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Support: The Bastard 1

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It was a terrible day. The girl did not think there would be any more positive days in this that used to be so warm to her. Follow us here find the strength to more warmer thoughts but without hero or the woman who assisted her on this journey for so long, she felt due to suffer in despair. Yes she did join an infection but this was not something of her own volition. If anything she just wanted a way to get back at the demon. So here she was now assigned to help merchant get from point a to point b.

She was stressed a little more lively and she used to her veil was dark blue but the clock which covered her forehead was still White as a tribute to the one's loss in the Great casually at the demon imposed on her urgent faction. She had on a dark blue dress with a whites under shirt and she did have a golden symbol for God on her back along with a golden hook. Unfortunately for her she did not have any outfits which had the symbol in the same White but that was okay for now.


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On her feet were her traditional dark brown boots. Due to the fact that they would be traveling on earthly roads she did not want to wear something that could easily get dirty or should she say she want to wear something that was already damaged or at least she didn't care about getting damaged. She never got the merchant's name but she didn't really care. She was only doing this so that she would be allowed to take on assignments to hurt the demon.

This merchant was really talking about. They spoke about their health how their family was from a proud lineage of Bosco people and how he apparently was able to make a great deal and thus further advance his family's riches. All the girl can hear was that he was a sinner that needed to be cleansed but the last she would not be allowed to do that not without the man messing up plus getting him from point a to point b was her job so she would probably get kicked out of the faction if she allowed her own desires to get the better of her. So for now she played along and made sure he was safe.


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It was a long walk but at least it was quiet if you didn't count the constant blabbering from the merchant. Tempers just found herself nodding and just blindly agreeing to whatever you said just so get him to stop talking but her prayers are never answered. Oh how she wish some kind of wild beast monster or random Stalin just attacked him so that she could finally get him to shut up and focus on something else.

Shoot she remembered how she was originally going to sabotage and hurt the merchants and the location he was going which was a mind that was using Force Stella labor. If only demon did not stop her team from me progressing further maybe she would be able to save more people but alas this was the only way to get the retribution that she wanted to dish out on the demons team. When she got there the man was thoroughly impressed that a little girl was able to save me bring up to the cave he wanted to go to. He tried to use his wealth his supposed Fame and promise of prosperity and Glory to convince to grow to continue to help him out but she declined and went on her way.

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