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Tempris/Emerys D-Rank: Baska City - Tournament Arc (failed)

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Tempris/Emerys D-Rank: Baska City - Tournament Arc (failed) Empty Mon Apr 26, 2021 11:04 pm

Tempris/Emerys D-Rank: Baska City - Tournament Arc (failed) Npc_sd14

It was time for another tournament. The royal guard was officially asked to help by a duo of women to help her with a request regarding the event but the guard was forced to turn her down. Tempris, however, saw this as another opportunity to show off her strength. Also, she new just the person to help her go through with this scheme. The new recruit she was force to meet at the train station. Even if they couldn't hold their own, Tempris only need a partner for formalities. Of course if Emerys could fight as well, then that would make everything even more easy.

After convincing Emerys to partake in the event. Tempris met up with the clients and agreed to take the request in secret. Not being her first time in this tournament, she began explaining the rules to her new partner. 1st, it was an 8 seed tournament were people fight in pairs at the same time. They would have to win two matches before facing the champion. No magic or weapons were allow and killing opponents is completely legal. You win each match by ring out, tapping out, killing, or knock out. Being Knights, it wouldn't be smart to actually kill anyone. Plus since they were fighting under the names of the client, they wouldn't get paid if they did kill someone. If Emerys didn't have an issue, then they would head off the event and kick tail.

Unfortunately Emerys fell ill and couldn't assist the assignment. Thus Tempris had to notify the client that they couldnt complete it. It was a mighty blow to her ego but the next time she was able to partake. She would beat the crap out of all her opponents, whistle or not.

WC: 313

(exiting thread both parties agreed to quit.)

Tempris/Emerys D-Rank: Baska City - Tournament Arc (failed) Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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