would endlessly flood atop her unless she moved. At the same time, it seemed the mage at the top of his vine was charging a super spell to drop above her. Erebus was quite invested, sitting at the edge of his seat.

Afterwards, the two would head together and get paid before going home.


Finished and Exit.


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The demon hummed to herself watching the fights past with a mild bored look in her crimson hues, patiently waiting for her turn to fight. TIme ticked away with eveyr passing fight as the daemon tapped her fingers on her knee impatiently, slowly losing what patients she had with each boring fight. The competitors were amateurs who fought with bumbling steps and fancy strikes. In a real battle each of them would have been slain within seconds of taking a step. The opponent didn't care how fancyt your blade skills were, more often than not the simplist attack was the best option.

It seemed before Yumi would have her chance to step up her guild master would be the first to make his move as he stepped onto the coliseum preparing to fight. Watching the rogue go up against a katana wielding samurai cloaked in heavy armor. it seemed her guild master would compete against the blade using a spear as he spun it and entered a stance. With the ringing of the bell the two adventurers charged clashing weapons as rock were blasted out. The two foes clashed violently with loud explosive roars as the earth shook and stone exploded with each impact. The battle was heating up as the battle began to come to a close as the two readied for the final strike. Multiple spear strikes landed as blood was drawn as the samurais life was taken from him. The crowd cheered as Erebus stepped down and resumed his spot on the bleachers while it was not yumi's turn to fight.

The daemon hopped off from the bleachers and drew her giant axe spinning it through the air. The blade made a whirling noise as it created a powerful gust of wind with each spin. Her foe was dressed in an orange robe riding a vine into the air as he entered the coliseum. Yumi's eyes glistened with menace as she eyed her foe who conjured a giant plant-monster whose vines shot towards her in an intent to coil around and devour her tiny frame. Eyes narrowed dangerously as Yumi swung the giant axe through the air. The menacing blade glimmered as it cleaved through the vines green liquid splashing onto the ground as the plant monster howled in pain and coiled backwards.

Yumi stomped her foot, clicked her left fingers and flicked her right wrist flicking the giant axe in the process. A towering mountain began to appear behind her bound in black chains that connected to her own tiny form. Upon the mountain two demons roared angrily as one with wings and one with a towering phyisque appeared. The manifestion of the three spells engulfed Yumi as she stomped the ground once more. The ground shattered exploding beneath her feet as the daemon soared towards the plant monster with great speed. Closing the distance the daemon swung her tyrannical axe in a downward swing. The blade was a blur as it crashed down atop the beast splitting it into two with ease. Green blood splattered across Yumi's face but she seemed underturbed by it. The axe glistened as a powerful murderous aura burst forth from both the weapon and its wielder.

Yumi's attention was soon placed upon the vine magic as he summoned forth a set of grasping vines that shot towards Yumi in an attempt to bind her. Snorting in amusement Yumi swung her axe with axe cleaving through the vines and launched herself towards the enemy mage. Closing the gap Yumi palmed out with her free hand releasing a powerful burst of magical energy. The palm expanded insize creating a giant magical fist that crashed down atop the mage slamming him into the ground. The mage cried out as he was pummelled into the stone floor beneath, the magical fist shattering the tournament floor.

Appearing atop the fallen mage Yumi gripped the axe tightly and swung downwards. Blood sprayed outwards with the final swing as Yumi took the mans head. The single head went rolling across the colisuem floor and came to a stop amongst the bleachers ad the daemon raised a foot and kicked the corpse off the stadium. Ignoring the looks and the cheers from the crowd Yumi began her approach returning to her guild masters side. "I guess all is said and done. Then shall we be off of mgihty guild master?" Questioned the solitude daemon as her crimson hues glistened. Despite the green blood covering her face it didn't take away from her doll-like features.

Turning on her heels Yumi began her departure leaving the coliseum grounds, departing with her guild master. The daemon was looking forward to the war that would soon begin.

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Tournament Arc w/ Yumi (S-rank) FIXCi2K
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