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Tempris C-Rank: Baska - Tournament Arc 3

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Tempris C-Rank: Baska - Tournament Arc 3 Empty Wed May 12, 2021 8:03 pm

It was a beautiful day outside. Birds where chirping. Flowers were blooming. All the lovely sinners where out playing on the streets without a love for the world. Their ignorance of their own suffering was just so sad. They were forsaken with the only sign of their connection to Illumin being the ball of fire in the sky. It showered them with warmth, light, life. If it disappeared, the world would be forsaken and become a barren place filled with darkness and cold. Despite knowing this, they sit their without thanks without understanding.

Everything could be so much better though. All these lives, all these souls could be walking that burning staircase to Illumin. All she needed was that. If only that ball of fire could come down and burn away the sin, the blaspheme, the heresy that hides in each of the people in this land. Tempris grew a wicked smile. To see the land on fire, fueled by the evils of the world. It would bring everyone true happiness. Being engulfed in the source of all heat, light, love. The land would would be truly loved by Illumin. Tempris began to giggle with excitement of all her thoughts.

Tempris was wearing a red dress with gold highlights. A gold symbol of Illumin was etch onto the back of her dress while golden frills spiraled around her to the bottom of her skirt which fell just below her knees. At the bottom of her skirt was the same golden frills which added another inch to the dresses length. It was one of Tempris's many battle dresses that allowed her to look good and purge heretics. On her head was her reliable red veil. It came down to her shoulders and hid most of her blonde hair. A golden cloth covered Tempris's forehead.

Tempris C-Rank: Baska - Tournament Arc 3 Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

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Several strands of hair sneaked out of her headpiece but she was mostly put together. On her back was her Holy sword which rested on a hook on her battle dress. The sword was tilted to the side to allow the girl more freedom of movement given its size in relationship to hers. White high knee socks painted her legs white while tan boots protected her feet and allowed her the freedom to run and jump. Her Skirt was especially made to not inhibit her her legs due to special material which allowed the skirt to keep a bell shape. The girl reeked of ash and smoke which was purified in the holy flame of Illumin.

On her shoulder was her weird lemur which she purchased due to seeing one of Gunter's sinners unitizing it to find treasure. She wanted to train the creature to locate fleeing sinners but it had a ways to go. For now, it was only capable of finding treasure. It was so weird because she never trained it to do that. It was almost like every lemur of its type was born and imbrewed with the ability to find random coins and shiny rocks. A gift from Illumin she suppose. Either way, she had to give it a name one day. Today was not going to be that day. See, pretty soon, she was going to have to fight again in the tournament. She was already finish with all the rounds and now she had to fight the champion. The last champion targeted her and tried to make things painful but Tempris pulled out with a vital blow. She could only expect that this next champion would be just as annoying. A dirty heretic that she couldnt purge. One day though, one day, she would purge em.

Tempris C-Rank: Baska - Tournament Arc 3 Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

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Tempris walked into the ring not afraid. She expected some large man or woman to tower their shadow over her but surprisingly, it was a small child? A child shorter than her with a larger chest and adult make up. No, this was no child. It wasn't even human. It was a dwarf with a crossbow.
"Illumin... help me."

The arrow whizzed passed her face, missing the kill shot due to an unconscienced dodge. Tempris pulled out her sword while the dwarf was reloading. Then she charged forward. However the dwarf unleashed another bolt, because they are not called arrows, at Tempris's feet. Tempris hopped into the air once again barely dodging the bolt. Then she went into a roll to try and salvage some momentum. The Dwarf tried to strive to the side but Tempris fought faster people. She knew how to stick to mobile targets.

Finally she was in range. Tempris lifted her sword and slammed it down over the dwarf. The dwarf, who will not be called Penny, rolled out the way and kicked Tempris in the side. Tempris grunted quickly turning and falling to the ground to dodge a random bolt. It wasn't a complete failure of a hit because it peeled off Tempris's veil. Blood dripped down her forehead, but fury rose from the ashes that burned from this tiny tots fury. Tempris pulled herself together and sidestepped an arrow. Then she charged forward.

She shook her head to loosen her hair and cool her head. Illumin loved her, but she wasn't ready to see him just yet. There was so much sin like this stupid dwarf who was try to kill her. Tempris wasn't trying to the dwarf so what gave it the right. Tempris leapped into the air and the dwarf rolled away. however tempris expected this and slammed her sword into the ground so she could pivot and redirect herself at the dwarf. She did it and kicked the Penny in the fluffing face. The dwarf rolled back  and dropped her crossbow. Tempris saw this and rushed over too it. Tempris then slammed her sword down between the dwarf and the weapon. The dwarf's hand was caught in the middle and was chopped clean off. Blood was everywhere. Penny cried and screamed she gave up. She wanted to save her hand and Tempris had to allow it. She was still in the knights and not a murderer after all. Tempris won the prize money and was off to do more heretic searching.

WC: 1000

Tempris C-Rank: Baska - Tournament Arc 3 Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

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