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Deadliest Catch 1 [Neutral]

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She started to play with her hair as she was looking around this area. Her feet were still on the boat as there was no way she was off yet. What other way would she going to get here without a boat? Once she got on the shore, she already saw that people needed help, so she went over to the board that she was told about and looked at it. Her pink hair shined from the sunlight as her eyes of brown was gazing coldly at the board. She started touching the board and liked the feeling that it gave.

Soon enough, she saw that someone needed help with something, but then when she was able to read the detail, it was too late as she suddenly looked around to see that there were some people staring at her. Were they the Islanders that lived here? Once they got a good look at her, they went on with what they were doing, and she looked back at the board to start reading the details that she needed to read.



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She saw that she had to go and take care of some sea monster that resided in the water. She will have to find a crew and some others who are willing to help and fight them. Her head started to look around as she was unsure who to ask as this was her very first time on this island. Was it odd to jump right into helping as soon as she got on this island? She felt like maybe most people would say hello to the residents first before just going off.

She took the paper for herself as she started to go towards the village that was nearby as it was probably the place to find people to go onto a boat and take her where she needed to go. Her tongue cleaned her back tooth as her topaz eyes looked around the village. Some were giving her stares as they were unsure about her.

"Do you know where to find some people to go out in the ocean?", she questioned.




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Some people looked away from her as if they didn't really want to do anything with her. Was it because she was brand new? She reached the back of her head and she then started to itch it. The poor woman was really confused about who to ask as some people just ignored her. Was it because she belonged to a dark Guild? She then went more towards the dock as she was sure she could find some people. There are some people fishing already as they were just sitting on the dock and then there were others that were getting a boat prepared. She felt like that was perfect as she went over and asked them if they could take her out into the ocean to take care of some large creature. At first, they were really hesitant, but then she told them that they were going to help the village. If they do so as it was part of the flyer on the board.




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She promised them a cut of the profit if they turn in the monster or creature. She was sure it was going to get to them, and they will agree. Setting up the boat, the crew and she started to get onto the ship as the crew was getting on with what they had to do to prepare. She was ready to go ahead and get this done. Finally, they started to sail as they went towards the middle of where they had to go. Quickly, she ran towards the point of the bow as she wanted to see where they were going. She called it the bow as it was where the boat bent. As the water splashed her, she started to watch everything. But then the sky started to get dark. One of the crew members yelled out that there was a storm incoming. She knew what was coming, but she was wondering how strong it was going to be.




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Her eyes reflected the sky as the boat continued to go out further. The water sprinkled on her face as the tides were becoming rather wild. Every time she took a breath the air became harder to take as her heart pounded with pain from the cold crisp air. She smiled though as she felt free for the moment. A war maiden, Priestess and a runaway woman who was destined to be an enslaved wife felt free from the wind and water. Her pink hair swung back as she then saw something come out of the water. It was large, larger than the boat. She was not sure if they could actually kill it. I had to try though, so she started to get her weapon ready as she gripped onto the sword. She looked at the others as they looked at her, as if they were communicating without talking.




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As they were about to prepare to fight the creature, she learned to see another boat on the other side of the creature. The other boat started to shoot at the creature with different spells and attacks She saw that it was doing damage, but then the creature realized. Then it started to lash out at them with its tentacles. The sight was to behold as it was a story to be told. The storm was brewing in as it was getting more intense. The boat started to rock left and right as they started to hold onto the sides of the boat to stay up. Once they got close enough, the sailors started to grab onto the bonds that they were created earlier and shot at the monster. Did nothing to help the other boat as she saw the other people that were on that boat dying. It wasn't her fault that they were coming out here to do some competition. They were in her way, if this is how they were going to go down, then so be it.




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Once the competition was done, she then saw her crew finish halfly the monster as she then ran up and used her spells and her sword to finish him off. She was happy that this was about to be over as she looked up at the sky and then back up at the monster. It really didn't have to be this way, but because it was calling with the chaos it was causing, they had to kill it. Everyone was binding the monster so they could bring it to them. Once it was close enough, they went towards the island so they could hand in the monster and finally get the money. She was running to help them and share everything that she was going to get. The growing divide, was it this easy or was it because of how much she was growing in terms of strength?

The boat was going really slow because of how heavy the creature was. But they were going to get it was going to be able to pay for all the damages and the extra stuff that they had to use. Once they got to the shore, they then had someone stand by the boat to keep watch. Her in the rest of the crew went to the person who wanted the creature and got them so they could bring them back to the shore. They told the person the details and once the creatures handed in, they all gave their shares and went their own way.



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