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Poropo Pirating Pirates [Quest]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Pirating Pirates [Quest] Empty Mon Aug 23, 2021 11:41 am

Poropo Poproporp
"...and that is why you should not steal" stated Poropo with dignity and grace while being tied up on a pirate ship. The monk was not in the best of positions - the pirates kidnapped Poropo while escaping the authorities. The monk looked too wealthy to ignore so he was swept up, tied up, and threatened to cooperate until the authorities stopped chasing.

"I cannot say for sure nothing would happen to any of you if you let yourselves be apprehended, but if the winds do not favor you then you will inevitably be caught. Might as well-" with a slap, Poropo was knocked unconscious. The pirate who slapped the monk was afraid Poropo had been killed by accident, but with a wheeze and huff the monk rolled over in his bindings to indicate he was alive.

"Huff...huff...what just happened? Oh...I was explaining why you should let me loose...what if I asked nicely...again?" The pirates sighed in relief - their intention was not to kill anyone while stealing loot, because murder was severely punished by the law. Poropo struggled to sit back up but just landed on the wooden deck of the ship with a thud.

Hours later, the authorities of Hargeon City were looking closer than the start of the chase. The loot which was stolen was the last straw and a hostage elevated the importance of capturing these specific pirates. Poropo could tell the pirate were worried so he attempted to say something calming, "whenever I am in a stressful situation with no way out, I think to myself - what would the Iron Deity have me do?"

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Poropo Poproporp
The pirates gawked at the strange monk, but with little hope left they listened to Poropo's advice, "The Iron Deity is a god made of pure light, condensed into the purest, holiest metal imaginable! There was this one time I was lost in the words of Iceberg and through constant prayer I found my way out - you, too, can pray to the Iron Deity for safety if you wish. The Iron Deity welcomes all who wish to be pure."

Poropo closed his eyes and pretended to clasp his hands in prayer - being bound by rope made formal prayer impossible for the feeble monk. Meanwhile, the pirates, having lost hope in escaping a major conflict the the Hargeon City authorities, also began to pray to the Iron Deity - they closed their eyes and waited for a miracle.

With all the pirates praying, the pirates' ship's speed was not maintained and the authorities caught up in no time. The government authorities prepared their cannons and planks for boarding, but upon noticing the pirates praying their attitude changed. They looked at the deck of the ship and noticed a bound Poropo with closed eyes, praying. Unsure how to handle the situation, the captain the Hargeon vessel shouted, "If you march the loot you stole back onto this ship and return the hostage, unbound and unharmed, we will lighten your sentences! Instead of serving jail time, you will be laborers at the Hargeon Docks until further notice!"

The pirates stopped praying and quickly unbound Poropo while they prepared to move the stolen goods onto the port authority's ship. Poropo was greeted by the captain of the Hargeon Docks, "Hello, kind monk - I imagine you are the cause of these pirates surrendering peacefully. How can I repay you?"

"Some small sack of Jewels would be much appreciated - I'm trying to save up for a warm bed."

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