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Emerys Bellanar

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Name: Emerys Bellanar

Age: 21; July 23rd, X770

Gender: Nonbinary

Sexuality: Demisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Minstreli

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Half-Elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Rune Knights

Tattoo: Sternum; Wisteria

Face: Merlin (Prototype) - Fate/Grand Order


Height: 5'7" (170cm)

Weight: 150lbs (68kg)

Hair: White

Eyes: Violet

Overall: Emerys strikes an image that is atypical of your average Rune Knight, appearing more as a scholar to be fair, they are slight and small of stature. Their skin is pale and almost completely unblemished, usually dusted with a healthy blush around their cheeks that grows in intensity with their emotions. They have thick white hair that falls in loose strands around their head, down around their neck, and they more often than not leave it unchecked.

Their eyes are almond shaped, with lush lashes. They are a violet color, and glow softly with every use of their magic, or when their emotions are heightened. Their facial features can be described as androgynous, with pouty lips and a delicate nose, complete with a slightly effeminate bone structure.

Emerys is light, and moves as though weightless and floating through the air. When they step, they make little to no noise. They favor robes or other loose clothing that swishes and swirls around their form, preferring freedom to restriction.

Extra: N/A


Personality: Emerys is a gentle soul with a quiet demeanor, conducting themselves with a detached aloofness that grants them a sort of otherworldly quality. They find nearly everything fascinating, and often watches everything and everyone around them with an airy curiosity that all in all makes them appear more of an observer in most situations than an actual participant, no matter their level of involvement.

Though it appears they view most people as subjects to be studied, they do recognize they are living breathing beings and is extremely friendly when approached casually. Their personality is what one might describe as an introverted social butterfly, engaging in conversations and driving relationships forward but often letting themselves take a back seat in favor of the other party.

Emerys believes that all things in the world carry a form of beauty, and strives to preserve said beauty. While they don't lament battle, as it can hold a beauty all its own, they prefer to spectate rather than participate like all things. When they are made to fight, whether by their own will, being attacked or needing to protect someone else, they will do their best to incapacitate rather than kill.

Emerys is saddened by death, despite their views on all things bearing beauty, and will mourn and honor any life lost no matter how others may look upon the deceased. Even if they had to take the life by their own hands.


  • Quiet: Emerys is deeply comforted by the quiet. Not complete silence, but the natural quiet when all human activity is hushed. When you can hear the chirping of insects, the rushing of winds and the calls of animals in the distance. This is possibly owed to their elven blood, a part of themselves taking solace in the serenity that nature often holds.
  • Studying: Possibly tied to their embrace of quiet, Emerys enjoys their studies as well. Whether it be learning of magic, the histories of the countries or the mating habits of different creatures, they enjoy getting lost in the words of books for hours on end.
  • Magic: Emerys finds nothing in the world more beautiful than magic, as magic permeates almost all aspects of everyone's lives. It can be found in the forests, in the cities, in the oceans, in the stars and even in the machines and technological advances of man. Their study of magic is driven by their love of it, wanting to appreciate its beauty by understanding every aspect of it that they can.


  • Poachers: Emerys isn't the kind to dislike much, but they do dislike a handful of things. The first are those they deem "poachers", though this isn't restricted to the usual definition of the word. They view anyone who destroys the beauty of the world they all inhabit with abandon as "poachers" and will do their utmost to stop them without concern for their own safety.
  • Corruption: While Emerys is capable of finding beauty in much, even death, there is one thing which they cannot find any beauty in: corruption. They view any form of corruption, whether it be the corruption of a person or the decaying touch of specific magics, as a perversion of the natural order and thus they do their best to avoid it.


  • Greatness: Emerys aspires to greatness, though not in the usual sense. They aspire to the greatness of others, to be a pillar that allows other people to rise to their truest potential. They take great pleasure in the idea of helping to raise great Rune Knights, mages and even kings, so they work tirelessly to reach a point where they can do so as they please.


  • Lack: It is quite difficult to point out the fears in one who values most things for their beauty, but Emerys' is quite easy: they fear the loss of that beauty. They fear what would happen if someone succeeded in destroying all the beauties of the world, they fear any great evil that is capable of bringing about such destruction.
  • Loss: Just as Emerys fears what could destroy all the beauty in the world, they also fear what could take away their ability to appreciate said beauty. The strongest of these fears being the loss of their sight or their memory.


Strength: 1

Speed: 6

Constitution: 3

Endurance: 4

Intelligence: 16


Magic Name: Meta Magic

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Enhancement: Mana Burn (Offensive)

Magic Description: This is a magic that revolves around the manipulation of the building block of all forms of magic: mana. This magic, simply put, allows the user to shape mana as they see fit, creating blasts, shields, auras or even structures of pure magical energy. The most notable feature of this magic is the requirement for the user to design and draw the magic circles that accompany their spells.

The user's magic circles are an integral part of this magic, as the design of the circle and its complexity are all determining factors in the execution of the user's spells. The more powerful the spell the user wishes to cast, the grander the magic circle they create must be.


History: Asha Bellanar was a simple woman living a simple life in the forests of Fiore, nearby a settlement of her Wood Elf kin but far enough off to be at peace with herself. She hadn’t married, though it didn’t bother her. She was more focused on her work and her apothecary than finding a husband to settle down with anyway. And she liked children well enough, might not have minded one of her own, but she wasn’t desperate to have any. Her life was well enough as it was, and she was in no rush to change it.

Fate, however, didn’t always listen to one’s wishes or whims. It followed its own path, and it was your choice whether or not to accept it or fight against it. Nura was a woman of the former persuasion, and so when a storm swept over the city one night and brought with it a handsome stranger at her doorstep, Asha saw little choice but to allow the man into her home. From there was birthed a story much like in many romance novels, complete with a whirlwind love affair and the man disappearing into the night not too long after. As well as a child.

Despite the lack of relationship with the man, their child, whom Asha named "Emerys" after a tale told to her as a child, was a joy to have in her life. They were rarely a fussy baby, and were easily calmed when they did become upset. They were endlessly curious, but always respectful of Asha’s words and warnings. The woman swore that there was more understanding behind those breathtaking violet eyes than any child had a right to show, but she took it in stride. Emerys very quickly became her life.

At a young age Emerys displayed a talent for the arcane, though in a situation which sent a shock of pure fear through Asha’s heart. While they were young and still in his mischievous stage, Emerys tipped one of Asha’s larger bookshelves onto themself. Before the woman could respond to protect him, a bubble of mana manifested around the babe to save them from the danger.

Though out of the woods, they were still startled by the occurrence and cried for a long time, during which Asha comforted him, but she was at the same time scared and relieved. That day onward she began teaching him about the history of magic and mana, and Emerys absorbed it like a sponge. For years they pushed to learn practical applications of magic, and while Asha presented them with kernels of magical knowledge here and there, one of her favorite excuses for not teaching them more was the dangers of using such magic at their age.

But that didn’t mean she wouldn’t make certain movements when she did magic more obvious and exaggerated so they could pick up on them, or utter incantations more loudly so they could learn pronunciations. Nor that she wouldn’t leave a few of her books out for them to read when they thought she wasn't looking.

Emerys was grateful at their mother’s indulgence, especially when it came time to learn the machinations of magic in full, taking to it easier than many others would for the years and years they had to practice. Despite being detached from their human side for most of their life, Emerys decided to join the Rune Knights both for the chance to see parts of the world that weren't elven and the chance to find out more about their father.

Reference: Found an ad on another site I'm on, posted by Videns.

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Hello! I will be grading your application today.

*Please, add a specific spell type that your enchantment will be attached to. (Offensives, debuffs, etc.)

"The selected spell-type removes mana from their target equal to one rank lower than the spell."


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This character application has been approved.

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