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Sun, surf, drinks and a Zealot!? (Tempris)

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Sun, surf, drinks and a Zealot!? (Tempris) Empty Thu Jun 16, 2022 1:51 pm


Kaito still enjoying what time he has left on the island is making sure to take care of himself keep the sunscreen applied and to just relax and enjoy the sun and the island though he wasn't sure at first from the shady person that had talked him into coming her but he still enjoyed his time so far, he wasn't like crazy over whelmed and drowning in requests or people staring at him and judging him. Though he did wonder how many other people he might meet with her beside Akuko and his brother and his family.

He watches the other people from the porch of his beach house that he was renting he was sipping some fresh cold ice tea and pretty much enjoying life as it is coming before he returns to the main land and back to having to fight, help and save those that need him at any given moment though his heart does seem to grow slightly dark as the day goes on.

Revy is at the base of the stairs drawing in the sand and running around on the hot sand as she goes fully enjoying the time that they are taking off for his birthday week. She wondered if he was really okay though as he has always been mission this request that. She was surprised that he could really slow down or that he had been sleeping more normally here then he had when they were back on the main land.

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