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Answers in the West [Travel to West]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Answers in the West [Travel to West] Empty Sun Jun 26, 2022 2:51 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Karisa had taken the kids with her on a trip. The wind mage planned to join them soon, but they both knew that the work he was going to do would be dangerous. And he was never one to relax for too long. Certainly not now with all that was happening around him. With Illumin and the meeting of guild masters. It gave the wind mage a lot to think about, but his primary concern was the matter with the angels. Nonetheless he had made a plan at the meeting and needed to see it through.

The griffon was sound asleep. it felt like ages since the two of them had flown together or even left the region. Kazimir stirred the beast awake. It cooed with weariness until the wind mage nodded his head to the skies. The griffon shook his wings off and jumped up with a large wing span opening within the courtyard. Kaz told the animal that it was time to fly. This time they were to head west. To ground zero of the next step.

The wind mage hopped onto the winged beast and tapped the creature's sides with his heels. The griffon fluffed his wings and soared into the air. it took Kazimir along with him. The skies felt freeing once more the wind mage. It was nice to be traveling again. Too long had he stayed stagnant in his actions. The guild fought off an invasion and well was well in the town once more. There were a couple of people on the wizard saints' mind, and it was time they finally had a chance to sit down and talk.

The griffon spun through the air and they traveled by his once homeland. The rune knights. Part of him still wished he could have become a commander. But he had no idea what shape they were in now.

The griffon spun once more and turned away from the military tower and toward the west. toward the darkness that people said was spreading in the land. The griffon landed on the outskirts of the town. Kaz pulled up his hood and headed to the menacing guild building ahead of him. It was finally time to meet.

Travel West


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