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Atop the Mountain [Support: Hildegard the BeastMaster]

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

Atop the Mountain [Support: Hildegard the BeastMaster] Empty Thu Jul 08, 2021 1:34 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin wandered back into the wilds. A church stood high in the distance. His efforts had cleaned up the area at least for now. The light mage carried his spear in the small village. The town square was more like a clearing than an actual place. A congregation of elves stood by with a spotty amount of humans. The humans stuck close to the chapel, bringing in supplies and mending the broken beams and passageways. Piles of burned wood lay stacked at the edge of the clearing.

“Hey Jin, welcome back,” an elven man called out to him. As they met, the man explained that because they helped fight off the religious zeal that the humans and elves were working together here. To rebuild.

Jin nodded and looked over. The two races were each playing a part. Elves tended the grounds and hunted alongside the few humans that stayed in the elven village.

“We also decided to learn a little bit more about the

“That’s great news. I’m actually here to talk to you about Hildegard. After all we have been through. I’d ask you to lend your support to her.”

“Of course,” the elf answered without hesitation. “After what we went through. You’ll have it.”

Jin shook the man’s hand who then explained that there were many other villages though and they needed to be reached. The elf laid out a map on the ground. A long stick pointed at the various foothills and mountains around the area.

#2Jin Tatsumi 

Atop the Mountain [Support: Hildegard the BeastMaster] Empty Thu Jul 08, 2021 1:35 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Most of the areas Jin had never traveled to. He made small circles around strategic places. “These are the bigger elf camps. You’ll find some of them more disconnected than others.” The man pointed out.

Jin rolled his shoulders and stepped forward toward the hills. A hand grabbed his shoulder. The elven man reached out a walking stick. “You’ll want this,” the elder claimed and then turned back to the church.

The people hoisted up panels for the sides of the church as Jin made his way up the hills. The walking stick stabbed into the dirt path and leveraged his weight higher and higher up the hill side. Eventually he was over the trees. A vast landscape of green, but one that he was accustomed to. He could still see the steeple of the church below. The path twisted upward and became more steep as he took foothold after foothold. The hills turned to a small rocky mountain. He balanced between boulders on his way up. Footholds sleep free, and rocks tumbled. The stones skipped down the mountainside, threatening a painful fall if he wasn’t sure-footed.

His hand wrapped around the top of a boulder that turned into an overhang. The soles of his boots scraped the side of another boulder, hunting for stability. His foot slipped. Rocks rolled loose and the boulders shifted apart, spreading his legs. Eyes flashed with excitement and anxiety. His fingers curled on for dear life. His right arm dangled in the air as his feet flung freely.

#3Jin Tatsumi 

Atop the Mountain [Support: Hildegard the BeastMaster] Empty Thu Jul 08, 2021 1:35 pm

Jin Tatsumi
He clung by one hand to the stoney overhang. Jagged rocks below him, leered with deadly intent. His vision zoomed in and out. The height made it harder for him to pull in deep breaths. Muscles tensed in his left arm, struggling to support all of his weight. He swung his feet together, with ankles touching. With a heavy thrust he flung his right arm up and over. The walking stick bounced free and snapped on the rocks below.

The mage grunted, pulling his weight up. His eyes cleared the flat landing with sparse trees before him. A pair of dirty boots were next to his face. They led up to brown pants and a green tunic. Jin grunted once more and threw his upper arms over the ledge.

“Little help,” The paladin mustered.

“You made it up here. We will listen to what you have to say,” an elf bent over and helped Jin up.

“Phew. Thanks,” he replied and dusted the rock and dirt from his clothes. He tugged the spear on his back to make sure it was secure.

“I’m here in regards to hildegard. She is an Heir and we would like your allegiance. I’m Jin,” the paladin shook the elf’s hand.

“Come Jin. The forest has whispered of this...Hildegard.” Jin followed the elven man through the scattered trees and into a circle surrounded by houses in the trees. Jin explained the goals of Hilde along the way and the Elf bobbed his head side to side with a smile that wasn’t clear.

“You have proven yourself an ally. We will listen to what Hildegard has to say, and if she truly does support the elves. We will follow.


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