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Howl are you doin'? [Aurelia]

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Howl are you doin'? [Aurelia] Empty Tue Feb 01, 2022 6:54 am


The sun was already high up in the sky today. A kind contrast to the cold northern air rolling in over the last few weeks. The clouds were free, out and about in a few small numbers but not doing much to give shade for most of the land. The territory of Crocus was a little bit less tense than Era, and given that Jikan had broken out of the Rune Knight's prision about a week ago, anything that put her further away from that place was a gift from god.

Currently Jikan in a Wooden area that was a little bit away from one of the smaller towns near Crocus. Mia, Jikan newly met friend that was a brown furred cat exceed, sat on her left shoulder as the Sleeping Calamity witch walked to terrain. The incoming snow had come after the cold chill, leaving the leaves and greenery to fade away. As well as an increased need to hunt for a log fire, which.....would also become more and more difficult.

"I...I'm getting cold Jikan".


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The cold air and snow didn't bother her. How could it? She had grown accustomed to it by now as she was constantly living on the street, always on the move, sleeping where ever she could. It of course helped that she was able to snag a blanket from a town close by, her body becoming as small as it could with the warm fabric wrapped around her. Never knowing how she made it from one place to the next, Aurelia wished she could for once in her life relax and live some in some sort of peace or at least had a steady flow of food. Yes, for all her suffering her greatest had been hunger.

She was always hungry, and it was for the most part unbearable. Her hunger caused her to steal and maim for a morsel of food. She would do whatever it took just to get something of a meal, even eating out of trashcans. At her young age pride had been practically stripped from her but she wouldn't show it in the face of others. Not knowing when her next meal came she took every opportunity when it came by and it so happened to come by when she heard the voice of someone getting close. Quickly getting up and placing the blanket down she hid behind a tree and waited for the right moment to jump. The dirty child would wait until she was sure she heard the footsteps crunching on the dry leaves and snow become close enough. With her chance to strike at hand she hadn't realized just how much hunger had affected her, and instead of jumping out she passed out right in front of the people she was suppose to be getting the drop on.


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Mia was right, it was cold out here. And even with the scarf Jikan had given her, a long enough exposure to the effects of nature would have an impact on anyone. Even Jikan was starting to get a little chilly. "I know I know Mia, but hold up a little bit longer. We are just about done collecting wood. We can sell it inside the town and then be done for the day. How about I...", Jikan had to stop mid sentence before she could respond to Mia.

A body had collapsed and fallen from behind a tree face first into some snow. From first glance it was hard to make out the details of the individual but it looked like a person, a small child? Jikan finding the sitution and sight weird, took slow and careful steps forward to examine closer.

"wait...Jikan. You should not get too close. What if it is a trick", it had been a short time since Mia and Jikan started traveling together. But it was already a known fact by Jikan that Mia was an overly untrusting person and extreme cautious. Jikan continued moving forward. She was perfectly aware of that. But still, seeing such a young person suddenly fall and seem silent was something she just had to check out...

"Wait..where do I", Jikan reached up and grabbed her head with her right hand. A shock of pain ranged through her brain. It...had to do with something about this person? Their face looked familiar, and there was a vague memory of some interaction between the two recently. Something...about buying them food while they were hungry? But...Jikan could not remember anything more than that...without suffering from a blistering migraine.


Some time has passed since that...annoyance. Jikan had started a small camp fire using some of the wood she had collected. The person that had fallen was still unconscious, but Jikan had laid them on their back wrapped back in a, blanket(?), that was near them. Somewhat close to the fire should aid in providing warmth, and at this time, Jikan had taken out one of many pieces of meat she had bought that day and began cooking it. Some fish. Big enough to be eaten by all three of them. But when this person awoke, Jikan would have some questions for them...

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She hated times like these. This wasn't her first time passing out because the hunger grew too strong for her to overcome. It also wasn't the first time she passed out in front of another person. The world could be so cruel that most people just walked on by when it happened but there were some who were kind enough not to let her suffer. She didn't know how long she was out, and she only woke up due to the scent of food in the air and the warmth of the fire. Her dull blue eyes blinked opened slowly, the fire coming into focus before her eyes landed on a woman with red hair and a cat. The woman looked familiar but Aurelia didn't dwell on that too long as her eyes locked onto the food that was being cooked.

Can I have some? I haven't eaten in what feels like weeks.

Getting straight to the point as her mouth began to water, Aurelia could really only think about the food. Her mind was on a single track and that was to eat. She only hoped that this woman would share or she would attack her for some of the delicious smelling meat that smelled like fish.


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As the meat cooked over the camp fire, Mia also took the opportunity to hover by the fire. Staying close  by Jikan to stay within easy reach of her, the exceed enjoyed the warmth of the flickering flames. "Ahhhhhh, this is so nice.....". Being the ever cautious person, Mia was also eyeing the laying unconscious person. She was unknown and Mia had no idea what she would be up to once she awoke. She could be talkative, she could get up and run away, she could be a maniac and just attack them when she woke. There were endless opportunities.

And then she opened her eyes! The empty ocean blue color sending a chill through Mia's fur. She backed away. Staying by the fire and by Jikan but furthering her distance from Aurelia.

Mia was nervous, Jikan on the other hand held a plain calm look as she eyed the child. She looked hungry, she looked beat up. Jikan doubt that she had much strength in her, nor that she could manage much magic power if she was a magic user. ...but did she have poison on hand?

Jikan nodded, "Sure kid". The meat had finished cooking just about when Aurelia had woken up. Reaching into the bag Jikan carried with her, she took out a fork, knife, and plate. The proceeded to cut out a sizeable piece of meat and placed it somewhat in front of Aurelia, "it's hot...let it cool down a little bit before eat". Jikan then took out a plastic container that contained water and placed it next to the meat before walking back to her spot while keeping her eyes out for Aurelia's actions.

As she sat down, Jikan's body was behind the fire. The light being like an extension of her shadow that made her seem bigger than what she actually was. "So, if you don't mind me asking. What is your name, and why do I feel like I've seen you before?".


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It was hot? She didn't care about that and it was almost the only thing she heard as she grabbed the meat off of the plate as soon as it was set down in front of her. Hunger was the only thing on her mind and body, she didn't give a fuck if it was burning her hands or her mouth as she powered through the heat, letting little bouts of breathing go in and out to cool it while she chewed. Aurelia wanted to thank the woman but the red-headed lady kept asking her questions. The first question was of course what was her name. A typical question asked from a stranger to a stranger, the most common question she answered over her life. Aurelia wouldn't have any problems giving her name, it was the only thing she owned that would stay with her throughout her life, the only thing that let her know she used to have a mother who loved her, and probably the only thing that kept her from going completely feral.
Slowing down just a bit, she spoke between bites as she enjoyed the food in front of her.


The second question didn't make any sense to Aurelia. She didn't know this woman and if she did she aint remember her, nor did she care to. When you lived your life second by second people who come into your life and don't stay get forgotten, it's easier to survive that way. Maybe they did meet in passing but it probably wasn't more than a few moments, maybe even less. Finishing up the food and licking her fingers of any remaining juices she was still hungry. Of course, she was. What was one piece of fish going to do for her but scratch an itch that needed to be clawed at? Taking a deep breath she cursed herself mentally. Nothing was ever free, especially not food, and her stupid self just ate without thinking. Who gives away food for free? What was this woman after? Now she was paranoid and on edge, even more so than usual. Watching the cat and the woman for a second she frowned because she was in no position to fight or really do anything.

I don't know why you feel like that lady. I don't know you. I have a question now. What do you want from me? No one gives food away for free, not unless they want something. I ain't got nothing to give so what do you want me to do?

Her voice was low, almost like a growl. She hated being put in a corner like this and she could only hope this woman was showing some sort of kindness and not preying on the weak.


Howl are you doin'? [Aurelia] Empty Thu Feb 17, 2022 7:07 am


Jikan told the child the food was hot....aaaaaannnd that did not seem to matter at all. Instead of using the utensils, heck even the plate. The person before Jikan and Mia did not pay it nor them any mind, lunging forward to grab the food off the plate not caring for anything else. This was no facade of hungry with this one to set up some ploy. She was genuine in need and starving. The savagery and bluntness of desperation in how she ate made that clean.

But dang it this child was burning her hands a little in the process and her mouth. Just how dense was she when it came to self care? No no. That was not the case. Jikan knew better. The child likely had knowledge of it, if not instincts of 'hot is bad'. But she may be so bad that it really did not matter at all. The thought...made Jikan feel a trio of emotions. Anger. Sadness. Pity.

Just like...

She shook her head. Things in the past were meant to stay in the past...

Just as she did that the girl slowded down eating a bit to answer her. She heard her mumble out a few words through. "Aurelia....alright".

Jikan let the child finish eating. She was going to talk and answer any questions Jikan head then she needed her to have some energy. Unfortnaltly, it seemed that the child had no knowledge of her. But she seemed on edge and now asking Jikan a question as if they were taking turns.

"Huh? What do I want from you?", Jikan cocked her head and stared at the child with a neutral plain look. "Nothing. There is nothing you can give me unfortunately. I thought I knew you, from some memories that is out of grasp in my mind. But trying to remember you cause some mental pain for some reason. So, it seems whatever that is that I am thinking about is pointless right now". She stood up now, reaching over to the finished cooled fish and separated more, giving Mia her share and Jikan hers. Jikan took a piece of hers before spiting hers some more and tossing it to the child that resembled a wolf. "Eat. The thought of a child dying before my eyes makes me sick".

Mia, who had remained quiet up until now caught the fish and began to nibble happily into it with glee. "Ahhhh, its so delicious Jikan!".

Jikan sat back down, patting Mia's head but sitting down with a sense of agitation in her stomache. The cut up clothes, messy hair, dead filled ears, and bony thin limbs from malnutrition. "...", Jikan sighed. "Actually, you asked me what I want you to do? I want you to come into town with me. We need to get you clean up and fed. I cannot accept a child, no less a girl, looking so bad. And don't try to fight me about it either".

She leaned back, attempting to give her body a smaller look. The girl was speaking low, bitter. As if like she was growling. Oh this one may be troublesome...darn these kids I keep running into...


Howl are you doin'? [Aurelia] Empty Sat Feb 19, 2022 8:42 am

Through bites of her food, she heard the woman out. Not many people were into the act of kindness business and even though the woman put on the front about why she wanted to help her Aurelia wasn't buying it. Licking her fingers as she finished her food she figured that if the worst was to come in following this woman then she would deal with it then and there, but right now she wasn't in the position to decline so she just nodded her head. What was this woman's name again? Did she even say? Aurelia couldn't remember. Did that cat thing just say Jikan before? She was so focused on the food she didn't really catch some of what was said, she only filtered what she thought was important, certain phrases, a tactic she had to learn in order to get by and ahead living out in the world.

Alright. I'll come. I ain't got anything else anyway. What ya name again?

Her words were less mumbled, she didn't growl this time, but there was still something in her voice. She was distant, cautious, reserved but willing. She really had not much to lose...Well except her life, but she'd cross that bridge when she got there.


Howl are you doin'? [Aurelia] Empty Mon Feb 21, 2022 8:17 am


Jikan nodded her head, happy with Aurelia not causing resistance to Jikan's offer. If she refused, Jikan may had ended up carrying the girl into town and that, would not look good. But, in the grand scheme, would Jikan even care? It was not like she gave much attention to how the general people looked at her or thought of her anyway... That phase passed from her a long long time ago.

Jikan got up, picking up the water she had placed down for the girl. Aurelia was so much in need of food that she probably did not notice the water. Thin as she was she needed nutrition, but she also had to get her fluids or else. Jikan would stick out the glass out to Aurelia, a sign to drink before they would continue going on. "Alright then, we will get going when you are ready to move. Oh, and the name's Jikan". Jikan's words held the same tone as it had before. Calm yet stern, but a little bit lighter. Pleased at the knowledge that in her words at least, Aurelia had agreed to come along with Jikan to get taken cared of.

She then went back to the fire by Mia. Aurelia may had said yes, but it was clear that she was still on edge, unsure. Doing more likely in a need to for possibly surviving and not by pure choice. Jikan would relax, spend the time between looking over the items she had on her and talking to Mia (who was behind Jikan refusing to leave her side uncertain of Aurelia) until Aurelia was ready to go. After which she would put out the fire and begin taking her new acquaintance into town.

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Howl are you doin'? [Aurelia] Empty Tue Feb 22, 2022 9:26 am

Jikan. Mmm. She swirled the name in her brain as the question in her mind pinged again if she knew the woman. The long pause of silence between them helped with this process but after a moment Aurelia was sure she had not seen this woman before. Shaking her head Aurelia devoured any food left that she was allowed to eat before the young girl stood up. Yea. I don't know a Jikan. I guess I don't know one till now. For now. Anyway, I'm ready to take me whenever ya gonna take me. Scooping up the blanket she had with her, the dirty little female wrapped herself up in it. She didn't trust this woman nor did she trust the thing with her but she would follow them with caution until she was strong enough to leave on her own. She had to take a gamble if she wanted a jackpot. Once they would leave she would follow quietly.

- exit -

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