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Just the Two of Us [Kurisa and Kazimir]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Just the Two of Us [Kurisa and Kazimir] Empty Tue Feb 16, 2021 12:00 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Just the Two of Us [Kurisa and Kazimir] Anime-girl-kimono-japanese-hot-spring-onsen-wallpaper-preview

Kazimir left a letter on Kurisa's table early in the morning. It invited her to meet him at the base of the small mountain range a little beyond the hot springs. It also said to pack a small bag for a couple of days. The wind mage had been out doing work and stumbled across a small place overlooked as it was higher up into the mountain.

The wind mage flew over the streets and landed at the base of the mountain. His griffon was waiting patiently for him.

"Alright. You know the drill. When she arrives, fly her up to the spot when she gets here," Kaz said and the griffon nodded.

The wind mage then flew up the same path the griffon would take. Weaving through the layers of hot springs that led up the mountain path until they became fewer and fewer. Soon they were all replaced by the snow-capped trees of the forest.

The wind mage crossed the bluff, revealing another singular hot spring, hotel. With an old couple waiting for him.

"Sorry I'm running behind."

"Not at all. You're the reason we opened back up. With the mountain path having been closed and people not wanting to make the trip all the way up here, we were certain we'd stay closed. The place is yours and the table is ready. Let us know if you need anything."

"Thank you," he bowed and accepted the key from them. The couple smiled and walked away to a house a little down the path.

A table stood on a cobblestoned platform that was open to the sky above. It was covered with food that they had prepared and a single rose sticking from a glass. The couple's daughter helped set the table and then drug her younger brother off to finish preparing the private hot spring.

Kaz shook his hands a little nervous about her arrival. He took his seat at the table and shifted from one position to the next, not sure which would look more casual when she arrived. Leg crossed over or not?

"You'll be fine Kaz. Just sit," The young lady called out as she balanced the water level of the hot spring and walked off.

"Thanks," Kaz replied and finally settled in.


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Her body was curled up into the thin white sheets that felt like silk against her skin. As she opened her eyes and reached for the other side it was empty. Her heart pained a bit, but she felt it wasn't right to assume anything. "You have something on your tableside," Momo spoke as she grabbed it and waddled towards Kuri. Once she hopped onto the bed she opened it up to read it to her. "It seems he's waiting for you at a spa." She coughed and put down the letter. Momo was such a preppy one. Sighing in relief she grabbed the letter and hugged it against her chest. ' Glad you didn't assume? Don't get too attached. You know what happened last time.' she heard a chuckle. A shadow loomed over the door as she saw a pair of eyes gazing right at her. She already knew who it was.

"I am. I have to get ready," she twirled over to land her feet against the floor. What was she going to wear? Snapping her fingers she stopped time so she could ponder for hours on what to wear. Everyone and thing stopped doing what they were doing. She went towards the wardrobe and finally picked an outfit. Putting it on, she looked in the mirror and saw how much the black looked good on her. She was curious about where she was going, but as she did she packed her bags and left her room. "Right!" She snapped time to go on again as she saw Kazimir's griffon waiting on the large roof balcony. "I assume you'll be taking me to him.~" She scratched the side of their feathers and hopped on. "Alright! Let's go." She smiled happily, but nervously as she nodded to Momo to wait for her children at home along with their aunt who will be stopping by.

The flight was quick as she arrived at the front. She just wore simple pants with white shirt, bundled up in a tan coat. Slowly, she walked up the stairs and went inside to meet the elderly couple. "It's good to see you again." The woman spoke, bowing her head. "He's waiting for you in there." She gave a smile as if she was giddy about the two. Some elderly loved watching young people fall in love. Reminds them of their younger lives. She escorted her to the vacant 'house', opening the doorway as soon as Kuri got there. "Kazimir.~" She softly spoke happily. She swiftly turned towards the woman and bowed her head, "Thank you.". The woman nodded her head and shooed her. "Go enjoy.~" She chuckled, walking off.

With that, Kurisa shut the door to go towards the opening area where there was a table all set up. It shined her eyes as her stomach roared quietly. A warming smile curved upon her lips as she took off her shoes and went to him from behind. Hugging him she spoke, "It looks amazing." She nuzzled into his neck right after. "What's the occasion?" She wondered if something was going on or if he just wanted to do something. Keep in mind, she doesn't remember Valentines' existence due to her wanting to forget it. She went beside him and sat down, gazing up at him while leaning her head against his shoulder gently. This was really nice.

#3Kazimir Seiryu 

Just the Two of Us [Kurisa and Kazimir] Empty Thu Feb 18, 2021 8:36 am

Kazimir Seiryu

He tilted his head to the side thinking he heard her faint call to him. The door at the entrance creaked open with the small chatter of people. His dead heart nearly came to life with the anticipation of seeing her. He lurched forward as she snuck up and hugged him from behind. "Hello," he said and placed a gentle kiss on the arm that wrapped around him.

"Thank you. It's just a little something for us," he replied with a smile, relieved that it was to her liking. 'What's the occasion?' Had she really forgotten the day it was? He should have assumed so, and shook his head at the busy woman's mind space taken up by more important matters than holidays.

"Just something special to do," he replied leaving it at that. Valentine's day or not, it was time to talk with her about whatever it was that sparked between them. Her warm presence eased in beside him with her head gently leaned on his shoulder. He put an arm around her and kissed the top of her head. She had the same alluring scent as the last time they ventured out together.

"I wanted to talk with you. I made the mistake once before of not being quick enough to tell someone how I felt," he let his hand drift down to hers and laced their fingers together.

"I uh..wanted you to know that I'm serious about us. I don't plan on seeing anyone else. You're who I want to spend my time with Kurisa." He squeezed her hand a bit more out of nervousness. He wasn't sure if this was too abrupt or if she would respond the same way. But he couldn't have it looming over his head and it better to get it out now encase she wanted to depart the hot spring and end things.

Wooden walls blocked the chill of the wind from blowing through. A brief moment hung with the clink of a wood striking stone as water rushed down a bamboo shoot into the hot spring bath.



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Her eyes widened with surprise as he suddenly went to entwine their fingers. Their eyes meeting each other's as there was a deep meaning between each other's gaze. Through his eyes she could see sorrow, but not about her. Deep inside there was something bothering him, but not about this moment so she didn't want to touch it as it could be nothing. She listened to his sweet words that made her heartstrings play beautiful music. It made her choke on any words she had to say. Half of her knew what he meant, half of her only understood about time. Time... it was something that she now knew everything about.

It was something she will give him - all that he wanted.

Her face blushed and gazed away while her fingers squeezed his. She looked back at his and then away once more shyly. She wondered rather be blunt and reach for it all or to step back and take it slow. Calming down, her eyes reached his once more, and smiled happily. "I wish to be serious with you as well, Kazimir. Be together and well... the whole package." She squirmed cutely and hide her face immediately after into his chest, nuzzling into it. This was her way of hiding when she was shy. No matter what her body age was, she was always a shy young woman, which reminded her of somethings she had to talk to him about.

Slowly, her forehead rested against his chest while their entwined fingers were on the sides between. "This place feels so peaceful," she whispers randomly with a soft smile. The crackling of the fire defeating the wood, creating ashes was all she could hear between the silences they gave each other with the water of the spa that was ready for them both. Her head slowly gazed upward at him with their faces about several inches away. "What do you wish to do first?~" She wondered sweetly as her different colored eyes gazed into his beautiful blues.

#5Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
A smile lit his face, seeing the surprised look on hers. All this time together the past few days and she was still startled by the sudden expression of desire. He lingered in the mysticism of her gaze and beauty till he found the time to speak. A few quick and shy glances came and went as the woman solidified her thoughts and maybe her feelings. Kaz followed curiously waiting for what her reply could be.

A twinge went up his back and his shoulders stiffened with nerves from the tension building as he waited. The moment hung in the air, wondering if she would slip away from it or lean into it. All that washed away when a smile graced her face and her eyes met his, steady at last. He couldn't have thought how sweet hearing those words would be. A frog leapt into his throat as she said, 'the whole package' not from fear but of anticipation.

Her face nuzzled into his chest and he wrapped her in his arms. "That sounds wonderful," he replied to alleviate the shyness that swelled within her despite how cute it was to see the vulnerable side of her.

"It was a tricky place to find. But I'm glad i stumbled upon it," he said. The warmth of the fire was matched by the warmth of her body pressing against his. Her face inched closer to his sending a flurry of delightful knots in his stomach. He knew she was probably hungry from the trip but the allure was almost to much to bare. He closed the distance between their lips and let passion dance between them before pulling away only a hairs breath a part. "We can't let the hot spring go to waste. I'll bring the food closer to the edge in case you get hungry," he added and lifted her up. Once they were standing he tugged her close for another fleeting kiss before getting ready to join her at the spring.


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As the gap between them closed, she smiled within the passionate kiss. A part of her was saddened as they departed, him noting that the spa was waiting for them. She couldn't help but feel hungry as she came here right after waking up. A quick kiss once more as she was lifted up. Her heart beats in surprise as she was never lifted up before. Sure she flew before but being lifted up by a man felt different. "A-alright,~" she spoke softly. They went their separate ways, for now, to get ready for the spa. As she thought about it, she believed that this was actually their first time seeing each other in less clothing.

She gulped nervously yet smiled while closing the changing room. Relieving herself from her clothes, she wrapped herself in a large body towel before leaving. She was here first it seemed as he was getting the food. She hurried into the spa carefully and pressed the button as it activated the scents. There were two sections; the longer one was more like a pool and the circle one was the actual bathing spa. Kuri slid her back against the back as she motioned comfortably in the bath. Her eyes gazed forward to where Kazimir will appear, waiting for his return. As she waited she made sure the towel was on tight so the water didn't move it off. She was nervous yet happy.

#7Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Her soft words landed pleasantly on his ears as she spoke. Her body was hugged to his as he lifted her. She was the first to head to the changing area as Kaz gathered up the food. The whole place was theirs and the family was all gone now and so while she used the changing room, he changed in the open where they began at. He wrapped his own towel around himself not wanting to bear all to the woman. He opened the door with the tray of food in his other hand.

Fragrance scoured the air around the bath."I see you found the scents," he said and turned to finally see her wrapped tightly in her own towel with the water lapping against her shoulders. He swallowed and paused, nervous about approaching at first. He calmed himself and slid into the bath near her. His foot breached the water first as he lowered himself in and set the tray on the small ledge beside them. Normally it would be frowned upon to risk dirtying the water with food, but he was sure they would be careful enough.

"I hope the water isn't too warm," He adjusted the tray of food and pulled open the covering to reveal some similar foods from when they had the picnic and some more joyan traditional dishes alongside it. He almost wondered if she ever felt out of place with him never eating around her...at least not the normal way. He slid his back onto the wall of the bath and let the gentle ebbs wash over him. His waist-high towel was submerged beneath the waters. "Thanks for meeting me out here, I know it was a little last minute," He could almost feel his heart beating again.

"We have this place for the whole day tomorrow as well, so we aren't in any rush. I hope it doesn't seem too forward of me to bring you here, I thought you would like a little getaway though," he waited for her to get adjusted or eat.

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