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Tournament Arc #5 [Quest][B-rank]

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Tournament Arc #5 [Quest][B-rank] Empty Fri Mar 04, 2022 12:20 am

It had been nearly two years since her last entry into the tournament that great baska rock had hosted. There were a variety of individuals that were always looking to combat one another for one reason or another. Today Lucretia was stepping into the ring so to speak to test something of hers. To find out just how strong she really was after all that traveling and training. She had marked it last time before learning her old magic and now with a new one that she was going to be working towards she felt like she should figure that out.

Someone wanted her to defeat the current champion and she had strict rules not to kill anyone else other than them were it to come down to it. Something easy since if she did do that the fighting would stop. But she figured that it would end far faster than they would ever expect. She wore no helmet today and had donned her dwarven armor. She was fully kitted out, having long since given up the ring that hid her items in another dimension. The yeti brace and pyaar earrings were proudly displayed.

But that wasn’t what set her apart from the ones that were making their way to the ‘entrance’ of this arena. No. It was the weapon she carried and how she carried herself. It’s reach was impressive and the fact she held no other weapon or shield meant that she likely was going to fight using both hands on that spear. Her eyes locked on the champion ahead of her. It was a swordsman type of champion, an older man with many scars and a sort of tired look about him. He moved with a subtle grace that lucretia lacked. But in comparison she could tell that physically she was much stronger than he was.

When the tournament started off there was an instant clash of arms from those young and raring to go. The only two that didn’t fight everyone immediately were both Lucretia and this older man who just sighed and turned to look at her. Gray hair fell about his face and she could clearly see every wrinkle as his eyes opened up.

Go on then. Show me what you have.

I’m not one to strike someone without giving them the respect they deserve. I will admit I have been told that you are not to leave this arena alive. I will give you a good death Honorable Elder.

The older man chuckled and could tell that pride burned in both of their chests. Lucretia adjusted her stance and the older man drew his sword. Spreading his feet ever so slightly but before he got a moment to try to close the distance, Lucretia let out a roar that was far more beast like than one could ever hope to hear from a person.

Her armor barely held together as her body distended and swelled; slowly growing from a respectable height of 6’7 to one practically a little more than double that. The spear was still long enough to be used but rather than sit in both of her hands comfortably it was easily gripped by one of her now massive clawed hands. Were she male she might have had a magnificent mane around her head but instead she had a much more sleek appearance. She’d adjust a little bit and with a growl she’d bring the Assagai in a brutal arc downwards, the speed she had was nothing impressive surely which the older man quickly stepped out of the way.

But Lucretia’s body with the magic within the spear had risen to new heights she had never thought attainable before. She felt the rock underneath them shake and the fighting around them died down as a plume of dust rocketed upwards from the impact. The older man was sent stumbling and his eyes widened in shock. The sound of rocks shifting came quickly as the assagai was pulled back and as the dust settled lucretia slowly walked forward towards the older man. Casually she’d backhand a young man coming to attack her, sending him flying out of the way.

I know you have abilities that make you stand out… even above your peers; respected elder. But I am not one of your peers.

The woman drew her arm back and with a throw that for a moment slowed the world down she was gifted with the sight of the mans sword flashing in brilliant vermillion. Her eyes tracked his movements and she was gifted with the sight of his blade surrounded by an interesting flow of magic. She’d never seen something like that before; but before he could say anything the Assagai launched back to her hand and she’d growl again.

The next one will go through your chest Honored elder.

Do you think so lowly of me that I would let it?

No. I plan on putting it through it with my own two hands.

The man’s eyes widened a little bit as Lucretia launched herself forward, it wasn’t an impressive leap by any means but the fact she was agile enough to do much more than walk or run was probably stunning to someone that was used to dealing with just simple human opponants. With a roar that practically cracked the rock underneath her she drove her spear forward; the man’s sword flashed again but…

The Assagai was on a different level than that man’s blade and it’s blocking motion was instead intercepted by the tip of the spear. It seemed as though it would hold very briefly but like his championship it was instead shattered as the nine hero weapon destroyed the lesser weapon. Maybe had she been wielding one of her prior weapons it might have stood a chance.

Maybe if she wasn’t as outlandishly strong it would be a different story as well. But she barely felt his body as the spear traveled through it. Punching straight into his ribs and then out the back. Then further still into the ground behind him. The shocked look on the man’s face was something that lucretia would remember for a long time. A man that had lived close to a century no doubt and was instead now ended by a far younger warrior. There was a small pause and a cough that was followed by some blood running out of his mouth. Not to mention the sizeable hole in his chest that seemed to be quickly becoming a red stain on the white outfit he wore.

Stand above… my peers indeed… heh. I was actually the runt… But I survived when… they did not.

Lucretia drew her arm back, staring down at the man as she felt the spear get stuck for a moment before yanking it back. She’d watch him fall to the ground. Broken sword tumbling from his weakening grasp. Lucretia would stoop to pick it up and would instead place it in his hand, even going so far as to help the now mortally wounded elder clasp his hilt for the last time.

To be outdone by your newer generation is not a bad thing. Rest easy Honored elder. The future is in good hands.

Lucretia watched the life drain from the champion’s eyes and felt one of her ears flick; he was the only one to die and she could feel the various eyes from the onlookers on her. Exhaling a bit she’d let her form recede down to what it normally sat at; a usual six foot seven. But she seemed somehow lesser than before; adjusting herself she’d look around.

Many warriors had fallen but like every tournament she had been a part of they had to keep going till everyone had been knocked out. Blinking a bit as she felt something slide off of her chest she’d glance down. Her chestplate had been neatly cut off of it’s straps and she felt her gauntlets fall off of her hands. Even her greaves and heavy boots fell off their moorings. She’d glance down to the dead elder in front of her and give a small wry grin.

Were it not for the heavy armor that she had been wearing, mixed with the incredible body that was granted to her by the spear their roles likely would have been reversed. Many warriors were now eyeing her as well and she’d let out a soft chuckle. The champion was dead sure but she was now a massive target now that her armor and ability had both run out and been destroyed.

The fight that ensued wasn’t so much like that against the honored elder but was more along the lines of what you’d expect an adult berating young children. Many of the fighters here weren’t actually the greatest, even if many of them had some skill. Compared to the ex-hunter they were more like… Well. Children wielding swords. With most of them knocked out and groaning on the ground lucretia turned to leave.

Once out of the arena she’d sit on the stairs, staring out into the city. She wasn’t sure if she did the right thing in there. Agreeing to take out just a single man for a sum of money? She’d look down at her hands, the bag next to her containing her chunks of armor and with a man coming forth with a small bag with her likely payment she’d glower up at him.

I know you wanted to send your grandfather off with a bang but most people don’t pay warriors to kill their own family members. And there won’t be a next time from me.

She’d snatch the bag out of his hands; watching the man flinch. The shopkeep was definitely no fighter so it wasn’t like she was about to berate him for being unable to even fight their own family. She’d huff a bit and just wait for the sun to set so she could at least watch people leave to go to their homes…

Tch. Just ain’t right.

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