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Support: The Bastard 2

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It was time to help out the center for which the zealot girl was forced to sign up with due to the actions of the demon beastmaster. Like before she was instructed to protect the merchant as a travel to the mines, but upon complaining about having to travel across the country again just to travel back to the mines she was given a new assignment to walk a merchant back to the port so that he made safely make it back to Bosco. The girl begrudgingly accepted so she knew deep in her heart that she did not want to be here. She did not want to help the merchant especially if it was who she thought it was.

The merchants name was Zachary and wealthy man who supported the bastard ever since he mentioned his claim for the throne. His family owned the mines and Stella despite him not being stellen himself. Surely this would have been a man that the girl would have struck him down has she been with the divine but now the tables have turned and she is helping him in order to be allowed to continue to have access to sabotage The beastmaster in her demonic supporters.


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This man was so talkative. He blabbered on and on about how wealthy he was and how lucky she was to be able to be his bodyguard. Little did the man know he was just lucky that she couldn't set her eyes walking him through a baptism of fire. Lucky for her she would not have to listen to his spells for much longer for a very mean and dangerous dinosaur had spotted them and roared. This war was definitely causing the man to freeze.

The girl however only blocked her ears and looked for the source. Before her she saw wrestling trees and a large tremendous beast jumped from the tree line and slammed down in front of them. It's large teeth were wet with saliva as the beast prepared itself for its next meal. Little did the beast know that it was to be the meal. The girls rage would set her sort of blaze as she drew it from her back. Soon her age be allowed to consume the dinosaur in holy flames and purified the beasts of its sins though she was not sure if dinosaurs had sins. If they had sin, then she was sure to cleanse it all.

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She launched at the creature but the dinosaur was not worried for it had the secret art that was passed down generation to generation of dinosaurs embedded in his DNA. The dinosaur simply spun around and tell whoops slamming a girl into the ground. The girl let out cry as she lost her breath from the Sun impact and the dinosaur quickly went after the easy target. The merchant not recovered from his days started to run screaming for help begging God to spare him from this unfortunate fate for he had too much money to make and he was not yet wealthy enough.

Sadly the dinosaurs quicker and within several steps of his thundering run it's tea for over the man. It's slam it's mighty Jaws shut but it would not taste blood. It would only taste disappointment for a large weight tug at his tail. The dinosaur looked back let's see the girl holding on to its tail with her flaming sword beside her. With one powerful tug she's staggered the beast which gave her enough time to grab her blade and cut off the beast's tail. The dinosaur little Yelp and flee the scene blood dripping from it's now wounded appendage. The man was saved and it was now time to resume her journey of guiding into the court.

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