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Kyorari Yotsujiki

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Kyorari Yotsujiki


Name: Kyorari Yotsujiki

Age:  18, born, x771

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Bellan

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: The Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: Back of her neck

Face: Ereshkigal - Fate/Grand Order


Height: 5'5

Weight: 110lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Amber

Overall: The idea of a girl built off of her families wealth can be described in her appearance. Kyorari's overall appearance allows others to percieve her as a girl belonging to the underworld, despite how ridiculous that sounds. Her appearance doesn't help the fact that the outfit she wears, contains skulls in them. She possesses a rear length blonde hair, with bangs covering most of her forehead. Her color scheme contains of: Black and gold, along with purple for her hair ornament and a type of long cape that rests on both of her shoulders, that consists of a purple color scheme. The cape is kept tied with a golden skull design, located at the center attached to a chain around the colar. The golden bones on the skull, stops a few inches bellow her chest. In addition she has a strap with a gold skull at the end where the skull connects a part of her purple cape.  The strap wraps itself over the chest area to the end of her cape.

The cape itself has a colar that covers most of her neck, as the edges are all colored gold. Kyorari wears a black colored dress that has a split end where the crotch is located. The dress has golden a design located at the bottom, and golden accessorys honging on the right side of the dress. In addition she wears a single black and gold stocking, on the left side of her leg with a purple marking. Kyorari also wears a single black sleeve on her right arm.

Extra: She wears a pair of grey earrings


Personality:  The once luxerious young woman has become a self reliant, greedy individual who wouldn't turn her head at an opportunity when it comes to money. Kyorari wasn't the adventrous type when she was little and she isn't one now. She tries her hands at going out and searching for the impossible. To do something that nobody else could, if doing dangerous tasks meant getting paid handsomly. Though, Kyorari isn't always about the money, but money had become the only substance that required her attention. Kyorari only persues money in order to restore her families name and pay off the rest of their debt. She isn't the type that sticks around for long, as Kyorari feel as though she was never needed. Kyorari makes her appearance short and sweet, before wandering off into whatever part of magnolia that attracts her. She doesn't want others to have the opportunity to take advantage of her, because of her wealth. Kyorari views herself as unreliable who shows up at rare intervals to assist someone.

She was never taught about doing chores; so she useless when it comes to cooking and cleaning. She doesn't see herself as much help on the battlefield either, as she can get out of hand if not careful with her own powers. Kyorari can be grandoise when the time is right, which gives her the ability to be impactful. She wants to put on a good enough show of display, in order for people to see her more of a reliability--rather than a girl with only her parents money to protect her. Kyorari enjoys the nature of being impressive enough to get people talking, like a celebrity. She can push out the amount of effort needed in order to recieve respect from peers. She's hesitant to get close to others; while having Arthur the only person to be considered a friend. To protect herself from being harmed by anyone else. Along side the fact that, there are certain people who is after one thing. Afterwards that person wants nothing else, then off to be treated like they never existed. Kyorari is a private girl that, only reveals little when neccassary. It makes being friends with her, an impossible task. A rocky encounter is to be expected from someone like Kyorari, as she assumes the worst out of someone. Later on she becomes more of a specialist at conversations. Kyorari is vulnerable towards compliments, it's not often that she recieves them. However, when she does recieve a compliment. Kyorari becomes flustered and breaks out in a fever. She's a cheap person when it comes to shopping. She makes sure not to do too much spending, so not to come to a situation where she can't afford food; due to being low on money.


  • Night Sky: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, ius an invidunt adipisci, sit at aperiam efficiantur. Eos quodsi inimicus ad, laudem assentior definitiones ut usu. Mei tritani suscipiantur no. Te vel altera fuisset. An quo porro evertitur, sea falli conclusionemque no.
  • Parties: Parties is a good way to meet different people and learn about them. That was how she was able to meet Arthur.
  • Treasure: She likes to go out and find valuable belongings in order to trade them for money. Most of her time is spent searching for rumored treasure from far across places. Even such places that can be dangerous if not careful.
  • Gifts: As a cheap girl, she prefer to be given material that she doesn't have to buy. Kyorari dislikes the thought of spending money. So it's prefered that gifts are given to her, rather than going out of her way to buy them.


  • Thieves: A thief is one of societies annoying pests and dislikes the thought of something being stolen. Kyorari values her belongings and if she finds out if something of hers was stolen, she'll throw a fit as a result and track them down.
  • Rudeness: Kyorari was taught how to be decent and presentable. She doesn't tolerate people who speaks to her so casually, as if she was a lowly human being on the side of the road. She expects others to have the same kind of social ettiqute as her.
  • Less valuable things: Kyorari is always the type to make sure that something has value. She doesn't like useless junk with no value, as she prefers to have something that possess enough value that can be used for something good.


  • Money: The only reason why she's out getting her hands dirty is to gather up enough money to pay off the dept. Kyorari isn't in it for friends and for the sake of adventuring. She feels like it's her job to get back what was stolen; while Kyorari is on board to explore. She isn't enthusiastic at the thought of risking her life.  

  • Finding her sister:kyorari wants to makes sure that her sister isn't dead and isn't doing something stupid, but she has her doubts. Kyorari wants to find her so that she can pay back what she had to go through.


  • Being Forgotten: She never wants someone to forget about her. In order to avoid this outcome, she makes sure that her appearance is impactful enough to be remembered. She also wants to be remembered in someones memories, as she doesn't want to feel like a ghost to others
  • Nightmares: She reacts violently whenever Kyorari experiences a terrible moment in her life. She wishes to never experience horrible events, and for anyone to experience such fates that cannot be undone.  


Magic Name: Midnight Phantasm

Magic Element: Dark

Magic Description: This type of magic allow her to control the aspect of darkness. Controlling the attribute of darkness grants her the capabilities of creating constructions. For example: Kyorari can create weapons for close combat, in order to showcase her creativity. Kyorari can also shape them in various sizes, depending on how imaginative she is with the magic. These shapes can be a ball of dark magical energy for long range. They can also be constructed to look like an arrow shot from a bow. She can only use her magic offensively.


Kyorari was born at the sametime, on the same day as her twin sister; Kyoharu. In a city of magnolia. It was a miracle, but at the sametime a curse. The birth of twins caused their mothers health to come crashing down. The consequences had forced their mother to take life more slowly, a lifestyle the twins mother hadn't experienced. Kyorari use to live in a world filled with luxary. The money her parents had accumulated over the course of their lives, gave birth to a relaxing paradise. She didn't have to worry about being low on food, or having less clothes. Kyorari fed off of the fortune that her family was blessed with. She was greatful for the hardwork and effort put into their careers. Kyorari was spoiled to the very core, but she never lost her ability to present herself as a decent human being. While the twins were both equally loved and cared for, they always find themselves fighting for superiority. A competition to see who can inherit the families wealth, by the time their parents would pass away. Their violent nature towards each other, had caused people to steer at them with worrisome eyes. Kyorari and Kyoharu would get along if being grounded was brought into question.

While it was true that some rich folks were snobby, good for nothing jerks. Her parents wasn't like that at all. From what Kyorari could remember, they were a unique combination of what the world had to offer. To convince themselves that they weren't what some may call them "Selfish" The Yotsujiki household would frequently give away some of their most prized possessions, throw together a gathering, and donated to support their city of magnolia. Kyorari met many people as time went by, and while it was great to be introduced to a colorful life. One notable person she had met at her families party, was a boy that called himself Arthur. Kyorari had the talent of a well recognized figure, who liked to hold a conversation. At first their encounter had a rocky start, but overtime they grew to familiarize herself with his nature. Kyorari was able to experience what a real friend was like. The friends she thought were friends, only cared about the fortune bestowed onto the family name.

Kyorari's rich lifestyle wasn't all always meant to be. The storm in the sky had raged a violent war within the Yotsujiki family. The problem with money started when an old accomplice of Kyorari's father, came to gather the money he was promised to have. A past of which her father had hoped to never come back. The deal between him and his associate from the past, was one of the reasons he returned to the city of magnolia. Her father's associate left no stone unturned and wasn't about to leave without his money. It was a cruel fate, and they were forced to pay the price for the families carelessness.The moment her fathers accomplice had heard an unsettling news that, his money came up short. A bowel filled with drama and darkness, was served to the family. Kyorari and her twin sister, had heard distant screams as. They weren't aware of what was going on. Kyorari was tasked to keep her sister quiet, before the pair would see themselves caught. Should the twins ever come out of their hiding place, they would've done the samething as they did to their parents. The room went silent and the curtains of a tragic end came to a closing. Kyorari was left with nothing, but disgrace towards her name. She was abandoned and with no money to survive, after the money that her family had was stolen. There was nothing left to live for. Kyorari and her sister, was forced to take it to the streets and began to turn towards adventuring. Kyorari never thought a day like this would come. Her families poor handling with money had left no heads unturned. Their karma was payed in blood, and while it was all buisness, she could hardly believe something like that could happen. Kyorari was quick to escape the past, the only thing on her mind now was to restore the money her family had lost. Not only that, those same people would be after her as well. The money that they had took, wasn't enough to satisfy them. Kyorari was trapped with only one choice to make. She had been forced to live like a broke down girl on the side of the street. Kyorari hated them and her parents for putting her in this situation. But she knew what she must do, and won't waste any time to achive her goal and get back at the people who stole everything. Kyorari was sepreated from her sister after the two couldn't settle their differences. She couldn't afford to lose another member of her family. Kyorari was forced to accept Kyoharu's choice, but left a wound in her heart where Kyorari would one day, pay it in full.

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Hai~ Just delete the [/list] code at the bottom of your application and state in your magic that you can only do Supplementary, Defensive, Self-Buff and offensives.~

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Kyorari Yotsujiki
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