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What's Mine is Mine °1 [Rania]

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The Sieghart Mountains were unlike any are that Rania had ever visited before. The area was known to be dangerous and unfriendly, especially to outsiders. The Paladin had come here on a mission with her guild mate and when she had the chance to wander off alone for a bit, she decided to do so. It wasn’t that this place was entirely vile or even evil, but there were certainly some spots that you wanted to avoid for now. Especially if you were a girl like Rania, who was now getting away on her own to explore the area a bit. She knew that the days were hot, and the nights were cold and today was just like that. The scorching sun on the sky above them was burning away at her and she felt as though it was time to take a rest. Rania knew that some people lived here.

There were even some sorts of businesses located here in Sieghart, and apparently also a guild. The guild was more shady than everything else and it was not necessarily something she wanted to confront herself with just yet. The truth was that Rania was just getting used to guilds herself and everything was still new and unexplored territory. The feeling of it sure was nice and she very much enjoyed having a place to call home and go back to but for now the Paladin definitely had to get used to the situation before she could call anything home at all. That aside, the mission she was currently on was certainly helping and spending some time with a guild mate had really been a positive change and something truly new in her life. But today was enough of that and she wanted to go around and explore a bit. Rania was curious about a mine that was said to be located nearby. Usually the mines was were you could find people in mountainous areas like Sieghart and she went on a little trip to see what it was like.


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The Dawncliff Mine surely was a strange place. Of course there were lots of miners working here and after taking a look around, Rania quickly noticed that most of them had very calm tempers and also didn’t pay much attention to her at all. It was strange considering that this was such a dangerous place, where literally werewolves were running around and destroying things and eating people but none of these workers seemed to mind. Rania went to look around a bit and thought about whether or not she should talk to someone here. Around the mine was a building, which she assumed hosted the rooms for the workers who stayed here overnight. It was two houses next to each other and one larger one in the middle. There had to be someone here who was responsible for everything but Rania decided to give the mine a good look first before she made any decisions. Of course she wasn’t allowed to enter the mine just like that, but it was probably too dangerous to do so anyways.

As a light mage at least she would be able to light up the area and look around a bit. As Rania was exploring outside the mine, she was told off by the workers pretty quickly. They didn’t even take her for a tourist or anything, but a lost wandering wizard. Apparently those came by quite frequently and so it didn’t surprise them nor were they bothered by her any further. Eventually Rania was told to enter the big building because thats where the boss was. The Paladin did as told and entered the big building, introducing herself to the guy who was running everything in this area. He looked her up and down without greeting her much and it seemed that he was rather an unpleasant person, not someone who was very friendly or welcoming of strangers. But much to her surprise he whipped out a piece of paper and handed it over to her. When Rania read into it she realized that it was some sort of contract and at the end there was a reward in money listed, and the reward was actually quite good!


What's Mine is Mine °1 [Rania] BD5lNhI

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Rania didn’t come here for work initially, but since there was an offer she would simply take it. The man explained to her that they were looking for good spots inside the mine to do further mining but since it was super dark and everything they often struggled to find good spots. Rania told him that she was basically perfect for this job since she specialized in light magic and could simply light up the area to find good places. Because of that, her reward was increased even further should she manage to satisfy their expectations. Rania supposed that because of how this worked, an earth specialized mage could get even more out of this. But whatever. With that info in mind and her hierophant staff in hand, the light mage went inside the mine to find good spots to start mining. Being able to make light make in incredibly handy as well.

In the end the woman decided to take her time though since she was in no hurry. The only thing Rania really paid attention to was to make sure that she wasn’t staying too long until it was night time so she could safely get back to the camp where Kenzo was at, so they could take on the next mission or wherever it was that they would go. Rania was looking around and actually found some beautiful looking gemstones and moonstones. All of them were lovely looking and it seemed that the mine was still rich on valuable gems and she found some really good spots that she marked down on the map. Rania spent approximately two and a half hours in the mine before she decided that it was enough and time to head out. Once she was outside of the mine she gave the boss who was waiting for her the map where she had marked all the good spots on. He took her word for it, paid her off and she left.


What's Mine is Mine °1 [Rania] BD5lNhI

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