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Decimus Castamere

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#1Decimus Castamere 

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Decimus Castamere
Decimus Castamere 5524-541777044


Decimus Castamere

17; June 5, X773



Ethnicity, Father:

Ethnicity, Mother:





center of his right hand

Faith from Madou Koukaku






Decimus Castamere is an above average male with Brown eyes and hair. He wears an eye patch after losing sight in his right eye from a fight in the slums he lived in. Castamere likes to wear black clothing with golden outlining under a torn and rugged purple cloak because he doesn’t like royalty much. He will also wear torn gloves to complete the look and to give it a little spur. From his father's side of his family, Castamere has unnatural looking eyes along with his paler skin. From his mother’s side, he got her brown eyes and hair along with his devilish looking smile after a victory of something.

his right eye has lost its coloring.


Decimus’s personality is pretty laid back for the most part but he doesn’t have much trust for those who see themselves as high class and royalty. He can be very friendly to most people but he’s also almost always planning something; rather it's a way to get back at someone just in case they do something to him or something actually evil to make a point about something he deems needed. Decimus will also have random days where he will switch from good to evil or evil to good, just because he feels like being one or the other. He’s also pretty immature more than half the time. When Decimus gets pissed off about something he will do a complete 180 if he's being good just to take out his anger by setting a building on fire to mess with peoples days in petty but annoying ways to get under their skin. He also has a kinder side to his friends being supportive to them in times of need and will mess around with them by jokingly being a jerk to them or stealing and hiding things from them to be friendly and a good laugh. But overall Decimus is a mix of a good and bad guy in the end.


  • Dark magic:  Decimus is a fan of Dark magic and any dark magic user often sees them as respectable people at first sight.

  • Fire: Decimus will often be seen as a pyromaniac due to his favor of fire which he will often be playing with while being idle.


  • Reading: Decimus does not like reading at all, often trying to avoid it unless he needs to
  • High class: Decimus does not even like to hear nobles or royals often mocking them with his outfit and behavior sometimes.


  • To rise and change: Decimus wants to rise with his powers and rid the nobility of the land along with every king and queen who hasn’t earned their place through blood and tears. In his eyes you either earn the place you are or you sink down in power like how the Boscans do it.


  • The sea: Decimus has a dying fear of the sea hating to travel by boat outta fears of it sinking and drowning with no one to help him.

  • Dragons: Decimus has always been afraid of dragons ever since he was younger due to his parents telling him that dragons are nothing but monsters that would go around and burn villages to the ground. This would cause him to have nightmares worsening his fear of them.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Strength: 1

Speed: 26

Constitution: 1

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name:
Darkness of House Castamere

Magic Element:
Dark magic (Primary), fire magic

Magic Enhancement:
Double Elemental Magic

Magic Description:
The Darkness of house Castamere allows the User to use powerful flames in combat to get the upper hand in close quarters combat or at medium ranges. It also uses the abilities of dark magic to hit enemies at long ranges or to block the user from incoming attacks so they could put up a strong defense or resistance. Dark element spells uses purple magic circles. Fire magic uses red magic circles.


Born in the year X773, Decimus Castamere was raised in Flore in a poorer area which often saw conflict along political lines. He grew up learning how to fight from a young age with his magic so he could be protected as he roamed the streets of his town. His training with his dark magic would be endless due to his need to master it or he wouldn't be able to use it
He would get into a fight with a member of dark guilds and would lose his sight in his right eye in the battle due to being heavily out matched and would walk away from the battle badly beaten and defeated. In the fight he would try everything to get an upper hand but each attempt would end in him getting smacked to the ground and beaten down even more. After getting one hit on the wizard this wizard would pick him up and use magic to harm his eye to a point where he wouldn’t be able to see out of it anymore. As he slowly passed out from the pain he would see the wizard walk away with a smirk then black out. As he woke up he returned  home and would receive aid from his mother as his father didn’t return home that day. When his father returned his training would continue. Decimus would train for a few more years until his father would become ill and couldn’t fight anymore. He died a short time later from natural causes. Already hating the Nobles and Royalty from the condition in the place he lived now he blamed them for not doing enough to help the poor people. When he got enough money from stealing and doing odd jobs Decimus  would leave the town in ragged clothing with the colors of royalty and Upper class around him as a cloak and would have gold tracing around his clothes. He now looks for a guild to join so he would have something to gain from instead of doing odd jobs as he travelled.


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