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Name: Oda

Age: 17. January 15th, X772

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelese

Class: Summoner

Race: Half-Elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Rune Knight

Tattoo: Dark blue, on the left shoulder

Face: Kazuya Minegishi - Shin Megami Tensei series


Height: 5'7"

Weight: 120 lbs

Hair: Dark blue, shoulder length

Eyes: Dark blue

Overall: Oda is a boy of half-Joyan and half-Caelese heritage. What this means on first appearance is that one would expect the slender physique of a Joyan with the musculature of a Caelese, but Oda gives off the aura of a sickly and weak boy from a physical standpoint. He does his best to maintain a straight posture and a formal gait, as he was raised, but it always looks as if the boy is on the verge of falling down in the effort of doing so. His eyes are bright and looking towards tomorrow, but constantly has the look of one who could fall over at any moment.

He tends to keep his fashion standard. He's not much for bulky clothing or dressing in layers, so he'll dress light and casual mostly, taking trends from Sorcerer's Magazine and applying them to his daily life when he can. His usual outfit consists of a black longsleeve shirt, jeans or slacks, and a pair of headphones that serve a stylistic purpose more than a musical one, as he finds himself unable to listen to music with how busy the Rune Knight life can be. On cold nights he'll wear a white scarf as well.

He's not so picky about fashion that he'll sacrifice practicality for it, however: he's fully willing to wear all of his gear at all times to be ready to fight to protect the people.

Extra: N/A


Personality: Oda is a person who could best be described as "having his heart in the right place", as a compliment he's often delivered. He has the best intentions for others, and always wishes to do his best to help Fiore become a better and safer place. However, with his feeble body and complete lack of talent in swordsmanship or any other hunk of steel that an average knight could at least become decent in, many consider him to be a boy with his head in the clouds. With how often he daydreams of rising to the top and becoming a Kingsguard of the Rune Knights, that could also very well be the case. However, Oda doesn't wish to give up on the dream just because of his lack of skill as a frontline fighter. He still wishes to push on towards a better tomorrow, even if it means his own demise as a result.

Other than his goal of becoming a Kingsguard, Oda is otherwise a pretty normal boy. He doesn't want to let his weaknesses as a person define him, and because of that, will get back up whenever he's knocked down. Overall, he considers that sort of thing to be pretty normal, at least. He enjoys following trends and keeping up with Sorcerer's Magazine, stays away from drinking until he's of legal age, and upholds the law whenever he can.

He's in the age bracket where he's still nervous around girls and gets flustered easily, and can get anxious and panic really quickly if something happens that he doesn't expect or if his weaknesses a person or as a combatant are exposed. He can also be very gullible at times, having not yet had his perception tuned by the lies of the world, and can be deceived somewhat easily as a result. At times he could even be called cowardly, freezing up at crucial moments if he's in a bad situation. He's as normal as can be, truly.

And if it were up to him, it'd be nice if things stayed normal.


  • Sorcerer's Magazine: Oda keeps up to date with all the latest trends from Sorcerer's Magazine, and applies them whenever he can afford to. He's not a hardcore trend chaser, but 'fitting in' can feel good sometimes, and acts as a great conversation starter with new people, so he enjoys Sorcerer's Magazine for giving him new things to think about and read about.

  • Nature: When in nature, among the wildlife and the trees, and being afforded the freedom of a fresh breeze with not a care in the world, Oda feels right at home. When in nature, Oda can briefly forget about the crushing despair of the real world, and how it can pull weaker folk down to nothing in seconds. The animals found in nature are pretty alright, too.


  • Losing: Losing happens to him a lot, in many different things, and he really dislikes it as a result. He'd always be told that every loss would help him get better, but he'd never really felt that while growing up and taking the hard hits as life went on. As a result, he absolutely hates losing.

  • Dark Guilds: Dark guilds are horrible, terrible things that need to be destroyed. The illegal and immoral usage of magic that they bring about and encourage needs to be stopped for a better Earthland to exist. In general, Oda hates illegal magic usage due to the danger it poses to people going about their lives, and believes that magic should be regulated and taught with care. Dark guilds stand against those beliefs.


  • Kingsguard: Above all else, Oda wants to become strong enough to stand as a worthy Kingsguard, serving the will of the royal family and acting as one of the greatest knights in Fiore. With this power, Oda would work to inspire all of the weak and young of the world and encourage them to do their best; because if Oda can do it, anyone could. It would also prove to himself that all of the pain and effort it'd take rising through the ranks of the Rune Knights wouldn't be for nothing.


  • Women: At least in part, Oda has a certain anxiety and even pressure when around women. Whether it's due to typical teenage awkwardness or whatever else, he finds himself to be completely hopeless with women. More than that, many even scare him, though he realizes that's not their fault.

  • Darkness: The concept of darkness and what could be lurking within it is a terrifying concept to Oda. Whether it be the shadows of a room's corner at night or even strong enough dark elemental magic, Oda truly fears and shakes when faced with overwhelming darkness, as he has no way to respond to its encroaching nature.


Distribute 25 points over the attributes below.

Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 1

Endurance: 11

Intelligence: 16


Magic Name: Wild Hunt

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Enhancement: Upgrade Spell-Type: Defensive

Magic Description: Oda's very soul is one that resonates with nature, and by practicing summoning magic, allows this to be expressed by calling forth the spirits of nature to fight alongside him and protect him. These spirits represent nature and hold with them secrets long forgotten within the bark of trees or the grass long since withered. At its fullest potential, Oda could even call forth the warrior spirits of the Wild Hunt to fight in the name of justice. With this magic, Oda may cast supplementary spells for summoning and various other nature-related purposes, other-buff to assist his summons, offensive spells cast by his summons, and defensive spells to protect the things he cares about.


History: From an early age, Oda knew he was different from other kids. Not that he had some special power or a great destiny ahead of him, but the simple truth that he didn't have parents like most other kids. Or rather, if he did have any, they were either dead or abandoned him. Growing up in an orphanage, he didn't really ask those kinds of questions a whole lot, and just sort of assumed that he was destined for an average life. However, growing up, he always found himself to be... lacking, compared to other kids. He was always among the slowest and weakest, physically, so he mostly spent his time reading of heroic tales and mysterious magical creatures that existed out in the world.

Some stories he read were real and others were fabricated, but they both awakened the same drive within Oda: that he wanted to get strong so he could discover all of these things for himself and even make his own page in the history books some day, if fate favored him. His orphanage would always get visits from the Rune Knights, who stopped by his orphanage just outside Oak Town. They were always around to make sure that the kids were okay and that the place had enough food to go around, donating when there wasn't.

Seeing the deeds of these knights was what sparked the desire in Oda to do the same. So, using what he learned while growing up, he applied himself to learning magic instead of the sword. And so years passed, and he eventually found himself learning of the Wild Hunt, an army of forest spirits that were willing to listen to his command, for whatever reason.

With his newfound pocket army, Oda set out and joined the Rune Knights, hoping to one day rise to the ranks of Kingsguard and become a pillar of hope for the people, like the knights of his childhood were for him.

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This character application has been approved.

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