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Fangs and Fairies [Kurisa]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir sat in the elevated box seat of the Theater. Performers warmed up on the stage as the band filed out into the lower section waiting to begin. The curtain dropped to conceal the dancers, as the lights began to dim and focus on the stage. A golden clock hung on the wall above an exit, the long hand inching closer to the turn of the next hour. The moment all would begin.

Hundreds of people gathered into the rows of cushioned seats ready for what their eyes would feast upon.

Kazimir however had something else on his mind. He shifted in his seat. A scroll held tightly in his hand. His fingers rubbed against the soft parchment. it had been a delightful time with her. One he didn't want to potentially ruin, but their positions dictated some formality at times.

He swallowed as he looked at the sole empty seat next to him. A small table was the only separation, adorned with tea.

The scroll unrolled on the table. He smoothed out the edges, revealing the reason for the meeting today. Atop the scroll was a simple phrase. One that spelled out, 'Eastern Alliance.'

The wind mage was well aware they both had members striving for the central area and neither of them would likely shy away from it. not their members at least. But all of it was nonsense to him in the face of a potential alliance. He knew he could trust her.

The document spelled out a very loose arrangement. They would be allies in commerce. Each staying out of the way of the other, and not harming each other's guild members. Neither would be held accountable in the document for coming to the aid of the other, in times of conflict. Each would respect the other's authority within their guild homes and the shared territory of Dhalia.



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Her eyes gazed at the building where she was needed. Kazimir wished for her appearance without knowing a 100 percent on why. There are a couple reasons on why; her offer or the Alliance. Either one she will not mind in agreeing to. If the alliance means more to offer for her guild then so be it. She did not want it to end up like Daeva eye where they ransacked Magnolia right from Fairy Tail. Fairy tail now had a chance to become more then why would she deny them that.

She walked in with her black dress heels clacking against the floor. Her arms crossed against her chest while her red silk dress that went to her knees waved with the motion. Soon enough she gazed around to see if she could see him, but it didn't take long till she did. With a gentle stare she also smiled, walking to what she assumed was her seat. "Hello there, Kazimir." Her eyes gazed at the papers that were there and ready. She chuckled, "Heh, right to business. ". Kuri sat down gently and twisted her body a little enough to gaze at the papers. It seemed like everything was in order for now. "Alright..." She whispered to herself, grabbing for her pen from her small bag.


She signed it with agreement to the terms and gazed back at him. "As long as Fairy Tail doesn't do destructive actions in Hosenka often...but about Dahlia... To count as majority of city... One of us needs all but one." She jested due to what happened at the diner yet serious about the last part. Those that were manipulated with money had their punishment already. She wondered if he needed anything else and what show was being prepared. "So... What show is on?" She asked anyways while turning towards the stadium.

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#3Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
her voice put to rest whatever nervousness resided within him. He gave a small laugh back at how formal this meeting had started, "Yeah sorry about that. I just wanted to get it out of the way so we could enjoy the rest of the evening. It may be one of my last acts as Guildmaster," he shrugged and looked back at the theater filling with people. he wasn't sure how true that statement would turn out to be. But perhaps there was someone better suited for the role than him.

He smiled at the ease of the arrangement. It seemed neither of them cared too much for the politics of it all. "I wish that when I was running Phoenix Feather alliance talks went this smoothly," he shook his head thinking back to the tense meeting. he put his signature on it as well to be done with that part of the night.

"Of course," he chuckled at her quip about Fairy Tail's history of destruction. "The people of Hosenka are just as important for me to protect as those in Magnolia. And that includes property damage. Thank you for agreeing to this. Something we don't have to worry about anymore. I was getting worried some of our young upstarts would clash in Dhalia," he laughed knowing they both had someone that took it upon themselves to conquest the region.

He rubbed his chin, thinking about the majority situation. "I think we can work something out where we will both be considered the majority owner as we can fly a unified flag over the city. That is if you have an appealing name for our little alliance. Or something as Simple as the Sabertooth and Fairy Tail Alliance."

The stage curtain rustled as the actors were getting ready. He shrugged, "Actually I don't really know. I just thought this would be a nice backdrop to our conversation and something to roll into. Knowing the town, it's probably a romance." He said as he took another look at her long hair that tumbled into the black of her dress, before facing back to the stage below them.

"Do you come to these often?"


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She chuckled at his worries about the others within our own guild. She knew for sure that she had a tight grip of those that were in her guild as they knew the punishments. They were really strict and punishments came in different varities. Her eyes cornered to gaze at his hair and then up to his face. It was strong yet kind. As she saw him looking her way she swiftly looked away towards the stage. "I do ever since this theater is owned by my son as well. I always make sure people are taking care of it while he's away." she sighed and gazed off.

"Even though I question his choices due to my experiences, I fully support him." she gave a small smile and tilted her head a little away from him, making strands of her hair go against her shoulder. She saw the show start, the lights slowly dimming and the lights of the stage started to flash on. Kuri whispered softly, "You should know there is a lot of crime in Hosenka. After having to take part of some mafia stuff, the enslavement and the destruction... I feel like it's more that than romance." She giggled. "Perhaps it's both romantic and chaotic." She assumed while gazing at how it started.

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#5Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Oh, your son owns the theater?" he asked. It seemed her family was quite the industries type. A family of strong mages and entrepreneurs. it was odd for him to look at a woman that looked so young and to speak of the children she had, but then again from the vague history she eluded to, she may have been alive for a longer time than one would think at first glance.

"Sounds like you have your hands full," he teased as she sighed and looked away. "I'm sure they are grateful for the extra help."
Kazimir rolled up the document and handed it to a man that walked in with a bow. He had a rune knight pendant hanging from his waist.

"I hope you don't mind. It seems in the eyes of the council, alliances aren't official without a public declaration. So I pulled some strings at the knights to have them review the document and take care of it. I don't want to presume, but I assumed that neither of us are ones for grandstanding and public speeches. So I figured a simple statement through the bureaucracy would be enough. They can take care of all that." The rune knight nodded and stepped away to deliver the news and the document. Kaz relaxed with all that out of his hair for now, and he could finally just enjoy the company of the woman he was with.

The play began and Kaz cocked his brow at Kurisa's whisper. he knew this town had a seedy reputation of sorts. Especially some as of the residual effects of a dark guild being around. "So even the plays huh? I guess I'll just find romance in something else then," the words just came out and he wasn't even sure exactly why he had said them.

"Romance and Chaos huh...Seems fitting," he gave a restrained laugh as the curtain pulled back on the stage. He took one more look at Kurisa and then back to the stage.


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She gazed at the rune knight who appeared and wondered if something was happening. Little did she know, Kazimir had them here for the alliance. "I don't mind at all if it helps us out." She softly spoke and gave an assured smile. "You can say that again... I'm not one for public speaking." She gave an uneasy chuckle and gazed away. She wasn't huge on crowds as the only crowds she was used to was when it came to fighting her enemies and being invited to weddings. To her surprise, Kazimir said something that made her feel naive as she didn't at first understand what he meant.

"What do you mean by that, Kaz?" She whispered sweetly and quietly. Her eyes gazed towards the play as the story began with a woman dying in their death bed.

The last thing she wished was for their daughter to never fall in love nor to never leave their world. The narrator explained that there were many domains. Specifically, the woman was the goddess of nature. The goddesses maids all promised to never tell her daughter about any of this as the goddess drew her last breath she gave the daughter a magical seed to put inside her body that'll capture the feelings of love. The daughter grew up rebellious yet kind and also a little naive when it came to people's feelings. She was weak compared to the others that had abilities to nature. She lived as just a normal student, with no idea of her heritage.

As the story went on she gazed at Kazimir, "So, did you even have questions about the guild? Surprised you're not judging the fact that I have an infamous person in the guild." She chuckled quietly. The two would enjoy the theater together; talking quietly, teasing perhaps and her head would lean against his shoulder to end up falling asleep against him if allowed to do so.

The alliance between them as a person and the guild itself will be an interesting one. One she was willing to accept.


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#7Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
her words feel like sweetness when she asked what he meant. He wasn't even certain what he meant. not entirely save for a feeling in his gut. He left it no reply and simply smiled as he turned his attention back to the play.

"Hm," he responded when she brought back up the guild situation. He hadn't asked anything and neither did she. He based their guild off of their leader mostly and, "I've asked the people in the town about your guild while I've been here. their opinion is the most important." Then she mentioned a certain violent someone that was a part of their guild. A woman with a more than infamous past. He couldn't hide the fact that it was a little surprising to see the two of them affiliated. "Paths can change in life for a person. Redemption is possible and I haven't heard of her being too violent recently. I've had some exchanges with her in the past." It was brief but he still held onto the contract in case anything were to change. Now that he wasn't bound by grace he could live more according to his own rules.

He left the conversation there as they teased and enjoyed the rest of the play until her head came to rest upon his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her in closer.


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