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Tyrant Tea Time [Hassan/C-rank/Solo]

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Tyrant Tea Time [Hassan/C-rank/Solo] Empty Wed Oct 27, 2021 12:16 am

Quest: Tyrant Tea Time

Rank: C

Type: Bad

Requirements: None

Minerva Phantasm: The youngest Phantasm, the little sibling of Sirius. She believes that "the world is made in her own favor", and true to her words, many incidents have brought her good fortune. Because of this, she has a self-centered personality, and is prideful as she hasn't been humbled even once.

Summary: Minerva has to take part in a meeting with some merchants for diplomatic reasons, her job being to persuade said merchants into signing an agreement. However, she decides it's too much of a hassle. Therefore, she hires someone to intimidate them into it.

Objective: Capture merchants and intimidate them into signing the formal agreement. Use whatever means necessary, so long as they are alive.

Extra Rewards: None


Create a topic in Castle Phantasm.
Minerva has put out a notice and called out for assistance to the mass.
As you take up said notice, you'll head on over to the Castle Phantasm and ask to speak with her.
She gives you the situation; you are to attack when she's in the meeting with the other merchant.
Capture him and bring him to a chamber where you'll be intimidating him to the best of your ability.
He's rather stubborn, but his pain tolerance isn't very high.
As he signs it, bring it to Minerva and she'll present you with the reward.

Working with Sirius was some serious business, no pun intended. The last time that Hassan managed to get a chance to work with the phantasm family, his assignment was limited to making sure that the guards that worked for the family were in tip-top shape and were able to handle any sort of physical encounter that threatened the wellbeing of their employer.  Hassan did an excellent job, making sure that he got the point across in regards to the feelings of the employer without hurting the pride of the soldiers or misinterpreting the wellbeing of the person who hired him. Taking a bit of a break from associating himself with the mafia, Hassan was focusing a lot more on doing things for the more influential people that resided within oak town.

"Huh, looks like there is a new job opening..." Taking the paper off and examining the contents, it looked like the phantasm family had another job and was calling out to the masses. Since Hassan already did a job for them before and had some success with Sirius's assignment, maybe he would be able to do this job as well and get a little more money?

"Lets check this out."

201/1000 wc

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Heading back over to castle nexus, Hassan was met by the guards that were blocking the entrance. However, Hassan realized that he recognized a few of them and wondered if it would be a quick process to get through security. "I'm here to speak with Minerva, there was a job opportunity that she had and if nobody has taken it yet, I would like to be the one to get it. " There was actually a sigh of relief from the guards that Hassan was not there to train them again, even though they benefited a lot and he refrained from breaking any bones.

With the meeting of Minerva, she recognized Hassan from training with the lackeys to get them into shape and decided to go straight to the point.

"I need you to out in some work for me in regards to this meeting that I'm about to have with the merchant. When he arrives, you should torture him and get him to agree with the merchant deal. Once he's able to sign that, I'll take care of the rest. You do have some sort of experience when it comes to interrogations, correct?" Hassan did it before for the mob, so he nodded.



Tyrant Tea Time [Hassan/C-rank/Solo] Empty Sun Oct 31, 2021 4:05 am

Hassan was lying in wait when the merchant for the meeting arrived to meet Minerva. He was inside of the back room with a hooded mask on, as well as a potato sack that he had to put over the merchant's head before taking him away. The reason why he had this was simple, it was the only way that Hassan knew how to take a person away to interrogate them. So far, he didn't have to use his countries interrogation techniques, the ones that he had going for him were light enough.

"Here he comes..."

With the merchant entering the main room, Minerva got right into business with him. There would be no sort of signal of the sort, so Hassan only had to wait patiently for any signs of the deal not going the route of an instant agreement for Minerva. As Hassan listened into the communications that the man had with the employer, he figured that as the man started to raise his voice in irritation, that was the moment that Hassan had to step in. Moving particularly fast, Hassan rushed over and placed the bag over the merchant's head, giving him a small punch to the stomach to discourage any resistance as Hassan dragged him off.



Tyrant Tea Time [Hassan/C-rank/Solo] Empty Sun Oct 31, 2021 4:50 am

With Hassan dragging the man to the chamber, all he heard was the muffled sounds from the merchant that he essentially detained against his will. After setting the man up in the chair, Hassan fetched some water and decided to make sure that the man would be unable to escape. Taking the sack off, Hassan started to encourage the man to sign. "As stubborn as you may be, raising your voice to a Phantasm was not the wisest decision that you made. Due to this, we have to take an alternative approach as to how to do business with you. You sign, there is no more talking or negotiation after that. Do you agree?"

The merchant put on a brave face as he spat on the floor. "Piss off! There is no way that I'm agreeing to something that benefits me a lot less than the Phantasm family. They are going to bleed this city dry before I see any profit, do you think I'll agree to that?" Shaking his head, Hassan put the hoodie back on and used a chain restraint so that there won't be enough movement to break the chair. Hassan then proceeded to waterboard the merchant a few times.

wc 800/1000


Tyrant Tea Time [Hassan/C-rank/Solo] Empty Sun Oct 31, 2021 5:21 am

Lesser men have survived intense torture as long as they were trained to withstand it. However, in Hassan's case, this Merchant didn't take long to break and he was already begging Hassan to stop the torture. "Please! I'll sign! I'll sign the damn thing already, just stop! "Perhaps that's why Minerva wanted Hassan to take the merchant to the chambers, it seemed that it was a muffled area of sound and that not a lot of people would be able to hear or talk about what was going on there. After the man signed it, Hassan would bring him and the document back to Minerva.

She would notice that the man was wet but said nothing. It was obvious that the damage was superficial and that Hassan resorted to means that weren't lethal, only mentally training. With the document properly signed, Minerva finally cracks a smile as she looked at the merchant. We will keep in touch, please be sure to mind your manners next time for any future endeavors. " The man nodded and hurried on out of the building. After that, Minerva turned to Hassan and brought out a bag of jewels. "I believe that this belongs to you. "


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