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South to North (Myras to Seighart) [Travel - Foot]

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South to North (Myras to Seighart) [Travel - Foot] Empty Sat Aug 01, 2020 5:37 pm


"Where there is no Jealousy...
there is no Love."

Word Count: 770/600

Étaoin stood at the exit of Myras, finally having made up their mind about the double offer they had received whilst lost in the town. All they had to do now was make their way there. At first they thought that Azure was going to take them the way, but Éta figured since the other had not shown yet, maybe that he was already on his way to Sieghart, which did not bother Étaoin in the slightest, they would just have to meet their friend there. Zipping up their jacket, and making sure that they had sustenance for the journey, as it seemed like it was going to be a long one indeed for them. Taking a calming breath, the water mage soon set out, not even glancing back at the city where they had met some odd but nice people - and projections? - just to continue forward to find this guild that wanted to just recruit them into their ranks. First things first was trying to figure out how exactly they were meant to get to Sieghart and secondly what direction they should actually be going in, maybe they should have questioned the locals in Myras before leaving said city.

‘Well… Can’t be asked to turn back now…’ Marching onwards, past the mountains, Étaoin sure as hell, hoped that it was the right way, that they were heading, if not then they were probably as good as dead. ‘Having that Azu here would honestly be fan-friggin-tastic right now…’ A low irritated grumble left them, as their purple gaze scoured the area for anything to point them in the right direction.

Maybe they would get lost and not have to find their way to the guild, but on the other hand, Étaoin for some reason wanted to see their friend again, and really they also wanted to meet this stranger who is dubbed the guildmaster apparently in person too. Following the paths, twisting through the trees that were scattered, or following the river downstream, because Étaoin knew that if you followed a river downstream, eventually you would either reach the sea or civilisation. Snacking along the way, Étaoin’s gaze finally fell upon another large like city, and god forbid their hopes of maybe not getting lost here trying to pass on through to reach the correct destination on their list. The first thing they were going to do when they reached this town or whatever it was, was ask for directions and not do a repeat of Myras.

Falling into sync with some of the people around them once they reached the town, Éta glanced over at the stalls and the other citizens of this city. Taking a deep breath, they headed to the first stall they saw and glanced around awkwardly, messing with the cuffs of their jacket. “Uhm… Excuse me, can you point me in the direction of the Sieghart Mountains, I believe?” The vendor glanced towards them, before blink and shrugging. “Sure thing hon, you wanna head straight forward… Though I am confused on why a pretty little lady like yourself wants to head in that direction.” The old vendor began packing a few bits and bobs of food from her stall into a small bag, before handing it towards Étaoin. “Nothing good ever comes from going in that direction… or so I have heard.” Turning their gaze towards the aforementioned path, before turning back to the vendor, bowing their head a little, and taking the offered bag. “T-thank you… Uh… Ma’am, but I think I’ll be okay.” A small smile laced the old lady’s lips at the young one. “That’s quite alright, you have a long walk ahead of you, I'd hate for you to faint from hunger before reaching your destination.” Bowing their head once more, Étaoin continued to meander their ways through the crowded streets, waving by to the lady and forward to apparently north.

Passing through more trees and forests, Étaoin really wished to a certain extent that they joined Azure on his trip to the guild, instead of having to travel alone, but ah what’s done is done, hopefully there just wasn't much walking left to do. It wasn’t until the trail started to lose it’s trees and become more and more like a canyon that Étaoin thought of the possibility of being lost.

“Oh hell… Where the bloody hell am I now?” Staring into the vast meandering mountain passages, Étaoin honestly wished they had listened to that little old lady vendor back in that crowded city. “I’m going to burn everything… except I’m a water mage… and that would be practically impossible.”
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