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The Shadow Gypsy [Solo]

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#1Yuki Mori 

The Shadow Gypsy [Solo] Empty Fri Sep 18, 2020 4:59 pm

Yuki Mori
A curtain of flames, burning in crimson and amber engulfed the wooden wall by the entrance of the room. Embers fluttered like fireflies in the air, as the fire rapidly crept down towards the ground. Beyond the crackling flames were screams and wails that echoed from outside the burning house.

“Listen to me Yuki. From this time on, you will be all by yourself. I know it will be hard for you but you must survive. I wish I still have the strength to get us both out of here but right now, what’s important is that you can live on.” A lady uttered in desperation, stifling a tear that almost escaped her eyes. She smiled, in an attempt to calm down her daughter, who incessantly shook in fear.

The young girl’s teeth gritted in terror. She wanted to utter a single word but she couldn’t control the trembling that had chained her whole body in paralysis. “Mmmoom..you just can’t…” She nevertheless tried, her meager attempt blurting out stuttered words that barely escaped her lips.

“Here take this. Continue studying the magic I taught you. I have always believed in your skills and you know it. I’m sure you will be able to make it on your own. Now, there's so much that I wanted to tell you but there’s no more time. I…” Long held tears finally escaped the lady’s eyes as she placed a grimoire at the girl’s hands. The lady quickly placed her hands on the ground, cutting her speech which was replaced by a melodious chant. A spell circle glistened on the ground below the child, engulfing the girl’s body with purplish black energy. “Live on Yuki I lo…” Darkness completely encased the young girl as all her senses gradually went numb. Silence, emptiness and void all sheltered her for a while until a sudden flash of light catered her into another site.

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#2Yuki Mori 

The Shadow Gypsy [Solo] Empty Fri Sep 18, 2020 6:58 pm

Yuki Mori
“Hey lady! Hello! It’s time to wake up!” The deep voice of a man woke Yuki up from her slumber. Lazily, she lifted her body up in a sitting posture. She rubbed her eyes, still dazed by the abrupt disruption of her sleep. As her eyes adjusted to the light of her surroundings, the leather wall of a wagon’s interior met her view. A couple of crates lined beside her, along with some barrels that rolled on the floor. “We’re have arrived lady, welcome to the city of Oak.”

Oh sorry mister. I think I have slept throughout our journey.” Yuki quickly turned to face the man who was driving the wagon. She crawled to reach the seat beside the driver and sat to witness the full view of the old castle town. Towering stone buildings lined each side of the empty cobblestone street.

“Nah! That’s fine. I would really love to tour you around but well, I wouldn’t have time to really tend to you today so I’d have to drop you once we reach the city square.” The man smiled, with his eyes still fixed on the road ahead. The city was quiet at the time, save for the rhythmic clop of the horse’s hooves that thumped the stone paved ground.

It sure is quiet today mister.” Yuki stretched her arms, her lips opening to a wide yawn.

“Well, we haven’t reached the city square yet and besides it’s already noon. People must be having their siesta right now.” The driver responded suddenly startling the somnolent lady.

Wait what!” Yuki quickly looked up, only to be blinded by the blazing rays of the midday sun that bathed her face with its heat. She responsively raised her hand to shield her eyes from the brazen light.

“Hahaha. You sure are a heavy sleeper lady.” A peal of light laughter escaped the driver’s lips, amused of his companion’s surprised reaction. Gradually, the peaceful street was sullied with distinct noises from a distant crowd signifying their approach to the city’s square.

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