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Just the Two of Us [Kurisa and Kazimir]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Just the Two of Us [Kurisa and Kazimir] Empty Tue Feb 16, 2021 12:00 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Just the Two of Us [Kurisa and Kazimir] Anime-girl-kimono-japanese-hot-spring-onsen-wallpaper-preview

Kazimir left a letter on Kurisa's table early in the morning. It invited her to meet him at the base of the small mountain range a little beyond the hot springs. It also said to pack a small bag for a couple of days. The wind mage had been out doing work and stumbled across a small place overlooked as it was higher up into the mountain.

The wind mage flew over the streets and landed at the base of the mountain. His griffon was waiting patiently for him.

"Alright. You know the drill. When she arrives, fly her up to the spot when she gets here," Kaz said and the griffon nodded.

The wind mage then flew up the same path the griffon would take. Weaving through the layers of hot springs that led up the mountain path until they became fewer and fewer. Soon they were all replaced by the snow-capped trees of the forest.

The wind mage crossed the bluff, revealing another singular hot spring, hotel. With an old couple waiting for him.

"Sorry I'm running behind."

"Not at all. You're the reason we opened back up. With the mountain path having been closed and people not wanting to make the trip all the way up here, we were certain we'd stay closed. The place is yours and the table is ready. Let us know if you need anything."

"Thank you," he bowed and accepted the key from them. The couple smiled and walked away to a house a little down the path.

A table stood on a cobblestoned platform that was open to the sky above. It was covered with food that they had prepared and a single rose sticking from a glass. The couple's daughter helped set the table and then drug her younger brother off to finish preparing the private hot spring.

Kaz shook his hands a little nervous about her arrival. He took his seat at the table and shifted from one position to the next, not sure which would look more casual when she arrived. Leg crossed over or not?

"You'll be fine Kaz. Just sit," The young lady called out as she balanced the water level of the hot spring and walked off.

"Thanks," Kaz replied and finally settled in.


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Her body was curled up into the thin white sheets that felt like silk against her skin. As she opened her eyes and reached for the other side it was empty. Her heart pained a bit, but she felt it wasn't right to assume anything. "You have something on your tableside," Momo spoke as she grabbed it and waddled towards Kuri. Once she hopped onto the bed she opened it up to read it to her. "It seems he's waiting for you at a spa." She coughed and put down the letter. Momo was such a preppy one. Sighing in relief she grabbed the letter and hugged it against her chest. ' Glad you didn't assume? Don't get too attached. You know what happened last time.' she heard a chuckle. A shadow loomed over the door as she saw a pair of eyes gazing right at her. She already knew who it was.

"I am. I have to get ready," she twirled over to land her feet against the floor. What was she going to wear? Snapping her fingers she stopped time so she could ponder for hours on what to wear. Everyone and thing stopped doing what they were doing. She went towards the wardrobe and finally picked an outfit. Putting it on, she looked in the mirror and saw how much the black looked good on her. She was curious about where she was going, but as she did she packed her bags and left her room. "Right!" She snapped time to go on again as she saw Kazimir's griffon waiting on the large roof balcony. "I assume you'll be taking me to him.~" She scratched the side of their feathers and hopped on. "Alright! Let's go." She smiled happily, but nervously as she nodded to Momo to wait for her children at home along with their aunt who will be stopping by.

The flight was quick as she arrived at the front. She just wore simple pants with white shirt, bundled up in a tan coat. Slowly, she walked up the stairs and went inside to meet the elderly couple. "It's good to see you again." The woman spoke, bowing her head. "He's waiting for you in there." She gave a smile as if she was giddy about the two. Some elderly loved watching young people fall in love. Reminds them of their younger lives. She escorted her to the vacant 'house', opening the doorway as soon as Kuri got there. "Kazimir.~" She softly spoke happily. She swiftly turned towards the woman and bowed her head, "Thank you.". The woman nodded her head and shooed her. "Go enjoy.~" She chuckled, walking off.

With that, Kurisa shut the door to go towards the opening area where there was a table all set up. It shined her eyes as her stomach roared quietly. A warming smile curved upon her lips as she took off her shoes and went to him from behind. Hugging him she spoke, "It looks amazing." She nuzzled into his neck right after. "What's the occasion?" She wondered if something was going on or if he just wanted to do something. Keep in mind, she doesn't remember Valentines' existence due to her wanting to forget it. She went beside him and sat down, gazing up at him while leaning her head against his shoulder gently. This was really nice.

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Kazimir Seiryu

He tilted his head to the side thinking he heard her faint call to him. The door at the entrance creaked open with the small chatter of people. His dead heart nearly came to life with the anticipation of seeing her. He lurched forward as she snuck up and hugged him from behind. "Hello," he said and placed a gentle kiss on the arm that wrapped around him.

"Thank you. It's just a little something for us," he replied with a smile, relieved that it was to her liking. 'What's the occasion?' Had she really forgotten the day it was? He should have assumed so, and shook his head at the busy woman's mind space taken up by more important matters than holidays.

"Just something special to do," he replied leaving it at that. Valentine's day or not, it was time to talk with her about whatever it was that sparked between them. Her warm presence eased in beside him with her head gently leaned on his shoulder. He put an arm around her and kissed the top of her head. She had the same alluring scent as the last time they ventured out together.

"I wanted to talk with you. I made the mistake once before of not being quick enough to tell someone how I felt," he let his hand drift down to hers and laced their fingers together.

"I uh..wanted you to know that I'm serious about us. I don't plan on seeing anyone else. You're who I want to spend my time with Kurisa." He squeezed her hand a bit more out of nervousness. He wasn't sure if this was too abrupt or if she would respond the same way. But he couldn't have it looming over his head and it better to get it out now encase she wanted to depart the hot spring and end things.

Wooden walls blocked the chill of the wind from blowing through. A brief moment hung with the clink of a wood striking stone as water rushed down a bamboo shoot into the hot spring bath.



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Her eyes widened with surprise as he suddenly went to entwine their fingers. Their eyes meeting each other's as there was a deep meaning between each other's gaze. Through his eyes she could see sorrow, but not about her. Deep inside there was something bothering him, but not about this moment so she didn't want to touch it as it could be nothing. She listened to his sweet words that made her heartstrings play beautiful music. It made her choke on any words she had to say. Half of her knew what he meant, half of her only understood about time. Time... it was something that she now knew everything about.

It was something she will give him - all that he wanted.

Her face blushed and gazed away while her fingers squeezed his. She looked back at his and then away once more shyly. She wondered rather be blunt and reach for it all or to step back and take it slow. Calming down, her eyes reached his once more, and smiled happily. "I wish to be serious with you as well, Kazimir. Be together and well... the whole package." She squirmed cutely and hide her face immediately after into his chest, nuzzling into it. This was her way of hiding when she was shy. No matter what her body age was, she was always a shy young woman, which reminded her of somethings she had to talk to him about.

Slowly, her forehead rested against his chest while their entwined fingers were on the sides between. "This place feels so peaceful," she whispers randomly with a soft smile. The crackling of the fire defeating the wood, creating ashes was all she could hear between the silences they gave each other with the water of the spa that was ready for them both. Her head slowly gazed upward at him with their faces about several inches away. "What do you wish to do first?~" She wondered sweetly as her different colored eyes gazed into his beautiful blues.

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Kazimir Seiryu
A smile lit his face, seeing the surprised look on hers. All this time together the past few days and she was still startled by the sudden expression of desire. He lingered in the mysticism of her gaze and beauty till he found the time to speak. A few quick and shy glances came and went as the woman solidified her thoughts and maybe her feelings. Kaz followed curiously waiting for what her reply could be.

A twinge went up his back and his shoulders stiffened with nerves from the tension building as he waited. The moment hung in the air, wondering if she would slip away from it or lean into it. All that washed away when a smile graced her face and her eyes met his, steady at last. He couldn't have thought how sweet hearing those words would be. A frog leapt into his throat as she said, 'the whole package' not from fear but of anticipation.

Her face nuzzled into his chest and he wrapped her in his arms. "That sounds wonderful," he replied to alleviate the shyness that swelled within her despite how cute it was to see the vulnerable side of her.

"It was a tricky place to find. But I'm glad i stumbled upon it," he said. The warmth of the fire was matched by the warmth of her body pressing against his. Her face inched closer to his sending a flurry of delightful knots in his stomach. He knew she was probably hungry from the trip but the allure was almost to much to bare. He closed the distance between their lips and let passion dance between them before pulling away only a hairs breath a part. "We can't let the hot spring go to waste. I'll bring the food closer to the edge in case you get hungry," he added and lifted her up. Once they were standing he tugged her close for another fleeting kiss before getting ready to join her at the spring.


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As the gap between them closed, she smiled within the passionate kiss. A part of her was saddened as they departed, him noting that the spa was waiting for them. She couldn't help but feel hungry as she came here right after waking up. A quick kiss once more as she was lifted up. Her heart beats in surprise as she was never lifted up before. Sure she flew before but being lifted up by a man felt different. "A-alright,~" she spoke softly. They went their separate ways, for now, to get ready for the spa. As she thought about it, she believed that this was actually their first time seeing each other in less clothing.

She gulped nervously yet smiled while closing the changing room. Relieving herself from her clothes, she wrapped herself in a large body towel before leaving. She was here first it seemed as he was getting the food. She hurried into the spa carefully and pressed the button as it activated the scents. There were two sections; the longer one was more like a pool and the circle one was the actual bathing spa. Kuri slid her back against the back as she motioned comfortably in the bath. Her eyes gazed forward to where Kazimir will appear, waiting for his return. As she waited she made sure the towel was on tight so the water didn't move it off. She was nervous yet happy.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Her soft words landed pleasantly on his ears as she spoke. Her body was hugged to his as he lifted her. She was the first to head to the changing area as Kaz gathered up the food. The whole place was theirs and the family was all gone now and so while she used the changing room, he changed in the open where they began at. He wrapped his own towel around himself not wanting to bear all to the woman. He opened the door with the tray of food in his other hand.

Fragrance scoured the air around the bath."I see you found the scents," he said and turned to finally see her wrapped tightly in her own towel with the water lapping against her shoulders. He swallowed and paused, nervous about approaching at first. He calmed himself and slid into the bath near her. His foot breached the water first as he lowered himself in and set the tray on the small ledge beside them. Normally it would be frowned upon to risk dirtying the water with food, but he was sure they would be careful enough.

"I hope the water isn't too warm," He adjusted the tray of food and pulled open the covering to reveal some similar foods from when they had the picnic and some more joyan traditional dishes alongside it. He almost wondered if she ever felt out of place with him never eating around her...at least not the normal way. He slid his back onto the wall of the bath and let the gentle ebbs wash over him. His waist-high towel was submerged beneath the waters. "Thanks for meeting me out here, I know it was a little last minute," He could almost feel his heart beating again.

"We have this place for the whole day tomorrow as well, so we aren't in any rush. I hope it doesn't seem too forward of me to bring you here, I thought you would like a little getaway though," he waited for her to get adjusted or eat.


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He was acting very cute as she quite liked the forwardness. Her shining golden-brown and blue eyes gazed into his as she watched him join her inside the bath. She tried not to stare at his chest as it has been a while since she felt attracted to anyone. She seems to only feel attracted to a man if she had some sort of connection to them emotionally. Was there a word for it yet? Even while trying to hide it she had to gaze at him sometimes. "Heh, it just has been a while since I've felt this way about a man and be this close to one ... with. " nervously giggled, but kept gazing into his eyes nonetheless as she didn't want it to seem like she was uncomfortable in any way.

Blushing, softly smiling Kurisa gazed away while moving next to him. "I hope you don't mind. I just..." her eyes shifted to him. "Like being close to you.". His skin looked clear to her eyes. Slowly, she turned away from Kazimir to grab a drink and then turned back to look at him. "I'll be honest, I like when someone is straightforward. It's better than hiding how they truly feel or want. You never know when you'll miss an opportunity that can come true." she gazed at her drink as she took a sip and held it close to her. "A getaway is nice since they'll be back home in a few days more." softly speaking as she just takes in the whole scenery in front of them. The mountains, the sky... everything was beautiful to her right now.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He expected her to remain covered and she had the towel wrapped tightly around her body but it still revealed the curves of her body. It brought a bashful rush through him and a tingle up the back of his neck. it was a feeling that amplified when she gazed into his eyes and spoke so sweetly. Her last word hung between them and drifted off unfinished, leaving him to wonder what was further on her mind. The nervous giggle had masked it. "It's been a while for me too," he replied, thinking about his long journey away from Fiore.

The water rippled as her silk body glided closer to his. her shoulder gently brushed against his. "No...I don't mind at all," he eased closer to her so their bodies would nearly press softly against one another. His chest was just as much a scar as it was smooth skin from the sword that ran him through and the battles he faced before he was as adept as he was now at evading. Whatever embarrassment or nervousness he would have from it, never surfaced as his mind was more distracted by Kurisa's presence.

"Straightforward huh. I suppose that's one of the reasons I brought you here. So that's reassuring." he listened to her talk with the soft sway of water lapping against the sides of the bath. She looked serene with the bath towel snug around her as she peered out into the scenery. But something nagged at the back of his mind. One more thing he had to tell her...

He looked into the waters and at his hands thinking about a long history, "Kurisa. if we are going to get serious...there is something you should know about my past and my duties in the Rune Knights. While I've always tried to preserve life. There have been times that I've taken life. Some have even considered me a murderer. I'd understand if that is something you couldn't live with but nonetheless, I'd rather you hear it from me than someone else. Especially now that I've come to care about you a great deal," he finally looked back at her and awaited her response. Giving her demeanor something in him wasn't so fearful that she would reject him. He couldn't explain but it was like some bridge that was open. he had felt it when he consumed her blood and in the deepness of her gaze.


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It made her mentality calm and relaxed while being here beside him. The smell of honey salts and a hint of lavender made it even better. Their skin was touching by a graze of the shoulder while her eyes were just gazing at the scenery. She could fall asleep right here and now no matter how dangerous that could be.  It was quiet and then Kazimir broke the ice with something that she didn't think she'd hear. Turned her head to look at him innocently, "Hmm?" she questioned as he then spoke about his past. He talked about the Rune Knights and how he took lives before. The title of Murderer was known to be used a lot for things others thought was an injustice act, she noted it.

She looked away and gazed towards the sky. He really opened up to her. It was sweet, but was it truly safe for her to open up about everything? Perhaps it was safe to be a little vague. Her eyes closed as she breathed in the aroma of sweetness. He will either judge her by leaving or staying. Eyes opened enough to see the blurry sight in front of her. "I have taken many lives, Kazimir, as I am far from innocent.". Slowly she shifted her body so she was facing him with her whole body. "I have a long history that most only hear from stories or even think are just folktale to scare children. I've done many horrible things to people and myself...," her eyes lowered down as her head tilts. "Honestly, I remember one day when I visited a village. I heard my old name being used to scare their children into returning home before night." Her eyes watered. "You know what that's like?", "Not knowing what you are? Who you truly are or even why this is happening?"

"I can't help but do the things I do. Become someone else..." she rambled on. Kurisa shook her head and lifted it up to look at him. Her brown/blue eyes glitched a red as her eyes rained drops alongside her cheek. Her eyes were a Sakura tree pink mixed with rubies as they glitched back to normal. "I only wish to tell you so much because my heart feels attached to you. Because you shared things about yourself," softly she spoke and finally looked away while shifting her body away. She had so much going on in her mind. She had to try to take control of 'them' to make sure they don't do anything Arisa will regret having to do.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He cocked his brow as the woman made the same claim as him. With how long a life she had eluded to living, something about it wasn't shocking to him. He didn't mind, but it was not entirely unexpected either. Although that just may be the side effects of those that rise up to power. When she went on about the folklore behind it, he could tell that she had a long life, to have become a fable. He didn't really know what to say when she added the extra part about doing horrible things to herself. So he choose to continue to just listen.

Kaz shook his head slowly with a somber drop in his expression as she mentioned the dark whispers of her name. He put his hand on her cheek to ease her budding tears. "I know what it's like to walk into a town and for people to fear you, to not understand you....But i can't imagine what it would be like to not know why or know where to start to undo the damage done. Kurisa."

'become someone else' the phrase lingered in his mind. What could she mean by that? There was still so much he didn't know about her tangled past. it was a difficult knot to begin unraveling. He narrowed his eyes, looking at the quick glitch that happened with her own, that accompanied the shift in temperament. He brushed a tear away with his thumb before she turned away from him. "I'm here for you," he ran his hands down her shoulders and closed the distance between them. He wrapped his arm around her. His bare chest pressed against her back. "A spirit dwells within my soul from my magic. It once took control of me. Filled me with nothing but an animalistic drive to hunt my enemies. I know what its like not to feel in control of yourself. You can share whatever you want with me. Whenever you need to." He squeezed her closer against him if she would let him within the warmth of the hot spring.


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Her head tilted down to look into the water, seeing her reflection, but to her half of it was the others. She could see them as if they were a mirage, but they were real to her. The eyes of red and silver-white hair as she still felt hate for people. Arisa couldn't feel this hate, no, she felt sorrow as she experienced two deaths in her own lifetime. She doesn't want to blame the rest of the world for what a handful of people did to her. Suddenly, a warmth against her back embraced her body as she felt a hug from his strong arms. "I feel rather spoiled by your embrace and words," she spoke in a breathy soothing tone as she leaned her body against his.

Her head tilted up enough to turn and look at him so their bodies were squished against each her, chest to chest. Her slim yet strong arms wrapped around his body while still in his embrace and her chin against his shoulder. "I feel like I could sleep like this, in this heat and against you." her eyes slowly closed. She chuckled while making a small joke, "Although, I do prefer the cold.". This was all good and well, but will he always be this understanding? Her eyes cornered to gaze at him while they were in an embrace while thinking. They always ran from her in the end. No one understood her experimentations that she was stuck doing all because of at first; Ana and then Kuri as they were the souls that were within her. Arisa hopes that someday she can break the cycle. For now, she will enjoy the passion and love she is feeling for him.

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#13Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
He squeezed her only a little more as she leaned her body into his. A warmth that was different than the hot spring. Even in the short time they had spent together, he found himself enticed by her presence so close to him. Her delicate features glided against his bare chest. "You don't have to feel spoiled. There's nothing about what you've told me that's difficult to accept. And the embrace isn't to spoil you. I just want you in my arms."

She turned to him. Her eyes locked on and her chest pressed against him. It was times like these he longed for a beating heart so he could feel the exhilaration of it racing in his chest. He ran his hand across her back as she spoke. A small chuckle leaving the wind mage's lips at her joke about the cold. "Glad to hear you don't recoil from a little chill." It had been easier to open up about some things in his past to hear than he thought. Without hesitation, she still accepted all that he was even the dark race that he had turned into. Tomorrow didn't matter as much as he let himself get lost in the night between them.

Water slid down the elegant contours of her neck. The strands of her hair danced around her smooth skin. "Kuri, I..." he hated feeling like he had no control. But as they had agreed, he would feed on no one but her. His fangs inched towards her neck. His hand braced against her shoulder. If she let him he would bite into her neck, as gently as he could, but driven by passion. A lover's caress within the clear night sky.


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Kurisa froze as their bodies were squished against each other. She didn't want to move as this warmth made something within her feel all wiled up. She did not want to really act on what her body wanted as she mentally and emotionally argued its' lust. All she could do was smile at Kazimir's words as that was enough for her. As her head leaned forward into his shoulder she felt his hand braced against her shoulder. She heard his words as there was some hesitation, but she knew he wanted to. Her head tilted to let pieces of her hair slide against the water and the shoulder. Her eyes gazed towards him as she watched him go for her neck gently.

It was like getting a shot at the doctor's. At first, there was a sharp pain, but after that one second...it felt the opposite of pain. Her lips gapped open as she took a deep breath which was silent. "It's alright, Kazimir.~" She purred and blushed hard as she felt the heat. Her one arm snaked a bit around so her fingers were through his indigo hair and pressed his face into her neck gently to signal that she wanted more. Something within her wanted so much more as the animalistic side of her was starting to emerge. Her body motioned up an inch as her eyes glitched red. Arisa's free arm wrapped around his waist to hold him closer. Every second was titillating her to the point her heartfelt like exploding. "K-Kazimir, what does my blood taste like?" She wondered in a rather soft erotic tone as she was trying to hide that she enjoyed this quite heavily. Truthfully, every time she was hurt to the point she could taste or see her own blood... she blacked-out as far as Arisa herself knew. Right now, it was just the two of them here with the beautiful scene, water, food, and drinks. The smell and heat made it even easier to feel this when their body was closed in.

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#15Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
He held her, feeling the air rush through her with the silent breath she gave. He pulled her closer as she inhaled. His fangs piercing into the slender crevice of her neck. Her words of affirmation gave him the signal to continue. A shiver ran down his back and tingled his arms as she purred within his grasp. A small gulp of surprise dawdled in his throat when her hand pressed his face deeper, but it drove his passions higher. He was more than happy to oblige as sweetness danced along his tongue.

The wind mage’s fingers held onto the grooves of her collar bone with care, gliding over the soft smooth skin saturated by the spring water. He followed the shifting of her body. His own eyes flashing red as the vampiric nature swelled within him. But it was different from the others. It was not just a thirst for blood that drove him, but for her. Some deep rooted connection made his longing more intense. Their bodies melded closer with her arm around his waist. The only thing separating them were the towels brought into the hot spring.

A sensual voice emerged from her lips. Kazimir pulled his head back and braced one hand on the edge of the bath to gaze at her. Her face was flushed red and the blood had already left his mouth. He paused for a moment just to look into her eyes. How could he put it? It was a hard thing for him to understand the feeling let alone convey it.

“It’s sweeter than anything I tasted as a mortal. I can’t explain it really...But it’s a different sensation than when I’ve taken the blood of others. It’s as if it draws me into it,” he answered and lowered his face inches from her own. Still he wondered if it was as enjoyable for her as it was for him, but the blush of her cheeks at least implied she liked it. “I hope that doesn’t scare you away,” he asked with a coy smile, but there was a small bit of seriousness in the question.

He ran his hand from the edge of the bath to her check and to the back of her neck, gently gliding over the already closing bite mark. He lifted her from the bath to sit her just on the edge of the hot spring with her legs still swimming in the warm water and moved in for a kiss.

Air rushed between their embrace as Kaz pulled his face away once more, “Tell me Kurisa. What is it you want of me,” He whispered in her ear. She let him feed upon her and never asked anything in exchange. It felt almost one sided to him. He didn’t know if she had any concerns at all or if they were just caught in a whirlwind of intimacy.


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She gazed at him in a daze as the hot water was starting to get to her. Not many knew this, but she cannot be in hot water for too long. She either falls asleep or becomes dizzy till she passes out. Even if that is true Arisa loved the water as well as the other two. As of right now he was done and answered her probably unexpected question. As he started to describe it, it was described in such a way that Kuri wished Ed could have explained that to Belle when she wondered about him. Her blood was sweet to him, like nectar to a bee or honey to a bear. Her eyes watched him, but her heart jumped as he lifted her up to sit her on the edge.

"Nnnn...~" She bit her lower lip as she panicked, but tried to calm herself down. She felt a quick shiver of the wind against her skin as it was soon blocked and embraced by Kazimir's body. His lips against hers were quickening but went into it nonetheless. She melted into him like butter as she leaned fully to him. "I... wasn't too heavy for you to lift was I?" she whispered anxiously. She then thought about his question. What did she want from him? They thought of the question together.

She flickered in a darkened room with the others gazing at her. They stood there like ghosts/spirits silently as they waited for her words. Arisa knew what they wanted, but did she? Her eyes gazed into his as they were just now inches away.

"I feel like... what I want is too much to ask." She softly spoke while she thought of everything. She expected too much deep inside. She knew this already. Not many are willing to give up... everything for a mere woman. Yet she was able to give up what was needed for them. Her thighs enclosed him closer to her as they held onto him tightly. "I want..." she snaked her arms around him as she leaned close to his ear to whisper sweet nothings and to answer, "everything when it comes to you." her eyes flicked a red but went back to her normal duo-colored eyes. Her fingers scratched his back slowly and softly enough to not scratch him. Something within her felt rather lustful. Usually, her lust was not this intense. She knew how 'they' were once they were attached to someone, the feeling of owning someone even... "I must warn you though... once it happens. I won't be able to control 'it'." 'It' could mean anything, but for her she actually means the personality that she tries to lock away.

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#17Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
He smiled at the seemingly silly question she asked about her weight but hid the grin against her cheek. "Of course not," he replied. She was a spark of life against his bloodless body. The heat between the water and Kurisa, cast aside whatever feeling of coldness his skin held.

"Hm," he hummed curiously at her response. In this moment what could it be that was too much to ask? "Ask anyway," he ran his hands to her hips as her thighs locked around him. There was barely any room for a breeze between their bodies. She had already expressed wanting the whole package, and the wind mage couldn't help but wonder what that really meant to her. Held by her thighs, it was harder to think of anything rational or outside of the intense urge tugging at him.

His ears perked, tickled by her breath, as she began to voice her desire. 'Everything,' resonated in his mind and fluttered away as her nails climbed up his back. A passionate exhale left his lips, wanting more of all of it. But the thought was not completely lost. He had been asked for everything before. But no matter how much he gave, he would always be called back to his duty first. He kissed her shoulder and trailed down to the top of her towel. "I'll give as much as I can,"

"What is 'It'" he asked and ran his hand up her back, his towel drifted off into the hot water of the spring. Whatever it was, He wasn't worried about it. There wasn't anything about her that would so easily scare him away, but it sounded like something deeper with her personal life they had yet to truly explore.


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She could see and foretell the intensity of passion between them. If he had a heart she could tell it was beating, bleeding, and wanted to move forward. The Sand of Time was moving forward for them, but it was going ever so slowly after the one word she spoke. How will she explain it to him and will it ruin the mood if it hasn't already? He was willing to give her all he could, but in the end, will it be enough? Will it arouse her darker soul that she has been very careful with? She remembered when someone else tested 'it' out as she ended up blowing up their house because they taunted her.

The little kisses made her heart thump louder and harder while she enjoyed the feeling of his touches. She ignored how his towel was no longer there, yet knowing it made her face blush hard. Her eyes gazed away, "Everyone has a part of them they don't want anyone else to know or see, Kazimir... " she spoke quietly and then gazed back at him. "Little by little... you may see parts of it," she whispered and gave a small smile while letting her hand graze against his cheek. She felt pain inside. Not telling him it fully, but at the time she felt like there was nothing to worry about. At the time she didn't foretell what was fated to happen in the future. All Arisa wanted was to be Kazimir's everything. Finally, being told and expressed that he just wanted her to make her want to move forward.

Not alone.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He felt the rhythm of her heart pounding with each fleeting kiss that landed on her. As her eyes gazed away he snuck a kiss into the revealed smooth skin of her neck, beneath the pink hues that blushed across her face. She was right of course. Even the wind mage had parts of himself he kept locked away. The darker moments of his past that he had begun to share with her earlier. Even with her whispers of secrets, she looked sublime gazing away from him. Steam from the water outlined her body, gently perched on the edge of the bath.

Two-tone eyes looked back at him with a hint of more to be revealed about herself. A smile swept the wind mage's face. "Well then. Even if you lose control of 'It' I will still be here." It was difficult to explain that depth he felt for the woman already in the brief time they had spent together. It was a wild sensation for him, but he had no hesitations about leaning into it. His life may take him far away from Fiore from time to time, but none of that felt like a problem in the passing moments. He leaned his head against the hand stroking his cheek. His hand moved to her thigh, squeezing her closer, and squishing their chests together. "Be mine Kurisa. Whatever 'It' is. We'll move through it together." he replied and moved in for a kiss, pressing his lips passionately against hers. he had no hunger for blood, just for her.

The food sat on the side of the bath forgotten in a heavenly moment beneath the clear sky lt by the moon.


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Kazimir's words were like taking shots of alcohol and drugs as her body was feeling warm. Her heart was beating faster than anything before. Her face felt hot as she listened to his lasting words. "I will be yours.~" she erotically spoke in her breathy accent. As long as he didn't end up regretting, end up leaving her neither then this will end up wonderfully. Her body melted into his as she finally lifted his face to hers, kissing him erotically to the peak of passion. Their bodies mixed creating their own Taoism symbol of yin and yang. He was the sun in her life as she was darkness to herself. He might see it the other way around, but even if he was the vampire, ironically she felt he was the light.

The food and drinks were left on the side as they made passionate love. Her legs embraced his body as everything then faded to black at that point. Many moments later she rested against the stone floor that was the edge of the spa. The cold stone felt great as her eyes rested towards Kazimir. All she could hear was the water and animals creating their own noises within the world of nature. Kurisa clung to his body soon after as she didn't want to let him go. He was hers.

No one else can have him...

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Kazimir Seiryu
She lifted his face and he knew he was hers as she erotically spoke. She was all he thought about in the moment of their embrace. Her fingers tickling his sense with gleeful delight. He drifted into the embrace of sensual desires and a deeper tugging at his heart racing from her touch. Every small tremble rippled with yearning. He pulled her legs close to him as they began to snake around his body. His hand interlaced with her fingers and pressed against the edge of the bath. His breath wafted over the delicate contours of her neck and traced back to her lips. He scooped her back, below her waist leading into a symbol of ecstasy. They drifted carefree into the embers of nightly passions.

Time rushed by and the wind mage laid on his back. Deep breaths bobbed his chest. Kurisa clung to him and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Water trickled from the wooden planks around the bath. Only their breathing broke the silence alongside the chirping of small animals. The only thing he thought of was how perfect the moment was.

He was silent for a time. Feeling the swaying breaths that she took against his body. But there was something bouncing in the forefront of his mind. "Kurisa...Why do your eyes shift the way they do?" He asked still looking up toward the sky as if it was a casual question, but her past was anything but simple. Whatever it was, he brought his eyes back down towards her, just happy to have her beside him.


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Her eyes closed, took a deep breather as she tried to catch her breath still. She felt her skin crush against his while the noise of the water could be heard. Once her eyes opened she cornered then to look at him as she listened to his question. Her eyes gazed away and tried to think of what he was talking about. Did her eyes change wildly as he said? She only remembered how after her magic took over her eyes turned duel colored, but now he spoke of red?

She imagined a face within the shadows as slowly red eyes pierced into her mind. Her eyes widened for a second and then lowered to gaze at him. "Sometimes I lose control of myself and blackout... Whatever happens after that isn't me, but when it glitches I assume it's because of the others. Who also feel what I feel through this body. It's...not a topic for today." She looked grim as she slowly sat up, looking away. "It's something I will be journeying in a couple of months to figure out on top of other things." Her voice was rather cold and soft as she felt unsure what will happen during the trip. She still hasn't fully talked with anyone about it, not even her sisters.

Her body turned to look at him, "Did you want to probably get changed and take a nap with me perhaps?~" she created a small smile for him while her hand slid on top of his to signal that she will be okay, it will okay.

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Kazimir Seiryu
" I see..." he thought and wanted to know a million more answers. Especially if he was intimate with her, but he'd respect her wishes on the matter. "Alright. Another time then. Whenever you're ready." He thought about how that would affect them in the future. Not that it would detour him, but would all the others also need to accept him.

He sat up beside her and ran his hands down her arms, pressing his chest against her back. "Don't worry about that for now then. When the time comes you'll handle it, and if you need me for anything at all, you only need to ask." Although it seemed like a personal journey she was going on, he would offer anyway.

"I'd like that," he replied with a warm smile and stood up then offered his hand to her. "I am a bit tired after all that. I think the room is this way," he looked toward the other end of the bath. A decorative wooden door was the only thing in sight with a brass handle. Kaz gathered up the food and placed it back on the tray. "Seems we got a little distracted," he joked, trying to take things even further away from the topic she wanted to avoid.

The room was dimly lit with candles on the windowsills. A large bed sat in the center with blankets and pillows pilled up. Both sides had a small desk and Kazimir's bag was already laying on one side. It was half-open revealing his almost embarrassing lack of clothing diversity. Uniforms and uniforms all the same. A habit from his time in the knights.

"I wasn't sure what kind of decor you liked..." A small fireplace crackled with embers from wood that had been sitting there before the caretakers had gone for the night. Kazimir tossed in a few more, giving life to the fire once more to combat the cold chill of the night air outside.

Small wet footprints trailed in behind him on the hardwood floor with rugs strategically placed through the area. The bathroom had a large tub with a shower and a closet full of extra linens.

"You can get changed first if you'd like. I can work on the fire," he kissed her cheek.


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The sweet atmosphere between their love and the setting was upmost beautiful and filled with fruitfulness. She felt addicted to his presence as if they made some sort of pact of mating as werewolves do. She has heard that Vampires could only love once within their vampire lifetime as well, but he wasn't always one so did that also do anything for him? These questions scattered within her thoughts, but truthfully, she was happy to be here in a peaceful setting with him. The decorations did not matter to her because his efforts were more than enough. She listened to every word he had to save while responding with her own, "You worry too much, Kazimir," she approached him elegantly enough to graze her hand against his cheek as he kissed hers.

Kurisa wrapped her arms around him and rested there for a moment. Her eyes were half-open as she was thinking to herself how she felt incredibly lucky. Her curse will ruin this. Her illness will ruin this in the end as her fate was chosen centuries ago for her. Her embrace was tighter, but suddenly let go after a tight squeeze and nuzzle against his chest. Without much words a sway of her hips she twirled the opposite way of Kazimir and trialed into bed. Her body caved by the beautiful sheets of silk and cotton. Her head turned to gaze at the crackling fire along with the wind was enough white noise to make her fall asleep. She waited for him to join of course as once he joined she cuddled against his side and kissed his shoulder. Under her breath, she mumbled something that could not be quite heard as she drifted off into her sleep.


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Kazimir Seiryu
"Thanks," he replied to her sweet words. Just their time together was enough for them to be happy and it was nice not to have to worry about every little detail that could go wrong. He placed a hand on her arm as she rested against him. His other hand still picking the fire with the hot iron to shift the embers. The light flickered across their skin, warming the room around them. A blissful moment hidden to the chaos of the world. He was glad that after becoming a vampire, he could still feel this way about someone.

He watched her leave his side and snuggle into the bed. It had been a long day and an afternoon of excitement. They were overdue for some rest. He finally put the iron away and joined her in the embrace of the sheets, content that the room would keep a cozy temperature through the night. She cuddled close and planted a kiss on his shoulder.

"Hmm," he questioned the mumble that came from his partner. A second past before he realized that she had drifted into slumber. "Goodnight," he spoke and kissed her cheek once more, leaned into the cuddle, and let sleep take him as well. A better night's sleep than he had for some time now. it felt..safe.


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