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Stolen Sword [Quest: Vyra]

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Time spent still within Hargeon, Vyra knew that it were only a matter of time that her endeavors within the docks, the fun and games that she had turned her stealing antics into was going to catch up with her, potentially on a grander scale. It wasn’t impossible, nor something that she doubted would end up being the case. It was all but inevitable, and had been shown already. Those whom were more regarded as the criminal side of the Hargeon Docks, they had already taken interest in Vyra, having effectively blackmailed her into responding to some of their deeds prior, a recent example being the case of her having to explore through a local politician’s headquarters, having broke in for the purposes of acquiring some blueprint legislature towards something relating to the ongoing conflict. It was a job that left Vyra with a bad taste in her mouth, not keen on having engaged in such a style of operation.



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When she was approached by the man, curious to if she were looking to do another job, she figured that it was going to be something of the like. She did not want it to be, but she knew that it was a very real chance to happen. Sadly, it was exactly that, though she did feel a little bit better knowing that this time it was not something that was dealing with politicians. Theft, things like that, at times it was a tolerable thing to endure and deal with, albeit one that often left her feeling a bit awkward and uneasy, but dealing with the politicians, given both their knowledge and likely association with Alisa alongside it being a case of Vyra taking a direct side within the conflict, it was not something that she liked or otherwise wished to make obvious. So, for as much as she hated the idea of doing a new job, she did appreciate it being different.



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The man was not one whom she had met before, a man whom she had come to know as a captain of one of the ships. A title that held weight, particularly within the Hargeon Docks, but seldom one that people spoke about. Captains were fearful people, particularly given their likelihood to dictate and accoamdate traders when they found it valuable. It was the nature of their work; they dictated the ships path, the schedules, when they departed, how much they carried, things that many people would not care about at all, but to the trade companies who relied on them to haul their goods, it was a huge thing of importance. Thus, much like how they were vital to the ship captains in the amount of profit that went towards the ships and their crews, so too were they important given how much they enabled for the relationship to work. It was a symbiotic one of sorts, with both sides benefiting and neither looking to rock the boat and ruin that.



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Call it perhaps a curious job, if nothing else at least one that broke from the typical expectations of what she would have to be doing, but Vyra could as much tell that this was not like the sorts of jobs that she would more likely come to expect within the trading companies. It wasn’t some nature of having to go about and do something to further along their agenda, it wasn’t something that forced her to more pursue a form of allegiance that she did not want to put her name towards, even despite her willingness to commit offenses that could have as much been read as though she were going against them. What she did she did in the interest of surviving, nothing more. What she hoped people understood was exactly that, but whether or not they would, that was what remained more to be seen. But for the time being, expecting to earn that trust based on the job would wait; rather instead it being something of a more sensitive nature towards this man.



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The task by itself were a much more simple one than previous, one that Vyra was all too much accepting and appreciative of. She were not looking to spend an exhaustive amount of effort, not hoping to find herself engaged with some sort of illegal activity in order to encourage or otherwise help a different form of illegal activity. There was none of that this time around, to her delight. Rather instead, it was simply just a case of her having to ask a few questions, handle a couple of things that were for all intents and purposes, very simple. She wasn’t too worried as the details become more apparent towards her. She knew what she would have to do, she knew what would be the expectations, and as far as she were concerned, all of that was fine, if not even something that she would have looked forward to, something that for once she wouldn’t have to look over her shoulder as a result of her actions.



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To make things even more simple for Vyra, it seemed that this man had done most of the work for her already, essentially leaving her to simply ask the questions that he did not believe he could have gotten out of the man on his own. Easy enough. It did not take long, nothing more than some questions, a subtle threat maybe that was echoed out, nothing too obvious nor anything that would be overly concerning to most people, but the man got the hint relatively quick. It seemed that the object in question that the man was interested in, some sort of weapon or another, this person she was asking about seemed to have some information on it, whether or not it was something that would translate to actual worthwhile value being a question that only the man who hired Vyra could answer. What was clear though was that it was all he knew, and though she felt like it was underwhelming, the man was elated to hear of her success. Though it felt off, Vyra took her reward nonetheless and departed.


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