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A Favor For a Favor

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The sun had shone unusually bright in the forests of Minstrel. As Khalfani awakened from his slumber, the only thing he could remember was pouncing onto the man named Lord Ozo who had been up, shirtless beside him now. The Desiertan rose up, leaned forward before slowly shifting his gaze to the man beside him. Both were naked with only a silk white sheet to cover the bottom half of their bodies. The younger vampire ran his finger through his head, Ozo's eyes remained glued to his figure. With a dazzling smirk, he spoke. "Good morning, Khalfani." The Black Panther said nothing. He only pushed himself out of the bed before bending opening to place his undergarments back on, his hind revealing its secrets. "There was a favor you needed?" The sorcerer said coldly. He was used to one night stands. They had happened so often because they were the only thing aside from feeding that gave him a glimpse of pleasure.



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Still, Khal had been slightly upset with himself. He didn't trust Ozo. There was something obviously off about him and yet e had allowed him to bed him. It was an insult to his character, alas, he had only done it to himself. Even as he felt this way there would be no indication of it. The Morningstar was stoic, everything he had felt had been easily contained within without him even trying. Lord Ozo pushed himself out of the bed, chuckling to himself. Perhaps he hadn't expected the Black Panther to act in such a way. So...dismissive and eager to get the job done. "There is no rush Khalfani, let us spend the morning together. You needn't rush away so soon. Was last night not to your-" The vampire lord began as he casually walked around the bed to the darker skinned vampire. This was how it usually went.



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One person involved would attempt to make something out of what meant nothing to the other. It wasn't that Ozo wasn't attractive. Truly, he was a beautiful man. It was that this could simply not work. Not only had Khalfani had a job to do, but he was also invested in someone right now. Besides, Lord Ozo was a Vampire Lord. Khalfani had pledged to not be the plaything of nobles ever again. He would no longer be worn like a diamond ring or shown off like a golden trophy. "I enjoyed last night, yes, but we have important matters to tend too. You know what I'm here for. I'll hold up my end of the deal for the information you can offer me and then I'll be on my way. Maybe the gods will have us meet again." He said as he Ozo brushed upon him, planting his lips against Khalfani.



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The vampire embraced his affection, parting his lips with his tongue for only moments before breaking away and leaving the room. Ozo sighed, biting his lip. He enjoyed the idea of a hunt. However, he knew that this would never be more than what it was the night before. The two had gone downstairs. Ozo trailing after Khalfani as his guards stood front and center awaiting his orders. Their eyes had met with their Lords but did not question whatever had happened. Instead, Jasper patiently awaited commands. The panther was guided by Ozo into the living room area where the two of them had begun to over over the plans. All in all, it was a simple task. The elder vampire had only wanted Khalfani to deliver cargo to a business partner he had been trading with for years. Apparently she was someone he trusted and had never broken their partnership.



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The task wasn't hard. In fact, it was so easy that Ozo could have simply gotten one of his guards to do it. It became clearer that Lord Ozo was only trying to stall Khalfani. Either that, or he was testing the rogue prince's worth. For what though? Was he attempting to recruit the vampire into his ranks? If so then he had been badly mistaken. Khalfani was a mercenary who worked for himself, his people and occasionally his grandfather. He had abandoned his life beside the Pharaoh and it would not be for nothing. Khalfani didn't ask questions though. If Lord Ozo was being deceitful, then the brown skinned Vampire would find out after the task is completed. There was a risk that went with doing this job though. Although it sounded easy enough, Lord Ozo could have been setting him up and giving him to the Lords and Ladies who probably wanted his head by now.



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Khal would never know, but it was a risk he would just have to take. Khalfani was adamant on figuring out who was in control of this human trafficking ring. One way or another he would end it, no matter what it took. He owed that to himself, to the thousands perhaps even millions of people being used and abused now, and he owed that to his kin to come. Khalfani could not start a family, he could not bring children into a world where such evils existed without condemnation. Lord Ozo continued on, explaining that he would have men escord the Young Desiertan vampire to the meeting location. He also explained that the woman's name was Shel, and she knew the deal. If she should decide to move differently, or should any of the conditions change for one reason or another then Khalfani had all rights to order his men and kill her on the spot.



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This is what it was like to live in Minstreli. The lords were ruthless. Far more ruthless than those in Fiore. The conversation that followed didn't take too much time. Once Khalfani had a good understanding he would begin to embark on his short journey deeper into the forests. Ozo had provided ten of his men, ten healthy horses and had sent Khalfani off. Was it to his doom? Only time would tell. Khalfani rode in the middle of the line with two men on each side of him, two men behind him, and two men in front of him. Despite the fact that he was technically leading this band of vampires and elves, it seemed that they were supposed to keep a close eye on him. If he had abandoned the mission then it would mean nothing to Lord Ozo. He would still trade his cargo and he would still get paid accordingly.



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The men didn't seem to like Khalfani very well. To them, he was the newcomer, probably just here for the moment. They wouldn't be wrong. The Black Panther would easily be able to ignore their glares and the sense of unwantingness in the air. He did not care. These were the same men that had kidnapped him. If he really needed to, he would kill them all without hesitation. The horses hooves clicked on the ground, jumping over fallen trees and stumps. The grass was a lot less healthier here in comparison to Fiore. Although flowers bustled, they seemed to be of lesser quality than the flowers in Fiore. In Desierto, the wild-life was even worse. The carriage in front of Khalfani swiveled through the terrain, dodging rocks and random stones. For them to be moving so fast he was nearly amazed that the carriages wheels hadn't fallen off. "We're close!" The man in beside the rogue prince said, pointing to a carriage with a band of other folks around it.



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At the front stood a woman with a head band on. The vampire tapped his ear piece and his helmet activated, allowing him to zoom in further. The woman turned to her men with her head on the horse that would have been leading the carriage of cargo, telling her men that Khalfani and Ozo's men were approaching. Of course she wouldn't know who Khalfani was. Not yet at least. Hopefully not ever. It only took a few more moments for Ozo's band to meet up with Shel's band. The vampire hopped off of his horse and approached her. "We were sent by Ozo, shell." Was all he would say before she nodded. She glanced over at the rest of the men then commanded her men to get the stuff. Khalfani turned and nodded towards the men that were with him and they began to unload the cargo as well. The men began trading boxes, Khalfani never leaving his horse as Shel watched him. He glared into her eyes, making sure to stay close in case this did happen to be a set up and he would have to flee. "I've never seen you before. What's your name?" She inquired. "It doesn't matter. Are we done here?" the rogue prince asked before she chuckled. "Yeah, we are." The men gathered their belongings and climbed back onto the horses. This task was easy and now they just needed to return. However, before Khalfani left Shel would say one more thing. "Tell your Lord I said hey."


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