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For The Horde [Genevieve]

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#1Hitomi Minamoto 

For The Horde [Genevieve] Empty Sat May 08, 2021 9:43 am

Hitomi Minamoto
It had been a while since she had taken on a quest, or any real work if she were being honest with herself. She was becoming stagnant and there was no reason for it. Checking the time Genevieve arose from her seat in order to meet the glow of the moon outside of the bar she had been sitting in. Today she had some work on her hands and it was from some weird necromancer named Cain who had a skull for a head. Genevieve didn't really think that was his skull, she was sure it was just some magic illusion, but then again she could be wrong. On her last meeting with him, he explained that one of his experiments was minding its own business when some wayward zombies came around and practically attacked it. Of course, Genevieve asked why there were zombies popping up but Cain insisted that he had nothing to do with those particular zombies and that she should check down the road for the other Necromancer in town.

Genevieve was more than amused than anything that there were Necromancers in the area than she thought, and those necromancers were clearly at odds with one another. This meant that those zombies and whatever abomination that Cain created was probably just a spat between two Necromancers and honestly she could see why this little fight between the two creatures occurred. Whatever the reason was her job was to make sure neither of them got to Baska because that would just expose Cain and his work and he really didn't need all that trouble. Genevieve understood of course but honestly, she could care less, she needed the money and he was providing. Pulling out something meant for smoking, she lit the neatly rolled thing and began to well smoke it.


For The Horde [Genevieve] NRhlo2C
#2Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
The contents that she smoked on this night served for multiple purposes. First, it was to relax her, the recent events she had gone through were enough to put her on edge and she needed that edge off in the worst way. The second reason for it was to silence Asmoudes and keep it and its power over her under control. Genevieve hadn't found the cure just yet but this would suffice until she did. Pacifying Asmodeus was a great band-aid, but all band-aids must come off eventually. She was certain that she would have to find a new vessel for Asmodeus but she wasn't sure, maybe it didn't need one to be removed, maybe it just went back to where it came from. Checking the time once more she headed off to her destination. According to Cain, the graveyard was on the outskirts of Baska near a small lake of sorts. She wouldn't be able to miss it as it was also under a large and solitary oak tree that seemed to be withered and blackened, not to mention the tree had black leaves so really it wasn't hard at all.

Dressed in all black as a way to blend in with the dark of the night, Genevieve was nearly unnoticeable to the few traveling. She followed the road until she passed by a group of travelers who offered her food and drink. The group seemed nice enough, having about seven of them together, three men, three women, and a baby. They said that they were going to Baska to inherit a family home but they felt a little lost. Genevieve pointed them in the right direction and off they went, thanking her as they did so. Genevieve watched as they continued down the path, they were walking mighty slow for a group in walking in the night. She didn't care really but it was strange. This area was apparently filled with zombies and if that wasn't something to worry about there were still bandits, slavers, and wild animals running about. She hoped that there was at least one mage among the group but once they were out of sight they were out of her mind. Continuing to walk the path given she took a sharp turn off the road and walked until she came upon the pond. Before she even got to it she could hear the moaning of the zombies coming her way.


For The Horde [Genevieve] NRhlo2C
#3Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
Whatever was disturbing those zombies sure was doing a number on them. Since they were moving so slow she could find the thing that was bothering them. According to Cain, he would rather not have his creation killed but if it got those zombies to go back in their graves then he didn't care. Genevieve thought for only a moment that the best way was to just kill the damn thing. It was an abomination anyway and if it continued to just live then it would probably make it towards Baska or cause some other trouble. Yea this was for the best in her eyes and so she continued on into the graveyard where she saw the thing she needed to take down. It was a pretty large thing and from how it was tearing up those headstones it was probably pretty slow as well. She could keep her distance and take it out as that would be the easier way to do it.

Walking up to the beast with her hands on her lips, she blew a kiss in its direction. Without being able to do much to avoid it the beast was charmed instantly and without any allies to fight and not being able to attack the female in front of it, the beast began rampaging around, screaming out in pain as the charm spell worked its magic. Genevieve had never used the spell before today and it was amusing to see it go crazy in its last moments of life. He didn't last more than two minutes before it let out its last scream and died. Raising a hand in the air her wings took on a green aura and she began to fly. Gathering the attention of the zombies she directed them back to their grave and flew off to collect her reward.



For The Horde [Genevieve] NRhlo2C

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