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It's a Trap [Quest]

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Kurisa walked beside Jin as they went towards the forest and away from Myras. It was a nice time there while it lasted and sadly, she could not say goodbye to Zhongli. She will have to send a letter to him instead while she walks there with him. She wanted to ask if they could at least take a shower and eat before the trip, but Jin wanted to go there as soon as possible. That was what he said anyway till they got closer to Marigold. She will have to come back to Myras when the time comes, but for now, they will run into Marigold.

It was pretty peaceful between them as there was no talking, no irritating noises, nothing. Her eyes were fixed on the path they were going and the things around her as she felt some sort of paranoia. She had a hard time trusting her surroundings since this world was full of people who enjoyed tricking people. What she did not know was that there was soon going to be a test of trust. The person was going to fail horribly, but of course, the person she was with was probably more trusting than herself. Their mistake, but she could not run away even if she wanted to.

She needed the guy because he knew where she had to go. He was not going to just tell her. She wondered what kind of tricks he had up his sleeve. She played with her long black-brown hair as they walked together. She had a lot of thoughts in her mind that she could not get rid of. What was going to happen between her and the people she has been thinking about? There were so many people in her mind - not really, about a few. She bit her lower lip as she was curious about what they were doing right now.



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Will he keep his promise to her? She thought about what all happened on the Ferris wheel as they went all the way to the top. That feeling that she felt once he bit her neck and sucked her blood. This body of hers was new, this body of hers as yet to reach the cherry that most seek. Unlike her last body that was ever so ready for her ex's, this one was still pure. Oh how many bodies has she ruined in her past lives? She stopped counting as her few lifetimes have been tossed around like a doll. Will this man be any different?

He seemed so nice, so tender and even Judith have put out a few good words for them. Will she even get a real chance even if they so decided to give in? She saw Jin halt to a stop as she gazed towards some troubled villagers from Marigold. She saw a woman crying to some officer. The woman was in rags that looked as if she was working hard on their farm. The time of day was evening, cloudy with a few rays of sunshine. The air was feeling a little crisp to the point where she could see the breath escape their mouths.

Jin and herself walked up closer to hear her crying about how she has a daughter that is missing. Another man approached that looked tired from most likely working all day as well. He reported that his little sister is missing as well and needed to have help finding her. Her eyes cornered to see Jin walking to them. Her own eyes rolled as she soon joined him. He asked them what exactly was the problem since the cops soon reported that they have actual problems to take care of - ignoring the issues.



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Jin stood there with his face half-covered with some thin beautiful fabric as his hair covered the other side. His eyes gazed towards the people carefully and listened to every detail. Kurisa just stood there as if she was some support. Kurisa asked the villagers about how long this has been going on. Then a few others joined in talking about how they have been reporting more missing people, but no one has yet to respond to any of them.

Softly, she sighed as she had things to do, but Jin insisted that they help these people. Out of all the goodness in her own heart, she agreed. They both told the villagers that they will go into the forest and look for these missing girls. It was strange that everyone that went missing was only females. What did the females have that the males didn't in this village? Was it for their bodies? Was it some sort of cult? It had to be something between the two due to the fact that age was up in the air.

She walked with Jin in the forest and took a look around. It was slowly getting darker as it became harder to see. Ever since her transition away from Nephilim, she could be more attached to nature finally. She had no weakness to it as her old self could possibly come back. Jin and Kuri were walking a foot away from each other. It was that way so they were not too close nor too far away from each other. If they needed to find each other then they could just arm reach out and touch the other to find them. It made it easier that way. Soon enough it will get darker outside to the point where she cannot see at all without some sort of light source.



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She went on into the forest as it was completely silent there. She kept on watching Jin to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. She still didn't know much about him at all. Her eyes looked around till she finally heard someone walk on a branch. Swiftly, she turned to look at a woman who looked rather scared, but suspiciously scared. Jin went to the cause as he asked the woman if she was okay. She watched as she cried to him with those pitiful large cow eyes saying that she was taken from her family by some wicked person. She was dragged to some cave alongside some other girls who were with her. She only got to escape because the people decided to leave for a moment to probably get more victims.

Kurisa didn't believe this person one bit, but since Jin had to play hero they followed her. Kuri walked behind them as the woman and Jin walked side by side. She was really good at acting as her story seemed off. She claimed to be the missing daughter, but a small detail of her wasn't right. She scanned her clothes from behind as these were no farmer clothes. The lining of gold and red - the typical line of being wealthy. She probably stole those clothes from a rich girl, but the real question came to mind... What happened to the wealthy girl?

The place was getting even darker as they reached the destination. The girl pointed towards the cave that seems sketchy as all hell and told Jin that the girls were in there all chained up. The bad people might still be in there. He went in there without another word, leaving Kuri with the random woman. She had long brown hair with simple waves in each strand. As it was completely silent for a few minutes she then saw the woman turn around to look at her. She spoke with ghostly words as she asked if she was so hard to believe. Kuri doubted her, rolling her eyes at the woman as she was a total fake.



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She told the woman that it was easy to see how fake she was and that she possibly needed to get a better story. After saying that, the woman reached out for her which phased through her body. She was confused, horrified a little bit, and fell back. She threw more stuff at Kuri as she tried to harm her. This girl had no magic. It was almost pitiful to watch as she then was drowned to death. It was almost...enjoyable to watch as she gurgled and choked on her own magic. She walked away as she held onto her own throat trying to speak but couldn't. As all you could really hear from her was a squeak and gasp.

She walked inside the cave and called out to Jin. This cave was so much wider than the cave that the cultists had. This one had rugs made fresh skin that came from animals within the forest and probably a little bit out of this area. She got closer as she finally found the room all lit up. Jin was there destroying the chains as there were bones lying around. It was quite obvious that they were human ones. The girls stood up with small wobbly legs and followed them out. Jin wondered what happened to the girl and she explained that the girl they were really looking for was right with the other girls. They asked them questions about who all did it and if there was some other location that had girls. They knew nothing of the sort and left with Jin. Kurisa walked behind them and took them all back to their families. Once that was done they were thanked with some food. They both left the town together as they were finally about to hit Hargeon. It was a beautiful place that she had a lot of history with this location. It was rather sad to see it in a way.



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