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Freshening Up The Guild Building(Open Social.)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

 Freshening Up The Guild Building(Open Social.) Empty Thu Sep 22, 2022 3:13 pm

Judith Karlinius
If one thing even if times everyone else was busy, Judith would try to keep Fairy Tail lively. Thus often times the guild master herself was busy weather it was replacing furniture, restocking supplies, patching holes in the walls. Various tasks Judith often made sure the building was nice by herself with the help of her husband but she never asked for help all that often.

If anyone had showed up while Judith was working outside on the guild building she had various ladders placed upon the building, On the ground next to the main door to the guild hall where containers of paint. Though it could be assumed it was some one else would paint the guild building after all it was just one simple colour that needed to be in lines. But coming out of the door to actually paint was Judith, wearing coveralls and a hat to make sure any splattered paint would just stay on that rather then just her clothing she would normally wear. She had brushes and held the right colour of paint she would start from the top part down, as always anyone coming by could use the chance to meet and talk with Judith.


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Something was different as Edgar walked through the streets and saw the building he had become familiar with over the months. Ladders and paint buckets stood outside the entrance he had traversed many times. As he approached, he noticed the familiar figure of his guild leader exiting with coveralls. Edgar knew from his short time at Fairytail that Judith, the Guild leader, tended to do the majority of the maintenance of the building herself without asking for help. Edgar’s offered to help before, not one to, at the very least, not offer.

“Good morning Judith! Lovely day for painting! Would you like a hand? I am not busy at this moment.” He stopped just a short distance from his guild leader, pondering how to do the task he offered to assist. How hard could it be? As far as he could see, it was not like this was intricate work. It was just perhaps going to take some time, even for two people.

#3Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
With asking such a thing, it was not met with an answer from Judith right away. However she did put everything down and started walking over to Edgar. Because even if his time in Fairy Tail was short Judith much like anyone who came through her door either to return or not would be subjected to Judith's motherly ways of being. Then looking him right in the eyes Judith seemed to be looking over the newest member of her kin. To anyone else that might be scary.

But when your known as The Fairy Mother of Fairy Tail by your guild members it might be easy to guess Judith was merely seeing if anything off in terms of his health. Even looking to see if there was bags under his eye from lack of sleep. If the colour of his skin was off so many simple signs. Judith did not come off rude when she asked this question with out a greeting it was just standard practice."When did you last eat? Do you need something to drink?"It might seem pointless to ask but this was how Judith ran her guild."Do you need anything at this time? Have you been sleeping well?"The Mother part of her title was very apparent but she always meant well with it.

Then she just snapped back to realizing she forgot her manners and a greeting. But still with that warm smile of a bright soul she would just finally say."Oh right...how rude of me. Hello Edgar I am delighted to see you."She mentioned now because well maybe she should have to start with."I normally won't get other people to help here however if you wish I have a few spare brushes, I am only keeping the outside white of the building up to date so it does not look old."If he wanted to help he could, For once Judith was not refusing which might be rare or might be a reason that Judith used it as a chance to learn and get new member comfortable around her.


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Edgar was familiar with this line of questioning, despite his short time at Fairytail. “I’m fine, Judith. I’m doing great, in fact. I don’t think I’ve missed a meal in weeks. You’ve made sure of that.” He chuckled before looking toward the building and continued, “I’m happy to help. I’m surprised you accepted this time! I would say this is a first, no?” His cheerful expression did not fade. “I mean, it’s the least I could do after all you’ve done for me.”

His attire today was his usual, just a plain linen shirt, pants and some well-worn travellers boots. As he approached, he grabbed some cord in his pocket and tied his ash blonde hair back to keep it away from any potential wet paint. Edgar looked at the stacked ladders one final time before looking back to Judith and the guild building. “So what’s the battle plan, chief? Is it gonna get messy?”

#5Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
One thing Fairy Tail member could boast is how often and how attentive Judith was to all of the members around her, She wanted to be sure everything went to exactly as it needed to be for a person to continue working and living she was just that way."Then everything is how it should be, Last thing I need is for people to be not prepared or starving for working."Judith said about even if it was entirely about caring for other people in the end with.

Even if it was rare for her to say yes, It was not entirely out of pride she gave up and took help it was just to get to know a person, Some what of a sneaky way to do it."It is the first time, I just had a feeling if my husband walked by seeing me doing this alone, He might wonder why i am being stubborn again."She just seemed to slightly chuckled about it only because it might have been something she was talked to about at one point before meeting Edgar again."At least a first time that you have seen anyway. Most guild members do not ask to help with the simple tasks."She was sure to mention it because it was other things that she had help with that was more apparent.

But he wanted to know the plan, Judith had a simple one on what to do."Well, If we work as gently and careful as a leaf blowing in the wind we won't get messy unless your branch isn't steady."She had to add nature things into it because it was just normal. She was referring to hands as branches and a leaf blowing in the wind as working carefully."We start from the top where the ladders are, work downwards then if all goes as carefully and according to plan...I will still have time to cook lunch for all whom are around."It would not be Judith if she had not planned out to make sure the members who were around in allotted times for food and drinks get them on time.

But that was just the magic of Fairy Tail, Judith kept everything stable in the simple ways, Thus to leaves the brave loose leaves to blow free in the wind."But as always, I can assume and plan things but nothing could ever go according to them."That was just how she assumed it anyway, She needed to expect things to work out but in some manner expected them also to not."But...as our newest member, one thing still seemed left in air, What exactly it is I should know. What might be your favourite thing to drink and eat."It sounded silly when you actually had it happen. After all one might ask what their goal was, the entire meaning of their path forward in life, what they consider their ambition in life. But here she was asking about food and drink. Almost like learning that was something in a different way for her, Taking the time to slowly add it in was just the idea for her to do.

Waiting for her answer Judith would walk over to one of the ladders and start climbing up it, part of her almost expected him to not answer her. But it was just a feeling she had of everyone when they where new, Since she was being nosy.


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“My favourite food and drink?” Edgar looked at his guild master quizzically. “Ah! Well, I've got nothing to hide if you’d like to know it. Chamomile tea is my favourite drink. It always reminds me of home.” He chuckled. “Also, Honey, if you would count that as food.”

He moved towards one of the free ladders looking up, “So slow and steady wins the race, huh? I can get behind that. Got it, chief.” Edgar grabbed a paint bucket and carefully ascended the ladder with it in hand and a brush sitting on top. His training helped him balance expertly upon the ladder, “So what is your favourite food and drink then? Chief.” He questioned. The guild master had asked him, so why not ask the same in return?

He picked up the paintbrush, dipping it in the bone white paint that matched the outside of the building and began the task he had set for himself.

#7Judith Karlinius 

 Freshening Up The Guild Building(Open Social.) Empty Mon Sep 26, 2022 1:10 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed with the help at hand, Judith was now getting a question in return even if a simple one to answer by others Judith given her experience in life and how many things she had ate and cooked before was a pretty interesting to think about. Because she did not for a long time ever solely focus on what she would consider her favourite thing to eat.

But she did not just say anything just yet because there was other things to talk about at this time."The at least luck is on your side, I am a nature mage and the leaves for that tea is simple for me to make."Judith mentioned as they started to work."But then again I have a son who runs a tea shop too...So if i don't have in mind to make any....you do not risk being with out."Judith was a planner this way no matter what Edgar had options to get that kind of tea in some way from Fairy Tail.

As for honey, Judith did not think it as a food on it's own but more as a thing to add into food."While one person can not exist entirely on honey, It is a wonderful thing to add to some things to eat."She said while she worked so casually, If anything the ruse of learning more of a person was a simple thing to pick up on, at least was harmless as well. Unless some one had a crazy idea thinking Judith knowing the things she digs into was a bad thing."Might I suggest using it to make bread, glaze meat."Then Judith had an idea that she might have to cook up later, It would be perfect in her mind.

But she would finally answer his question only because it was in her mind to know at this point."I generally prefer well balanced meals, Main part being the meat being chicken and the vegetables being green beans, As for the other parts I often just cook up whatever i'm feeling that day."It was a bit more of an in depth answer but it was still an answer nonetheless.


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“Glazed Meats? Yes! Those are great! Best way to have meat. You know my father used to cook something called Fish-lish, and it was delicious, was skewered trout glazed with honey essentially, a delicacy from his tribe in Iceberg.” He smiled at hearing the guild leader’s idea. His brush carefully flailed against the wall as he talked, periodically dipping it in his paint bucket to keep it consistent. The last thing he wanted was to ruin the paintwork in front of his guild leader.

“It must be rather nice to cook pretty much anything you want! I’m a little jealous. I am not a good cook in the slightest.” Edgar began to get the hang of the brushing as time progressed, and his coating became more consistent. When the paint dried, he believed it would at least not look terrible. His clothing was thanking him, too, as it also enjoyed being less splattered over time.

#9Judith Karlinius 

 Freshening Up The Guild Building(Open Social.) Empty Sat Oct 01, 2022 5:52 am

Judith Karlinius
One of the many things about your guild master being Judith was she would be encouraging to a fair amount of things even the simple things."I may have to consider trying that, However if I get it right I might not be sure unless I have some one to test if the flavour and test is right it might be a bit of a disappointment."Judith mentioned it was a casual but not up front hint that she was willing to try cooking it she just wanted some one to test it. But if Edgar refused it would not offended Judith some one else could be subjected to Judith's cooking trials.

Maybe it could even be a challenge with in it's self to see how many meals a Fairy Tail member could eat before they needed to stop. It would be an interesting plan for Judith to think about, Keeping it in mind for now just for herself."Keep in mind Edgar, My talent of cooking is just one of many things, I use to ballroom dance with my husband often and sing songs to my children and in general.Not even adding in the Ballerina dancing I once did as well"Judith mention as they both carried on painting. But then again most likely none of this was shocking to know.

So now Judith would even mention to him."All of it required practice and effort, One must try to be able to achieve. If you wanted starting points towards knowing how to cook, I will show you and I will be sure you do not risk hurting yourself or burning the food."Judith left him with that offer only to see if he was really interested. Leaving it open that he did not need to say yes to it now but even later if need be, The option was there.


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“I don’t mind, perhaps when I come back from the central regions?” He replied as he and Charlotte had intended to depart soon. “I think that would be great, though. It would seem you are of many talents, chief, ” he smiled as he continued to paint the side of the building. As the day progressed, he had managed to get quite a bit of the task done without too much in the way of errors, as far as he could tell, anyway.

As the task came to a close and the discussions of cooking and hobbies drew to a close Edgar politely bid his guild master farewell intending to spend the remaining hours of the day in meditation and practice for the long road he had ahead. Taking the time out to help his guild master was calming to him and he enjoyed the distraction from more serious tasks for a time.


#11Judith Karlinius 

 Freshening Up The Guild Building(Open Social.) Empty Mon Oct 03, 2022 1:46 pm

Judith Karlinius
It would not take long to progress and finish up the task at hand, with the normal typical fairy tail good by and how they would see each other again. Given how long Judith had been around it was normal for Judith to have these conversations and know they would return it was just the life of the guild master. At least it was the fore sure things for the guild when they came back Judith would be there, With the things a person looked forward to having after Judith learned all of them. It was a process she stuck too well.

But alas he would leave, Judith had finished her work and gone back to her normal guild matters, finished them completely like normal and figured it might be a good idea to just consider going home and think over a few other things to do with her day.


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