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Glory {Done]

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Name: Glory Nakamura-Halphien

Age: 16 // March 16th, X775

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelese

Class: Hunter

Race: Half-Elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Crawling Choas

Tattoo: Lime Green - Left hand

Face: Soliel from Fire Emblem


Height: 5'4"

Weight: 95 lbs.

Hair: Pink

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Glory is a petite female half-elf with of course elven looking ears. She is fairly average height with light, but bright pink hair that goes down to her upper back. Her eyes are a blue-violet color that really radiates with her smile.

She always wears a headband made of fine stretchy material. Her outfit is always consisting of light armor that's an expensive material. There is always a black choker around her neck that her spirits have given. She wears boots and basic pants. She does wear a black tank top and shorts on a lazy day.

Extra: She has a burn on her lower back from an accident.


Personality: Glory is a very innocent child. She grew up sheltered away from the world's true nature is accompanied by nature in a small cottage in the woods outside of Baska. She is very in tune with her elven heritage by always reading books that were given to her or found by her spirit friends. Glory is a very well read person who is academically smart with almost anything especially with elves and their culture and languages.

Though, she may be smart, but she is also the most purely innocent child anyone can ever meet. Due to her sheltered life, she doesn't know the true nature and intent of other people. Her social skills and mind frame are of that of a twelve-year-old looking at the world with an innocent outlook. She is a very happy person who has a beautiful outlook on life and nature. Though, she does cry easily much like a young child, and is very verbal about whats wrong. She does pout with puffy her cheeks or starting to sniffle. Glory is a cry baby. Many people don't see her temper, but she does not have one. The most she gets is frustrated and starts going silent with a red face. She has a nasty habit of puffy her cheeks like a chipmunk.


  • Nature: With her wood-elven heritage, she is naturally in tune with nature. Spending a lot of her own life in it, she appreciates what it offers and learning valuable skills from it.
  • Elves: The curiosity of the mysteries of her wood elven heritage. Nobody but her spirits can tell her about the nature of the elven society. It fascinates her with wonder with questions that the will ask all the time. She is so fascinated she is.


  • Angry People: The few times she was around her blood father, Solomon, he was either cold or very angry. The time spent gave her a sense that all people are like that. It makes her really scared that she upset someone and will do everything in her power to undo that.
  • Moles: They really don't make sense with her with the weird noses and creepy lack of eyes (or what she can understand). They really freak her out and will hide in the trees until they go away.


  • Finding a Home: She wants a place to call her own and to belong. The lack of friends really makes her more motivated to become more acquainted with the world. She is a very lonely person who wants friends.


  • Junebugs: Junebugs are so sticky! She hates it so much. They are creepy and crawly. They just really don't belong in this world. She will burn them before she does anything.
  • Her father: Her father is a scary person. After the corruption of her spirit, Caspien, is extremely scared after seeing what is capable of. The extent of what her father is capable of makes her fearful.


Distribute 25 points over the attributes below.

Strength: 15

Speed: 10

Constitution: 2

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 2


Magic Name: Woodland Magic

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Enhancement: Life Steal

Magic Description: This magic is learned through a forest spirit named Caspian. It's learned by being in tune with the magic around you in nature. It uses the life force between nature and spirits to help the caster become stronger with this magic. The caster grows plants and vines out of the ground or around their bodies such as flower, trees, and many other types of plants.


History: Glory was born to two parents, Solomon Nakamura and her mother. Though, her mother left her immediately to Solomon as not wanting the child. Solomon was left to raising the child. Immediately, once she was four he left her by herself. Glory was always called "Kid" not given any name. Being left in a cabin at home, she never really knew what the outside looked like. Two spirits saw her, Caspien and Woodard, crying in the corner from being lonely. They decided to raise her themselves seeing the small half-elf was alone with no one to love her. Woodard was more of a careful and cautious spirit that never left Glory out of sight. Caspien on the other hand was a carefree and adventurous spirit that always taken Glory on fun trips into town.

She grew up in the woods on the outskirts of Baska. Rarely, she ever went into town. Caspien and Woodard would shirt into a human form to get her clothes, weapons, or books. They provided her with many elven books they would find on their adventures for her to learn how to read and know about her heritage. She became very fluent in her eleven histories. Glory grew up learning how to hunt, respect nature, and know about the environment. Where the best hunting spots were and everything. With this sheltered life, she became very innocent with how protective her two friends were. One night, her father came to see her after hearing about a spirit she had befriended. He demanded her to show the spirit, but she refused to show him.

Solomon would refuse to back down from his blood daughter. After a while, Caspien showed himself to Solomon becoming angrier and angrier with how hurtful he was being toward her. With Solomon's heavy knowledge about spirits, he managed to force Caspien into a force pact with him. This changed him over time with forcing Glory to come with him away from her home in the woods. Solomon would use her knowledge about spirits and nature to fuel his thirst for power. It was not until she saw what he had done to Caspien. One night, Caspien was in so much pain it caused him to start crying and screaming when she tried to get her father to break the pact, but after a long battle, she had lost. It wasn't until her father had several people up for a sacrifice with Caspien and started to slaughter them. She watched them bleed. Forcefully, she watched her father slaughter person after person. After a moment, Woodard grabbed her and ran off to protect her from the sheer hatred her father held. Now she is on the run away from her blood thirsty father with Woodard to find a home.

Reference: Lee's Alt


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This character application has been approved for roleplay.

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