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Zexion Daygo

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Name: Zexion Daygo

Age: Nov 17th, X775

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergian

Class: Berserker

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Sleeping Calamity

Tattoo: Left Pec

Face: Zexion from KH2


Height: 5 foot 7

Weight: 150LBS

Hair: Steel Blue

Eyes: Purple

Overall: Zexion is a slim man, Always bolstering a Black cape with his guilds logo on its back. He has hair that's a mix of both blue and steel which match his Enigmatic blue eyes. He stands at 5 Foot 7. Zexion also wears two separate earrings, along with a Steel black bracelet. He wears Black boots, along with pitch black Gloves. Zexion also underneath his black coat always wears a tank top. This is to reveal the guild that he comes from. He wears his entire Guild Logo with pride. His favorite facial expression he chooses too use is a smirk. He rarely likes to laugh, but once he does his eyebrows always raise with his eyes closed.

Extra: Zexion has a neck tattoo that consists of Black Flames. [From other side of chest to Neck]


Personality: "Cold, focused, calm, eager, polite, studious, vengeful, Anti manipulative, ambitious". These are just some ways to describe Zexion in a nutshell. Zexion usually doesn't show much emotion as he believes a man should always keep to himself. He believes that he alone will be the one to choose how his life will go. He is a true warrior by heart. Zexion is quick to anger, but once he's motivated he won't stop until he's fulfilled his goals. Too Zexion, Everyone around him, is of no use to him. Even though Zexion believes that he is the key to his own life, He isn't arrogant enough to manipulate his own guildmates. "Everyone has control of their own destinies",  A quote that he likes to say often when someone is troubled.  Zexion however,  does have a darker side. When he was young, he was always fascinated by the powers of Dark Magic. He believes that the power of ancient and even dark magic is attainable even to him, this kind of belief empowers Zexion to become the best version of himself as he can. As one would begin to imagine, Zexion loves conversation with fellow wizards, He loves to see how strong and what levels he also can attain in the future.


  • Love of Battle: Zexion has always had a thirst for battle, Something about testing oneself against another always invigorated him. He is definitely not the type to hold back even against the weakest of enemies.

  • Sweet Foods: Zexion has quite a sugar tooth, one thing he enjoys most is hard candy, gummy bears, and even the occasional toffee.


  • Weakness: He is a firm believer that anyone whose a coward should be put down. Cowardice is not a trait he considers to be of a true Wizard.

  • Money:Zexion believes that money is a fake currency and should not exist. He dislikes those that put money above all else


  • Death: Zexion is motivated by death, Upon seeing his own family be burned to death and he is unable to do anything about it has always harbored deep feelings of wanting to survive every battle no matter what. This greatly motivated his spirit to become as strong as he possibly can.


  • Spiders:Neil has incredible Phobia too spiders.

  • Death: Zexion is motivated by death, Upon seeing his own family be burned to death and he is unable to do anything about it has always harbored deep feelings of wanting to survive every battle no matter what. This greatly motivated his spirit to become as strong as he possibly can.

  • Fire Magic: Zexions family was burnt because of a fire, so he has a undying hate for everything made of flames.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Strength: 10

Speed: 7

Constitution: 3

Endurance: 5

Intelligence: 5


Magic Name: Bukki Riku [Weaponized Land]

Magic Element: Earth

Magic Enhancement: Debuff on Strike

Magic Description:  Ability to Conjure up The earth to his will. Usually used to conjure up or procreate weapons for battle. Anything that can be used in the hand can be created. For example, Zexion can call upon and conjure up in an instant any weapon [Ask long as the Weapon itself is a spell] from the ground. All Hand to hand Weapons can be conjured up , But Is unable to conjure up any ranged weapons like a gun or bow.


History: Zexion was born in Fiora, He was born into a wealthy family. His father was a shop owner and his mother was a Business woman. Zexions childhood was always filled with love and nothing out of the ordinary. He had a ton of friends as a child, He loved being around those that gave him peace of mind.

One day, At the Age of 15, Zexion was coming back from hanging at the park with his various friends, Until he noticed Smoke coming towards his shop. "Nah there's no way...", Zexion thought, but fear arose when the closer he got to his house the stronger the smoke became. His heart beating, Zexion ran as fast as he could until he reached the shop. Full of undying flames, Zexion, Began to panic. He picked up an Axe his father used to cut firewood and broke through the door.

Zexion was shocked, the entire inside of the house was on fire. Sweat began to drop down the sides of his face as he began to scream out, "MOM! DAD! WHERE ARE YOU?!".

.... No response, all he could hear was kindly of the fire. Seconds later the roof began to collapse. Zexion on impulse turned and jumped out the front door.

Zexions heart was broken, He had nowhere left to go. He had no money. He had nobody. He had no family left. Zexion aimlessly wandered the streets of Fiora. Tears in his eyes, exhausted, filled with hunger. His time was coming too an end.

Zexion collapsed, as he looked up he saw it. The brimming shining Symbol... of Calamity. Using the strength he had left he conjured a staff made of Earth and slowly walked too the entrance of the Guild. Taking a deep breathe he walked in and from here on out He became part of Sleeping Calamity. It was the kind of guild that would accept anybody that was in need of a new family, And So began Zexions tale

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I will be grading your Application.

* Please put a date of your birthday @ Age

* Please add a picture of your character in your application where the picture is. If you need help, let me know.

* Add more description on your magic. A little bit more. ~


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This character has been approved

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