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Blood For Blood [SQ]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Blood For Blood [SQ] Empty Mon May 17, 2021 10:00 am

Venus Rosé


Cecilion Tepes was his name.

A vampire lord who desired to live on good terms with the humans of Earthland but, there were those of his royalty who was against his beliefs. Some of the vampire lords in his kingdom disagreed, adamant on how they could never view humans as a race on par as them – they believed they were superior. Cecilion did have his own supporters, who believed in a peaceful reign with the humans without bloodshed. Albeit, very few were they, it was easy to ambush the vampire with overwhelming numbers despite his powers, and so he was betrayed by his own people and left to rot inside a chamber.

”A vampire lord, you say?” Venus raised an eyebrow at him, almost doubting his story. She was a woman who mistrusted people easily, although Cecilion certainly didn’t seem to be one to fool her. ”Don’t you feel angry? That you were betrayed by your own kind?” It’s been past hours and the weather had gotten much better, as she dangled her legs off the edge of the cliff, chatting idly with the most dangerous creature that she’d met.

It was rather ridiculous how they were literally at each other’s throats – although in Cecilion’s case it wasn’t his intentions – and now they were engaging in a conversation as though they were best friends.

”I want to be angry. I want to punish every single one who killed my people and who left me inside that coffin for centuries. But, what will I gain from it?” The man gazed out far beyond into the empyreans above that miraculously cleared of rain, snow and clouds and was bright as day. ”Nothing, but more hatred.” His words were influential and though they were strangers, Venus felt a strong level of respect towards him. He was a powerful man, that she could tell and it was not only just his abilities but his entire being; there was something about him that made her feel an indescribable sense of loyalty to him.

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#2Venus Rosé 

Blood For Blood [SQ] Empty Mon May 17, 2021 10:35 am

Venus Rosé


”Well, what’re you waiting for? You’re free.”

For some reason, Venus truly felt happy for him. If she were the vampire lord, she would never forgive anyone who did this to her and she would swear to herself to spend her entire life getting revenge.

”I can’t leave this cave.”

The huntress frowned at him. ”What do you mean?” With that, Cecilion informed her about how he assumed he might have been cursed to remain inside this cave for a lifetime. Not only was he stabbed and then locked inside a casket, they really left him to rot in a cave as well. Were they that afraid of him, and what he would do?, she thought to herself.

”There is a way to set me free.” He began and the next words he spoke rang in her ears repeatedly and Venus just sat there frozen to the spot. ”Blood sacrifice.”

The first thought that crossed her mind was her questioning herself why she would have to be his blood sacrifice. They were strangers whom they’d just met hours ago after all, there was no form of attachment for her towards him to unnecessarily sacrifice her life in exchange for his freedom. When she thought about it again, Cecilion could’ve easily killed her and forced her to become his victim, but he didn’t. Instead, he shared his story with her, gave her knowledge about the world she didn’t know of and most of all, he was genuine.

Venus was afraid to die, which was normal for any human being. She’d accomplished everything she did so far on her own and to expire just like that, all that she did would’ve meant for nothing. ”Will I die just like that?” She found herself questioning to no one in particular and the vampire seemed to have heard her worries.

”No.” He’d say, causing her to turn around to look at him. ”A blood sacrifice means that you are to only offer your blood to me and mine to you. But, dying with my blood inside you means that you will no longer be human and will be resurrected as a vampire.”

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#3Venus Rosé 

Blood For Blood [SQ] Empty Sat Jun 05, 2021 10:54 am

Venus Rosé


She was unironically scared of death – who wouldn’t? There were questions that rose inside her head; one being why would she want to become a vampire or why she would have to be the blood sacrifice for someone she’d just met. For the first time in a long while, Venus was extremely conflicted with herself on what she should do. The other option that existed was that she could just put him back inside his coffin or leave him inside the cave to rot by himself. Cecilion was an immortal though, so it was unlikely he would die but with no one to feed on she assumed that it was possible for him to wither away.

The vampire didn’t question her doubts, instead he seemed to be understanding of whatever decision she concluded with. After all, he was still a stranger to her; he wasn’t that uncivil and selfish to ask someone to give up their life for him.

At the same time, she was curious about what it was like being a vampire. She saw the unparalleled strength that the vampire possessed and pondered what it was like to live like a god – a predator that was above the food chain. Venus wasn’t hungry for power and though the disadvantaged outweighed the benefits, that was enough to convince the huntress to be turned.

”You have a lot to see out there, and I think I’d like you to experience them. It’d be a shame to be living an eternity in this hellhole of a cave.” She smiled eventually, turning to look at the vampire who had an expression that seemed indescribable to her. Perhaps a gratitude that he couldn’t express, and though he might not have been able to convey his feelings, Venus understood him well from the look within his eyes.

”Thank me later. First, you have to help me go through this and make this experience as painless as possible,” she said, standing up onto her feet and walking over to the vampire to get the begin the process before she might start to have second thoughts about this entire ordeal. ”It’s not going to be painless, but I’ll do my best.”

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#4Venus Rosé 

Blood For Blood [SQ] Empty Sat Aug 21, 2021 7:21 am

Venus Rosé


Perhaps she was naïve, or gullible – or both, but the humanity that she’d experienced all this time didn’t seem so special to her to not give up on. There was still a hint of reluctance within her as she stood in front of the vampire, wondering if this would be the biggest regret of her life. The woman offered her wrist; her bloodline for Cecilion to consume and the man instantly bared his fangs, his eyes bloodshot red, veins crawling against his temple. She’d never seen a man with such bloodlust.

She wasn’t scared, in fact, at that point she’d decided to accept whatever was about to happen to her next. A soft wince escaped her lips as she felt the fangs sank deep into her skin, as her lifeblood flowed out in slow pulses, each weaker than the one before and before she knew it, she found herself falling into the deep unknown abyss.

”The ritual is complete,” were the first words she woke up to after she lost her consciousness. There was a strong tang of iron inside her mouth, and it didn’t take her any longer than a second for her to realise that she had just consumed blood. ”While you were unconscious, I gave you some of my blood to finish the ritual.” Still being a human, the feeling of blood within her mouth was no more disgusting to her than smelling rotten food – not to mention eating it.

She wiped the blood off her stained lips with the back of her hand, an apparent distaste plastered over the delicate features of her face. ”That’s it? I’m a vampire now?” She doubted it was this easy, but if she was already a vampire now cause there wasn’t any difference she felt other than the taste of iron filling inside her mouth.

”Not quite.” The man was finally standing outside the cave, which meant that the ritual was successful. Did that mean she was dead? The assassin quickly searched for her heartbeat against her wrist only to find that she was still very much human. ”You still need to drink human blood.”

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#5Venus Rosé 

Blood For Blood [SQ] Empty Sun Aug 29, 2021 11:02 am

Venus Rosé


She didn’t think she would regret her decision, but here she was, reflecting on what she’d just brought herself into. ”You’re kidding me, right?” A laugh escaped her lips, still not believing the words the vampire lord had just spoken. There was no way she was going to consume blood—the thought itself was disgusting and she found herself recoiling from her imagination.

”Trust me. It’s all you’re going to crave once you’re turned.”

The woman pondered for a moment. She’d already come this far, what would be the point of stopping here now? In fact, she had consumed Cecilion’s blood as well, although it happened while she was unconscious.

”If you choose not to, you’ll die.”

Well, that certainly gave her a reason to not refuse drinking blood; it wasn’t as though she had any other option. With the vampire’s curse lifted, the two set out to travel together, but it was more like Cecilion was accompanying her on her journey around Iceberg to ensure her a safe transformation to being a vampire before he returned to the Other World.

Along their way, they passed through a village, or rather a small group of Icebergian warriors camping out. She had little regard for human lives as long as it wasn’t hers so when she found them, she didn’t necessarily hesitate to use them as her victims. Though Venus may be quite the heartless person, she wasn’t one to cause deaths if it was unnecessary. So, she rendered the rest of the warriors unconscious while she left one for herself.

The man wiggled within her grasp, hyperventilating from sheer shock before she struck a dagger through his heart. She’d made his death as painless as possible before she formed a small incision around his wrist and drank his blood.

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